5 Matching Sets You Don’t Have To Be Perfectly Proportional To Buy

It may seem like the majority of fashion trends that exist are those worth sh*tting on, but actually, there are a handful that don’t make you choke on your lunch, and are worth trying out. One of those (and a personal favorite of mine) is the matching set trend. This has been a thing since like, Clueless last summer, and it’s not going anywhere any time soon. Matching sets are literally the best thing to happen to us since the discovery of iced coffee. I mean, even if you know close to nothing about fashion, the work is already done for you–just wear the coordinating separates. What, like it’s hard?

Matching sets are the best, because you’re killing two birds with one stone when you buy them. In addition to one matching set, you’re also getting two separate pieces of clothing that you can wear a bunch of different times with different tops and bottoms you already own. Seriously, I feel like matching sets don’t get as much appreciation as they deserve. No one can make any excuses about why they don’t work. The only annoying thing can sometimes be if you are forced to buy the matching set as a set, as in, you can’t purchase the top and bottom separately. I’m sorry, name one person who is neither a Jenner nor a Hadid who is perfectly proportional on top and bottom. I’ll wait. Luckily for you, I found a number of adorable matching sets whose pieces can be purchased separately, so you don’t have to sacrifice fit.

1. Petersyn Crop Top and Amalfi Shorts

This set is fun, with a cute silhouette and flirty spring florals (so groundbreaking, I know). The puffy sleeves even add an element of “See, I can be trendy without even trying” to a casual summer outfit. The top looks amazing with high-rise jeans, and you can totes wear the shorts with a neutral colored bodysuit, too.

2. Alice McCall A Foreign Affair Top and Mini Skirt

I love this playful, feminine brand, because one time I saw Kristen Cavallari wear it, so…I guess she #influenced me. It’s all around ridiculously cute with boho chic vibes. This set is perfect for summertime because white is the season’s best color, and enhances everyone’s fake tan. The top is kind of flowy, so no one will notice whether you’ve been working on your beach bod or not, and the skater skirt will look fab with any other color top, too.

3. Faithfull The Brand First Light Top and Celeste Wrap Skirt

There’s something about red florals that I’m particularly drawn to. I think it’s the combination of a bright color with a festive print that makes me automatically feel like a fashion blogger or some sh*t. Imagine all of the Instas you can take in this outfit! When worn together, it basically is a cute wrap dress you can wear out anywhere, from bottomless brunch to a casual wedding

4. Pink Clove Duster Jacket and Wide Leg Pants in Leopard

Another major trend this year is animal print. I mean, f*cking duh. You can’t walk two blocks without seeing someone dressed head-to-toe in snake or leopard print these days. I love this set because yeah, you’ll look like an influencer, but also because it comes with a duster jacket you can wear a million times to dress up any other outfit.

5. Endless Summer Cha Cha Crop Top and Gigi Pant

Bohemian pants are always a big win when the weather permits, aka when it reaches 70 degrees and above. Look, sometimes jeans just aren’t worth it. Anyway, these soft, stretchy pants make your legs look miles long, and also help elongate your torso. The overall effect is that you look like you’ve been hitting the treadmill, even if you the only time you run is to catch a train. The tie-front crop top is just an added bonus if you’re feelin’ frisky at like, a beach bar, but the day after, you can always pair it with high waisted shorts, too.

Matching sets are the ultimate spring and summer wardrobe staple this season, and with these, you can seriously mix and match to find your best and most flattering fit.

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Celeb-Inspired Matching Sets That Are Perfect For The End Of Summer

Okay, so first let me start out by saying I am extremely lazy. The type of lazy where I won’t even bother getting off the couch to get my remote and would rather just lay there bingeing Real Housewives episodes, even though I’ve seen them all 100 times. But I’m not complaining. Also, if someone asks me to go out after I’ve already gotten home, it’s going to be a hard no from me. Because that also involves spending time picking out an outfit. So no, I think I’ll pass. The good news is, the matching sets continue to be a trend, so that’s like only having to pick one thing from your closet, so maybe I’ll consider that. When the universe is against you and you are forced to socialize, matching sets are a good option to have in your closet. So here are my three celebrity-inspired sets that I have been wearing all summer.

Kylie Jenner

First off, Kylie Jenner. The new 20-year-old mom just got her pre-baby body back, and she certainly knows how to show it off. Even in the form of bathroom selfies. When she takes a picture in a bathroom it’s cool, but when I do it it’s trashy??? Life is unfair.


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Kylie’s tan set was my inspiration for this bright yellow set from Topshop. I’ve worn this about five times already this summer and it hasn’t disappointed. It’s great for a vacation and even better for rooftop Saturdays. If you’re cool with looking like a sunflower, I recommend this set.

Topshop yellow hacked denim jacket; Topshop yellow denim skirt

Olivia Culpo

Next, is my favorite matching set and girl, gingham and Olivia Culpo. First off, congrats to her for getting back with Danny Amendola. I’m not upset about him not being single anymore or anything, I’ll work through it.

Today ???? @revolve #revolvearoundtheworld

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Culpo is wearing a gingham pant and crop top set, and I found a very similar style but with a skort from Forever21. It’s perfect for the picnics your boyfriend promises he’s going to take you on but never does, so just wear this to a Sunday brunch with your friends. To complete the look, white heels or sneakers go perfectly with the outfit.

Forever 21 gingham crop cami & skort set

Madison Beer

Lastly, my inspiration for this look was Madison Beer. Now, it’s not exactly what she is wearing, but her Clueless Cher Horowitz vibe really spoke to me.

⭐???? @MADISONBEER a star in the CHER blazer + skirt & HALO crop ????⭐ SHOP the full look now at the link in bio x #BAMBAswim

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I found this matching skirt and top at Zara which I’ve truly been living in. My co-workers probably think I got robbed and this skirt and top are all I have left. This look really is perfect for both work and post-work drinks you don’t want to go to.

Zara tweed top; Zara tweed miniskirt

Images: Olivia Culpo/ Kylie Jenner/ Bamba Swim/Instagram (3); Maya Media (3)

The 10 Cutest Matching Sets For Summer

Whether you’re naturally stylish or Britney Spears level inept, matching sets are summer must-haves and TOTALLY worth adding to your closet. For the unstylish, matching sets are a godsend because they’re an easy full outfit that automatically makes you look like a style blogger. For those who already have great style, matching sets are a great investment—the pieces can either be worn together or separate to create more outfit options. Matching sets work for legit every summer event. Ranging from styles that are wedding appropriate to ones that are a dinner date necessity, there’s a set out there for every occasion. And, since I’m just like, the nicest, I found the 10 best matching sets under $150, along with styling tips for how to wear each one.

Here are the best matching sets under $150, ranked from least to most expensive (cause I know I’m not the only one who sorts by prices low to high).

1. Forever 21 Calla Lily Crop Top & Calla Lily Print High-Low Skirt

This set screams “summer” louder than a guy in Chubbies and a straw fedora. The off-the-shoulder top plus ruffled skirt is flirty, feminine, and daytime appropriate. Even if you only ever wear the two pieces together as a set, at a whopping total of $30.80, this matching set is a no-brainer.

To wear separately: Rework the top with a distressed denim skirt, or try wearing the skirt alone with a fitted bodysuit.

2. Forever 21 Striped Open-Front Blazer & Striped Self-Tie Short

This set is chic, glam, and only costs a total of $54.80. The white color and thin black stripes give this set a polished, yet effortless summer vibe. You can wear it for brunch or date night. And once you’ve worn the set as an outfit a few times, wear the the blazer with your work ensemble for the office.

To wear separately: Wear the blazer separately by pairing it with a bodysuit and boyfriend jeans, and rewear the shorts with a cropped band tee.

3. Urban Outfitters Kimmy Straight-Neck Tank Top & Kimmy Bodycon Midi Skirt

Subtly sexy and effortlessly chic, this set is understated and a def must-have for summer. Like, I could totally see Kylie arching her back and posing for an Insta in front of a Lambo wearing this. Considering you can only get maybe two of her lip kits for the total price of this set ($78), I’d say it is a definite buy.

To wear separately: Wear the tank with distressed high-waisted jean shorts and a pair of dad sneakers, or wear the skirt alone with a plain gray tee and statement earrings.

4. Free People Saturday Night Set

So, disclaimer, this set is called “Saturday Night Set”. Although, realistically, I think it’s more of a Saturday daytime drinking or happy hour at the beach look. This set is beachy, easy, and effortlessly boho. Pair it with cool shades and a straw bag and you’ll look just like a local (the most stylish local, that is).

To wear separately: Try the tube top with paper bag waist shorts, or try the pants separately with a fitted cropped tank.

5. J.O.A. Tie Front Crop Top With Flutter & Printed Wide Leg Pant

I’m obsesssssed with a palm leaf print for summer and even more obsessed with this palm leaf print set! This $116 set is perfect for a vacay dinner date or a nighttime summer party. The set is sophisticated, stylish, and since it shows some midriff, it’s also hot af.

To wear separately: Wear the top with a high-waisted distressed white denim skirt, or try the pants with a white cropped off-the-shoulder blouse.

6. Free People Courtney Spot Set

In case you’re that clueless, polka dots are a HUGE summer trend. And at $128, this set is everything you need and more. This set is feminine and stylish, and everyone will be complimenting you on this set and asking you where you got it from. If you want to tell them, then go for it. But if not, try a casual, “I’m not sure actually, it was a gift!” Like, sorry!

To wear separately: Wear the top with a flowy white ruffle skirt or wear the pants with a fitted one-shoulder crop top.

7. Free People Sunday Morning Set

Now this is a set that was named appropriately. Like, how ideal is this for Sunday morning brunch? Just throw on this set with a messy bun and a pair of oversize sunnies and you’re good to go! No one will ever know you’re about to projectile vomit all over the brunch table.

To wear separately: Wear the top with a pair of white gauchos or try the skirt with an orangey-red off-the-shoulder bodysuit.

8. Tiare Hawaii Hollie Rose Set

This is the kind of outfit your mom would love to see you wear. The look is summery and sweet, yet still super stylish. Wear this set to your family party and I guarantee everyone will totally forget about how blacked out you got last year.

To wear separately: Wear the top with a pair of distressed white jeans or wear the skirt with a ruffled white top.

9. Ali & Jay Ocean Breeze Set

This set is the ideal “dinner-by-the-beach” outfit. At $138, this two-piece denim set would look amazing with an elevated sandal and an embroidered clutch. With an outfit like that, you’ll easily be the best dressed person at your bougie-ass dinner by the water.

To wear separately: Try the flowy strapless denim top with a high-waisted fitted skirt, or wear the pants with a straight neck bodysuit.

10. MINKPINK Toto Gingham Top & Toto Gingham Shorts

Gingham is another big summer trend. And at a total of $138, you have no excuse to not get in on the trend. This print is sweet, girly, and versatile. Plus, the set’s innocent vibes will help disguise your true shot-pounding, savage self.

To wear seperately: Wear the top with distressed boyfriend jeans or try the skirt with an off-the-shoulder, oversized loose-knit summer sweater.

So, there you have it, the best sets across the internet for under $150. And if you can’t afford the cheapest one at $30.80, well that kind of seems like a personal problem. (May I suggest you try driving for Uber?)

Images: Pete Bellis / Unsplash; Forever 21 (2); Revolve(2); Free People (3); Urban Outfitters; Shopbop (2)
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