MTV’s ‘Pretty Little Mamas’ Is The Reality Show You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Judge me all you want, but I have a confession to make. As a 24-year-old woman, my favorite thing in the world is falling in love with a new TV show. (Also like, eating, but I need that to survive. Anyway.) So when I heard about Pretty Little Mamas, MTV’s new fall show, premiering Thursday, August 30th at 9/8c, I immediately wanted to find out more. After reading everything I could get my hands on—and watching the promo 20-30 times—I wasn’t just interested. I was f*cking psyched. This show is MTV at its finest, and I honestly can’t wait. So, what do you need to know about your next TV obsession? Read on.

The Premise

When it comes to reality TV, I generally think there are two genres. There’s the “lifestyles of the very rich” genre, and the “look at these bizarrely fascinating regular people” genre. One of the great things about MTV is that it finds (the best) bizarrely fascinating regular people—and then gives them a Real Housewives-style platform to talk about their lives (think: The Hills, Jersey Shore, etc.). Call me crazy, but I just find reality TV stars more interesting when their most pressing issues aren’t just “how should I spend all my money.”

On that note, Pretty Little Mamas follows five twentysomething women in San Diego as they navigate life, love, friendship—and their young children. Yes, I understand that the show has the word “Mamas” in it, and this should not have shocked me. BUT IT DID. First of all, look at these women:

Pretty Little Mamas

They look like the hot girls from your sorority pledge class. The fact that these women are all young moms raises the stakes for this show in a huge way. This isn’t just about people in their 20s trying to figure out “who they are” so they can stop having their parents pay their phone bills. This show is about people who literally have children to raise—which means there’s a very real pressure for them to figure their stuff out, and immediate consequences if they don’t. In other words, this is about to be some excellent television. 

The Drama

So yeah, a TV show about a glam girl group trying to balance motherhood and #squadgoals would be entertaining enough on its own. But this is MTV, and they do not come to play when it comes to drama. We have two cast members who still live with their parents, a drug addict boyfriend, a dying parent, a husband who can’t keep a job, a friend who was “exiled” for three years, and an aspiring model whose Instagram habit is ruining her relationship. I swear I’m not a terrible person for being excited about this—it just sounds like really, really good television. Literally any one of those plot points would make an entire TV show on a lesser network. MTV, we are not worthy of your gifts.

The Cast

As good as the premise is—and Teen Mom meets The Hills is very, very good—this would all fall flat with a disappointing cast. Luckily, I stalked the Instagrams of our main five, and they’re all perfectly on brand. It’s like the mommy blog you secretly read did a mash-up with your favorite Cali-based influencer. They do better versions of the beach pics you spend 5,000 takes trying to perfect—and then remind you in the next pic that they’re doing all this while literally raising a child. I’m past being snarky at this point, I’m honestly just impressed. And yeah, anyone who dresses their kid in Nirvana sweatshirts and teaches them this level of sass is going to be someone I want to watch on TV.

Come, as you are. ????

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Not convinced? Cool, the show premieres this Thursday, August 30, at 9/8c on MTV. Invite your friends, invite your moms, and have 10-12 bottles of rosé at the ready. MTV has a new band of dolled-up psychos for us to obsess over, and I have a feeling it’s going to look a lot like you and your friends if you became mothers at 24. AKA it’s going to be super dramatic. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I can’t wait.

Images: Courtesy of MTV; nicolepleskow / Instagram