The Types Of Cheese You Need To Pair With Your Rosé This Summer

Oh, cheese, you’re your own food group to us. You stand apart from all other foods, and we have shrines to you in our deli drawer. As any classy indivudual such as ourselves would know, when cheese meets wine, beautiful things happen. Birds sing. We assume flowers bloom. Somewhere in the distance, a wolf puppy learns to howl. It’s magical.

To top even all that inspirational shit, when a good cheese meets a good rosé, shit gets even realer. It takes you from “girl drinking pink wine out of a bag” to “self-actualized independent woman who enjoys the finer things in life.” However, you have to first fucking KNOW what cheese to eat with your rosé. 

We’re here, per usual, to help.

General Rules

Generally speaking, you want a semi-soft cheese to pair with a rosé. That means you should reach for things like Gruyère, Havarti, and even Monterey Jack, the povo fancy cheese of America. Rosé is crisp and light, so you need a cheese that can both hold its own AND not take away from the mild wine. I mean, this is our fave summer draaanking wine AND it makes us feel classy, so treat it with some respect. 

Dry Rosé

Grab a mild- or medium-firm cheddar, Gouda, or even Provolone for this version. They can be a stronger flavor but tend to caaaaalm themselves with a nice dry rosé. HOWEVER, stay away from flavored cheeses in this category, such as sharp cheddar and aged Provolone. Ain’t nobody got time for all that flavor—save it for a full-bodied red.

Sparkling Rosé

Fresh cheeses LOVE sparkling wines, so head out to the store and grab a Farmers Cheese or local, fresh concoction to complement the bubbles. Sparkling rosé is your party drink, so keep that in mind as you’re scarfing down cheese.

Medium-Bodied Rosé

Think Spanish rosés from Rioja and Navarra or Southern French rosés—you’ll want super rustic cheese for this—best grab something made with sheep’s milk for a bit of a bite but not toooooo much. This version also goes super well with herbed-cheeses.


Bonjour, wine and cheese celebration!

Some Genius Invented A Rosé Drive Thru & Here’s Where To Find It

If there are two things that betches love in this world, it’s being lazy AF and drinking wine. I mean, fucking duh. I can’t think of anything I’d rather do besides absolutely nothing with a glass of rosé in my hand. The only thing that rains on that parade is when I run out and I have to drive somewhere, get out of the damn car, and go get it. Boo, you whore. It’s a problem because, obviously I can’t have too much rosé before I try to drive and acquire more rosé. It’s a real Sophie’s Choice. Well now, there’s a way to make grabbing a fresh bottle a little less of a hassle and a risk to myself and everyone on the road: a rosé drive thru, located in the Hamptons because of course it is.

BRB, packing real quick.

I know what you’re thinking…is this legal? Like, is rosé all of a sudden an exception to the whole no-drinking-and-driving thing? And no, it’s not. It’s still very much illegal to pop a bottle of rosé while cruising through the Hamptons, so like, you’ll have to wait until you get back to your share house to open it. Bummer. The whole thing is being put on by Joey Wölffer of the Wölffer Estate Vineyard who says this has always been a dream of hers. Same tbh. The only issue is that you have to buy the wine by the case so it starts at like 200 bucks. I mean, Jesus. Who do you think I am? Ina fucking Garten? But at least then you have enough to last you a little while so you don’t have to leave the house for like, at least the weekend. And I’ll raise a glass of rosé to that.

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Everything You Need To Know About Rosé To Fool People Into Thinking You’re Fancy

Because we all need a good, solid education when it comes to alcohol, we’re bringing back “Know Your Wine.” Like, I still don’t fully understand why this wasn’t offered as a course in college, but my issues with the education system are a moot point. Anywho, the time is now to know the ins and outs of your wines, and we’re kicking it off with everyone’s fav summer sipper: rosé.

It’s true that rosé wasn’t always the much beloved betch standby it is today. You may be surprised to know that about 20 years ago it was considered tacky and only for those who didn’t know shit about Merlots and Malbecs. The nerve.

What Is It?

A very important note—rosé is NOT when a red wine and white wine love each other v much and spend a passion-filled night together (or, like, just get together for Netflix and chill and never get a call back). Rosé happens when red grapes are juuuuust a little crushed (like when a guy you totes know is a fuckboy ghosts you but like, it still kinda hurts) and left to hang out in their skins for a bit. Then the juice is strained and fermented into our fav pink drink. Depending how much time the wine maker has, the juice will sit for longer, resulting in a darker rosé; or shorter, resulting in a totally millennial pink color. Duly noted.

WTF Does It Taste Like?

IDK why I’m covering this because if you’ve never had rosé  I want to know what life in a cave on Mars is like. Anyway, most rosés have flavor profiles somewhere between red and white wine (shocking). So, you’ll get cantaloupe, peach, and even mango with some, and berries and red fruits with others.

What Types Can I Get?

Like we said, the longer the grapes sit in their skins, the darker the rosé. So like a Malbec rosé would be dark compared to a Pinot Noir rosé which would be lighter. Really, it all depends on how long it’s been aged and the type of grape being used. So, light vs. dark makes it taste different, but one isn’t necessarily better than the other. Additionally, you’ll need to choose from the epic adventure of dry vs. sweet. If you’re at Wine Walmart (is that a place? It should be), and see rosés from Europe, they’re likely dry. Rosés from the U.S. (with California occasionally being an exception) can be sweeter. We say look for the rosés from Spain and France where they’ve been making wine for literally ever.

WTF Do I Drink It With?

Good news—rosé goes with fucking everything. If you’re truly looking for a something to sip while your boyfriend slaves over a hot grill making meat skewers (because protein), rosé is your new go-to. It complements smoked meat and fish super well and plays well in cocktails mixed with vodka and maybe, like, La Croix grapefruit. Yes, really. I’m drinking it right now. If you’re hosting a wine and cheese party, rosé pairs well with medium-bodied cheeses. The most important note is to serve rosé CHILLED—never room temperature.

How Can I Buy It?

Um, as with most wines, rosé comes in a bottle that you can find in any wine-selling establishment. For on-the-go rosé drinking, this shit comes in a can. Yes that’s right. You can bring it to the beach, I’m not going to say legally, but you can do it without breaking the “no glass allowed on the beach” rule. Our favorite canned rosé is Seven Daughters because it’s yummy, it’s pink, and the best part? The cans look kind of like energy drinks, making Seven Daughters canned rosé ideal for stealth drinking on-the-go.

Seven Daughters Rosé

We hope you enjoyed this edition of Know Your Wine. Now, get out there and chug a bottle (or can) for us.

Rosé Comes In 40s Now, So Get Ready To Black Out In Broad Daylight

If you thought that drinking 40s was left to your high school partying days (you know, before your metabolism went to shit), then think again because 40s of rosé are now totally a thing, and just in time for summer. A new company called Forty Ounce Wines (very creative naming) has released a new 40s of rosé that they claim are “organically farmed, spectacular tasting, large format wines.” They currently offer two types of wines, Muscadet (a French white) and rosé, which is obvi the star of the show. Honestly this opens up so many possibilities for white girls everywhere. Like, is doing Edward 40 Hands going to come back into our lives like it’s 2005 again? Will you start seeing groups of white girls in Lululemon standing on street corners and pouring out a little bit of rosé for the basic bitches we’ve lost? Only time will tell.

This is obviously going to become a staple of the summer. What better way to walk into a party and establish that you are the HBBIC (head basic bitch in charge) than to have one, dare I say, TWO pink 40s full of sweet pink alcohol? Anyone who sees that and questions your dedication to basic-ness is seriously disturbed. All you’d have to then is start talking to anyone who will listen about how you ordered a big salad at Cheesecake Factory yesterday and find a way to casually display the little star tattoo on your foot and you’ll probably be appointed to the ICBA—International Council On Basic Affairs.

Obviously, you’re going to need time to adjust to this important wine development. How does this stack up in comparison to the 250k other ways you already know of to consume rosé? Should you convert to rosé 40s only, or should you attempt to maintain even some semblance of dignity in your life? Here are all the various ways one can consume rosé, to ensure that you pick the best one for your personal, and very basic, lifestyle:

1. Buy It By The Bottle

So, this is a no brainer. If you want rosé, you could always just buy a bottle of rosé. It’s a fairly simple concept. Of course, one bottle of rosé does not traditionally go a long way. I mean, I think we all know that one person can consume a bottle of rosé fairly easily over brunch (and go on to have a pretty fucked up Sunday afternoon) so remember that if you’re planning to share your stash, more than one bottle will likely be necessary. You could also buy one of those giant bottles, but then you’ll need to make sure you have an SO or some sad-ass friendzoned guy friend around to carry it for you. What if you reach for your phone to answer an important text and drop it? Then there’s no rosé for anyone, and that’s a goddamn tragedy.

2. Subscribe To A Rosé Delivery Service

If you love rosé and are the laziest person on the face of the Earth, you can have rosé delivered directly to your door, and the best part is that the bottles are “magnums” meaning that they are equal to two normal size bottles of rosé. Membership to The Summer Water Societé is a very bougie way of letting people know that you are devoté to the church of rosé, and must have access to it at all times. Also, each month they send you cool swag like Societé hats, water bottles, and beach towels so everybody knows where you stand when it comes to drinking pink wine.

3. Get Into Boxed Rosé

Move the fuck over Franzia, because boxed rosé is here and it’s actually like, kind of good. Two companies, Les Vignerons d’Estézargues and VRAC will provide you with boxes of rosé all the way from France for around $30. That’s basically spending $30 on four really good bottles of rosé, despite the fact that they do come in a box and look like hobo wine you made under your bed. Buying this boxed rosé is a great way to signal to your friend group that, when it comes to your most beloved wine variety, you are more about quality than appearing like you have any respect for yourself.

4. Casually Sip Rosé From A Can

If you’ve ever wanted to spend an entire day low-key sipping on rosé without having to carry a bottle (or a box) around with you, canned rosé is the way to go. Uncorked offers a 4 pack of Seven Daughters rosé for just $17.99, which is a steal when you realize that each can is equal to two glasses of rosé. The cans are also very sleekn and kind of look like energy drinks, so you could totally sip them in public next to a police station and nobody would notice. Not that we’re saying you should do that, but also you should totally do that.

5. Be That Person With A 40 Ounce Wine

As we previously discussed, 40s of rosé are now an option, and if you want to claim the “40 Ounce Rosé Girl” title for yourself, then by all means do so. Just be sure to figure out how you’ll eventually explain all the pics of you double fisting wine 40s to your children.


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6. Make Your Own

If you’re one of those DIY betches with the ability to actually complete a Pinterest project, a make your own rosé kit may be right for you. The bag claims that the kit makes over 30 bottles of wine in just one hour, which is a fuckton of rosé until you consider that only the most advanced DIY-er will probably walk away from this project with thirty drinkable bottles. For those of us who can barely follow microwave popcorn instructions, the make-your-own-rosé kit will most likely result in a very questionable looking pink goo that will end up killing your friend Becca when she gets drunk enough on store bought rosé to try it.