Puffer Jackets For Under $100 That Will Keep You Warm All Winter

With colder weather hitting us from all sides (and Thanksgiving being over), it’s officially time to transition your wardrobe to winter. I know, right? Fall lasted like, two days. Betcha wish you could go back in time to the summer when you couldn’t stop whining about how you couldn’t wait for it to be sweater weather. Right? Right, Jenna?? I’m just a little salty about the cold, don’t worry. In any case, one of the main things you’ll need to survive the winter will be a good jacket. And not just any jacket, a puffer jacket. These trendy marshmallow coats have been worn by the likes of Kendall Jenner, which means they will keep you warm and stylish all winter long. Thank god for small miracles. I’m not going to freeze my ass off for anyone or any trend this winter. It’s just too damn cold.

Unlike the bike shorts of this past summer, the puffer jacket trend is not going anywhere anytime soon, and THANK GOD. That means you can still buy one and justify your spending that much more. Tons of celebrities are killing it with their puffer jackets, matching them with any and all outfits, and you can too. I found copies of the best celeb puffer jackets that you can recreate this coming winter. But, obviously, I found them for way less—I know you don’t all have Kendall Jenner money, and with the holidays coming up, we all need to save where we can. So read on to find my favorite affordable puffer jackets.

5 Trendy Puffer Jackets Like The Ones You See All Over Instagram

The puffer jacket trend is literally the greatest thing of all time. You basically just get to wrap yourself in a sleeping bag and then go out in public as if that’s socially acceptable. The only downfall is that these coats will make you look fucking massive, especially when paired with chunky sweaters and blanket scarves. Here are a few that won’t make you look like a human marshmallow.

1. Urban Outfitters Silence + Noise Classic Puffer Jacket

This puffer is hip-length, which is usually problematic in terms of avoiding looking like the Michelin Man. However, the hem is both notched and adjustable, so it’s like, way more flattering.

Silence + Noise Classic Puffer Jacket

2. Madewell Quilted Down Puffer Parka

The wide puff panels (is that a thing?) and interior waist cincher on this Madewell parka will allow you to pull off the puffer trend without looking enormous. Now you’ll have to blame other things, like your Chipotle obsession.

Quilted Down Puffer Parka Madewell

3. Lululemon Brave The Cold Jacket

Okay, so the puffer jacket trend is supposed to be giant puffy coats, but if you’re really not down for that, this one is close enough. The puffs are way smaller because they’re stuffed with lightweight goose down.

Brave The Cold Jacket lululemon

4. Topshop Long Puffer Jacket

Most puffer jackets have panels with horizontal stitching, which can be super unflattering if you are anyone besides Kendall Jenner. Luckily, this one also has a few slimming puff panels (I’m just leaning in) to help the cause.

Long Puffer Jacket Topshop

5. Barbour International Rockingham Quilted Jacket

The slanted pockets and asymmetrical zipper are basically optical illusions. You’ll look more like a bitchy teen snow bunny in an ABC Family movie (I know it’s called Freeform now, hop off) than a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade float.

Quilted Jackets Barbour

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