The Fashion Trends From NYFW That You Need To Pay Attention To

Well, that’s a wrap for yet another week of super thin models prancing around New York City in clothes that don’t fit them  New York Fashion Week. As usual, our favorite thinspiring models, such as the Hadid sisters and Kaia Gerber, slayed the runway and the celebs we stalk on Insta continued to give us a preview of what’s to come next fall. I know it sounds fucking crazy to start thinking about next fall when all we’re waiting for is the minute temperatures reach 70 degrees, but this is clearly a shopping opportunity we’re talking about. You don’t want to be caught wearing that disgusting vest again. You are like, so lucky you have me to guide you. Here are the biggest fashion trends for fall 2018, according to NYFW.

1. Bright Colors

Betches around the world love fall for many reasons, but the biggest is the fact that it welcomes our all black attire with no judgment. However, it looks as though this all changes next fall since we’re about to see hella bright colors everywhere. From leggings to oversize sweaters, be ready to add some color to your fall wardrobe.

Milly Cropped Sweater

2. Animal Print On Crack

By this, I mean I literally *just* started tolerating animal print this season. A basic cheetah print is fine because it’s like, neutral and whatever. But fashion designers like to be extra af and call it “avant-garde” or some shit, so clearly that’s not enough. Next fall, we’ll probs be seeing Forever 21 cheetah faux-fur coats in red or green, or something equally as crazy.

Missguided Blue Leopard Print Faux Fur Coat

3. Sexy Suiting

Turns out CEOs and Corporate Hoes is both a fraternity mixer in college and a clothing theme IRL. I guess this is a good thing because it’s about time business casual suits looked cute for once. Just don’t @ me if HR sends you a passive-aggressive email, though.

Express Pinstripe One Button Blazer

4. Bedazzled Everything

Thanks to the KiraKira craze, we’re seeing glitter on almost every fucking thing. The trend won’t be limited to a $1 app on your iPhone; it will also be shown next fall when dresses, skirts, and tops hit the shelves with glitter vomit. On the bright side, you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to figuring out WTF you’re wearing out to the club.

Endless Rose Beaded Dress

5. Chic Wild, Wild, West

It’s really happening, y’all. Wait, I can’t believe I just said, “y’all,” but moving on. Now’s the time to finally unbury those cowboy boots you haven’t worn since that one Luke Bryan tailgate you went to. A fuckton of western trends were on the runway this week, meaning they’ll soon be coming to a Zara near us.

ASOS Glamorous Printed Skater Dress



Images: Kris Atomic / Unsplash; Shopbop (1); Missguided (1); Express (1); Revolve (1); ASOS (1)

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Rachel Lindsay & Bryan Abasolo Just Took A Huge Step In Their Relationship

Did you know we have a podcast dedicated to The Bachelor? It’s called The Betchelor podcast & it’s hilarious af. Listen & subscribe here!

If you’re enough of a card-carrying member of Bachelor Nation, you definitely follow at least a few of the former cast members on IG. If you give two shits about Rachel and Bryan, you know the couple has been flaunting their loooooove for each other all around New York City this week during Fashion Week.

Rachel spilled the deets on their relationship at the Badgley Mischka show, saying they don’t have plans to get married, yet. I mean, she did explicitly say on the show she wanted to be engaged at the end of it, and it’s not like she dumped the perfect guy for her because he didn’t want to get married right away, only for her to drag her feet about tying the knot with America’s second choice or anything…

Rachel Lindsay Bryan Abasolo Badgley Mischka

Rach says she’s wrapping up her law practice in Texas because, you know, a lucrative law career is something you just grow out of. She and Bryan will be moving to California together to sell sunglasses on Instagram instead of maintaining real careers, I assume. I mean, it’s not like law school cost her three years of her life and tens of thousands of dollars to become a lawyer. I hear from sources my two friends in law school that the California BAR exam is one of the hardest to pass in the nation. IDK maybe she’ll practice in Cali, but that seems like a huge fucking maybe. And, I mean, would you want a woman who chose a guy with obvious cheek implants defending you in a court of law?

Bryan Abasolo

Anyway, back to fashion week. Would it be an annoying newly engaged gush session without showing off that giant-ass ring? OF COURSE FUCKING NOT. Rachel and Bryan were around to flash the 3-carat platinum teardrop Neil Lane diamond ring. Seems like a weird thing for Bryan to brag about since I’m pretty sure he spent zero dollars to buy it. I mean, if you get a diamond for free, does it even have any value anymore? Nah, I’m playing. It’s still fucking beautiful and I’m 100 percent jealous of it.

Here’s the real life bling @thebacheloretteabc @TheRachLindsay @BadgleyMischka with her fiancé @TheAbDoctor #NYFW

— Anne Bratskeir (@AnnieBrat) September 12, 2017

The couple likes to tell everyone they talk to that they’re “really happy”. You know, in case Peter was wondering, or anything like that. 

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The 5 Fashion Trends That Will Be Everywhere This Spring

Since last week, New York Fashion Week has been in full swing. That means we’re seeing slightly fugly avant-garde fashion, more goth makeup than usual, and a fuck ton of models on the South Beach Fat Flush, strutting runways only the rich and famous get to touch. If you’ve checked Instagram in the last two minutes, you’d see all the celebs we love to hate are flooding our feeds with flashy parties that look better than any club in Meatpacking. For the time being, using “street style” as an excuse to defend our lazy brunch outfits is forgiven. While that all remains the same every year, each season also means we’re getting a fair notice on what to start wearing so we don’t look like homeschooled jungle freaks. This is the fashion world so even though fall barely started, we’re already looking forward to seeing which knockoffs will hit the shelves of our fave chain stores next spring. From a scrunchie comeback to leaving the fierce winged liner behind to actually considering buying a camo dress, here are the biggest fashion and beauty trends from NYFW spring 2018.

1. The Return Of The Scrunchie

Mansur Gavriel officially gave the okay for scrunchies in their fall 2017 collection this NYFW. Models had very loose, effortlessly styled ponytails held back in the 90’s staple in an assortment of colors. There are two kinds of evil scrunchie people in this world: Those who swear by them, and those who refuse to wear an obnoxious band on her wrist (aka me). Regardless of who you are, designers Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel have made them a thing again, granting us permission to throw our hair in the messiest of buns with these nostalgic bands and no one can judge you for it. Lexi was truly ahead of her time.

Lexi The Bachelorette

2. Say Goodbye To Winged Eyeliner

Every thot’s signature makeup look may actually be considered out of style next season. I mean, realistically, for as long as I’m living it won’t be, but Jason Wu says otherwise so I’ll roll with it if it helps him sleep at night. He wanted his models to imitate the perfect vacay glow with freshly bronzed foundation and fake freckles, finished with a uniquely shaped liner. A “fingerprint” is used to best describe it. I guess you put your thumb in some eyeshadow, stamp each side of your eyes, and bam. Winged eyeliner, meet edgier “I’m blackout in 5 minutes” rounded liner.

Rounded Eyeliner NYFW

3. Pastels And Floral

A major trend seen on the runways this season was flirty hues of pinks, yellows, and purples, along with delicate floral print. Flowers for spring? Groundbr—fuck it, you all know the quote. After the moodiness of fall, clothing will start to liven up, turning into pastel shades that aren’t too loud with faint patterns of floral and flattering stripes. Take Trina Turk’s collection for an example. It honestly looks like Lilly Pulitzer 2.0, but better because every basic sorority girl hasn’t gotten to it (yet).

Trina Turk NYFW

4. More Street Style, Even More Camouflage

Rave-esque colors are def going to be a thing next season, so this is my fair warning that every Forever 21 will soon look like Electric Daisy Carnival puked in it. I’m talking neon yellow dresses (honestly, gross), fuchsia pink pants, and cobalt blue tops. Take that and incorporate a dash of Kendall Jenner’s famed street style game, and you have the upcoming Kendall + Kylie spring collection.

View the Kendall + Kylie Spring 2018 collection in full:

— Vogue Runway (@VogueRunway) September 8, 2017

While the two have some weird bright colored mesh pieces, they also couldn’t leave out their infamous casual wear of booty-hugging jeans, plunging bodysuits, and camo accents. Unfortunately, they weren’t the only two to add camouflage to their collection so I guess this means we’re all going to look like wannabe upstate hicks.

5. CEO And Corporate Hoes

… was my favorite sorority mixer theme when I was young, fun, and cool in college. I guess all outfits I wore to channel my inner Risky Business weren’t a complete and utter embarrassment waste of time. Literally, almost every designer, including Tom Ford, has made it a point to add sexy business casual to their collection. Maybe to spice things up in the office a bit, maybe to encourage infidelity in the workplace… IDK. But, it is obvious that fitted suits, low-rise trousers, and oversized blazers will be an even better excuse to thot it up right after work (not that you ever needed one).

Tom Ford Fashion WeekTom Ford Fashion Week

^^^I think your HR rep would literally choke if you showed up to work in this.

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The Most Heinous Looks From NYFW So Far

In case you haven’t noticed a significant increase in “candid” blogger outfit photos on your Instagram feed, it’s currently New York Fashion Week. For those of you who think that NYFW doesn’t affect you, think again. (Yeah, I’m about to go Miranda Priestly on your asses, so buckle up.) Fashion Week determines which designs Forever 21 and Zara are going to do a shitty job of ripping off next season, so you better pay attention this week because these are the outfits you’re going to have to buy when you’re searching for a last-minute addition to your collection of going out clothes. Here are some of the worst looks from the first weekend of New York Fashion Week to mentally prepare you for what’s to come.

1. The Row

The Row sent a model out in a literal Snuggie and I’m feeling pretty conflicted. On one hand, I think this is the ugliest effing gown I’ve ever seen. On the other hand, if this means I can start wearing a Snuggie in public, I’m very on board.


Simple gowns in gorgeous color amid the luscious creams and ecrus @therow #nyfw

A post shared by Joanna Coles (@joannacoles) on

2. Christian Cowan

While I’m really excited to see that Christian Cowan is trying to make small dogs as accessories a thing again, I don’t think any of us will be hopping on the tweed chaps trend anytime soon. Just looking at this outfit is making my thighs chafe.

Christin Cowan NYFW 2017

3. Alexander Wang

Usually, Alexander Wang can do no wrong. However, this look is a total miss. Bella looks like a drunk member of a bachelorette party who just wrestled with her dress for five minutes in a bathroom stall after peeing. I mean, maybe that’s an unfair criticism. If “drunk girl screaming ‘it’s my birthday!!’ and trying to get a free Fireball shot” is the look Wang was going for, this hits the nail on the head.

Bella Hadid Alexander Wang NYFW

4. Fenty x Puma

The Fenty x Puma collection is another typically untouchable line, but even Rihanna can’t expect us to watch a model strut down a runway in snow pants and a bucket hat without raising a brow. I’m sure that the first time Rih actually wears this out, we’ll all be obsessed with it, but for now, this is bringing back memories of all the worst wedgies from childhood.

Fenty x Puma NYFW

5. Tom Ford

I’m all for wearing as much denim as physically possible, but this Tom Ford look might just be where I draw the line. Like, I’ll probably try to wear the infamous Britney Spears patchwork denim dress to my wedding, but this denim on denim on denim with a white pointed toe is still too much for me.


@selenaforrest in TOM FORD S/S18 Women’s Runway Look 13. #TOMFORD #TOMFORDSS18 #NYFW

A post shared by TOM FORD (@tomford) on

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Do The Designers & Models At NYFW Know Anything About Politics? An Investigation

It’s New York Fashion Week aka the one 67th time per year when fashion designers gather in some world capitol to show off the latest trends since the last time there was a fashion week. There are a lot of questions surrounding this mysterious event, like “how many pounds of cocaine are ingested by the models?” and “how can I get in?” We already tackled one hard-hitting question: what the fashion industry does when it’s not fashion week, so for NYFW we set our sights on a bigger issue. Fashion designers and models: What do they know? Do they know things? Let’s find out.

In pursuit of this truth we sent Ashley Austin Morris, our Betch on the Street, to ask the uncomfortable questions. Things like “Who is Kellyanne Conway?” and “Will building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico make it harder for models to do key bumps in the bathroom?” For answers to these important questions and more, check out the video!

An Investigation Into What the Fashion Industry Does When It’s Not Fashion Week

After what feels like a full minute since the last one, NYFW has arrived! This is the week when the fashion industry’s top designers, models and photographers gather to celebrate the latest trends in clothing and accessories. It’s basically the best week of the year, which is amazing because there are officially now only two weeks of the year that aren’t fashion week. That made us curious, what exactly does the industry do when it’s not celebrating itself in a trendy world capital? We launched an investigation and talked to the top names in fashion to find out. 

Anna Wintour

“There are thousands of photographs taken at every fashion week, which means the bulk of time in between fashion weeks is spent scrolling through pictures and clapping for each of the models as if they were still walking down the runway. This is an important ritual that can take up to 18 hours per day.” — Anna Wintour

Kate Spade

“Coping with the fact that it’s not fashion week is something that no designer should have to do alone. That’s why we all gather in between the London, Paris, New York and Milan events to hold hands and watch Michael Kors weep uncontrollably.” — Kate Spade 

Kendall Jenner

“Just because the fashion industry acknowledges that sometimes it’s not fashion week, doesn’t mean we have to accept it. We hope to eventually live in a world where every day is fashion day. That’s actually my greatest wish, followed by world peace.” — Kendall Jenner 

Heidi Klum

“After a full day, the fact that it’s not fashion week gets to be pretty exhausting. That’s why in the ’80s Calvin Klein began the tradition of hosting fake fashion weeks in his apartment so people didn’t go insane. He’s credited with saving the industry by many in the inner circle.” — Heidi Klum

Marc Jacobs

“Not fashion week? I don’t understand the question.” — Marc Jacobs

Bill Nye The Science Guy Is A Male Model Now, But Why Male Models?

If you’ve given up on your childhood dreams of becoming a runway model, we have good news. This week, Bill Nye the Science Guy walked the runway in a New York Men’s Fashion Week show. Yes, you heard that right. The geeky man of your dreams from middle school science class got to walk in fashion week. We weren’t at the show so we can’t say for sure, but we like to imagine that he walked down the runway to his own theme song while the entire room chanted “Bill! Bill! Bill!”

The designer was Nick Graham, and the theme of the show was “Life on Mars: Fall-Winter 2035.” Bill Nye narrated the show, and there was also a special appearance by Buzz Aldrin (one of the first guys to walk on the moon, nbd). At the end of the show, Bill did a quick little walk down the runway, looking honestly really sharp in a shiny silver suit jacket with spaceships all over it. And now I feel weird for describing the man who basically guided me through middle school science education as “sharp.”

Bill Nye the Science Guy walking the catwalk at New York Men’s Fashion Week 2017

— hiba uchiha (@iatemuggles) February 1, 2017

Anyway, Buzz Aldrin is 87 years old, but he said his runway walk was “as easy as walking on the moon.” Okay, can he be our honorary grandpa? Also, where was Neil deGrasse Tyson in all of this? A Bill Nye vs. Neil deGrasse Tyson walk-off is the only thing I ever need in life (that I only realized I needed 10 seconds ago).

Walk Off

So what happens now? No news on where Bill Nye’s modeling career will go from here, but we’ll support literally anything he does. Tbh it looks like science might become outlawed in the next four years, so he might have to make modeling a full-time gig.