The Best TV Shows & Movies Coming To Netflix In November 2018

Well, we basically made it to November. It’s a lovely month for curling up with your cuffed bae and never leaving your couch. Or, if you’re like me, curling up with yourself and hiding out from your family during Thanksgiving dinner. So what better to do with your time cuddled up from the family cold than watch everything on the internet. Here are the best TV shows and movies coming to Netflix this November.

Nov 1: ‘Sex and the City: The Movie’

Carrie Bradshaw is one of the most iconic figures in the history of delusional dating, so this movie is an absolute must-watch (if you haven’t already memorized the entire script). Our gal Carrie is getting married to Mr. Big, but he’s a f*ckboy and goes AWOL on their wedding day *pretends to be shocked*. In an attempt to get Carrie out of her depression, the girls all take Carrie’s would-have-been honeymoon to Mexico. Charlotte sh*ts her pants, Miranda has make-up sex, and Samantha is drunk so this movie is basically art.

Nov 1: ‘Good Will Hunting’

Matt Damon is vulnerable, smart, and sexy (that’s more than I can say about any men in my life) in Good Will Hunting. Originally released in 1997, Damon’s character, Will Hunting, is a bad boy-turned-math-prodigy in need of big-time therapy in order to keep him out of jail. After bulldozing through a bunch of bad therapists, he meets Dr. Sean Maguire, played by Robin Williams (tears). The two obvs bond and hit it off. I won’t spoil anything, but this movie changed my best friend’s life, so if that’s not a recommendation worth taking, IDK what is. Bring a box of tissues and get ready to ugly cry.

Nov 1: ‘Sixteen Candles’

There’s no coming-of-age story better than this. If this wasn’t the movie that turned you into a woman, you’re probably too young to be reading this site. Anyway, the plot goes as follows. It’s Sam Baker’s 16th birthday and legit everyone forgot. Her sister is getting married the next day, so like, that’s important, but c’mon she’s 16! Things are no better at school, and a sex quiz gets mixed up into the hands of Sam’s crush à la To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. The movie ends with the most iconic scene in cinematic history—Sam’s first kiss over her 16th birthday cake. But who is it with? Watch and find out.

Nov 1: ‘Bring It On: In It To Win It’

The third installment in the Bring It On collection is one of the many nostalgic movies coming to Netflix this November. Still not as good as the first, this movie follows Brooke and Carson, rival cheer captains, as they battle it out at Cheer Camp. Also, the Spirit Stick is BACK, BETCHES. Carson’s a dumbass and gets lured by a hot male cheerleader, Penn, to ride a rollercoaster and make out, inevitably leaving the Spirit Stick unattended. It gets stolen and the two squads blame each other and get into a Westside Story style cheer fight. They get busted by the cops and have to combine squads, naming themselves The East-West Side Shets, which is the biggest crime of this whole movie.

Nov 16: ‘The Princess Switch’

Think Monte Carlo meets Princess Protection Program meets High School Musical—but like, if all of those were somehow a Christmas movie too. Vanessa Hudgens stars as her own twin, in a very Lindsay Lohan move. One Vanessa is a princess who’s sick of her crown, and the other is a baker from Chicago. The two are pissed with their current lives so with the help of ~Santa~ they switch places. This movie basically sounds like a holiday-themed version of all of Netflix’s rom-coms (sans Noah Centineo). So that obviously means I’m going to watch it the second it comes out.

Nov 2: ‘House of Cards’ Season 6

This should be interesting. House of Cards is back for its sixth and final season. The series almost collapsed because Kevin Spacey is basically the worst human ever, but luckily, Robin Wright is here to save the day (and the show) by taking on her role as the first female President of The United States. She’s low-key super into murder, though (relatable), and is absolutely ruthless, so it should be interesting to see how she decides to dispose of her husband, because you know she will. Also, can someone tell me WTF Doug is going to do?

Nov 4: ‘Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj’

Hasan Minhaj is the first ever Indian-American host of a weekly comedy show, and he’s awesome. His politically slanted show covers both evergreen and topical news, ranging from historical events in American politics to current issues, like Jamal Khashoggi’s murder. Minhaj also makes sure to bring stories that you won’t usually get to hear to light, such as the ongoing crisis in Yemen or the current ruling Saudi family. His dark humor and quick wit are sure to keep you entertained and informed (and it doesn’t hurt that he looks like a Ken doll). The show airs every Sunday, so it’s the perfect cure for your Sunday scaries.

Nov 9: ‘Super Drags’

This is the show you’ve all been waiting for: drag superheroes. Three gay co-workers are department store employees by day, and crime-fighting Queens by night. Of course, the cast is stacked with the voices of ah-mazing Queens Trixie Mattel, Ginger Minj, Shangela, and William Belli. This show, originally from Brazil, is supposed to have a comic-book feel to it with a raunchy edge. It may be animated, but it’s certainly not for your Saturday morning cartoon (is that still a thing or do kids just, like, Snapchat now?). How could you not want to watch a show where they say stuff like “twerk away the shade”?   

Nov 9: ‘Westside’

Just when you thought reality TV couldn’t get any better, here comes your next obsession. Westside follows the lives of nine musicians trying to make it in Hollywood. What’s unique about the show is that it’s not poorly lit and filmed with an iPhone. Netflix legit put effort into making this show both entertaining and aesthetically pleasing to watch. But don’t worry, you’ll still get your offside commentary and classic sh*t talking. It also features fully produced music videos (done by the cast) and original songs. I’m feeling like this is going to be a beautiful cross between Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Glee. Stay tuned.     

Nov 16: ‘Narcos: Mexico’

Obviously, you’re addicted to true crime (and have probably binged our entire new podcast series) so Narcos’s latest installment will have you questioning everything you thought you knew about drugs *takes bong hit*. This companion series takes you inside the history of the illegal drug trade in Mexico (so it’s like, educational). It follows the Guadalajara Cartel during the 1980s and its leaders. Thrown into the mix is Kiki Camarena, a DEA agent who makes his family move from California to Guadalajara. And you were mad about your dad moving the family from New York to Ohio. Kiki gets way too caught up in the Cartel’s sh*t, so bad things happen (shocker). It’s based on a true story, so don’t Google and spoil it.

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The Best New TV Shows & Movies To Binge On Netflix This November

Welp, it’s November. Pretty soon we’ll be saying, “Peace out,” to fall and doing everything we can to brace ourselves for the upcoming winter and holiday season. Two things we can never actually prepare enough for. We’ll all accept the fact that going into hibernation means gaining at least three pounds from all of the family dinners and wine we’ll be drowning in to defrost our bodies and ice cold hearts. ‘Tis finally full-on “cuffing season.” It’ll soon be too fucking cold to leave the house and like, cuddling on the couch after you’ve had way too much takeout always sounds like a great time, anyway. To ring in the best time of the year by doing what we do best, chronic bingeing and being lazy assholes, here are the best shows and movies coming to Netflix this November.

TV Shows

‘Alias Grace’ Season 1

A servant, Grace Marks, was convicted of murdering two people and sentenced to life imprisonment. Some time later, a psychiatrist sees her and attempts to study her mind, but all of a sudden, she’s basically like, “I blacked out, tbh. I don’t remember anything.” And he’s all like, “Shit. Maybe she’s just crazy. Is she lying or nah?” He becomes v intrigued with this mysterious, possibly dangerous, and/or criminally insane Elisabeth Moss lookalike and wonders if this woman should be forgiven. Plot twist: This shit apparently actually happened IRL. But the answer to your question is, yes, this is Netflix’s copycat version of The Handmaid’s Tale, and it’s also based off a Margaret Atwood novel, so maybe we should give it a chance while we wait for Handmaid’s Tale season two.

Alias Grace

Marvel’s ‘The Punisher’ Season 1

This is a spin-off of Marvel’s Daredevil, which follows a relatively hot guy who like, helps fight crime in New York City. If anyone follows comic books (I assume that’s none of you), you’d know this follows everyday people in New York City who use superpowers to fuck criminals up. Honestly, as someone who doesn’t follow the books but has binged Marvel’s Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage, it’s actually really good and def worth tuning into for this new addition.

‘Glitch’ Season 2

Season two of a bingeworthy mystery/thriller follows a cop and doctor as they take on a case to find out why seven local residents rose from the dead in perfectly good health. UM, THE FUCK? Apparently none of them know wtf is happening either or why it happened, so this sounds like a fucked up show I’m going to binge as soon as I’m done writing this.

‘Under Arrest’ Season 7

It’s basically a combo of Cops and a shittier version of Law & Order: SVU. Viewers get to follow police officers as they solve crimes and arrest criminals in a reality series. Since there are seven seasons, I’m assuming this is mediocre enough to start watching when you’ve finished all of the above.

‘Broadchurch’ Season 3

Another mysterious unsolved murder in a community where everyone knows everyone? Yeah, count me in twice. The show’s third season continues the plot after a young boy’s corpse is found on a beach in a pretty small community. Two detectives are determined to figure out who the psycho is, and with each interview from a neighbor come more secrets and unraveling plot twists.


‘Charlotte’s Web’

Seriously? Like, I’m pretty sure we all read this in fifth grade and then cried when our evil teacher made us watch the movie. Well, #tbt because it’s on Netflix as we speak, where you can secretly watch and get a good cry over it, when you’re PMSing or some shit.

‘The Pursuit of Happyness’

First of all, Will Smith. Second of all, Will fucking Smith. IDK what Netflix is thinking with all of these tearjerkers this month, but this is seriously the best movie to sob over while eating something that’s totally unhealthy. Based on a true story, Will Smith plays a single father who ends up homeless and pretty much jobless. Together, Smith tries to make the best of it for his adorable son (played by Jaden Smith before he thought he was deep on Twitter) and is dedicated to making both their lives and little world a much better place. I’M NOT CRYING. YOU’RE CRYING.

‘Scary Movie’

Ugh, such a classic. This Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer parody makes fun of and says all of the shit we’re thinking when we watch scary movies we can’t help but laugh at. There’s like, a million of these, but as usual, they should’ve left this alone, because the first is always the best. Def a worthy Netflix & Chill flick for when you both can’t agree on what to watch and want to be nostalgic on all the good shit we left back in the 2000s.

‘The Dinner’

TBH, this is the old version (the new one just came out this year), but since I read the book, I can tell you it’s probably really good. But then again, the books are always better, so I could be wrong. The film covers two couples and their children who are all well-known and respected in the community. When the children keep themselves entertained for a night, their parents go out to dinner to discuss the one thing everyone has been too scared to bring up: Their children committed a horrible crime and its been caught on camera. In efforts to keep it under wraps from both the community and police, the parents try to discuss how they’re going to handle it.

‘Michael Clayton’

It has young George Clooney and won a fuck ton of Oscars, so obviously this is v good. Michael Clayton (Clooney) is essentially an intern who gets paid shit to do all of the dirty work for a huge law firm in New York City. His career and troubled past take a turn for the worst when the firm’s partner and guilty af attorney freak the fuck out. Clayton is forced to help this guy get his shit together, but in doing so, uncovers dark secrets about this law firm he’s been protecting and his own fam. Damn. Deep shit.