Nany Talks Why She Returned To ‘The Challenge’ & The Drama We Will See

This cold, dark winter is ending early because The Challenge: War of the Worlds is here! It’s time to watch international reality stars duke it out (and let’s be real, bang it out) in an attempt to win a million dollars. In celebration of this joyous day, I’ve braved the sound of my own voice to interview Nany Gonzalez, Challenge veteran. In our interview, we talk about what she’s been doing since her last season three years ago, what we can expect from this diverse cast, and all the drama that’s about to go down. Check out our conversation below, and fingers crossed she doesn’t roast me on Twitter after (it all worked out fine though, right Marie?)!

First of all, how does it feel to be back?
It feels so good to be back. Honestly, I definitely needed the time off. Away from reality TV, The Challenge, all that. But it feels really good to be back. And to see the social media and all the support that I’ve had It’s really humbling and I’m really excited to be a part of this show.

Why did you take time off and what have you been doing?
So my last show was Rivals III and that’s when I decided to take a break. I went back to school for esthetics and I graduated, worked really hard, and now I work for a medical spa in Chicago in the West Loop. I do all medical grade skincare and laser treatments. I love my job, I love what I do. I just make people pretty and it makes me feel good.

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What made you come back? Did you just miss it?
Like I said, I had spent the last three years kind of establishing my career and I just felt like the timing was right. I felt very comfortable with where I was and I got the call to do The Challenge and I considered it, and I passed it along to my job, and they approved the time off so I figured why not? You know, I missed it. I missed the traveling, I missed the adrenaline rush from all the challenges and the eliminations. Just the entire experience in general. And you know I just wanted to give it another go. Why not? Might as well fight for a million dollars.

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Can’t hurt to win some money on your time off.

What do you think of the newcomers from all these different reality shows? Do you like that addition? How does it change the dynamic?
So coming into this season and having cast that’s brand new, all from different countries and different parts of the world, some people didn’t even speak the same language. For me, I loved it. I thought it was great. And I thought it was probably the best season for me to come back to. Because in my time off I didn’t watch any of the challenges or really keep up with them, but I do have Instagram and I would see all of the drama between cast members and all the nonsense that went on the last three years. Coming into this show I was just like, “here we go it’s just going to be a lot of bad blood, people fighting over the same thing that happened three seasons ago, yada, yada, yada.”

But coming into this show what happened with half the cast brand new, it was a different dynamic. It was a bunch of new people who had never played the game before and they were really excited to be there. So the energy right off the bat was just good. It was good vibes! 

From what I saw in the launch special it looks like there might be something going on between you and Chase? Can you give us a hint of what happens?
Oh my goodness okay so I’ll keep it very brief because that’s how long that whole thing lasted. No! Chase was a nice guy. Chase was a very nice guy. I met him the first night we got into the house. We kind of hit it off. He’s very cute. We had good conversation. And then I just think that things kind of moved too quickly within 24 hours and I was just not really looking for any kind of relationship or any attachment… and yeah, so that’s pretty much that. I just got out of a three year relationship. I went on this challenge to have fun, I was single for 2 months before I went on the show, so I was not trying to settle down with one person and definitely not within 24 hours.

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He’s fought for love and now he’s fighting for money! Will everything turn up roses for Chase? ?Here’s what the Vets think… #TheChallenge33

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Chase is my friend’s FAVORITE all-time Bachelorette contestants. She’s going to be very jealous when she sees this.
Ahhh Chase is a nice guy! I was just there to have fun. I didn’t want to be with anybody.

And it looks like you might have some drama with Dee?
As you can see in the preview we’re on the bus, it was after a drunken night out, and I can’t tell you exactly what the fight was about butttt I will say that for whatever reason she attacked me, and anyone that knows me knows I’m never going to back down to anybody. I don’t go out looking for drama, I’m never going to start anything with anybody, that’s not who I am, but if you come for me don’t think that I’m gonna back down. Don’t ever think that I’m scared. So I think it was just a drunken night, whatever. It is what it is. We woke up the next morning and she apologized. I don’t hate her. I actually grew to really like her toward the end of the season, I just think at that point in time it was really early in the game and we didn’t know each other and she just didn’t know who I was.

Who is your hardest competition in the game? Is anyone back from your past that you really hate?
I guess when you line everybody up, especially all the girls, there are a lot of great competitors. One of the new girls, Mattie, she’s like 6 feet tall, she’s an awesome competitor. I knew she would be a big threat. And then you have girls like Ninja Natalie who won American Ninja Warrior and so she was definitely one of the biggest threats in the house. And then of course you have Cara Maria who has won a million and one shows and works out every single day and her biceps are the size of my body. So yeah, there was a lot of competition for sure! But nobody that I was afraid to go against. I was ready for anything.

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Can you spill the tea on anything scandalous that happens this season?
Well let’s just say this: what goes on in the Challenge house definitely doesn’t stay in the Challenge house. It will be nationally televised so anybody that’s in a relationship, has a boyfriend at home has a girlfriend at home, they will be exposed. And this happens on more than one occasion with more than one person, so stay tuned because it gets interesting!

And finally, anything else you can tell us about the season to get us excited?
Just in general, this is by far the best season I’ve ever competed in, of all seven seasons, and I think that everyone is really going to enjoy this season. It’s pure competition, very physical, and it’s what I think viewers have been wanting for so long now and they’re finally going to get it!

You can catch Nany on tonight’s premiere of The Challenge: War of the Worlds on MTV at 9/8 central!

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‘Are You The One?’ Recap: Some People Just Don’t Like Peaches

Hello and welcome back to the few of you that have stuck around this long! Since it’s the penultimate episode (I pray), here’s a quick refresher of what’s happened so far this season in case you’ve been blacking out during the episodes: two couples have found their perfect match, Bria has put a curse on any girl who thought about Zak, Zak continues to bang anything in front of him, no one else knows what they’re doing, and I had a better chance at winning Mega Millions than they do of figuring this out in two weeks. Oh yeah, and last week we ended with Kwasi having a meltdown in the lap of a producer/bunny rabbit. Let’s begin!

It seems Kwasi survived, because we open on the morning, everyone tucked into their floor mattresses snug as a bug in a rug. Bria says that Jasmine kissing Cam “set Kwasi back a few steps.” By that does she mean he became a violent psychopath over one minor indiscretion? Because then I’d have to agree. Meanwhile, Kwasi has decided he’s done with Jasmine, and that Nutsa is really his match. While I don’t blame him for being into Nutsa, God’s gift to Are You The One, does he really think that after last night’s absolute emotional and physical meltdown she’s gonna be into it?

Outside, Andrew has pulled Cali aside because he’s actually trying hard to make new connections, but is still not trying hard enough with his sunscreen application. They seem to like each other fine, but I guess we’ll really know how much Cali likes him if she grinds on him at the next luau.

Then Brett pulls Bria aside, I guess because he’s always wondered what it would be like to have his liver cut out with the sharpened end of a toothbrush. Our poor, precious Nutsa is watching from afar, wondering what she did wrong. Nothing, Nutsa! You are perfect just as you are!

Inside, Daniel tells Sam he doesn’t think they are a perfect match because he has exes just like her. I’m sorry Daniel, but did you not see that Kenya’s perfect match and her ex were actually identical twins separated as babies, sent to live with different parents, only to discover each other’s existence years later at summer camp? So I don’t think you can rule anyone out just because they’re like your ex. MTV is not working that hard, bro.

Brett tells Nutsa he’s going to sit with Bria at the match up ceremony “not because she’s ahead,” but to switch it up.

It’s time for the match-up ceremony, so the boys have pulled out their best skinny jeans and they’re ready to start picking.

It’s at this point that Maria, who has not been in the house since like WEEK 2, decides to call out the random couples. Um hi, but do you even know what’s going on in the house? Aren’t you busy plotting ways to get away from Shamoy by now? And then OF COURSE, Zak takes it upon himself to call out the “double standard” that he claims makes him out to be a villain, but when Jasmine kisses someone else on a date she’s just “playing the game.” Well first of all, how dare you. Second of all, you did that like 80 times this season Zak so it’s just a weeee bit different. And third of all, Ted Bundy also claimed he was unfairly accused and we all know how that ended. Look, I’m not saying Zak reminds me of one of the most prolific serial killers of all time, but I’m not not saying that, ya know?

AND THEN Zak says, “Kwasi just thinks Nutsa’s the better version of Jasmine.” Because he hasn’t made enough girls in this house cry yet. You’ve got one more week Zak, can you collect them all?!

It’s at this point Papa T and his floral shirt tells the gang he is disappointed in everyone beefing with each other, but after seeing their faces fall, he reminds them that they can still win! All they need is a little encouragement and to cheat as much as humanly possible. (Okay that last part was me).

It’s time for the beams. Let’s see if these dummies can light it up! Lol and they can light it up but only dimly, because once again they only get four beams. When they don’t win this million dollars, can MTV throw me some of their leftover cash? I think I deserve it for watching this entire dumpster fire of a season.

Back at the house, people are not pleased.

Kwasi and Andrew rn:

Yes, that’s the way to find your perfect match. Terrify everyone so much that they don’t want to be near you.

After the rage portion of the evening has passed, our gang gets in a kumbaya circle and starts talking about everything that’s wrong with them. Hi guys! I’ve been doing that for you all season! Y’all should’ve learned to read and then I could have really saved you a lot of trouble.

Okay actually this circle is a little bit sad, and I don’t appreciate MTV serving me this realness rn. It’s not as fun to mock someone when you know they were abused as a child. THANKS FOR RUINING IT FOR ME, PRODUCERS. Brb, I’m about to go do some emotional eating about other people’s problems. Who knew I was so empathetic?

Papa T shows up overjoyed that he’s almost made it to the end of his time introducing a big red button to a group of 20-something alcoholics. It’s time to figure out who’s going on the dates. This week, fate has decided to send Moe, Brett, Nutsa, and Lauren on a date so magically Hawaiian, it will be a real authentic experience they could have nowhere else.

Oh wait, they’re going jet skiing. I’m concerned for Nutsa’s safety, and rightfully so since she injures herself almost immediately. Like the f*ckboy gentleman he is, Brett gives her a ride on his jet ski. Not a euphemism.

During the hangout portion of the date, Brett promises Nutsa that he’s not going to hold back anymore. So now I’m obviously convinced they’re not a match. Anyone wanna bet?

Back at the house, the crew reconvenes to find out who is going in the truth booth. Papa T tells them “time is officially beginning to run out,” which is also what my OBGYN says to me everytime I visit her and it leaves me totally not stressed at all. Not even a little bit panicked. Completely fine. So I’m sure our gang feels the same.

And the crew has voted Brett and Nutsa into the truth booth! Jasmine says if they’re not a match it will really make her lose faith in that million dollars. Oh honey, you should have lost faith in that money the second Zak walked in the door, swinging his d*ck at anything that was remotely human-shaped. That’s on you.

And once again, we’re left on a cliff hanger! It’s like MTV is DARING ME to burn down their headquarters in a white rage. Next week is it you guys, so we’ll find out if Brett and Nutsa are a match, and if the whole damn crew can manage to come up with their perfect matches with money on the line. Or maybe we’ll get lucky and the hellmouth will finally swallow them up. See you all next week!

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‘Are You The One?’ Recap: A Match Made in Hell

We’re back this week with another episode of Are You The One: When Will Bria Make Her Kill, and it’s a double episode! Lucky for those of us who watch this show to feel better about our own bad decisions, more work for those of us who have to recap this show. Can’t wait! Let’s dive in to the Are You The One recap.

The episode begins as our unlucky in love-rs traipse back to the house to dramatic and depressing music, their two pathetic beams looming heavy behind them and on their hearts. The group calls for a “family meeting” and I’m not sure if you should call the group of people you’re banging family. That’s only legal in a few states, and I don’t think Hawaii is one of them.

The group immediately starts ganging up on Zak and Morgan; apparently no one believes they’re a match. Bria’s mind control is working! What kind of sorcery is this? The group disperses, having come to no real conclusion other than the fact that Lewis needs some Gatorade.

Out back, Kenya and Lewis are talking to Bria and trying to convince her to get Zak back. Damn, Lewis, you are shady. “Just as fast as she got him, you can get him right back.” Not saying I didn’t say this same thing to my distraught friend when convincing her to crash her ex’s wedding, but still.

Kayla and Cam sit down and he starts telling her he has reservations. CAM! Am I going to have to take back all of the nice things I said about you last week? I’ll do it. I will. Okay, let’s see why he thinks they aren’t a match. She doesn’t like the ocean and he does. LOL. She gets motion sickness easily, and he likes to drive. LOL. She doesn’t like Donald Trump and he does. Oh. Okay. So that one could legit cause some big problems. HUGE.

Over in the kitchen, Andrew and Lauren seem to be getting along. He tells her he only wants one wife. And also a motocross bike. Okay Andrew, this isn’t a f*cking Christmas list. Take that one up with Santa at a later date. He should also add sunscreen to that list because he still hasn’t figured out how not to get burnt. SPF 50 pls, Santy!

OMG Lauren just asked Andrew if he could go for a blonde and he told her “absolutely, my mom is blonde.”

Lauren and all of America:

It is literally still nighttime, and now the crew has moved to the pool and is playing a friendly game of truth or dare. Cali dares Nutsa to play “nervous” which apparently is a game where you grab a guy’s d*ck? I don’t get the point. Do I need to call HR? Anyway, she chooses to grab Daniel’s. Samantha is not pleased. She starts yelling at Daniel and telling him it was disrespectful for him to let another girl grab his d*ck in front of her. I mean that’s fair, but like, you’re on an MTV reality show where you basically have to hook up with multiple people to win, so the normal rules of etiquette don’t really apply.

We have finally made it to morning and the cast is hanging out in the water. I guess Lewis can’t swim, since he’s wearing a life preserver. Maybe they should have given that to Kwasi last week for his surfing date? Unless they wanted him to drown?

Nutsa seems to have decided that her voice is not annoying enough, so she decides to physically assault her crush Brett with a pillow and with her body. Then she decides to chase him. It’s like watching a hamster finally get free from its cage.

Cam and Cali are openly flirting, and it’s causing Kayla enough distress that she has to go talk to herself in the mirror and cry in her bed. Dramatic much? I call that a Tuesday night.

Terry shows up and reminds everyone of his girlfriend, the beautiful fate button. It’s time to choose some people for dates! Fate chooses Zak, Daniel, Bria, and Asia and I guess Bria’s mind control extends to the fate button as well. The house breaks out into applause because they are afraid Bria will hurt them if they don’t clap want to find out if Zak and Bria are a match.

Kayla and Kwasi start vibing and I’m happy for her because I don’t want to see her crying in her bed again. Put yourself out there, Kayla! There are 9 other men in this house that will eventually dump you the second someone hotter comes along.

Okay, Samantha sits down with Daniel and I just had to listen to like, a solid three minutes of her saying she doesn’t trust him and he hasn’t earned her trust and affection for her to then go into the boom boom room with him. Next time spare me the bullsh*t foreplay and let’s get right to it.

Moving on to the date, our couples are going dune buggy-ing. Zak decides to take the wheel instead of Bria, which I think is the safest choice for all involved. They’re taking them on a road, though—I thought these were for off-roading? Does one often encounter dunes on the highway? Our daters pull their buggys up to the coffee shop for the rest of date. So their date is literally a pit stop I made before work this morning. MTV is really forking over the big bucks this season.

Over their lattes, Zak tells Bria that he’s surprised that they were able to pick it right back up and he could see why they might be a match. DUDE! Never before in my life have I seen someone so easily distracted by what’s in front of them. Wait, I lied.


Zac and Bria make out. I’M CALLING THE POLICE. If this isn’t a case of thinking-with-your-d*ck-itis, I don’t know what is.

Back at the house, Terry shows up to earn that minimum wage paycheck. Zak and Bria tell the house that they kissed and Morgan is sad. Don’t worry, Morgan! Once he sees you and remembers you he’ll make out with you too!

Samantha calls out Zak for being a d*ck in front of Morgan. In the interview room she says this about Zak and Bria, “They literally both don’t care how other people feel so maybe they are a match made in heaven. Or a match made in hell.” Truer words have never been spoken, Sam. We applaud you and we thank you.

As expected, Zak and Bria were voted into the truth booth. They both are confident that they’re a match. They should be as confident in their relationship as I am in the MTA’s ability to get me anywhere on time except into an early grave.

And LOL they’re no match. Literally I’ve never been happier to see two people so upset. You would murder each other, you f*cking morons!! Not even the devil would match you up because he doesn’t want to see Bria in hell any earlier than he has to!

Morgan rn:

Told You

Bria is sobbing and Zak tells the camera he needs to move on. LOL what a douche. I’m going to set his house on fire.

Naturally, Bria comes back looking for a fight. I’m sorry, a debate. She was on the debate team, y’all remember? Immediately she moves on Kwasi, who told them that they suck when they returned from the truth booth. Zak immediately ditches. LOL what a douche. Bria is screaming at Kwasi, so naturally he gets heated. God, Bria, have you heard of a joke? Did they not teach you about those in the hellmouth you crawled out of?

Now Asia is jealous that Bria gets to do all the debating so she decides to start sh*t with Nutsa when our poor little hamster friend just wanted to get some food! I literally do not even know what this fight is about. GOD where does MTV find these people?? I honestly think that they go to the trashiest bar in Tampa, find the girl that just punched another girl, walk right up to her and say “hey, wanna be on our dating show?” Bria, let me know if I’m right.

Moe is turned on by Asia’s bullying, so he follows her outside to tell her he’ll always be there for her. You say that now, Moe, but just you wait until one day you are just walking to the kitchen to get food and she jumps down YOUR throat.

SHOCKER! Zak wants Morgan back. He pulls her aside and says he doesn’t want to be with Bria and he’s actually into Morgan.

Zak: So what are we?

Zak! You’re the worst!

Bria sees them talking and strolls out hand in hand with Kwasi. I guess they’ve made up. Kwasi finally calls Zak out in front of both Bria and Morgan and asks him who he would want to pursue a relationship with outside the house. He panics. Might I remind you, he LITERALLY JUST TOLD MORGAN HE DIDN’T WANT TO DATE BRIA.

Zak finally decides that since he already knows he’s not a match with Bria, he’ll say Morgan. Bria loses her sh*t and gives them all a lecture, telling them they’re not better than her. Oh, Bria. Honey. I know a cockroach that’s better than you.

Zak and Morgan take it to the boom boom room for one last f*ck before Bria kills them. Morgan! For shame. Missionary with the lights off is not worth your dignity.

Inside, Cali and Cam are talking. He tells her he likes her because she’s “nature girl” and he’s “nature boy.” OH REALLY. Why do I get the sense that Cam’s idea of exploring nature is drinking a Natty Light in his backyard with his bros?

We’ve finally made it to the matchup ceremony and it’s a guys night to pick. They decide to go with their hearts instead of with strategy because last week strategy didn’t work. I wonder if anyone took a minute to think perhaps they just came up with a bad strategy? No? So just me then? Cool.

Okay am I missing something? Where’s Daniel? And Bria? They’re sitting next to each other but they never showed him picking her. Why didn’t he pick Sam? I’M SO CONFUSED. It’s like he wants his d*ck cut off.

The group gets four beams! Papa Terry is proud and this week he tells them to go take a shot for him. Oh they will Terry, they’ll each take nine of them.

Back at the house, Cali reminds everyone that only two couples repeated tonight and it was her and Tomas and Morgan and Zak, which means that only one of them is a perfect match. Cali and Tomas are convinced it’s them and that’s enough to get them to the boom boom room, but apparently not enough for Tomas to get it up.

Back outside, Kwasi and Kayla are talking and Cam is shocked. YOU TOLD HER YOU DIDN’T THINK YOU WERE A MATCH! Of course she is talking to someone else! And now you’re jealous? That’s not how it works.

Cam pulls Kayla aside and he tells her he doesn’t want to be made a fool of. This conversation basically goes nowhere and Cam goes back into the house to confront Kwasi, who quickly turns into Kwasi Beast and throws himself across the room to attack Cam. We end the episode with the guys holding Kwasi back and me imagining the tongue lashing they’re going to get from Papa T.

See you all next week!

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You Have To See How Lindsay Lohan Shaded Her Employees On Instagram

If you’re anything like me, your Sunday was probably spent brunching, napping off a hangover, and overeating while watching The Office. If you’re anything like Lindsay Lohan, you spent your Sunday threatening your employees’ jobs on social media. What employees, you ask? ICYMI, Lindsay is now the proud owner of two nightclubs: the creatively named LOHAN in Athens and LOHAN Beach House in Rhodes. On Sunday, two LOHAN staff members (say Lohan again) posted an Instagram promoting the new club. Lindsay, as one does, took the opportunity to publicly humiliate them for dress code violations. Let’s take a look.

Hello and welcome to paradise! . . . . . #lohanrhodes #lohanbeachhouse #rhodes #rhodesisland #rhodesgreece #myrhodes #rhodeslife #rhodes2018 #rhodesparty #rhodes_vacation #rhodeslifestyle #beachbar #beachbars #beachclub #beachclubs #beachparty

A post shared by LOHAN Beach House Rhodes (@lohanrhodes) on

TBH, the first “violation” that comes to mind here is these ridiculous sleeves. Beyond being hideous, they seem like a huge fire hazard, and I sincerely hope that LOHAN is a candle-free environment. Anyway, Lohan’s issue was actually not with these fugly robes. She commented the following on the pic (comments still up, because Lindsay is in no way backing down from this).










In case you think this is just friendly banter with her LOHAN staff, another commenter checked in to see if she was joking. She was not.

So, what exactly is Lindsay’s game here? If I had to guess, I’d say she’s trying to build up buzz for her upcoming Vanderpump-ish reality show. But honestly, this all seems more like The Apprentice.  (It doesn’t hurt that she’s previously said she wants to be the next Trump.) And that’s just…not appealing. Then again, Lindsay Lohan has, in the past year, faked a British accent, propositioned Trump on, and designed a personal island. People who work for her hopefully know what they’re getting into. Let’s hope no one actually lost their job, and that Lindsay decided on the nude heel. Those white heels are the ugliest effing shoes I’ve ever seen.

Images: Instagram (3)