All The Famous Men You Forgot Hooked Up With A Kardashian

I swear I don’t spend all of my time thinking about the Kardashians, but sometimes I just can’t help it. A few weeks ago, we were all surprised and delighted by the news that Ginger and Scary Spice hooked up once upon a time. In response to that news, I wrote an article about other random celebrity hookups you forgot about. I rediscovered some seriously wild vintage celebrity couples, and among them was Nick Cannon and Kim Kardashian. It still sounds fake when I say it, but it really happened. This got me thinking: what other random famous men have dated a Kardashian?

We all know the obvious ones, like Kanye, Tristan, Kris Humphries, etc., but Hollywood’s most famous family has lots of celebrity skeletons in their hookup closet. Even the younger Jenner sisters have some surprising flings that you’ve probably forgotten about by now. Here are some of the forgotten famous men that hooked up with a Kardashian—and I promise these are true, no matter how crazy it seems.

Gabriel Aubry

Let’s start with Kim Kardashian’s many exes. Gabriel Aubry is a Canadian model, but he’s better known as Halle Berry’s ex-husband. He and Kim dated for like, 10 seconds in 2010, right after he and Halle got divorced. Kim and Gabriel were spotted together at a Lakers game and were a hot tabloid topic for a few weeks, but then they went their separate ways. This was immediately before Kim started dating Kris Humphries, so maybe it wasn’t a great decision-making time for Kim.

Nick Lachey

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It’s a tough call, but Nick Lachey is probably my favorite random Kim Kardashian ex. Kim and Nick dated for one week (lmao) in 2006, shortly after he and Jessica Simpson divorced. Wow, what a time to be alive. In 2013, he said that he thinks Kim used him to get famous. According to Nick, they went to see a movie together, and when they left, there were dozens of photographers outside the theater. If I had to guess, Kris Jenner 100% called TMZ to tip them off, but I’d also say that Kim didn’t need to use a guy from a washed-up boy band to get famous.

Reggie Bush

Okay, if you’re reading this article, I doubt you’ve forgotten about Kim’s iconic late-2000s relationship with NFL player Reggie Bush, but I’m mentioning it here for one reason: I’m immature, and I really wanted to say “Bush and the Tush” again. That was their celebrity couple nickname, btw. Ah, simpler times. Okay, now that I have that out of my system, let’s move on.

Joe Francis

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If Joe Francis’ name doesn’t ring a bell, you might just know him as the founder of Girls Gone Wild. The Kardashian family has a long history with Joe, and they’ve vacationed at his home in Mexico for nearly two decades. While Kim is one of Joe’s closest friends, Joe dated Kourtney Kardashian for a few months back in 2005, right before she got with Scott Disick. Interestingly enough, Kourtney and Scott actually met at a party hosted by Joe Francis, but everyone moved, and they’re all still friends.

Rashad McCants

Buckle up, because Khloé Kardashian has a lot of exes. Khloé dated NBA player Rashad McCants in 2009, and it went about as well as all her other relationships with NBA players. Seriously, maybe she needs to get a new type. You might recall that in an episode of Kourtney & Khloé Take Miami, Khlo finds out that Rashad cheated on her. (Feel familiar?) Later, Rashad claimed the whole thing was made up for a TV storyline, but that sounds a lot like something he would say after being exposed as a cheater on national TV. He also blamed his disappointing on-court performance on his relationship with Khloé, so like, f*ck outta here. But also, wow, I am overcome with a crazy sense of déjà vu.

Matt Kemp

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For a brief period in 2013, Khloé switched sports and began dating baseball player Matt Kemp. The relationship didn’t last very long, reportedly because Khloé was still dealing with her and Lamar Odom’s divorce. The most notable thing about Matt Kemp (idk anything about baseball) is that he also dated Rihanna for a while way back in 2009. I don’t know what this dude’s deal is, but he is very lucky.

French Montana

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Khloé dated rapper French Montana on and off in 2013 and 2014, and for a while, they seemed like they might be the real deal. Ultimately, Khloé decided she wasn’t ready for another serious relationship so soon after her divorce from Lamar, but I always liked these two together. Recently, French has denied rumors that he was still with his ex Trina when he started dating Khloé, which would really be ironic, considering the whole Jordyn/Tristan situation.

James Harden

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Khloé dated NBA player James Harden for most of 2015, but things fizzled out after a while. In a move that seems kind of rude and unnecessary, Harden told Sports Illustrated  in 2017 that was the “worst year” of his life, because he didn’t like all the attention. Like, obviously the life of a Kardashian boyfriend isn’t for everyone, but he could just not say anything. Much like Rashad McCants, he claimed that his relationship with Khloé hurt his NBA career, and I’ve had enough of these whiney basketball men.

Trey Songz

Of all the dudes on this list, self-proclaimed inventor of sex Trey Songz is the one that’s really messing with my brain. For whatever reason, Khloé and Trey’s 2016 hookup sounds like something out of a fever dream. They partied together in Las Vegas in 2016, but weren’t really seen together much after that. Notably, Trey Songz was also friends with Kendall and Kylie at one point, and they all partied together in 2014 with my least favorite person in the world, Chris Brown.

A$AP Rocky

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See those legs that Kendall is crouching between? Those belong to A$AP Rocky. Sources differ on whether Kendall Jenner was ever officially in a relationship with A$AP, but they were definitely hooking up, and were seen together over the course of nearly a year in 2016 and 2017. Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but if I go to Paris with a boy, he better be my f*cking boyfriend. After things ended for good between the two, a source told US Weekly that they hadn’t been seeing each other much, because “their schedules are really hard.” Funny, that’s the same excuse I’m currently using for skipping the gym six days in a row.

Blake Griffin

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Kendall has been linked to several basketball players over the years, but the first really notable one was Blake Griffin. They started seeing each other in the fall of 2017, and Kendall even spent her 22nd birthday with Blake. This was just a few months after Blake split up with the mother of his two children, Brynn Cameron, but he and Kendall reportedly got pretty serious. They ended things in early 2018, not long before Kendall was first seen hanging out with her current NBA boyfriend, Ben Simmons.

Jaden Smith

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And that brings us to the youngest Kardashian-Jenner, Kylie. Everyone knows about her relationships with Tyga and Travis Scott, so I’m skipping those. But you might not remember that before she moved on to legit rappers, she dated childhood friend Jaden Smith. They were together way back in 2013, when they were both little teenyboppers, but there are rumors that Jaden was part of the reason for Kylie and Tyga’s breakup. I would love to know more about Kylie and Jaden’s dynamic, but I have a feeling Kylie won’t be going on Red Table Talks anytime soon.

Cody Simpson

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Our final stop on the tour of forgotten Kardashian men is Australian pop star and off-brand Justin Bieber, Cody Simpson. Cody and Kylie dated waaaaay back in 2011, when Kylie was just 14 years old. Obviously it’s no big surprise that they didn’t end up together, but in 2014, Cody joked that the reason for their breakup was that he didn’t want to change his name to start with a ‘K.’ After he and Kylie split up, Cody went on to date Gigi Hadid for like, two years, and Jaden Smith even Instagrammed him hanging out with Kylie in 2015, so I think everything is okay.

Phew. That was a lot. To be honest, that’s probably only half of the men who have dated a Kardashian in the past couple of decades, but I decided not to clog this list with more basketball players you’ve never heard of. The Kardashian-Jenner sisters obviously have no problem locking down famous men, so maybe they should start a dating advice podcast or something? Or not, considering how messy some of their relationships have been. Who’s your favorite forgotten Kardashian ex? Lmk!

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A Ranking Of Kim Kardashian’s Exes

Hey friends, it’s a big day. Today, October 21st, is the birthday of my personal idol and savior, Kim Kardashian. Or, more accurately, Kimberly Noel Kardashian-West. Mama KiKi is 38 years old today, and it seems like things have never been better. She’s rich AF, she has three beautiful children, and she’s still the hottest person on the planet (don’t @ me). The only thing that’s wrong? Oh yeah, her husband has lost his godd*mn mind. Things have been rough in Kanye-land these past few months, and people have even been wondering if Kim would leave him over his pro-Trump views. I doubt this will happen, but now seems like a good time to revisit some of Kim’s past relationships. I present, without a shred of scientific evidence, a ranking of Kim Kardashian’s exes.

5. Damon Thomas

It’s easy to forget about Kim Kardashian’s first marriage, because nobody GAF about Kim when she was married to Damon. But the story here is pretty sketchy. First of all, Damon is 10 years older than Kim, and they eloped when she was just 19. Okay, ew. They were married in 2000, and filed for divorce in 2003. They’ve kept quiet about the marriage, but their public divorce papers are really bleak. Apparently, Damon was super controlling, pushing Kim to get plastic surgery and spend less time with her family. Kim was also reportedly a victim of domestic violence, which is really sad. Thank God Kimmy got out of there when she did.

4. Ray J

Ah yes, Ray J. To be honest, I almost forgot about this relationship, even though it’s really what started the whole Kardashian empire. Ray J really ain’t sh*t, but it’s hard to be worse than the abusive husband. When the infamous sex tape came out, Kim filed a lawsuit about it, which makes it seem like Ray J was probably the one who leaked it. This is obviously not cool, and Kim reportedly settled the lawsuit for $5 million. Good job Kim, get those coins.

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3. Nick Lachey

Get ready for a throwback. Way back in 2006, Nick Lachey briefly dated Kim, right after he split up with Jessica Simpson. At the time, Kim was just a stylist, and the People article about them dating is hilarious. In the headline, Kim is just referred to as Nick’s “new gal,” which truly shows how much the world has changed since 2006. Kim, you’ve come so far. I’ve always liked Nick, even if this relationship wasn’t anything important.

2. Kris Humphries

Everyone can probably agree that the 72-day marriage was not Kim’s finest moment. It’s hard to say if anyone was really at fault here, but obviously this relationship was not ever meant to be something serious. I was never impressed with Kris, considering that he looks and acts like a caveman, and their relationship was a little too perfectly designed for the KUWTK cameras. He doesn’t seem like a bad guy necessarily, but I don’t really have any idea what he’s up to these days, nor do I care.

1. Reggie Bush

Let me be real, I kinda miss Reggie? He and Kim were together for years, and their relationship was a central part of the early seasons of Keeping Up. At the time, he was always really busy with his football career in New Orleans, and things didn’t work out. They split for the last time in 2010, and he subsequently married another Armenian, dancer Lilit Avagyan. What can I say, the guy has a type. He seems happy these days, but his years with Kim will always be a golden age in my mind.

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Kim Kardashian has definitely been spotted out with some other randos throughout the years, but I tried to hit all the important spots. Do you think Kanye will be an ex in the future, or will Kimye stick it out forever? There’s no way to know, but for now, I just hope Kim has a nice birthday.

Images: Shutterstock; @rayj / Instagram; @lilitslife / Instagram