Another ‘Bachelorette’ Finalist Lied About His Past Relationship

Welcome back to another entry in the All Men Are Trash Encyclopedia. Who’s our featured piece of trash today? I’m sad to report that we’ve gotten some unfortunate information about Pilot Peter from this season of The Bachelorette. We all love him, but according to his ex-girlfriend, he’s a lying sack of sh*t just like literally every other man in the world. Andddd another one bites the dust. Let’s go through the accusations, and talk about how literally half of Hannah’s remaining men (not even counting Luke P) are total garbage.

Peter’s ex is a woman named Calee Lutes, who lives in Atlanta. In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonightshe said that she and Peter met in June 2018, when he was in Atlanta for a month of training after getting hired with Delta. (I have a friend who is a flight attendant at Delta and can confirm, this checks out.) They met on a dating app, and decided to continue their relationship long distance after his time in Atlanta was finished. Despite the distance, Calee told ET that she and Peter were “crazy about each other,” and that they saw each other every few weeks. They even went to Switzerland together in November.

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ET also has photos of them together, in addition to screenshots of texts and DMs, so you should definitely look at those. According to Calee, their relationship progressed quickly, and they frequently talked about her potentially moving to LA to be with him. Then, two days before Christmas, Peter broke up with Calee over FaceTime, even though she had just bought a ticket to LA for New Years. Ugh, hopefully she flew Southwest so she could get that sweet sweet credit. She says he didn’t give any reason for the breakup other than that they shouldn’t let their relationship get any more serious.

Right after breaking up with her, Calee says that Peter deleted every trace of her from his Instagram, even erasing his comments and likes on her photos. At the time, Calee noticed that a Bachelorette producer had recently followed him, but she had no idea he was actually going on the show until the cast was announced in March.

Obviously, Calee was surprised and upset to find out that her boyfriend had applied and interviewed to be on a dating show while still in a serious relationship with her, but the initial shock just got worse after the show started airing. As you’ll probably recall, Peter opened up to Hannah in Latvia about how difficult his recent breakup was for him. To hear Peter tell it, he had his heart completely broken, and is still struggling to pick up the pieces.

Calee says she’s sure she is the ex he’s talking about, and that she feels betrayed about the way he’s portrayed their breakup on the show. If all of this is true, then Peter obviously sounds like a nightmare. It’s bad enough that he chose the show over his relationship, but the fact that he basically ghosted his girlfriend and is now making her sound like the bad guy on national television is completely f*cked up.

Overall, Jed’s deception of both Hannah AND his girlfriend before going on the show is probably worse, but Peter’s situation ain’t good either. I won’t spoil the ending of the show here (click here if you want to know who wins), but at this point, none of Hannah’s choices are looking promising. I mean… at least Luke P is upfront about how terrible he is? No, you’re right, that’s crazy talk.

Hannah, get out while you still can. I want the best for you, and I don’t think any of these lying clowns can provide that for you. Tyler C, you better not f*cking let us down.

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Peter Kraus And Nikki Bella’s Relationship Is Probably Fake

If you’ve literally ever been to this website before, you know that we’re no strangers to following the never-ending drama of Bachelor Nation. Every other week, there’s a dramatic breakup, a casting announcement, or some former contestant doing something problematic on social media. It’s hard to really surprise us when it comes to Bachelor contestants, but every once in a while, there’s a story that really does come out of left field. Case in point: Peter Kraus and Nikki Bella, WWE and reality TV star, are reportedly dating. Huh?

Quick refresher: Peter Kraus was the runner-up on Rachel’s season of The Bachelorette, but he wasn’t ready to commit to getting engaged. Nikki Bella and her twin sister Brie are both models and WWE wrestlers, and they got famous on the E! reality show Total Divas. They then got their own spin-off show called Total Bellas, which is exactly as dumb as it sounds. Nikki famously was engaged to John Cena, but they broke up in April of this year, less than a month before they were supposed to get married. Sh*t got messy, and now she’s not even allowed to say his name in interviews.

We haven’t heard too much from Peter since he lost The Bachelorette last year, but then E! News dropped this fully wild photo of Peter Kraus and Nikki Bella over the weekend, causing all of Bachelor Nation to freak out simultaneously:

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Jade Roper and I have the exact same feelings on this. Clearly a lot of Peter’s fellow Bachelor alums were also shocked by the news, with some major names popping up in the E! News comments. Here’s a little sample.

Dean: “Wtf @peterkrauswi why have you not mentioned this to me”
Wells: “Wait, what?”
Corinne: “????????????????????????????????”

Okay, so clearly no one knew about this “relationship” until it magically popped up on the E! News Instagram. That’s a little suspicious, considering that E! is the same network that airs Total Bellas, and they have a new season coming out soon. In fact, Peter and Nikki’s date was filmed for the show, and E! released a sneak peek featuring them meeting for the first time. Okay, has anything ever sounded more like a fake relationship? Peter has told none of his friends, it was filmed for TV, and it was reported by the same people that arranged it for the TV show.

Stranger things have happened, but I’m not recognizing this as a real relationship until I see some hard evidence. Acceptable forms of evidence include social media flirting, sex tapes, and/or paparazzi photos of them hanging out that aren’t just manufactured by E!. Until then, Peter is still single and he’s still going to marry me.

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This Photo Could Prove Peter Is On ‘The Bachelorette’ For The Wrong Reasons

Every lady’s favorite gap-toothed Bachelorette front-runner basically always knew he was going to be part of The Bachelor franchise.

Someone emailed TMZ Peter Kraus’ high school yearbook photo. Yes, it’s cringey. Yes, every girl who shut him down in high school probably was not expecting him to glow up into the ab-touting personal trainer/reality hunk he now is.

In the yearbook, his only activity listed is football, which he played all four years. It’s not his ridiculously short list of extracurriculars (which would never cut it in today’s competitive world of college admissions btw), but his “future plans” that have us raising an eyebrow.

Peter said his future plans were to: “Go to art school, become famous in one way or another, be on The Bachelor, live happily.”

Oh Shit

If that’s not some “fulfilling your own destiny” out of The Secret type shit, I don’t know what is. Peter is probs totally used to inspiring his clients to lose weight through his personal training business, so it makes sense that he would have a long history of being #inspirational. Either that or he just went on The Bachelorette to cross something off of his weird high school bucket list. Hmm…


I mean, this was 2005, so it’s not like people had Pinterest to turn to when they wanted some Monday Motivation. I guess that’s what yearbooks were for back then. And here I thought they were just to remind you who got fat after high school.

Let us not forget Peter’s senior quote was “Don’t forget Destiny”. Sure, this could mean that Peter’s favorite song back in the day was “Say My Name”, or probably more accurately that he was all about trusting in the larger plan for his life. You know, “letting go and letting God” kinda stuff. But look at that motherfucker’s yearbook photo. That pierced ear screams “fuckboy”. Something doesn’t add up.

Dreams do come true. The Bachelorette’s Peter Kraus knew in high school that he would end up on the show:

— E! News (@enews) June 19, 2017

I think a safer bet is that he and his friends went to a strip club one time and all got a PG lap dance from a girl named Destiny. He probably was just using his senior quote as some juvenile inside joke situation. Like, why else would he randomly capitalize the D in Destiny unless he wanted to give the D to Destiny? I see you, Peter Joseph Kraus.

We probably all have some embarrassing yearbook shit someone could dig up on us. Don’t try to act like you didn’t wear a popcorn shirt in your seventh grade school pictures. I mean, you’d still let Peter hit it knowing this information, right? Yeah, I thought so.