Peter And Madison Are Publicly Shading Each Other

By now, Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor feels like a distant memory. Bigger issues have overtaken our world, like the fact that The Bachelorette is delayed indefinitely, and we’re now forced to suffer through Listen To Your Heart every Monday. Pilot Pete’s season may have been a mess, but now we’re in truly desperate times. Luckily, these thirst-monsters are still clinging to relevance, so we’ve got more drama between Peter and Madison to deal with.

A lot has happened in the last month, so here’s a quick refresher. On the finale of The BachelorPeter broke off his engagement to Hannah Ann, and then said he wanted to make things work with Madison. They got back together, before announcing their split just two days later. Were they ever really back together? Debatable. Fast forward a few weeks, and Peter flew to Chicago, where he’s been quarantining with Kelley Flanagan. A couple weeks ago, he went on several podcasts and claimed that nothing serious is going on between them, but who really cares? Madison, meanwhile, has been quarantining at her parents’ house in Alabama, and based on her cringeworthy TikToks, she’s fully reverted back to the life of a high school girl. Okay, great, now we’re caught up.

Over the weekend, the shade between Madison and Peter kicked off on TikTok, of all places. Madi posted a cute video featuring several women from Peter’s season, not including Kelley. There were also like, 20 other women missing, but whatever. Someone commented asking where Kelley was, and Madi replied, “with our ex lol.” Honestly, I screamed when I saw that. Props to Madison for this A+ shade, because I had no idea she had it in her.


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I’m ☠️ (@bachelor.tea)

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Just from that comment, it was apparent that there were some hard feelings going on here, and now we have some more clarity on the situation. Madison made an appearance on the newest episode of Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Off The Vine podcast, and she spilled some major tea about the complicated timeline. When asked about her relationship with Kelley, Madison said that they were “inseparable throughout the entire process,” so she was “definitely hurt and thrown off” when she saw that Kelley was with Peter.

In any situation, it would be weird if one of your good friends got together with your ex. But Madi says it was “really confusing,” because Peter was trying to get back with her just TWO DAYS before he was seen in Chicago. She says, “He was, like, calling me and texting me being like, ‘I miss you, let’s get back together… I think that to me was a little confusing.” Hmm, to me it sounds like Peter was basically just in the mood to quarantine with someone, and he may have been looking into multiple options. Classic f*ckboy behavior, and it wouldn’t be the least bit surprising coming from Pilot Pete.

Speaking of f*ckboy behavior, his bizarre treatment of Madison continued when he reached out after the photos with Kelley were released. Madison told Kaitlyn that “He sent me this long, long text, kind of explaining himself, but not really. Just kind of sharing the current situation or whatever. I was very kind back, I was just like, ‘Look, this doesn’t affect anything for me, like, we went our separate ways, it’s not like I lost something here.’ I guess, but I told him kind of what I’m saying. What I’m confused about Peter is two days ago you were telling me how much you loved me and wanted to get back together and now you’re with the one person that was my best friend. It just feels a little hurtful.”

Damn, Madison really went in here, and I’ve never liked her more than I do right now. I don’t doubt that, at some point, Peter had deep, genuine feelings for Madison, but he needs to get over it and stop acting like all this stuff hasn’t gone down since. Madi is clearly doing fine, so stop texting her whiney bullsh*t when you’re shacking up with a woman who used to be her close friend.

In conclusion, Madison said she wishes Peter and Kelley all the best, but added that she hasn’t spoken to Kelley “in a really long time.” I would say that makes me sad, but I don’t have actual emotions for these people. Also, in what real world would a 28-year-old Chicago lawyer be friends with a 24-year-old from Alabama? They’ll both get over it.

But who’s not over it? Peter! He clearly felt some type of way about what Madison said on the podcast, and he decided the public comments on a Bachelor tea Instagram page was the appropriate place to express this. He tagged Madi, saying “you’d think you’d have a little more respect for this situation given we both know there’s more to the story…”


Okay, while I don’t know what Peter is alluding to here, I feel like he’s being a little bit of a drama queen. First of all, could he not just text her about this? He clearly had her number as of *checks notes* two days before he went to Chicago to stay with Kelley! Also, talking about this stuff on podcasts is petty much par for the course for these people. Peter, just a few weeks ago, went on three different Bachelor podcasts in the same week! He might not have liked what Madison had to say, but it’s not like she ruined his life or anything. All of these people are just trying to get a few more headlines before we stop caring about them, so it’s not really worth getting mad about.

What is worth getting mad about? The fact that Paradise likely won’t happen this year, so we won’t get to see any of this petty drama play out in person. There is nothing I would love more right now than to see Kelley and Madison come face to face on that beach and spend two full episodes arguing about who texted Peter and when. Throw Hannah Ann in the mix, and you barely need anyone else for the whole season! If we don’t get to see this, then we’ll really have something to complain about. See, Peter? There are things in the world that actually MATTER!! Now spend less time in the Instagram comment section, and more time working on your TikTok skills, because they’re dismal.

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Peter And Kelley Were Seen Failing At Social Distancing Together

In this time of strife, thank goodness we can still rely on the hooligans of Bachelor Nation to bring us the content we need. Namely, the extended saga of Pilot Pete’s season is being drawn out even longer, because 2020 wasn’t bad enough already. As you all know, Peter was seemingly alone at the end of the season, after his engagement with Hannah Ann fell through, and then Madison dumped him to pursue a career as Selena Gomez’s friend. After being one of the worst Bachelors on record, Peter deserved to think about his life and his choices, but it looks like he’s not so alone after all.

On Wednesday afternoon, Peter was spotted in Chicago, being very affectionate with none other than Kelley Flanagan, Esq. In some paparazzi photos, Peter can be seen with Kelley slung over his shoulder, because I guess the jump-and-wrap-your-legs-around hugs are so three months ago. Seriously, do people actually do this sh*t? Dustin Kendrick, from last season of The Bachelorette, was also present for the outing, because every Bachelor date needs a third wheel. These photos legitimize recent rumors that Peter and Kelley are still a thing. Until now, the main evidence was that Peter’s family still follows Kelley on Instagram, but now we have real evidence of them together in public.

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Smfh… Kelley and Peter in Chicago NOT social distancing. Like what the actual fuck?

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Speaking of in public, you might be wondering why Peter and Kelley are out and about at a time like this. Of course, it’s okay to be taking solo walks as long as you keep a safe distance from others, but as you can see from the photos, they don’t seem to be doing that. See that dog? That dog is absolutely not six feet from them, and the owner is probably cutting it close. As beautiful as the Chicago lakeshore is, it might not be the best place to take a socially distant walk, because it’s usually crawling with people whenever the weather is semi-decent.

But wait… why is Peter even in Chicago? It would be one thing if he and Kelley had been holed up together for a couple weeks, but Peter posted a video on Instagram with his mom just five days ago! Less than a week ago, he was chilling with Barb making TikToks in California, and now he’s 2,000 miles away in Chicago? Considering that most of us have barely seen another human in two weeks, it seems pretty uncool that Peter just hopped on a plane to see Kelley. Pete, read the f*cking room. You already looked like an idiot after your season of The Bachelor, but this is even worse.

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Is this how you Tik Tok? If I’m even half the parent my mom has been to me, my kids will be the luckiest in the world. Spread love, I promise you’ll never regret it 🙏🏻

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Now that he’s made the choice to go to Chicago, hopefully he stays put for a while, and takes his PDA with Kelley indoors. For the social distancing, yes, but also so we don’t have to see it anymore.

While it’s unclear if Peter and Kelley are even social distancing, they’re not the only Bachelor alums who are spending this crazy time together. Of course, Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown’s non-quarantine situation has been well-documented across social media platforms, but it’s still unclear whether they’re actually together, or just using this time to get some major clout. Either way, it’s working.

Obviously, many of the known Bachelor Nation couples are together right now, but not all of them have simple situations. Colton Underwood shared that since testing positive for COVID-19, he’s been quarantined at Cassie’s parents’ house. Specifically, he’s quarantined on the third floor of their house, which is apparently gigantic. Must be nice, as I write this from the glorified refrigerator box for which I pay rent.

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Hi, just wanted to give you a health update. The last few days were rougher than I expected. The most prominent symptoms are my cough, night sweats and shortness of breathe. Breathing is challenging, the best way to describe it is feeling like I only have access to 20% of my lungs. I can only imagine how people with pre-existing health conditions feel with this. I’ve been journaling throughout this and I’ll share some of those soon. I’m currently on hydroxychloroquine, Z-Pak and last night the doctor prescribed an inhaler, also. I’m hopeful that they are starting to work! This morning was the first time that I’ve felt any real type of improvement since the beginning of this. Im hopeful that I’ve turned the corner and will be back to 100% soon. We are very lucky that all of this was manageable at home after getting the proper medicine. I’m on the third story of the Randolph’s home, isolated from the rest of the family (The Health Department called and spoke to both Cassie’s mom and me to make sure we understood timing and what to do). When they make food they make an extra plate and drop it off and have been checking on me regularly to make sure I am comfortable and breathing! They have been amazing and have been taking great care of me. Stay positive people…We got this!

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In terms of more recent couples, all the usual suspects are quarantining together.  We’ve got Hannah G and Dylan quarantining together somewhere beautiful and sunny, and Caelynn and Dean, who have found somewhere in Santa Monica to hang to hang out that’s not his van. Proud of them! Caelynn also posted this cute throwback photo of them in Mexico together, and I desperately need to talk about her use of the word “quarandeaned” in the caption. QUARANDEANED. I can’t decide if I love it or I hate it, but either way, I’m feeling a lot of feelings about it. I might start dating someone named Dean just so I can say this. Okay I decided, I love it.

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While I’m qurandeaned, I’m looking back at the time we did a terrible job at hiding our relationship 😬

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Hopefully all the other Bachelor has-beens are following instructions and staying inside, but I wouldn’t be mad if this whole situation exposes some other couples that have kept things low-key until now. Honestly, what else do we have to live for at this point? I just ate Oreos for breakfast, so I’ll take whatever bit of excitement I can get.

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