Do The Designers & Models At NYFW Know Anything About Politics? An Investigation

It’s New York Fashion Week aka the one 67th time per year when fashion designers gather in some world capitol to show off the latest trends since the last time there was a fashion week. There are a lot of questions surrounding this mysterious event, like “how many pounds of cocaine are ingested by the models?” and “how can I get in?” We already tackled one hard-hitting question: what the fashion industry does when it’s not fashion week, so for NYFW we set our sights on a bigger issue. Fashion designers and models: What do they know? Do they know things? Let’s find out.

In pursuit of this truth we sent Ashley Austin Morris, our Betch on the Street, to ask the uncomfortable questions. Things like “Who is Kellyanne Conway?” and “Will building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico make it harder for models to do key bumps in the bathroom?” For answers to these important questions and more, check out the video!

Bill Nye The Science Guy Is A Male Model Now, But Why Male Models?

If you’ve given up on your childhood dreams of becoming a runway model, we have good news. This week, Bill Nye the Science Guy walked the runway in a New York Men’s Fashion Week show. Yes, you heard that right. The geeky man of your dreams from middle school science class got to walk in fashion week. We weren’t at the show so we can’t say for sure, but we like to imagine that he walked down the runway to his own theme song while the entire room chanted “Bill! Bill! Bill!”

The designer was Nick Graham, and the theme of the show was “Life on Mars: Fall-Winter 2035.” Bill Nye narrated the show, and there was also a special appearance by Buzz Aldrin (one of the first guys to walk on the moon, nbd). At the end of the show, Bill did a quick little walk down the runway, looking honestly really sharp in a shiny silver suit jacket with spaceships all over it. And now I feel weird for describing the man who basically guided me through middle school science education as “sharp.”

Bill Nye the Science Guy walking the catwalk at New York Men’s Fashion Week 2017

— hiba uchiha (@iatemuggles) February 1, 2017

Anyway, Buzz Aldrin is 87 years old, but he said his runway walk was “as easy as walking on the moon.” Okay, can he be our honorary grandpa? Also, where was Neil deGrasse Tyson in all of this? A Bill Nye vs. Neil deGrasse Tyson walk-off is the only thing I ever need in life (that I only realized I needed 10 seconds ago).

Walk Off

So what happens now? No news on where Bill Nye’s modeling career will go from here, but we’ll support literally anything he does. Tbh it looks like science might become outlawed in the next four years, so he might have to make modeling a full-time gig.