What Being Back In The Office Is Really Like

When I first got the email about returning to my office in July, I was overwhelmed with emotion, both negative and positive.

Let’s backtrack a bit. I am a twentysomething living in NYC. I’ve stayed here throughout the entire pandemic thus far. I stay inside, I wash my hands, I wear my mask, I respect other people’s space, and I do my part to keep myself and those around me safe. In other words, I’m not an a**hole.

So, that being said, when I found out I was headed back to the office on the first day of phase 3 (July 6, to be exact), I was kind of shook. COVID had (has) made me quite an anxious person over time, and this felt like my worst fear coming to life. Public transportation? Sitting in an office with 50 other people I could not control? WEARING JEANS AGAIN? A lot of scary stuff here.


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On the contrary, sitting in my apartment day in and day out had also been quite an unhealthy habit. I made every excuse not to go outside, washing my hair became a task, and I had literally become one with the couch. Going to work meant I’d have an excuse to focus a bit more again on self-care and to get up and do something.

Here I am almost two months later, and I am here to spill what it’s actually like to be back in an office in the midst of a pandemic.

I take one subway and one bus to get to work. The first day I went all out and prepared for battle in the form of a mask, gloves, paper towels to hold the handles on public transportation (yes, even while wearing gloves), and a big bottle of hand sanitizer in my bag. The subway was fairly quiet, with some essential workers, and some others in suits who looked as nervous as I did. The bus was even quieter. Quieter as in, I was the only human on the bus and therefore it was a straight shot to work, with no stops in between. As time has gone on, the subway has gotten a bit more crowded, but the bus remains empty. Public transportation overall hasn’t been scary, but when someone gets on the subway without a mask (which is obviously against the rules but nothing I can do much about), my stomach still drops.

When you arrive at my office, the first thing you must do is have your temperature taken. Of course, if you have a fever, you will be sent home immediately. Upon entering the building there is a mask, glove, and hand sanitizer station. They are also set up throughout the office building. Most people wear cloth masks, but should you have a paper mask on and want a fresh one, it is available. The little things, ya know?

The elevators are limited to four people per ride (which I think is pretty standard across NYC now), but typically I opt to ride solo even though that means waiting longer for an elevator. We have an open floor plan in our office, with rows of tables as desks. As you can imagine, we are limited to one person per row, so there is forced social distancing in place. In some ways, it’s so distant that it’s lonely. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss the luxury of being able to turn and chat with someone next to me.

During the workday, in fact, there is little to no human communication at all. Despite being in office, meetings are held via Zoom to avoid any large groups. If you’re reading this and thinking “sO wHy ArE yOu BaCk In An OfFiCe”, the answer is… unclear.


In terms of further safety precautions, while a mask is not required when sitting at our desks, it’s encouraged. You can bet my paranoid lil self has one on all day. All community snacks have been taken away (sad), so has the coffee machine (sadder!!!). Safety > coffee, obviously, but I know you all feel me on the heartbreak there.

We also can’t leave for lunch. Once you’re in the building, you are in for the day until you go home. This one hurts the most simply because I take my lunch hour seriously, but again, I get it. I did reach out to the few friends I have who are also back in the office, and they have similar limitations. On the bright side, I’ve saved money by packing my lunch daily, something I didn’t know I was even capable of! (Only half-kidding).

The best (and most important) safety precaution/perk of the office is weekly COVID testing. Once a week we are required to take both a COVID and antibody test. A team sets up right in the common area, and we have to walk a maximum of one flight of stairs to get there. As someone who lives with a roommate, this is a huge relief for not only myself but for him as well. Given the fact that he is working from home and did not sign up to be put at risk, the fact that I can come home and show him a negative result each week puts us both at ease. And even better, the antibody test has only a 15-minute turnaround time, the COVID test only a 24-hour turnaround time, so we don’t have to wait long for our results.

Being back in an office has forced me to make small but important changes. I set my alarm for 8am now (instead of 8:59am). I wake up and actually have to CHOOSE an outfit (remember that???). I style my hair. I wear makeup. I use time management skills to give myself a work-life balance. All of the things that gently slipped from my mind during my four-month quarantine period. It’s had a huge impact on my mental health, and a good one at that.

While the world is still gloomy AF, and the news cycle hasn’t gotten any better, at least leaving the house daily has provided a healthy (and easy) change I didn’t know I needed. Despite the fact that I have essentially left one room where I work alone to head to another room where I work alone, there has been something very refreshing about the act of getting outside and doing something daily.

Since I started going back into the office, I’ve been valuing my weekends and nights in a new way. Aside from sleeping, I’ve also used my downtime to capitalize on more *important* hobbies (like binging Selling Sunset, obviously).

So, in all seriousness, being back in the office isn’t so bad. It feels good to get back into a routine, and even if I am still questioning “the point” of putting myself at risk to travel to work and be in an office with others, I do believe there was some method to the madness.

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How Betches Got An Amazing Office That We Actually Want To Do Work In

So while you’ve been out mourning the loss of summer and preparing for your winter weight cuff, we here at Betches Media have been low-key putting things in motion for the biggest glow-up up since Ariel Winter went from “little girl on Modern Family” to IG thirst trap. That’s right, we moved into a new office, and it is dope af. That’s not even a biased opinion, BTW. It’s like, a peer reviewed study.

For those of you entrepreneurial betches out there who are looking to similarly upgrade your work situation, here’s a walk through of our incredible, aspirational office space. Don’t be too down on your own office, though. Not everybody can have their own golden meme wall, but you can probably find more ways to incorporate Kris Jenner into your professional life.

So without further ado: Hey we’re Betches, and welcome to our crib…

Step 1: Hire A Dope AF Workplace Designer

First of all, we have to shout out LABL Studio, because without them none of this would be possible. They literally designed our office space from scratch, and as you can see, they nailed it. Let’s face it, most betches barely have the time to make their own bed, let alone come up with a chic af office plan complete with millennial pink accent walls and a full bar for after hour office parties late work nights. That’s where LABL Studio comes in. They’ll do all the hard work of making your office look amazing, and you’ll have the pleasure of seeing all your clients, family members, and Seamless delivery guys looking impressed af when they walk through the door.

Step 2: Get A Neon Sign To Tell People WTF You’re About

I mean, can you imagine walking into work every day and being greeted by a neon pink sign that says, “So you agree, you think you’re really pretty?” We can. But that’s because like, we actually. Thanks to Name Glo, everyone who steps foot in Betches HQ is greeted with a Bible verse Mean Girls quote to set the fucking mood for the day. And if you think that’s the end of our neon adventure, think again. Our podcast studio (we have a podcast studio BTW) is decked out with its own amazing Name Glo art, so everybody who sits down to record with us knows exactly what the vibe is.

Betches Office


Step 3: Get Your Drink Sitch Figured Out

Beverages: you’re going to want some throughout the day. That’s why Betches HQ is stacked with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic (believe it or not) beverages for all occasions. Newsflash: staying hydrated is like, important. That’s why we’ve equipped our office with a DrinkPod water cooler and purification system, so that we can stay hydrated without being low-key worried nobody has changed the Brita filter in years. It’s like, basically the reason our skin is so amazing.

Now obviously, the most important part of any office is its coffee supply. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Wandering Bear Coffee to make sure we’re chugging the best possible cold brew to get us through stressful work days/group chats/deadlines. If you ever wonder how Betches are able to produce so much quality content on the daily, it’s because we’re all low-key hyped up on Wandering Bear. Now you know.

Betches Office

Step 4: Frame TF Out Of Everything

And now we get to this author’s favorite part of the new office, aka, our golden wall of memes. Now, everybody who has ever moved out of their college dorm knows that framing things magically makes them sophisticated and adult. Literally. That’s why we turned to Framebridge for all our custom art and photo framing. They took our ridiculously hilarious images and turned them into art just by encasing them in glass. Don’t believe me? Just think about this: a photo of Kate Middleton with a thought bubble saying “No shit. You guys got coke here?” pinned up to a wall with tape? Tacky af. But a photo of Kate Middleton with a thought bubble saying “No shit. You guys got coke here?” that’s actually framed? That’s beautiful art and it belongs in the MoMa. It’s that simple.

Betches Meme Wall

Step 5: Get Your Distractions In Order

One of the most important parts of any work day is figuring out how to distract yourself from the work you’re going to be doing. Here at Betches, we installed two 65″ and 55″ TCL TVs, which you know play Mean Girls on loop 24/7. Except on Halloween, when we played Hocus Pocus, or when there’s a Kardashian-related event on the horizon. Either way, these TCL TVs will keep the Betches staff distracted engaged with important pop culture events on the daily, and are basically the secret to our success.

Betches Office

Now, we know that you can’t employ all of these amazing tactics to your own office. Not everyone is as lucky as we are, and it’s just not our fault we’re so popular. But use these beautiful pics as a guide for when you finally launch that dating app for people who hate conversing with others you’re always talking about. Because that’s totally going to happen someday…