5 Dresses Under $100 You Can Still Get In Time For New Year’s Eve

Now that Christmas is over, we’re all in panic mode for New Year’s Eve because just like every year, we def left it for the very last minute. Like, story of my fucking life. Trying to figure out which overpriced nightclub you’re blacking out at is a headache in and of itself, so trying to find a somewhat cheap outfit is nearly impossible. The countdown to 2018 is only a few days away, so we’re honestly left with two options: Actually pay for the express shipping, or leave the house and join civilization by going to a store in person. Since post-holiday season calls for sales that are too good to be true, some of our fave stores are making life just a tad bit easier for us and our new gift cards. Whether you decide to hibernate and pay a few extra bucks to get that shit delivered to your door, or muster the energy to fight the crowd, here are 5 dresses under $100 that are hot af and still in stock just in time for New Year’s Eve.

1. R&M Richards Velvet Cutout-Back Bodycon Dress

A velvet bodycon basically says you’re hitting the open bar from the minute it begins. This chic Merlot shade is totally flattering for the season and features a party-ready open back.

R&M Dress

2. Bardot Lace Panel Dress

This is essentially the perfect balance of cute, classy, and sexy. The midi length dress comes just above the knee, and is outlined in scalloped lace without fully exposing any butt cheeks or nips. 

Bardot Lace Panel Dress

3. AQUA Metallic Scalloped Dress

If sequins aren’t your thing, but you still want to sparkle (and look skinny) all night, this super festive black and gold fit-and-flare is ~the one~. With a seamed waist and scalloped neckline, throw on your best heels, add a dainty necklace, run a wand through your hair, and you’re ready to throw back watered-down drinks.

AQUA Metallic Scalloped Dress

4. Vince Camuto Cold Shoulder Bell Sleeve Dress

I know it’s the holiday season and all, but honestly, with the amount of red dresses I’ve seen as of late, it’s looking like red is the new black. It’s a classic shade no one can ever go wrong with (especially if you just really like attention) and this cold shoulder dress ties in all of this year’s best trends. It comes with a choker neckline and dramatic sleeves in a flattering crepe material, so whether you remember making it to midnight or not, you’ll know you looked good regardless.

Vince Camuto Cold Shoulder Bell Sleeve Dress

5. Calvin Klein Black Sequin Dress

This halter neck cocktail dress is covered in sequins that are (thankfully) all in black, so it’s not like, too extra to wear out. It still comes with a glam-ready design and delicate detail so it’ll look v good in all of your Instas—flash on, of course.

Calvin Klein Black Sequin Dress

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5 Dresses On Amazon Prime You Can Get In Time For New Year’s Eve

Have you emerged from your Christmas food coma yet? Good, because the next important winter holiday is right around the corner. You guys aren’t dumb. I’m talking about New Year’s Eve. Personally I think it’s very rude that Christmas is always the week before New Year’s, because I gain five pounds off eggnog and ham, only to have to lose it all to fit into the sparkly dress I’ll wear for a total of four hours before never taking it out of my closet again. I’m not one for planning ahead, so it shocks me every year when New Year’s magically happens on the same day it always happens, and I look in my closet and have nothing to wear. Well, no more. My resolution last year was to think more long-term, so this year I’m buying my NYE dress a full, like, five days in advance. If you are as into planning as I am, I’ve found New Year’s Eve dresses on Amazon Prime that will arrive in time for you to (not) get kissed at midnight.

1. Mixfeer Women’s V Neck Long Sleeve Sequin Bodycon Cocktail Party Club Evening Mini Dress

It’s got a product name longer than my will to make it to 2018, but this is a pretty good dress for $26 (with free two-day shipping). The long sleeves will keep you warm-ish while you stand in line for whatever overpriced club you’re going to, and the sequins are v festive. This comes in dark blue, emerald, red, and black, so you can choose whatever color sequins best suit your hair color/skin tone. I’ll be honest, this dress *may* look a little costume-y, at least in the pictures, but wherever you’re going is dark, and this isn’t an episode of Project Runway so I doubt anyone will notice or care.

Mixfeer Women’s V Neck Long Sleeve Sequin Bodycon Cocktail Party Club Evening Mini Dress

2. PattyBoutik Women’s Off Shoulder Twin Set Floral Lace Dress

If you’re more into lace than sparkles, this dress has a trendy off the shoulder cut for a little sex appeal. It comes in a variety of colors, and apparently comes in two pieces—the see-through lace and the opaque slip—so you can really slut it up if you want to. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it, but the option is there for you.

PattyBoutik Women's Off Shoulder Twin Set Floral Lace Dress

3. Doramode Womens Spaghetti Strap Bodycon Sleeveless Backless Velvet Sexy Short Club Dress

This dress right here is a fucking winner. It’s velvet, which is v appropriate for the winter. It’s slutty without being overt and features a tie-up back and bodycon fit. It is available in 16 colors, AND it’s $11 (and up, but it only goes up to like, $15). Yes, you read that correctly. 11 dollars. My coworker owns this dress in green and I can personally attest that it looks fire.

Doramode Womens Spaghetti Strap Bodycon Sleeveless Backless Velvet Sexy Short Club Dress

4. Zeagoo Women Sexy Lace Sheer Bodycon Sheath Mini Party Cocktail Dress Two Pieces

New Year’s Eve is the one night a year where a girl can dress like a total slut and nobody can say anything about it. Wait, that’s not right. Irregardless, this two-piece dress comes in red, white, and black, and allows you to show off a different body part than I’d wager most girls at the club will be baring. But just know that if you still have good abs at this point in the winter, I personally hate you.

NYE Dress

5. CoCo fashion Women’s 2017 Off Shoulder Side Split Slim Evening 

IDK, I thought I’d switch it up a bit with a maxi dress for all of you who promise to be less extra in the new year, but will be back to your extra ways on January 1st at 12:01am. This one is still pretty sexy despite being floor-length, with a big side slit and off the shoulder neckline. It’s also under $20, so if you don’t like it, it’s not like you spent a ton of money on it. I feel like that’s the motto with Amazon clothing in general.

Coco Fashion

Go find your friend’s ex-boyfriend’s roommate with a Prime account and get shopping, and remember to read the sizing guides very carefully. 

The Perfect Dress For Every Occasion This Holiday Season

I could go on and on about why this time of year is the literal shit. Like, as in the good shit. Obviously, the first would be the amount of parties and events you probs have lined up this year, most of them being prepped with open bar. These type of events are essentially the reason why I get out of bed when it’s below 50 degrees outside. Oh, and I guess to also go to work so I can score an invite to begin with. Between the holidays, office parties, and of course, that one friend that just *has* to have a holiday-themed wedding, the amount of shopping you have to do is def stressful af. Well, luckily for you, I exist and I’ve probably made your life 10x easier. Since I have to do my own goddamn shopping, I’ve already chosen the perfect holiday dress for any occasion you could possibly have this season. Ya welcome.

Your BFF’s Holiday Party: Black Halo Klein Two Piece Dress

For this party, you’re more than allowed to dress however the fuck you want, regardless of how slutty it may be. This is a total bombshell midi-length two-piece with a bodycon fit and slit skirt. I mean, it’s totally on the slutty side, but it has some class appeal and is def perfect for getting shitty with your partners in crime.

Black Halo Klein Two Piece Dress

Family Dinner: Belle Badgley Mischka Bell-Sleeve Fit-&-Flare Dress

Any occasion where you’re heading home means you can’t wear something your mother will demand you change out of immediately. Your grandma, uncles, and cousins you haven’t seen in God knows when will be present, so now’s not really the time to give them a heart attack. You’ll have to opt for something with absolute full coverage. It doesn’t have to be a nun’s habit, but it should at least be something cute and appropriate for your mom’s Facebook page. This emerald fit-and-flare comes with dramatic sleeves (something your mom will probs agree with you on) and a small boatneck you can layer with a statement necklace.

Belle Badgley Mischka Bell-Sleeve Fit-&-Flare Dress

Office Holiday Party: Lulu’s Chrissy Red Flounce Sleeve Wrap Dress

Office holiday parties are the one event when it’s actually kind of fun to see how far you can push HR without getting fired. Everyone wants to dress to impress, but even more so to impress hot coworkers and CEOs. Opt for something that’s the perfect balance of ho, ho, hoe and classy. This one doesn’t show cleavage or run the risk of showing your ass when you bend over. Amazing. The adjustable waist tie is your life saver so you can eat and drink as much as you want without having everyone see your bloat.

Lulu’s Chrissy Red Flounce Sleeve Wrap Dress

Winter Wedding: INC International Concepts Off-The-Shoulder Dress

If your attention-hogging friend plans on having a wedding around the holidays, delete her number steer clear of basic holiday colors. An eye-catching cobalt is def winter’s best hue for any formal occasion this time of year. This simple style is v slimming (a necessity) and comes with an off the shoulder neckline you can totes accessorize for a final touch.

INC International Concepts Off-The-Shoulder Dress

Ringing In 2018: X By NBD Cindy Dress

This head-turner is designed for the party girl who reserves VIP service months in advance because she just reaaally likes New Years Eve. The Paris Hilton style features a subtle scalloped neckline, all-over sequin embellishments, and waist cutouts. It literally has it all for the over-the-top introduction to your “new year, new me” attitude. You’ll def score triple digit likes, millions of compliments, and free drinks with this number.

X By NBD Cindy

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