Glamsquad Just Launched A Makeup Line You’re Going To Love

Let’s be real—there’s nothing better than having someone else do your makeup. We can’t all be like A-list celebs and bring glam teams with us wherever we go, but Glamsquad, our fav on-demand beauty app, makes it easy to feel fab whenever you’re in a pinch. Glamsquad has been bringing blowouts, makeup, and mani/pedis to your home, office (definitely Betches HQ), or wherever you are for a minute, but they’re taking their services to the next level with their brand new makeup line.

Glamsquad always knows exactly what you need, so their new collection features four essentials that you won’t want to leave the house without. With a primer, setting & hydrating mist, highlighter, and tinted lip balm, the collection is your perfect solution for when you don’t have time for a Glamsquad appointment, or even eyeliner. 

You’ve probably spent hours and hours watching YouTube videos on contouring, and while we’re all for trying the latest beauty trends—from lash extensions to microblading—sometimes it’s necessary to get back to the basics and perfect your everyday beauty routine. It’s great to have fun with your makeup, but no one really has time for a full beatdown every day…or like, ever. Your boyfriend might call you high-maintenance, but your makeup routine doesn’t have to be.

With summer approaching, now is the perfect time to finesse your ‘I woke up like this’ glow. Below, Glamsquad’s Artistic Director, Kelli J Bartlett, gives us the rundown on using Glamsquad’s four essential makeup heroes to get you glowing and out the door in five! See steps below:

1. Start by spraying Glamsquad’s Ah-Mazing Setting and Hydrating Mist all over to prep skin. This mist features coconut and chamomile to hydrate and soothe the skin. 

2. Next, using your hands, apply a pea-sized amount of Glamsquad’s Morning Glow Radiant Face Primer all over to moisturize skin. Who has the time for a multi-step prep and priming skin routine? This will do wonders to fake a radiant ‘I slept for 10 hours glow.’ 

3. Mix in your other favorite essentials: Curl lashes! It’s essential for a quick fake awake appearance when you’re running out the door 

4. Use your favorite brow gel to groom brows into place.

5. Conceal redness and dark circles with your go-to brightening concealer. Blend it out! 

6. Time for mascara! I only dip my mascara in twice. Once for the first eye, again for the second eye. Use what’s left over for your bottom lashes. 

7. Apply Glamsquad’s Enlightened Highlighter in Luminous Rose (to the center of your cheeks, nose and wrapping around your temple. I chose this shade because it has a slightly blush tint, which helps add a rosy hue without having to use a blush and highlighter combo

8. Finally, apply Glamsquad’s Take a Tint Lip Balm in Tint of Rose to give lips a sheer veil of glossy color while also hydrating them for the day!

9. Finish with a final spritz of Glamsquad’s Ah-Mazing Setting and Hydrating Mist to set your makeup, and you’re ready to go!

Images: Glamsquad (2)

How To Steal Taylor Swift’s Makeup Look In The ’50 Shades’ Music Video

The video for the song no one asked for is finally here! I’m talking about the moody rollercoaster from the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack, “I Don’t Want To Live Forever.” A song that supposedly took only a week to make now has an accompanying video that looks like it was put together in 30 minutes. Makes sense.

If for some reason you want to copy faux underdog-turned-model-hoarder-turned-reptile,Taylor Alison Swift, or are just interested in emanating the same desperate kind of vibe, then today’s your lucky day. Because much like her response to that leaked Kanye footage (which she copied and pasted directly from her publicist) Tay’s makeup is really not hard to replicate at all. 


According to makeup artist Pat McGrath’s Instagram, the specific lip color combo on Taylor’s lips is Pat McGrath’s Lab Lust in 004. Unfortunately, it’s sold out. But, you can still get the look.

Start with a liquid lipstick in dark red, like Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Vamp.

Then, mix an adhesive like this one with some glitter. MAC Reflects Blackened Red Glitter should do the trick. Then, put it on your lips. Then, call all of your ex boyfriends and ask if they want to get back together with you and when they say no, burst into flames.


Really all you need for this is a shit ton of eyeliner and false lashes and a false sense of superiority. Try the classic style from Huda Beauty to get a similar effect:

If you’re feeling wild and like you might want to date a man who would wear a tank top with your initials on it, you can dust a taupe matte in your creases. Bobbi Brown’s shadow in Taupe is legit.

As for how to replicate the rest of her psycho vibe?

And whatever TF this hair twirl thing is? Is it supposed to be sexy and/or sexual? TBD.

I have no idea. But, I do want to point out that in this video, Taylor’s plucking white roses. Guess who else once gave her a ton of white roses.

She might not want to live forever, but she sure as fuck will hold a grudge until the day she dies.