Mac Miller Dead At 26 Of Apparent Overdose

Sad news for, well, everyone. Rapper Mac Miller died today at the age of 26 in an apparent overdose, TMZ reports. Authorities responded to a 911 call from a male friend at Miller’s home in Los Angeles today and Miller was pronounced dead at the scene. His most recent album, Swimming, was released just last month.

Those who have followed Miller’s career will know the rapper struggled publicly with addiction and spoke candidly about his substance abuse issues. In May, Miller was arrested for a DUI after he hit a light pole with his car. Miller spoke about the incident with Beats 1 host Zane Low back in July.

“I made a stupid mistake. I’m a human being. Like, I drove home drunk. But it was the best thing that could have happened…I needed that. I needed to run into that light pole and literally like, have the whole thing stop.”

Sadly, addiction recovery is not an easy road and Miller is just one of the many people every year lost to substance abuse. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s National Helpline can be the first stop on the journey to recovery. Call them at 1-800-487-4889.

50 Cent Is Literally The Luckiest Man Alive

Ya boi 50 Cent is back on top in the most miraculous way possible. In what has to be the most inspiring rags-to-riches-to-rags-to-riches story since Cinderella lost everything in the divorce (only to win everything back in Appeals), 50 Cent has been pulled out of bankruptcy after he realized he actually low-key had a stash of 700 Bitcoin just chilling in the Bitbank (or wherever Bitcoins are kept). And for those of you who have not hopped on the cryptocurrency train, 700 Bitcoin is equal to anywhere between $7 and $8.5 million today.

So how tf did this happen? The story is kind of amazing. Basically, in 2014 50 released his album Animal Ambition and became the first artist to accept Bitcoin as payment. He received more than 700 Bitcoins at that time, which were worth about $662 dollars then, but have skyrocketed in prince since the whole Bitcoin craze hit.

Casual reminder that in 2016, 50 Cent literally declared bankruptcy due to “reckless spending” aka “too many bottles full of bub.” Second casual reminder that 50 Cent was shot 9 times and survived. Does 50 Cent have a guardian angel of some kind? He’s some sort of supernatural good luck machine? Did he drink that good luck potion from Harry Potter or some shit? These are questions I have.

50 has been appropriately hilarious about all of this (as only someone who declared bankruptcy and then accidentally made $8 million can). He told reporters on his decision to accept Bitcoin, “I’ma keep it real. I forgot I did that shit.”

Amazing. Now, if you’ll all join me in singing:

Go 50
It’s ya birthday
We gonna party like it’s ya birthday
We gonna sip Bacardi like it’s ya birthday
Because you just accidentally made $8 million in Bitcoin!

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Drake Got Food Poisoning in Amsterdam, But Was He Just High? An Investigation

Drake was supposed to perform in Amsterdam on Monday night, and now he has fans angry because he had to cancel the show at the last minute—a power move we honestly kind of respect because it didn’t affect us personally. The official reason given was that he had “extreme food poisoning,” which is the excuse we all give when we call out sick at work with a massive hangover. Because most of us weren’t born yesterday, rumors are now swirling that Drake wasn’t sick and was he really just high. So was he? Let’s investigate. *cue Law & Order DUN DUN*

First of all, this “food poisoning”. Drake said he ate some sushi that “messed up his stomach,” and “had to get medical treatment immediately.” Then a doctor supposedly told him not to perform. Okay, so bad sushi is definitely a thing, so this would check out if this happened to you or your boss, but not one of the most popular (and rich) rappers in the world. Where the fuck was he getting this sushi, a stand on the side of the road? This is a guy who goes to Nobu with Jennifer Lawrence; the notion that Drake would even BE at a place that serves questionable sushi is highly suspect.


So the food poisoning claim is dubious at best, and let’s not forget where this concert was happening: Amsterdam, the weed capital of the world. Drake has certainly been known to enjoy a bit of la marijuana now and then, and it’s hard to believe he would go to Amsterdam and not stop at a “coffee shop” for a little pick-me-up. So what if it was bad weed and not bad sushi? Or what if Drake was just super blazed and couldn’t remember all seven words to “Hotline Bling”? We’re just saying, it happened to Dave Chappelle, it could certainly happen to Drake.

Another important thing to note is that this is the third concert Drake has postponed in Amsterdam in 2017. And it’s only been 2017 for three months. The other two were for technical reasons or some shit like that (too much codeine?), so maybe he just hates the Netherlands. Either way, his Dutch fanbase is probably getting smaller by the day because he’s hurt them so many times. Which might not be that bad, actually, because Drake of all people can surely relate to being burned by an ex one too many times.


So did Drake really eat bad sushi? We think the fuck not, but technically we’ll never quite know for sure. One thing is for sure, though: if you’re in Amsterdam and still buying tickets to see Drake, you’re just playing yourself at this point.

Who Is Remy Ma & Why Is She Beefing With Nicki Minaj? An Analysis

Between all the breakups (RIP Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom) and Oscar winners accused of sexual assault (hi, Casey Affleck), celeb gossip has been pretty fucking depressing lately. Then the beef between Nicki “Self-Proclaimed Queen of Rap” Minaj and Remy “Who TF Is That?” Ma reared its scandalous head again, and we finally have something worth talking about. Buckle up, because the Minaj-Ma feud goes back an actual, literal decade.

Let’s start with who tf Remy Ma is, because she hasn’t been relevant in mainstream culture since the days of Blackberries and worrying about Britney Spears. Reminisce Mackie, aka Remy Ma, is a rapper and member of the Bronx-based rap crew Terror Squad. I know that all is meaningless to you, so I’ll put it this way. Remember when Fat Joe came out with that song “Lean Back” and it was played at everyone’s bar mitzvah? She was the girl who did the second verse. There ya go.

The More You Know

Anywho, Remy and Nicki’s stars were on the rise around the same time in the early 2000s. Remy had been nominated for a Grammy and won BET’s award for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist in 2005—but her career hit a roadblock when she got sent to fucking prison in 2007 for shooting some chick in the stomach. Basically, don’t piss off Remy Ma.

Nicki is either brave or kinda dumb, though, because she proceeded to do exactly that. In 2007, before Remy got shipped off, Nicki released the freestyle “Dirty Money.” She never confirmed whether or not it was a diss track directed at Remy, but it includes the line “tell that bitch with the crown to run it like Chris Brown” over a Terror Squad beat. We don’t know anything about rap, but even we can figure out who Nicki was talking about.


Remy apparently confronted Nicki at a release party, which isn’t exactly starting down a path to friendship. There were also a bunch of rumors that the two were dating, which probably made things even more awk. But before things escalated further, Remy spent the next six years living out Orange Is the New Black and watching her competition get super famous and probably carving a tally of the days until she could finally fire back into her jail cell wall. 

The shade fest started soon after, with Remy Ma releasing a song with Fat Joe and my future husband, Ty Dolla $ign, called “Money Showers” in which she rapped, “Bitch claiming she the queen, what? Not hardly / Who the fuck gave you your crown, bitch? Steve Harvey?”

Steve Harvey Miss Universe

So here’s where shit pops off: On February 23, 2017, Nicki Minaj showed up on Gucci Mane’s latest track, “Make Love,” with a verse directed at some unnamed lady rapper who definitely, absolutely isn’t Remy Ma. JK! Nicki obviously meant Remy. Two days later, Remy Ma released “shETHER,” an entire fucking song dedicated to taking down Nicki.

“You wanna see a dead body” (little kid from BoyzNdaHood voice) @nickiminaj #Barz #AndBARZonly

— Remy Ma (@RealRemyMa) February 25, 2017

Allow me to break it down for you. Before you even listen to the song, the cover is a dismembered, bloody Barbie. A Barbie, if you’ll remember, has been Nicki’s entire persona since, like, ever. But in case that was too subtle, the track opens with an audio clip of Nicki yelling “Free Remy.” Remy then goes on to make fun of Nicki’s ridiculous fashion choices and repeat the phrase “fuck Nicki Minaj” a bunch to really drive the point home. She even goes in on Nicki’s ass, which is sacred territory for most of America. Basically, Remy is afraid of no betch.

Oh Shit

Nicki’s response was to Instagram an article about the low sales of Remy’s last album. Clearly, she recognized this as the weak move it was, because she quickly took the post down. Nicki then Instagrammed a video of Beyoncé singing about how great of a rapper Nicki is—which like, as amazing as Beyoncé is, is still a LAME AS FUCK COMEBACK.


she said *bey *bigger

A post shared by Nicki Minaj (@nickiminaj) on

So far it’s been 7 full days since “shETHER” dropped, and STILL no diss track or any real acknowledgment from Nicki.

We're Waiting

Anyone who was alive during the infamous Drake/Meek Mill beef of 2015 (so like, all of us) knows that when it comes to rap beefs, time is of the essence. The longer you wait to release your clap back, the lower your chances of winning this beef are. You would think that the person who dated Meek Mill during this very beef would know this better than anyone, so it’s not clear what exactly Nicki’s plan is. At this point it seems like she’s going to play the quiet game and just take this giant L, and honestly, we’re disappointed.

Rooting For You

Nicki’s big comeback so far has been favoriting approximately a bajillion negative tweets about Remy from other Twitter users. Celebrities: they’re just as petty as us!