6 New Songs You Need To Know About

Hello and welcome to another installation of my favorite songs from the week that are not by Mac Miller. (On a serious note, I don’t listen to Mac Miller. I haven’t since about tenth grade. Sue me.) This week, we’ve got hits from indie R&B guys, currently incarcerated rappers, and a lot more. It’s a good week, people. Listen below, insult my music taste in the comments section, and follow the New Music playlist on Spotify, where we’ve compiled every entry on these lists.

“I Need to Know” by R.LUM.R

As a self-proclaimed hipster, it simultaneously thrills and pains me to put R.LUM.R on this list. He’s one of my favorite best-kept secrets. He’s f*cking awesome. He is such a talented singer, songwriter, and musician. All his songs will put you all the damn way in your feels. And he’s such a sweetheart on a personal level. So gracious, and he goes out of his way to interact with his fans (who he calls the “framily”). He dropped two new songs today, “Right Here” and “I Need to Know”. I’m including the latter because I like it a little better— it sticks in my head more. But both are great.

“On The Wall” by Fetty Luciano ft. Bobby Shmurda

Ohhhhh sh*t. Bobby is back! Literally last week I was just thinking about how lit summer 2018 would be if Bobby Shmurda had never gotten arrested (and I have the texts to my friends to prove it), and now here we are with a new feature from Bobby, b*tch. God is good. 30 seconds into this song and I can see visions of white kids flashing gang signs into Snapchat, yelling “gang shit” for a solid minute. But the hook is great, and the beat is incredibly catchy, so I understand the impulse. Now if only I knew how to do the Shmoney dance…

“Must’ve Been” by Chromeo x THEY. feat. Dram

Okay, to clear up that alphabet soup of punctuation, the original song, “Must’ve Been” by Chromeo featuring D.R.A.M., has been remixed by my favorite R&B duo, THEY. This remix came out today, hence, it earns a spot on the list. Look, say what you want about me, but I’m consistent. This remix has THEY.’s signature groovy vocals and hip-hop-infused R&B sound. It’s way less summery/island-feeling and much grittier than the original. But it’s still a bop that will get you dancing, albeit in a different day. Like, OG “Must’ve Been” is what you’d listen to at a backyard party with a piña colada. THEY.’s “Must’ve Been” remix is what you listen to while pregaming in a basement for a Brookyln warehouse party.

“Excuse Me” by Ro James

Cool, so Ro James is another one of my R&B husbands. His voice is scratchy and sexy and his music alternates between sh*t you’ll sing to yourself and sh*t you’ll ugly cry to—often a surprising mixture of both. I love him more than I love most people I have dated. “Excuse Me” is really f*cking awesome because it makes me feel things, but it’s a bop at the same time. It’s a more upbeat R&B track as opposed to a slow croon, but it’s still got a heavy sensuality that feels a little retro. So if you’ll excuse me, I need to go back-stalk my ex on Instagram into another dimension. Just f*ck me up.

“Loyal to Me” by Nina Nesbitt

While “Loyal to Me” starts off a little slow, it really picks up in the hook. It’s got a sort of Latin feel (to me, anyway) that is reminiscent of some 90s pop. Every weekend needs a good “f*ckboy go away” anthem, and Nina Nesbitt’s new release will be that for you. This is a song you pretty much have to pregame to—but only if your pregame is girls-only. Otherwise, the guys at the pregame are going to be like, “Why are you all jumping around and singing like this is some sorority initiation?” Because it is, duh.

“Bottle It Up” by Kxa feat. Jenny March

I didn’t really expect to like this song, but damn, I like this song. The verses are a little slow and more mellow, but production gradually builds to the hook, culminating in a chorus that also incorporates a drop. At least, I think it does, anyway—I’m not a professional music writer. But it’s like, electronic, so, a drop is correct, right? Slam me in the comments, IDC. The point is, “Bottle It Up” provides a very satisfying build-up. And the lyrics are about bottling up your feelings. I guess that’s just the theme of this week’s roundup, then?

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