Lindsay Lohan’s First Song In 12 Years Is An Absolute Banger

In these dark times, it can feel like there’s not a lot to look forward to, but today there’s a bright spot amid the darkness: Lindsay Lohan’s musical comeback has finally begun. On Friday, she released “Back To Me,” her first song since 2008, and aside from buying a $15 drink at a crowded bar, there’s nothing I could have wanted more right now.

This isn’t the first time Lindsay has teased a revival of her music career. Back in September of 2019, she posted a new song on YouTube called “Xanax,” along with a bizarre music video on Instagram. I was low-key obsessed with the song, but Lindsay quickly deleted it from every platform. “Xanax” is still floating around on the internet, but sadly, it didn’t become a number-one hit, and I can’t even add it to my Spotify playlists.


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The song is about rediscovering and accepting oneself, shutting out the noise and moving forward and letting the past go. Living in the now. “Back To Me” is out on Friday!

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But this time, Lindsay seems like she’s back for real. She first announced her new single on Instagram a few days ago, with a short audio clip. In the post, Lindsay shared the meaning of her new song, making it sound pretty personal. In the caption, she says “the song is about rediscovering and accepting oneself, shutting out the noise and moving forward and letting the past go. Living in the now.” Sounds deep! From that description, you’d think that Lindsay wrote a song about her tumultuous life, and getting to a better place, right?

Well, the song came out last night, and because I’m weird, the first thing I did was look at the song credits on Spotify. I was curious what writers and producers she’s working with, but I was surprised at what I found. Turns out, Lindsay didn’t write the song! And I don’t mean she didn’t write it alone—she doesn’t even have a songwriting credit at all! One of the writers, ALMA, was also featured on “Xanax,” so at least it seems like they have a good working relationship. Whatever, love this personal journey of singing someone else’s song for her.

So I won’t bother getting into a detailed lyrical breakdown, because Lindsay Lohan probably doesn’t even have all the lyrics memorized herself, but let’s talk about the song in general. Basically, I’m obsessed with it. The lyrics are nothing special anyway, but it’s a total bop, and her voice actually sounds really good, and not too AutoTuned. It’s the perfect catchy club song, with an EDM-lite vibe that’s probably already being remixed by 1000 different producers. Whenever we can start going out again, I can’t wait to hear this song three times an hour at literally every gay bar in America. At this point, Lindsay probably won’t hit the top of the charts, but the gays will give her the support she needs.

So far, Lindsay hasn’t given us too many details about her music career 2.0, but in a New Year’s Eve interview with Andy Cohen, she did say she would be focusing on music in 2020. I’m hoping that means we’re getting an album, but releasing “Xanax” for real would be a great start. I don’t know if I see an acting career for Lindsay Lohan at this point, but music feels like the perfect lane for her right now. People forget how great some of Lindsay’s old music is (“Rumors” is iconic), but it’s time we start putting some respect on her name.

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Cody Simpson’s New Song About Miley Cyrus Is A Nightmare

Hi fam, how are we doing on this Friday? Well, things are about to get a lot worse, because Cody Simpson released a song about Miley Cyrus, and it’s a whole-ass mess. They’ve only been dating for approximately two weeks, but they’ve produced enough cringey couples content to last a lifetime. Earlier this week, they got new tattoos together (thankfully not matching), and posted a photo that would’ve gotten flagged on Instagram if Cody’s pants were any lower. But all of their extra couple behavior doesn’t even come close to the song that Cody Simpson released today.

When I went on Spotify this morning to check out New Music Friday, I was instantly appalled at what I found. It’s called “golden thing,” which already makes me feel uncomfortable, and the cover art is a photo of Miley’s chin/neck/chest. I love the way Cody is really being subtle about this right from the jump. This is definitely the most attention Cody Simpson has gotten like, ever in his career, so I guess it makes sense for him to put out a song about Miley right away, before this fizzles out, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. She looks hot in the cover photo, though. The lyrics, however, are not so hot.

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golden thing. friday. presave in bio.

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I was initially annoyed that the song starts with an almost minute-long instrumental intro (get to the good stuff!), but the song really doesn’t get better once Cody starts singing. Basically, the whole thing reads like a fourth grader’s attempt at writing a sonnet, with such inspired lines like “Deep blue jeans, movie screens, taking flight, flashing lights.” Oh, sh*t, homeboy can rhyme!! Does Cody use to write his songs? I would not be surprised.

Despite only being with Miley for a few weeks, Cody seems incredibly into her. Actually, he seems kind of obsessed with her, like he can’t believe that she’s actually paying attention to him. The whole song is about how she has a mysterious “golden thing,” and the first words of the song are “crystal dream, Cali queen.” Dude, we get it, you think Miley is hot.

While none of this songwriting is going to win a Grammy, there’s one particular line that caused me to do a double take. In the third verse (each verse is like, two lines long), he refers to Miley as having “coffee skin.” Um…am I missing something? Even at her most tan, Miley Cyrus is like, a big ol’ cup of milk with about one drop of coffee in it. I have absolutely no idea why Cody would choose this phrase in reference to Miley, especially because the word “coffee” doesn’t even play into his precious rhyme scheme! He could have said something like “milky skin,” and the song would’ve flowed the exact same. (Cody, hire me. I write.)

When it comes down to it, the song is nice enough, but Cody sounds like a poor man’s John Mayer. Regardless, it’ll probably do bigger streaming numbers than anything else he’s released, so good for Cody. Way to use your brand new relationship for personal gain! This will all be especially funny in approximately three weeks, when Miley and Cody go their separate ways, and this dumb song is sitting on Cody’s Spotify page collecting dust. Live in the moment, I guess?

Here’s the full song, because you obviously need to listen for yourself:

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Miley Is Shading TF Out Of Liam In Her New Song

Every traumatic breakup deserves an equally traumatic breakup song, and Miley Cyrus really came through today. With no advance promo, she released a new track last night, and even a 5-year-old from outer space could tell you exactly what it’s about. We’ve spent all week trying to analyze posts and rumors for clues about the breakup, but Miley is giving it right to us. Let’s dive into the new song, and why it matters.

The song is called “Slide Away,” which immediately conjures an image of two people falling out of love with each other, or what you tell creepy guys in your DMs. Miley and Liam have a long history together, so this really feels like the end of an era. And even from the cover artwork for the song, Miley is already confirming some of the rumors about the reasons behind their split. We see pills and empty bottles floating in water, which is likely a nod to the same rumors we heard earlier this week—that Liam started drinking and taking drugs, and sober Miley wasn’t down with that.

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Slide Away – link in bio.

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The lyrics seem to confirm this. In the pre-chorus, she sings “I want my house in the hills / Don’t want the whiskey and pills,” which doesn’t even really need an explanation. Of course, we’re still just getting Miley’s side of the story, but she’s corroborating at least some of the TMZ sources. She then sings “I don’t give up easily / But I don’t think I’m down.” This seems like confirmation that the substance abuse wasn’t something she was willing to be around.

Those lyrics are the clear indicators of why their relationship didn’t work, at least according to Miley, but throughout the song Miley makes other references that are clearly about the end of her relationship with Liam. She sings “Move on, we’re not 17,” referencing her age when they met on the set of The Last Song. Damn, that’s cold! So I guess the answer is no, I can’t watch that movie anymore without having an existential crisis. Pardon me while I take a moment to sob into a pillow.

In the chorus, she says that he’ll go “back to the ocean,” while she goes to the city lights. Liam, who’s from Australia, has always been a big surfer, which is a big part of the reason that they lived in Malibu for so long. The end of their relationship signals a new chapter where they can each go about their lives separately, whatever that means now that they’re adults.

Since Liam Hemsworth posted his statement about not making statements earlier this week, Miley has been pretty quiet on social media, except to announce her new song. I’m curious what Liam thinks about the new song, because Miley is obviously not taking his route of just not talking about it. If things went down how Miley is saying, maybe Liam is keeping quiet because he knows the split was his fault? Of course, Miley might not be the most reliable narrator here, but it’s just a thought. My ideal scenario would be Liam releasing a competing breakup song, but that somehow seems unlikely.

It also makes sense for her to release a song right now, because everyone is obviously eager for any information about the breakup. I love Miley, but the cynical side of me can’t ignore that this could also be a great PR move. They also talked about this on this week’s episode of Betch Slapped:

Since Miley got back from her Lake Como vacation earlier this week, she’s still been seen hanging out around LA with Kaitlynn Carter, which makes sense. They’re both going through the end of very public relationships right now, so they’re probably offering each other a lot of emotional support, partially in the form of making out. I still have my doubts that their romantic relationship is actually anything deeper than a drunk makeout on a boat, but either way, divorce is f*cking hard, or so I am told.

While Miley and Liam both try to move on from the end of their marriage, at least we have a catchy new song to listen to. I’m currently single, but if I end up in a breakup any time in the next year, this is 100% going to be on my emo playlist.

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The Best New Songs Of December 2018

Can you guys believe 2018 is almost over? I can’t. What will I blame my problems on once I can no longer ascribe everything terrible to the calendar year? I don’t know, and I’m sure I’ll be lost. But as terrible as 2018 was, we did have some fire music. And nowhere is that more evident than in this final 2018 iteration of this new music column. If you guys like this column, please let me know in the comments, because otherwise I’ve got better things to do with my Fridays in 2019 than pore over emails from music publicists. Just kidding, I love what I do! But seriously, I’m only going to continue this if other people enjoy this besides me and the three friends I bully into clicking on this. So without further ado, let’s get into some of the new music from the past couple of weeks! I”m relinquishing my time constraints this one time, because I haven’t done one of these roundups in a while and don’t want to miss anything.

“Girl’s Best Friend” by 2 Chainz feat. Ty Dolla $ign

I don’t mean to alarm you guys, but this may very well by Ty Dolla $ign’s last video until 2033 because he’s currently facing up to 15 years in prison for felony cocaine charges! Just the cherry on top of 2018. In this video, Ty teams up with 2 Chainz to open up a trap salon. And, look, I don’t need to tell you the song is a hit. It’s great. Add it to your pregame playlist. Send it to your family when they ask what you want for Christmas.

“San Francisco” by Galantis feat. Sofia Carson

These days, it feels like every hot EDM song is pegged to a city—or maybe that’s just The Chainsmokers’ strategy for songwriting? Who knows. In any case, Galantis is back after the release of their last single, “Emoji”, and they’re being joined by Sofia Carson on the vocals. You don’t have to be from San Francisco to enjoy this song.

“About U” by Valee feat. DRAM

I just feel like Valee is going to become a name people are going to know in 2019, so you should get ahead of the trend now, in the remaining days of 2018. This time he’s teaming up with DRAM for a trippy song (with the visuals to match) with a catchy hook. I don’t see this being a radio hit, but I do see it being a song you hit the bong to. Ha, I just kill myself with these jokes.

“Wasted Love Freestyle” by Jhene Aiko

In the spirit of breaking up with 2018, how ’bout a new song from the queen of breakup anthems herself, Jhene Aiko? She’s back with a freestyle (today I learned non-rappers can freestyle) that is, predictably, about a relationship ending. It’s dreamy, it’s emotional, it’s everything you’d expect from Jhene at this point in time.

“Depressed” by 12 HONCHO

I’m not sure what brought on this new trend of rappers talking about mental health, but I’m pretty into it. I guess that’s one good trend to come out of 2018. At this juncture, I would describe 12 HONCHO as a mix of Juice Wrld and Fetty Wap. If you like rappers who are basically singing and saying “yeaaaah” a lot, then you’ll like this song.

“Xmas Trees” by Bibi Bourelly

Yo, wtf happened to Bibi Bourelly? I literally haven’t thought about her until this very moment. But remember how big of a jam “Ballin” was? Well, now you definitely do. This is honestly a fun Christmas song about Santa Claus smoking weed, basically. I mean, wouldn’t we all rather get drugs for the holidays than, like, socks? It’s a relatable sentiment, and also, the song itself is catchy. So give it a listen; this is definitely better than “Baby It’s Cold Outside”.

“Loaded” by Destructo feat. Yo Gotti

This song is both chill and fun at the same time. It’s house mixed with rap, which is pretty much anything I’ve ever needed in music. I don’t know about you guys. I think this is a fun pregame song, or a great song to blast when you’re driving around your hometown, flexing on everyone you knew from high school because they’re all married with children and part of an MLM scheme.

“Spray” by Sneakk feat. Tyga and YG

Ugh, guys, I hate to say this, but is Tyga back? He’s actually come out with a couple of good songs this year. Maybe being with Kylie Jenner wasn’t helping his career as much as we all thought? I’m not ready to speak on that at this time. Sneakk kind of sounds like a Young Thug, so if you’re into that whiney autotuned sound, you’ll probably like this.

6 Underrated Artists You Should Know About

Hello friends—those of you who are still here with me. For that, I thank you. For this week’s column, I’m taking a slightly different approach and leaning into my hipster-ness. Here, I will tell you about artists I listen to and love, and why you should blindly trust my opinion and listen to them as well. These artists are all varying degrees of underground, and they all released new music that I think offers something new and fresh. Enjoy, and follow the New Music playlist on our Spotify for all these songs in one place.

“Falling” by LEON

I’ve sung LEON’s praises before, and I’m back to do it again. Today, LEON dropped her new single, “Falling”, and you’ll like it, it’s sweet. She has such a gorgeous voice—it’s kind of gravelly and seductive, and her music just always makes me feel some type of way. She is literally going to be huge VERY soon, and then you’ll all be like, “Wow, Sgt. Olivia Betchson was right.”

“Rockville Station” by THEY. feat. Gallant

Hey what’s up hello? It’s me, your friendly neighborhood THEY. stan. My favorite R&B/hip-hop duo released their project Fireside today, and boy am I pumped. The entire project is surely worth a stream, but I’m highlighting “Rockville Station” because it features Gallant, one of my favorite underground(ish) R&B guys.

“BIG TYMERS” by Bernard Jabs

Incidentally, “Bernard Jabs” is what they called my mobster uncle. JK. But what’s not a joke is that Bernard Jabs is one to watch. The 17-year-old Georgia native is touring with Pusha T on his Daytona tour, making Bernie (can I call you Bernie?) someone you should pay attention to.

“GLORY” by Brandon Fox feat. Taylor Bennett

Yes, Taylor Bennett as in Chance the Rapper’s brother. Brandon Fox has the type of voice that will catch you off-guard, and his lyrics (at least in this song) are raw and vulnerable. And if one of the Bennetts is working with him, it’s a good sign he’s going places.

“Overseas” by Desiigner and Lil Pump

Okay yes I know Desiigner is not underground, but he’s approaching one-hit wonder territory since he hasn’t been on the radio since “Panda”. Simpler times. Anyway, “Overseas” is the song you put on right before doing hoodrat sh*t with your hoodrat friends. Even if you are a group of suburban teens from Long Island.

“Better Friends” by Between Friends

I know, I’m pretty confused too. I hope I didn’t mix up the song title and the artist! Anyway, I like this artist a lot. Their stuff is very breathy and dreamlike. It really helps me complete my metamorphosis into total annoying Brooklyn hipster. Even though I live in Queens… whatever.

Images: Erik Lucatero / Unsplash

The Best New Music That Dropped This Week

I’m going to level with you guys, I’m still a little bit hungover from the When’s Happy Hour? book launch, so I’m going to keep this list to the point. I know you don’t want to hear me ramble for a paragraph each on how much I love all the songs I’ve chosen anyway, right? Right. I’m not kidding myself. I know you’re here for the music and not my narration. So let’s get into this new music Friday list with some of my favorite picks. And please follow the New Music Playlist on the Betches Spotify to listen to all these tracks in full.

“Red Bentley” by Future & Juice WRLD feat. Young Thug

F*ckinggggg yes!! New Future and Juice WRLD. What could be better? The two rappers dropped their joint project, WRLD on Drugs, today. There are so many bangers, but I want to highlight the one with Young Thug, because everything Thugger does bangs. Literally, name one song of his that isn’t good. I’ll wait.

“Young & Rude” by Abir

You might recognize Abir from Cash Cash’s “Finest Hour” (a song I have written about before), but today the vocalist dropped her debut EP, Mint. The entire six-song EP shows off her sultry vocals, but I particularly like “Young & Rude”. Why? Because it describes me, and I’m conceited. In all seriousness, though, it’s a great song. It’s about having an attitude, breaking hearts, and not giving a f*ck.

“Why Does It Hurt” by JHart

No, this song is not about alcohol and why it betrays you the next day after being so much fun the night before. (That will probably be what my first single is about.) It’s about like, love and stuff (vom). But yeah, this is obviously a breakup song. But it’s not cheesy! The verses are kind of slow and melancholy, but then production goes in on the first hook and continues on through the song. This is going to be your go-to breakup song. Like, I’m not even going through a breakup rn and I want to belt this from the rooftops.

“None of My Business” by Cher Lloyd

All right, we have another relationship song. But this is, again, not your typical sappy “I’m so in love” song. HA. F*ck that. This song is actually awesome because it’s about a guy who’s dating a girl who sucks (relatable content). Cher Lloyd basically sings about how the guy and this girl are having issues and fighting, but ends the hook with “but baby this is none of my business” *kermit sipping tea meme*. The song itself is also super catchy. My favorite passive-aggressive saying combined with a catchy hook? Anthem.

“Awesome” by Valee feat. Matt Ox

Ok, finally, a song that doesn’t have to do with love, or breakups, or anything of the like. The best way to describe this song is DGAF. This is the song you throw on at your pregame, if your pregame is in a basement and involves lean. I feel like listening to it would  put me in a mood to like, get into an altercation with someone, just because it’s very much like, “why are you bothering me?” On second thought. I’ll blast this to myself when I’m at work updating spreadsheets and my coworkers are being annoying.

“Yours” by Aidan Alexander

Another song about love-related disappointment. I’m not sure what it is about this week, but it seems like everybody is in their feelings. Wait, omg, it’s got to be because of their weekend horoscopes. Anyway. Aidan Alexander is an 18-year-old based out of Los Angeles, in case you needed to feel more insecure about where you are in your career. “Yours” is a dreamy track that explores unrequited love, and I could see it fitting perfectly in the soundtrack of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before or a similar teen love movie.

“No More” by BLAISE feat. Ro Ransom

This is like, your typical hypnotic hip-hop/R&B sh*t. Like, kind of breathy vocals that might be a little autotuned, but I can’t tell, plus heavy drums. I’m into it.

“Telephone” by The Shadowboxers

BFFs of Betches and Justin Timberlake, The Shadowboxers, released their new song “Telephone” last week, and I just forgot to include it last Friday so I’m doing it today. With “Telephone”, the Shadowboxers bring their top-notch harmonies and groovy sound. Ugh, I love them. It’s statistically impossible to listen to this song without dancing. Just try it.

The Best New Pregame Songs That Came Out Today

You already know what it is. It’s another installation of New Music Friday, where I tell you what to listen to based on my personal music taste, which has pretty much not wavered since 2016. That being said, I think (and I’ve been told) that I have great taste in music. But I guess you’ll just have to check out the list below to decide if you agree or not! And if you disagree, keep that negative energy to yourself because I don’t need it in my life. Anywho, this week, a lot of my favorites—like THEY., Daniel Caesar, and Keys N Krates—have dropped new sure-to-be hits. We also have a few surprise come-ups from the Latin music genre, so check out those songs too. And please, for the love of God, follow the New Music playlist on the Betches Spotify! We’ve now got over six hours of great music on there, and I need to be able to prove to my bosses that people actually GAF about these roundups I painstakingly write every single week.

Beauty & Essex by Free Nationals feat. Daniel Caesar and Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Ok, get this, guys. It’s Anderson.Paak’s band featuring Daniel Caesar. In other words, it’s sensual as hell. This song has to go straight to the top of your sex playlist.

“What I Know Now” by THEY. feat. Wiz Khalifa

Real talk, I don’t really love Wiz Khalifa (I only like him as a friend), but I’m obsessed with THEY., so anything they put out goes on my list. Ugh I just love them so much. All their music is consistently good without sounding the same or getting stale. I can’t describe it, so just go listen.

“Nadie Como Yo” by Malu Trevejo

Alexa, play “Nadie Como Yo”. Real talk, I have no idea what half this song is about because my dumb ass took French and Italian in high school and college, but I DO know that Malu Trevejo is extremely talented AND this song is v catchy and fun. Also, Malu is only 15 years old, so BRB while I yell at my parents for not making me insanely gifted from a young age. But anyway, listen to “Nadie Como Yo”.

“Getaway” by Keys N Krates feat. Mickey Shiloh & Noah

Ahem, I love this. I love the vocals—Mickey Shiloh has a really interesting voice and now I’m going to go listen to all her music. I also just love everything else about this! This is the one song you need to listen to if you want to pump yourself up—whether that be to do a beer bong, run a mile, confront a f*ckboy, anything.

“Goin Thru Some Thangz” by Ty Dolla $ign and Jeremih

Like on the one hand, I didn’t come here to be attacked by Ty Dolla $ign and Jeremih because YES, I am going through some things and NO, I don’t want to talk about it, okay??? But in all seriousness, this is another hit from this dynamic duo. Listen to it here now before the radio plays it three times every hour, as it is currently doing with “The Light”. Also, get pumped because their joint album, Mihty, comes out October 26th.

“Lil Bebe” by DaniLeigh

You may have already heard this song, and that’s because it went viral and even inspired a social media challenge. I mean, if your song doesn’t inspire a social media dance challenge, can you even call it a bop? IDK, because by those standards, “Lil Bebe” is a certified bop. In like, a week, this sh*t is going to be all over Hot 97. QUOTE ME. The video just dropped, and it’s fun and interesting. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go try to learn this choreo.

“Are You Sure Now?” by Borgore

This song comes off Borgore’s new EP, The Firest. It’s pretty quintessential Borgore. It goes hard and there’s plenty of bass in there. If it’s too heavy for you, grow up go listen to the other song off The Firest, “On The Side”, which is very pop-y.

“Big Bootie Mix” by Two Friends

Remember the good old days when mashup artists like Girltalk and DJ Earworm were all the rage? Well, those days are BACK with Two Friends and their latest mix, “Big Bootie Mix volume 14.” This mix is an hour long so it literally IS your entire playlist. It legit does not get any easier than that. Two Friends mix everything from Future to Tove Lo to Tiësto—and that’s only within the first two minutes.

“Azucar” by CHESCA

Okay once again, disclaimer, all I know of this song is that I think, based on my knowledge of Italian, that the title translates to “Sugar” (am I right, Spanish speakers?). BUT I honestly like the song despite my ignorance? It combines Latin and reggaeton sounds with a catchy hook that like, idk, COULD be the next “Despacito” if we get like, Ariana Grande or somebody to jump on the hook. Somebody make it happen.

You Guys, Ashlee Simpson Just Came Out With New Music

Happy new music Friday, everybody! We have so much good stuff this week. From Anderson.Paak to R.LUM.R to Alessia Cara, there’s tons of new music on the horizon. Also of note is Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross’s new song, which is not at all what you would have expected from Ashlee. Check out all the tracks I’ve highlighted below, and follow the New Music playlist on the Betches Spotify for all of these songs in one convenient place.

“Tints” by Anderson.Paak feat. Kendrick Lamar

Yes lawd, Anderson.Paak is BACK with some new heat. I love him so much. His music is so funky and great. Malibu was obviously a classic, but I especially love Yes Lawd!, his project with producer NxWorries. Now you see what I did there in the first sentence? Anyway, “Tints” features King Kendrick. It is flames. Anderson.Paak’s album is going to be so f*cking good, I cannot wait.

“With My Words” by R.LUM.R

Not going to lie, I’m salty I wasn’t personally notified of R.LUM.R’s new release, because I stan for him so hard. Like, I’ll tell random guys I meet at the bar about him—that’s how hard I stan. In any case, R.LUM.R seems to be going in less of a slow crooning direction with his music and more towards slightly up-tempo stuff that’s still soulful. I still love this, obviously, and it shows off his smooth-as-velvet voice.

“Baby Don’t Talk” by LEON

You guys, LEON is f*cking awesome. She has such a killer voice and she makes amazing pop music. It’s not boring or bubblegum-y, I promise. It’s honestly pop at its best. The video for this song just dropped, and it’s very 60s (or is it 70s? I can’t tell). But it’s an aesthetic. I love it.

“Cold Blooded Creatures” by AlunaGeorge feat. Bryson Tiller

Ugh I know I include an AlunaGeorge song on basically every roundup, but I like all their new music so DEAL WITH IT. And this song features Bryson Tiller, so I physically would not be able to live with myself if I didn’t include it. Not going to lie, I feel like this song was made specifically for me. Like, it’s got an EDM backtrack with some good buildup and drops, and beautiful vocals AND Bryson Tiller. I um, might be crying. Happy tears, though.

“I Want You” by Ashlee & Evan

You guyssss, this is Ashlee Simpson’s new song with her husband, Evan Ross. Talk about a #FBF. And I actually like this song. It’s like, slow and bluesy. I would give everything I own to get Evan and Ashlee on SNL. Can we start a petition?

“How It Ends” by Emily Warren

Emily Warren has written some of the biggest hits you’ve heard (she writes for The Chainsmokers like, all the time) and now she’s finally breaking out with music of her own. Her album, Quiet Your Mind, dropped today. I like the first song, “How It Ends”. It’s upbeat but still emotional.

“Bloodshot” by Amir Obè

If you can’t get enough of melancholy contemporary R&B (hi) then you’ll love Amir Obè. He’s kind of like a Roy Woods mixed with a Partynextdoor, but darker and grittier. To be clear, this is NOT pregame music, unless you’re pregaming your next good cry. IDK your life. But if you’re like me and you listen to moody music to make you even moodier, try this one.

“Trust My Lonely” by Alessia Cara

I mean, this is more or less just like any other Alessia Cara song. We’ve got emotional lyrics, soulful vocals, and a surefire radio hit. I do think this one is a little lighter than her other songs—at least in terms of beat/melody.

“Gmail” by Sheck Wes

You probably know Sheck Wes from “Mo Bamba”, his viral single that came out in January. Today, he released his album, Mudboy, and I’ll just say that it does not seem like it was meant for me, a softspoken white girl who lives in the nice, family-oriented part of Queens. In any case, I’m here, and “Gmail” is one of my favorite tracks on the project. It’s just hard not to get into and it makes me feel gangsta af, even if I’m aware that by putting “af” after the word “gangsta” I have immediately shot any and all gangsta credibility I may have had.

Also as a fun sidenote, I saw Sheck Wes live at Ford Amphitheater at Coney Island as part of the Rap Caviar live showcase featuring Chance the Rapper, and he was a highlight. Very energetic, and he performed “Mo Bamba” twice. Great concert, and I’d recommend the venue because it had seats AND cupholders. It was basically my dream. But uhh, anyway, check out “Gmail”.