The Ultimate Fancy Vodka Lemonade For Day Drinking

When you’re hosting a group of betches—be it for a pool party, Champagne and caviar toast, or Bachelorette viewing, you need enough alcohol to kill a preschooler (sorry not sorry). The catch? You can’t just dump Everclear in a cooler, add some Hawaiian punch, and call it a day—I see you, college kids. There needs to be an element of fun AND class when you’re creating a group cocktail. Also, if you can incorporate herbs, fruit, AND alcohol, you’re fucking winning.

Of course, wine is fine and tequila makes us literally crazy, but, how about a more super summery FUN cocktail? We’ve taken that shit literally and have given you a riff on lemonade—now with alcohol. Be safe, kids.



Stir honey and 6 tbsps of hot water in a large pitcher until honey is dissolved. Stir in the vodka, lemon juice, and muddled ginger. Add about 2 cups of ice (depending on the size of your pitcher) and the mint leaves. Cover and refrigerate until chilled. Pour into glasses filled with ice; garnish with lemon slices and serve.