Is Kim Kardashian & Pete Davidson’s Relationship Real Or A PR Stunt?

You know what they say: the Devil works hard but, Kris Jenner works harder.

The matriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner clan has practically invented (and even tried to trademark) the term “momager” successfully managing the careers of all six of her children and creating a multi-billion-dollar empire in the process. That empire, which now includes clothing lines, beauty products, and a lifestyle and wellness brand, started way back in 2007 with Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The E! reality show (one of the networks most popular) ran for 14 years.

In the past, Jenner credited the undeniable success of KUWTK to her kids and “their work ethic.” More recently, in her new MasterClass on personal branding, she gave the following piece of advice: “Be real and true to yourself.” (Yeah, because “real” is what we think of when we think of the Kardashians.)

But we can probably all agree that the real secret to their wildly successful, not to mention lucrative, empire is good PR. And for the Kardashian clan, their motto seems to be all PR is good PR. Just look at all the scandals they’ve had over the years! Kim’s sex tape, Kylie’s lip fillers, Kim’s short-lived marriage to Kris Humphries, Khloé’s entire relationship with Tristan Thompson, Kendall’s insensitive Pepsi commercial, Kim’s insensitive comment about how “nobody wants to work these days,” etc. etc.

Whether you love them or hate them, you’re paying attention to them. They know that. They thrive on that. They use that to drive more views—first on KUWTK and now on their new Hulu series, The Kardashians—and thus more money. It’s no secret that they use their real-life drama to create better storylines. And it’s been speculated by plenty that some of their storylines are outright PR stunts.

So, in October of 2021, when Kim was pictured holding hands with Pete Davidson after hosting Saturday Night Live (and sharing an on-screen kiss with him!), it seemed like one of two things: two friends (platonically) holding hands on a roller coaster or a PR stunt. Then, there was a rumored dinner date in Staten Island, followed by Pete’s birthday celebration with Kim, Kris, and (of all people) Flavor Flav. The fact that they wore matching SKIMS pajamas seemed to confirm that, yes, it was a PR stunt.

After that, we got a whole flurry of romance rumors and paparazzi photos of the pair—holding hands in Palm Springs, holding hands in Santa Monica, and vacationing together in The Bahamas. Neither Kim nor Pete spoke publicly about their new relationship, but then again, they didn’t need to. The paparazzi pictures and anonymous sources did it all for them until, finally, in February of 2022, Pete appeared to call Kim his girlfriend.

The following month, Kim showed off her own masterful PR skills. First, she shared photos of the two of them on Instagram. Then, she talked about him during an appearance on Ellen. And finally, she brought him to the premiere of The Kardashians in LA. Now, for the more conspicuous part: all of this happened between March 11, 2022 and April 7, 2022. And when did The Kardashians air on Hulu? April 14. Coincidence?

But, as obvious as some of the timing seems to be, the fact is the two are still going strong over nine months later. I know what you’re thinking: That doesn’t mean it’s not a PR stunt! And you’re right. While Pete is never seen on screen in season 1 of The Kardashians, he is mentioned several times and can even be heard off-camera in the season finale. Plus, earlier this month, a preview for season 2 shows the SNL alum making his debut on the show as Kim asks him if he wants to hop in the shower with her “really quick.” (Spoiler alert: he does.)

Between that and their PDA-filled snaps on Instagram, their relationship is continuously generating publicity for Kim. And yet…take a look at their latest Instagram post. Aside from the weird feet pics, what do you notice? Pete’s got a brand-new tattoo! This one reads, “Jasmine ∞ Aladdin,” a reference to the pair’s first kiss on SNL. Not only that, but it marks the fourth (yes, fourth!) tattoo Pete has gotten in honor of Kim, including a branding of her name on his chest, the letters “KNSCP” (her and her kids’ initials), and one that reads “my girl is a lawyer.”

That level of commitment would make me believe that perhaps these two really are in love. Either that, or Pete really needs to stop getting tattoos for the women he dates. After all, Kris Humphries believed their relationship was real, but after their marriage only lasted 72 days, he sought an annulment on the basis of fraud.

Image: Sean Zanni/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Pete & Kim’s Love Story: The 12 Dates Of Krismas

Just when you think he’s gone for good…’tis the season to once again be Pete Davidson. And with the holidays approaching, Pete is under more pressure than ever to create meaningful memories photo ops with his significant other. Presently, that significant other just so happens to be the one and only Kim Kardashian. Apart from their staged kiss on SNL and a few paparazzi shots at Knott’s Scary Farm, we haven’t seen too much of the couple since their first night on Aladdin’s magic carpet. What we do know of their relationship has been only speculation from Pete & Kim frenemy-fans. Where do they go on dates? What do they do together? What do they say? Do they even say anything or do they just use emojis? God, do they even use emojis? Are they celebrating Thanksgiving together? Has he met her kids? Does he know she has kids? Do not fret! All of your questions are about to be answered in this very real story of exactly what the very real Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian are up to this very real holiday season. So without further ado, may we present: The 12 Dates of Krismas. 

1. On their first date of Krismas, in an act of sincere vulnerability, Pete Davidson takes Kim Kardashian on a romantic stroll around (you guessed it) Staten Island’s Freshkills Park. Kim can’t help but think that “Freshkills” would be a great name for a Skims x Yeezy collab. Wait. Should she answer one of her 300 voice notes from Ye? She looks over to the mysterious Pete, who is now chasing frogs in the swamp. She shakes her head, no. Pete is too good to let go: he’s so tall. 

2. Pete still doesn’t feel like Kim truly “gets” who he is: 28, childless, and totally without life-preserving instincts. So, he treats her to the most humbling experience 2021 has to offer: a Lyft. Kim is surprised by how fun it is not to know what that smell is or who their driver is or if they’re vaccinated. Dates with Pete are always exhilarating! They’re dropped off at Coney Island and they spend a dreamy night getting lost in the fried food, roller coaster rides, and dizzying lights of it all. Pete can’t believe how funny Kim actually is and Kim can’t believe how tall Pete is. The night is straight out of a movie. “Requiem for a Dream,” suggests Pete. “No, Uptown Girls,” Kim disagrees. It’s their first fight. 

3. The next day on his lunch break, Pete meets Kim at her Balenciaga fitting. Predictably, she’s wrapped head-to-toe in black. Pete mistakenly makes 10 too many Death Eater jokes so she sends him out to grab salads. He comes back with limp Sweetgreen. If that’s not bad enough, there’s bleu cheese on top. It takes everything in her not to cry. Why does she put up with this? Pete shuffles back to work, a complete and utter embarrassment of a human graffiti tower.   

4. On the fourth date of Krismas, Pete spends his 12 hours of allotted SNL weekend meeting Kim in Los Angeles. On the plane, he Googles “Kim Kardashian’s favorite restaurants.” He feels a slight tingle of satisfaction not typing “West” at the end of her name. A popular Middle Eastern restaurant, Carousel’s, pops up and he books a reservation. Paparazzi hound them when they enter, but Pete remains unfazed. She compliments his ability to stay calm in the storm. It takes everything in him not to mention that the paparazzi was twice as severe when he was with Ari. After all, this isn’t his first Kate Beckinsale. Instead, he smiles widely as they bond over their love of bread baskets and ice water. Then, Kim reminds him not to smile so widely and he complies. It feels like love. 

5. After several shared FaceTimes on the importance of branding, Pete realizes the only way to impress Kim is to double down on his own brand. So, he takes her back to Staten Island. Again. This time, they reenact the dance from My Best Friend’s Wedding on the Staten Island Ferry. Unfortunately, Pete’s plan backfires. Rather than him becoming the Dermot Mulroney to her Julia Roberts, Kim begins to consider that maybe they’re both just friends famous. She wraps her arms around his waist, the highest part of him that she can reach, and cranes her neck to look up at him like he’s the ninth floor of Bergdorf’s. Instantly, her doubts dissipate. He really is so tall. 

6. On the sixth date of Krismas, Pete taps into his romantic side and plans an intimate night on the town—just the two of them. Channeling his inner Mr. Big, he books a carriage ride in Central Park. Pete brings his favorite Staten Island sandwich for the ride and they cozy up under a Barefoot Dreams blanket he bought, mistaking it for Skims. Thankfully, Kim doesn’t take the insult personally. Instead, they bond over the tragic loss of both their fathers. Pete explains that his father, a firefighter, died an American hero. Kim explains that her father, too, died. Well, anyway, it feels like destiny.

7. Running out of ideas, Pete becomes a feminist and suggests Kim make the plans. Kim Googles “italian food for normal people.” She texts her second assistant to book them a private table at Pizza Hut. Alternatively, her assistant suggests they order it in. Cute! They spend the night nibbling on New York’s Pizza Hut and watching JoJo Siwa videos so Kim can have something to bond with North about. Kim graciously comments that the Cinnabon® Mini Rolls taste just like Italy. Pete returns the favor by asking Kim to tell North that he also loves JoJo Siwa. Later that night they get a DM from North—she now despises JoJo Siwa. 

8. Feeling like there’s already some tension, Kim arranges a Meet-and-Greet with North. North’s schedule is far too busy for a full-on trip to the Big Apple but generously, North agrees to a half-hour Zoom with Pete if he’ll donate to her favorite nail technician’s charity. Pete spends the day arranging a backdrop fit for an eight-year-old. He hangs his Harry Potter posters in the back and clears all the smog out of his room. Kim comes over later that night. They enter the Zoom excited but North is ten minutes late. Regardless, when her face finally does pop up, Pete greets her with a happy “Hey, Nori!” North instantly exits the zoom. 

9. On the ninth date of Krismas, Kim sleeps through her alarm and misses the date. Pete saves $12,000 that day. It’s a win-win. 

10. Making up for lost time, Kim agrees to spend some time with Pete’s best friend. So, Kim and Pete go to his mom’s house on Staten Island. Pete smokes a few joints while Kim courageously proves that celebrities eat Cheetos too. It might just be the clouds of smoke, but Kim is starting to really picture a future with the comedian. If her mom can date a nobody, why not her? After all, she can probably convince him to quit that little skit show he does and move to LA full-time. Pete loves how smart, successful, kind, generous, thoughtful, and caring Kim is. Kim loves how tall Pete is. She leaves Staten Island more smitten than ever. 

11. Everything’s coming up Pete! After 10 dates, it seems like Pete has everything it takes to become Kim’s fourth assistant boyfriend. But it’s almost Krismas, and that means Pete is going to need a suit. Kim mistakenly accepts an invitation to join Pete at his local Big & Tall. Mortified, Kim calls in a favor. Riccardo Tisci agrees to courier some custom Burberry suits over. While Pete is in the dressing room, Kim sneaks the suits on the rack. Two minutes later, Pete just so happens to discover some great new suits and bonus: they’re tagless! “That means they’re free,” he jokes. The 15-year-old sales clerk nods in agreement, clutching her signed Lip Kit. 

12. The 12th date of Krismas finally arrives. It’s the night of the annual Kardashian Christmas Eve Party, and Pete couldn’t be more excited to meet the family. Kris Jenner, of course, is first to greet them. She hugs Pete tightly and autographs a cocktail napkin, thinking he’s one of the Make-A-Wish guests. Kendall, being the tallest, is actually able to make eye contact and sees things in Pete’s eyes she’s certain Kim has never clocked. Kylie uses all her strength to lazily wave from across the room, keeping her distance. Khloé snidely remarks that Pete’s really not *that* tall. But then, Kourtney, in all her glory, innocently suggests that Pete kind of reminds her of Travis. And it is in that exact moment…amongst the Calabasas elite… that Kimberly Noel Kardashian West finally remembers who the hell she is. Instantly, a security guard escorts Pete off the premises and Kim exhales a deep sigh of relief.

Alexa, play “Thank U Next!”  It’s Krismas Eve and Kim is back (only on Hulu).

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Pete Davidson & Kaia Gerber Broke Up: Our Predictions For Who He’ll Date Next

Well, that was fun while it lasted—or was it? On Tuesday evening, Page Six reported that Pete Davidson and Kaia Gerber have called it quits after approximately 17 minutes of dating. Sad! While none of us really expected this relationship to last more than a few months, we luckily have some info about what went down. The Page Six source said that Pete is “very intense to his girlfriends,” and that “it got very overwhelming for Kaia.” I mean, no sh*t. Did she not know anything about Pete before they started dating? He got engaged to Ariana Grande after approximately 23 minutes of dating, so IDK what any of us would expect.

The most interesting question at this point is who Pete Davidson will date next. For someone who looks like that, famous women are strangely lining up to date him, so it’s only a matter of time before his next high-profile fling. Therefore, I’ve decided to make some predictions. This is actually kind of tough, considering that over the last two years, Pete has dated no less than five women ranging from moderately famous to extremely famous, and from 18 to 45. Luckily, I’m armed with a college degree and a disturbing amount of celebrity knowledge, so I’ll attempt to make educated guesses about who Pete Davidson will date next.

Lily-Rose Depp

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She’s twentea

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The daughter of Johnny Depp and French singer/model/actress Vanessa Paradis, 20-year-old Lily-Rose Depp seems like the exact type Pete Davidson has been into lately. She’s been seeing Timothée Chalamet for a while now, but honestly, I feel like that could change at any moment. Now that Pete is single again, maybe Lily-Rose will shoot her shot.

Josie Canseco

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who woulda thought it’d turn me to a savage

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I don’t know if Josie Canseco is really Pete’s type, but she could be. Pete’s last two girlfriends have both been the daughters of famous models, so Josie fits that bill. Last summer, she was Brody Jenner’s first rebound after he and Kaitlynn Carter split up—that feels like 10 years ago. Now, it looks like Josie is dating Logan Paul, who is not the one married to Tana Mongeau (don’t feel bad, I had to look it up to make sure). Logan is actually the more problematic Paul brother, so for Josie’s sake, I hope this doesn’t last long. Once she comes to her senses and ditches Logan, maybe she’ll date Pete!

Jessie J

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Last show of the decade for me last night. To say I’m grateful to still do what I love is an understatement. When I think about what I have been through, what I have achieved and how you have all rocked with me in the past 10 years. Woof. Tears.

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After her split with Channing Tatum, Jessie J is back on the market, and at 31, she might provide more stability for Pete than some of these teenage thots. Pete clearly likes hot brunettes, so that’s good, but she also knows Ariana Grande. They’ve only collaborated once on “Bang Bang,” so I don’t know if they really keep in touch, but they do follow each other on Instagram. Would Jessie J be breaking girl code if she got with Pete? I feel like Ariana probably has other stuff to worry about.

Madison Beer

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On paper, Madison Beer seems like an excellent option for Pete. She’s only 20, she’s like, disturbingly hot, and she’s also a great singer. The thing is, we don’t really know if she’s single. For the past couple years, she’s been on and off with this geeky-looking dude Zack Bia, but there’s no solid evidence of whether they’re currently together. They don’t follow each other on Instagram, but in this day and age, that might not even mean anything. But if she is single, she’s right up Pete Davidson’s alley.

Vanessa Hudgens

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It’s been nearly a decade since Vanessa Hudgens has been in the dating game, but now that she and Austin Butler have broken up, the world is her oyster! And who knows, maybe Pete Davidson is the kind of pearl she’s looking for. Vanessa seems like she likes to have a good time, so Pete might kinda bum her out, but I could still see them hanging out for a few months.

Ramona Singer

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Okay, I know, but just hear me out. Ramona Singer is in her sixties, but you would never know it from looking at her. She loves to go out and flirt with younger guys, and I could totally see Pete being into her alpha vibe. They both live in New York, so they could conceivably meet each other, and I would absolutely die if Pete made an appearance on The Real Housewives of New York City. Even if you disagree, please just let me have this one.

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What Makes Pete Davidson So Attractive? An Investigation

Is there anything more perfect in this world than when two beautiful people get together and form a power couple? It’s hard to look away. You know the kind of couples I’m talking about. We’ve got Brad and Angelina. Blake and Ryan. Chrissy and John. Leo and *insert 21-year-old lingerie model here*. We expect these couples. They make perfect sense. They just feel right. But recently we’ve had a, let’s say, non-traditional celebrity as one-half of the hottest couples, and I’m trying to wrap my head around just WHAT it is that makes Pete Davidson irresistible. In the last year and a half alone, Pete has been engaged to Ariana Grande, dated Kate Beckinsale and Margaret Qualley, and now things are getting romantic with Kaia Gerber. Over the weekend, they celebrated his 26th birthday and were spotted holding hands. It. Is. On. I think anyone with eyes would agree that Pete doesn’t look like your traditional Hollywood leading man, or someone that we usually see with the most beautiful women in the world. So what is it about him that makes women flock to him? Let me and my remedial Psych 101 knowledge break it down for you! 


Pete Davidson is the reason that BDE exists in our lexicon, and it was exhaustively discussed all over the internet last summer. So what contributes to his BDE? First, he’s tall. You might not think this is all that important, but most of the men in show biz are tiny. I know this for a fact because I was once at a fashion show and the Jonas brothers were there, and I scooped  up all three of them in my palm, put them in the front pocket of my overalls, and walked right on out. I’m not even kidding. So, tall is rare and tall is exciting. Also, unlike Kourtney Kardashian, he is interesting to look at. He might not be traditionally handsome, but that is a FACE, you know? It has presence. And finally, he’s intense. He falls hard. These relationships have not lasted a long time, but they’ve gotten serious quickly, with engagements and move-ins, and premieres, etc. And who doesn’t want a guy that’s completely obsessed with them, to the point that you get matching tattoos, a pet rabbit, and the inability to ever be physically separated before you even learn their middle name? I sure do. That’s totally healthy, right?

He’s Funny

This one doesn’t need much explanation. He’s on SNL. He joined the show when he was only 20 years old as one of the youngest cast members ever. He also has a movie called King of Staten Island coming out in 2020 that is based on his life, and that he wrote with a guy you might have heard of, Judd Apatow. Sure, his humor is dark, but I think most people would appreciate someone whispering horrific jokes into their ear at their mother’s funeral. Just me? At the VERY least, Kate Beckinsale was definitely into that. 

He Gets Lots Of Publicity

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It's official: I need @kaiagerber's fall 'fit. Tap our link for the casual outfit breakdown. photo: splash news

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As I always say around here, if you think that celebrities are not calculated and strategic about their images, then it must be nice living in your very empty and uncomplicated brain. Can I move in, please? Pete Davidson is officially a publicity magnet. Ever since his relationship with Ariana, his profile has blown up, and people are interested in his every move. This makes him a great choice for a young female celebrity who wants to put her name on the map. I mean, Margaret Qualley? Not to be rude, but who the f*ck are you? Approximately 12 people watched The Leftovers. And yeah, Kaia Gerber is getting pretty famous, but if she wants to overtake Gigi Hadid as the top second-generation supermodel, she really needs to up her profile. And a buzzy relationship was the one thing she was missing. So now they’ll eat that Magnolia cake, they’ll hold hands around town, they’ll profess their undying love on Instagram, and then they’ll break up. All of this will happen in the next 30 days. The relationship won’t last long, but that publicity bump for Kaia will last forever. 

And there you have it! Pete Davidson, hot girl magnet. Did I miss anything else that makes him so irresistible? Let me know!

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Pete Davidson Is Hanging Out With Kaia Gerber & We’re Uncomfortable

Over the past year and a half, Pete Davidson has rapidly built a reputation for himself, and I’m not talking about his character work on SNL. After dumping Cazzie David in the spring of 2018, he quickly entered a whirlwind relationship with Ariana Grande, which was pretty much the only thing anyone talked about last summer. After Ariana, he spent some time hanging out (and making out) with Kate Beckinsale, who’s a casual 20 years older than him. Shockingly, that didn’t last long. Pete was next linked to up-and-coming actress Margaret Qualley, until they reportedly broke up last week.

But if we’ve learned anything about Pete Davidson, it’s that he doesn’t usually stay single for long. This week, he’s been seen out and about with someone new, and I have a lot of thoughts. Pete is rumored to be dating Kaia Gerber, and it’s a real yikes moment.

In case you’ve avoided learning who Kaia Gerber is until now, I’m sorry, but we have to talk about her. She’s the daughter of world-famous supermodel Cindy Crawford, and in the past few years, she’s become a supermodel in her own right. She’s a staple in all the biggest runway shows, is all over magazine covers, and…she just turned 18 last month. Friends, when I tell you I cringed, I mean that I cringed. Pete Davidson, who was dating a 45-year-old just six months ago, is now dating someone who is barely old enough to vote.

The rumors began yesterday, and the evidence is already stacking up. First, Pete was spotted on Wednesday morning leaving Kaia’s apartment building in Soho, and a source confirmed to Page Six that he was there to see Kaia, but said that they’re “just friends.” That makes sense, because I also am usually leaving the apartment of someone who’s just my friend in the morning. Sure.

Then, later on Wednesday, Pete and Kaia were spotted eating together at Sadelle’s, and a fan got a photo of Pete laughing while Kaia looks at her phone. This is the kind of investigative work I truly appreciate, so well done.

That’s all the evidence we have for now, but these two are obviously hanging out, even if they might not be dating dating. Either way, it’s enough for me to be a little skeeved out by Pete Davidson’s behavior. I’m more than a year younger than him, and even I would never date an 18-year-old. Especially considering she just turned 18, that’s like dating a senior in high school. Obviously, Kaia is super famous, and I don’t even know if she does high school anymore, but it’s still just as weird.

I’m no relationship expert, but it seems like perhaps Pete Davidson could benefit from some time alone. He’s not that different from Miley Cyrus right now, except that he’s less messy on social media. Typically, bouncing from one relationship to another isn’t actually a good sign of your emotional stability, just an observation.

Me @ Pete Davidson:

As for Kaia Gerber, I don’t really know what to say. Like, she is so pretty and I’m sure she’s a great person, but any grown man who’s dying to date a barely-18-year-old girl probably is probably bad news. I can see why she’s attracted to Pete, because half the people I follow on Instagram are, inexplicably, also attracted to Pete, but this just isn’t going to end well. She should really try dating someone her own age, or maybe even just being on her own for a minute! It’s not the end of the world. Either way, this relationship makes me uncomfortable, and I really hope it doesn’t last.

Images: Shutterstock; itsrosefarkash, ddlovato / Instagram

Pete Davidson Has A New Girlfriend

Every few months, I get a weird tingle down my spine, and I know that it’s been too long since I’ve thought about Pete Davidson. Just a year ago, during his whiplash-inducing relationship with Ariana Grande, Pete was basically all I could think about, but the times have changed. Now, Pete has more or less gone back to being a second-tier cast member on Saturday Night Live, and I’ve gone back to overanalyzing the couples of Bachelor Nation. Earlier this year, we talked about Pete’s brief-but-very-public relationship with Kate Beckinsale, but since they broke up this spring, I really haven’t checked in on him.

But Pete Davidson is still low-key super famous, and now he has a new girlfriend who’s becoming quite the star herself. Meet Margaret Qualley, who is literally the opposite of Ariana Grande in every way. Margaret, who’s 24, is the daughter of Andie MacDowell, iconic actress and star of every L’Oréal commercial since before you were born. Margaret definitely got her mom’s beauty genes, and she’s a model and actress herself. She’s had a major year, starring in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood and Fosse/Verdon, for which she was nominated for an Emmy.

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Oh my goodness! I had so much fun at the Emmys, what a trip! Thank you so much Chanel for the coolest dress ever. The dress is from Virginie Viard’s first ever haute couture collection and it took 300 hours to make, and then I got to put it on my body, what!?! Also thank you to my brother Justin for coming out from Montana and being the best date ever. I love you bubba. You guys at Chanel are so sweet and it was surreal and so special to get to wear ya to the Emmys. @chanelofficial @welovecoco #chanelpartner #chanelfinejewelry And thank you to @jillandjordan for being the best homies. #redcarpetgives

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Basically, Margaret is having the biggest year of her career, and she could be the next big thing in Hollywood. Good for her. Now, let’s get back to the Pete Davidson part of the story. At the end of August, there were reports that they had been seeing each other for a couple months, and it didn’t take long for proof. They were seen together at the premiere of her movie Seberg at the Venice Film Festival on August 30th. He was sitting in the row behind her, which sounds lame, but you don’t get to choose your seats at those things. Later that week, they were seen holding hands while walking around Venice, basically confirming that they’re together. They also flew home together, because IDK why they wouldn’t, but the tabloids still made a big deal about it.

Since then, we haven’t heard much from Pete and Margaret, but things still seem to be going well. Today, Margaret’s mom Andie MacDowell told People that her daughter and Pete have “a nice relationship,” even though she hasn’t met him yet. She said that she’s FaceTimed with Pete, which like good for her, because FaceTiming with someone I’ve never met before sounds like my worst nightmare.

Pete Davidson just kicked off the new SNL season, so he’ll pretty much be stuck in New York for the foreseeable future, but I have a feeling he and Margaret will still be spending plenty of time together. He seems like the kind of person who likes to be with his partner basically 24/7, so it’s only a matter of time before they’re essentially a married couple. It wouldn’t surprise me if Margaret ends up hosting SNL at some point this season, especially if Pete has anything to do with it. I’m kind of really into this couple, so honestly bring on the PDA.

Images: margaretqualley / Instagram

Is Kate Beckinsale And Pete Davidson’s Relationship A Publicity Stunt?

Over the last few weeks, the most interesting new celebrity couple has without a doubt been Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson. And that has nothing at all to do with the fact that the more interesting celebrity couples are already broken up. When Pete and Kate were first spotted getting cozy together, it seemed like it might just be a random drunken hookup, but they’ve definitely got some sort of relationship going on. And by that I mean, they’ve escalated from hand-holding to full-blown public makeouts, as celebrity couples do. Our curiosity about what’s happening with them was refreshed this week when they were seen making out at a Rangers game. Classic. Antoni was clearly stressed out about the situation, and frankly, so was I. We’ve all been wondering if this relationship is a PR stunt, so we reached out to our go-to for celeb gossip, Enty Lawyer. His site Crazy Days and Nights is always on point with the latest Hollywood drama, so we really needed him to weigh in. But before we go to the expert’s opinion, we first need to establish why Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson’s relationship might be a PR stunt in the first place.

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Is Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale’s relationship real or just a PR stunt? Find out what their astrology reveals at link in bio.

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It’s Time For A Rebound

It’s now been like, five months since Pete Davidson’s whirlwind relationship with Ariana Grande came crashing down. (For some reason, it feels like it both happened yesterday and 100 years ago.) We were worried about both Pete and Ariana at first, but it seems like they’re doing fine now. Ariana’s new album became the biggest of her career, and she’s about to embark on a sold-out world tour. Pete seemed like he was really struggling in the immediate aftermath of the breakup, but lately, he’s been doing a lot of comedy shows and has been showing up at SNL. So with their lives back in order, is it time for a new fling? From all the photos we’ve seen of him with Kate so far, it looks like he’s genuinely enjoying himself. They might not be in it for the long haul, but isn’t it time for a fun rebound fling? Their astrology charts show that they’re perfect for each other… at least in the rebound department, anyway, in case you needed further evidence.

He’s Way Younger

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As if y’all really going to care about what this caption says ? SMH Guess I’ll take this opportunity to speak about life, from the heart … Whoopity-scoop, whoop-poop Poop-diddy, whoop-scoop Poop, poop Scoop-diddy-whoop Whoop-diddy-scoop Whoop-diddy-scoop, poop… and can’t NOBODY take that from you. ❤️ #YallShallow ? by: @shotbylester

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The age gap between Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson is one of the more interesting pieces here. Kate, at 45 years old, is 20 years older than Pete, which seems kind of shocking, but this might not be too out of character for her. Enty Lawyer tells us that she’s mostly dated younger since getting divorced in 2016, and he’s right. For a few months in 2017, Kate dated comedian Matt Rife, who is two years younger than Pete, and, um, incredibly hot. She’s got a type!

She Has A New Show Coming Out

The main reason we’ve been wondering whether their relationship is legit is that it just seemed so random. Like, how did these two meet, and at what point did they first get together? The timing seemed especially convenient, considering that Kate Beckinsale’s new Amazon show came out last Friday. Look, Kate Beckinsale is great and all, but let’s not pretend she’s been the buzziest star recently. What better than a high-profile fling to drum up some curiosity about The Widow?  That’s right, I bet you didn’t even know the name of the show until this very moment. Whoops, still haven’t watched it. This definitely feels like it could be a fake relationship, but Enty is pretty sure that they met by chance recently the night before an InStyle party, and just hit it off.

He (Maybe) Has BDE

Never forget this f*cking iconic Ariana Grande tweet, implying that Pete is packing major heat. Last summer, all we could talk about was how he radiates big dick energy, and that hasn’t really changed. Then again, Pete has more or less denied that he’s toting a third leg. He joked in a stand-up show, “Everything is huge to . Why would she tell everyone that I have a huge penis? So that every girl who sees my dick for the rest of my life is disappointed.” So does the poster boy for BDE actually have BDE? I don’t intend on finding out for myself, but maybe Kate was really curious. Look, if you’ve never been with a guy just because of his size, well, you’re a better person than me I guess. Even though his relationship with Kate seems random, it’s not difficult to imagine them getting together and having a fun time. This might not be a serious relationship for either of them, but in my opinion, it’s most likely completely real. Enty agrees. Here’s exactly what he had to say:

Is it worth the price of Pete Davidson’s tongue down your throat for all the world to see for a publicity stunt for your Amazon show?

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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Will Pete Davidson & Kate Beckinsale Last? What Their Astrology Reveals

The internet continues to collectively lose its sh*t over Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale and their 20-year age gap. They’ve been mum about their relationship status—our only non-paparazzi confirmation is Beckinsale coyly clapping back via Instagram comments. So, like, how the hell did this happen?

I’ll admit it: I’m charmed by Scorpio and SNL regular Pete Davidson—Ariana Grande’s infamous tweet confirming his BDE might have something to do with it. If BDE (“Big Dick Energy” for those of you living on a limited data plan in your mom’s basement) isn’t one of the first things you think when you hear Scorpio, you’re either lying or you’ve been jaded by one.

Let’s recover our jaws from the floor and ask the actual hard-hitting questions (because what kind of astrologer would I be otherwise?): Will it last? Is she a rebound? Are their birth charts actually compatible—or is BDE all to blame?


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Hello, Sexual Tension

Astrologically speaking, there’s blatant tension with this pair. Kate’s a Leo, the zodiac’s over-the-top attention-seeker and a fire sign, and Pete’s a Scorpio, a more silent, brooding, mysterious water sign. Leos and Scorpios are both known for being stubborn af—not exactly what you’d call a match made in heaven. Take J.Lo and Diddy for example—the ultimate Leo-Scorpio mash-up, and a totally sexy flop.

The Leo-Scorpio couple oozes sex—they’re passionate and fiery. After the first one-night stand—er, first date—the sexual tension is palpable. It’s easier to bang away our differences than talk about them, right? And while this makes for serious foreplay initially, turns out that’s not what sustains relationships. (Contrary to popular f*ckboy belief. But, I digress.)

So while it’s fair to say Pete and Kate are enjoying some raunchy Cruel Intentions-level sexcapades right now, over time the glaring differences in their personality could be a source of conflict. But when comparing their birth charts, the screenshot of where all the planets were in the sky at the exact moment you were born, it’s easy to see what led the pair to give it a go beyond the BDE.

There are serious healing contacts between some of the planets in their birth charts that could cause each of them to feel that their meeting is fated. One in particular has to do with an ancient asteroid, Chiron, that represents our deepest wounds that we carry with us through our lives. Interesting things can happen when Chiron intersects with certain planets, namely Venus—the planet that rules our style of love. (Basically Venus is that Love Language book that every sorority girl was obsessed with in 2010.)

Pete’s Chiron coincidentally links up directly with Kate’s Venus. The connection between these two personal points reveals a massive potential for healing love-related wounds, and unparalleled common ground for understanding each other’s expression of love and past hurt. Yes, you guessed it: this is the perfect rebound aspect. They feel drawn toward one another and recognize a potential healing connection.

Thank U, What’s Next?

While the duo is likely basking in a period of seriously hot sex, with a dash of mind-blowing emotional intimacy, we’re all wondering how long this is going to last. Keep your eyes on the tabloids around February 19, when there’s a full moon in Virgo. Kate happens to have her love planet in the sign of Virgo. The full moon is going to be lit af for her love life.

Don’t care about the Kate Beckinsale/Pete Davidson relationship publicity stunt.


This is the new Yanny vs. Laurel and the blue/black vs white and gold dress

— AL (@MissSchliez) February 2, 2019

If anyone can tame and charm a Scorpio, it’s the queen of the Underworld franchise herself. But remember, full moons bring about completed cycles, sudden change, and, often, endings. It’s a make-it-or-break-it milestone. The pair will either make it more official, or they’ll split. Regardless, both will have a life-altering, sensitive point in their charts activated. And for that, they’ll be so thankful.

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