‘Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club’ Recap: The Regina George Of The House

Welcome back to another week of Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club. This week, MTV has conveniently moved the show to Monday, so it directly conflicts with both Vanderpump Rules and The Bachelor. This is really proving my dedication to Panos and Lindsay. Tonight we’re getting two new VIP Hosts, and Lindsay will decide what to do with Jonitta and Gaby after last week’s fight. Should be a good episode!

We pick up where we left off, with Lindsay and Panos arriving at the Host villa to deal with Gaby and Jonitta. Jonitta is wearing a shirt that says “LIKE, REALIZING STUFF,” which I flat-out need in my life. Lindsay is in full conflict mediator mode, and she explains in her thickest fake Russian accent: “You popped off. And then she popped back off.” I’m on the edge of my seat.

Jonitta interrupts Lindsay while she’s talking about the Lohan brand. That’s definitely not allowed. And now Lindsay is crying because women all need to stick together. Glad to see she believes in Lala Kent’s brand of feminism.

Gaby and Jonitta hug it out, and that’s the end of the meeting. I have never been more underwhelmed in my life.

But now Lindsay is sitting down with all the hosts, and says she might just say f*ck it and send everyone home. Yeah, that’s not gonna happen. Lindsay tells a story about how one time she was 30 minutes late to a film set and she got yelled at. I’m pretty sure she’s describing every single day of her career, but ok.

Aaaaand everyone gets to stay in Mykonos! Lindsay tells the hosts that she asked Oprah for her advice about this situation, so take a shot for that name drop. The hosts are like “What did she say??” and Lindsay just says that Oprah is the coolest person ever. This definitely means that Oprah didn’t respond. Panos is mad that no one got fired, but this is all about the Lohan brand.

It’s the next day, and the Hosts gather for a staff meeting at the club. We’re told that this is day 11 of them being in Mykonos, which is fully insane. This show is definitely aging me.

Panos is wearing a rainbow leopard print vest, which feels correct. Jonitta and Gaby are partnered together for the day, because of course. Lindsay thinks they’re gonna be best friends now, because she’s naive and doesn’t understand adult relationships. They’re assigned to the VIP clients for the day, Terrence J and Jasmine. I hate Jasmine immediately, because she’s the prettiest person I’ve ever seen.

Terrence J gives Jonitta a weird unprompted pep talk about being an adult, and Jonitta blurts out that she got in an altercation with Gaby. Jasmine and Terrence help the ladies talk things out, and then Terrence sends Jonitta to look for seashells on the beach. Yeah, sure, why not.

The VIPs want some weird drink with a pineapple infusion, so Panos sends May to the kitchen to ask about it. She really struggles to figure out this drink situation, and somehow annoys Panos, Gaby, and Brent in the process. She’s not doing great, but Jonitta has successfully found some seashells for Terrence, so she’s really killing it today.

The VIP Hosts are on their way home, and Mike asks if May washed the dishes earlier. May says no, and suddenly Mike is full-on yelling at her in the back of the car. That escalated quickly! Clearly the producers have decided that this is May’s episode to get dragged through the mud, and it’s only a matter of time before she explodes.

They get back to the house, and Mike and May are still screaming at each other about the dishes. If I cared this much about washing dishes, I would’ve thrown my roommates into the f*cking ocean by now.

Jonitta: That van has a curse on it.

Now May is mad at Jules for not sticking up for her in the van. This is a good reminder that Jules is still here. Who knew! Meanwhile, Brent and Sara are getting hot and heavy again, because apparently she forgot that he called her “the gum on the bottom of his shoe” less than 11 days ago. I have no hope for these people.

Brent: I don’t like odd numbers. So you either have to kiss me twice or four times.

Now everyone is arguing again on the patio, and May just called Jules a fake-ass bitch. Aristotle says this is all crazy, because Lindsay is all about women’s empowerment. Nice try Aristotle, but Lindsay is actually all about the Lohan brand. Mike is literally screaming at May, and I’m truly not sure why. Is this still about dishes??

It’s a new day all of a sudden, and it’s time to meet our two newest VIP Hosts. There’s Kyle, an NYC bartender, who’s here to “make Lohan Beach House the sh*t.” Cool. The other new Host is Kailah, who was on a random season of The Real World in 2016. The old Hosts arrive, and Panos tells them they’re all on notice. Ooooh, scary.

The VIPs today are three models, Christina, Ctefania, and Alisa, who allegedly have millions of followers. Brent, Kailah, Kyle, Jules, and Jonitta are assiged to the VIPs, who must be the most high-maintenance people on the planet. Kailah already hates Brent, and I’m so glad to know she has taste. She thinks it’s ridiculous that Brent and Sara are dating, and I can’t believe she has rational opinions.

The models arrive, and they’re hot, of course. Brent feels like he’s being “baited,” but why would there not be hot girls at a beach club in Mykonos? That’s kind of the whole point. Lindsay says she’s always watching, which means paying attention to who’s flirting with whom. We see Brent giving one of the VIPs a massage, and surprise! Sara is pissed. As much as it pains me to be on Brent’s side, he’s literally just doing his job. He’s not sleeping with them. Kailah says Sara should get sent home, and I love that she’s not here to play around.

Panos is unhappy with Jules, May, and Sara. Will anything come of this? Will someone finally get sent home? Well, the Hosts are headed home for the night, so I guess that’s a no. When we get to the house, Brent and Sara are arguing about how their relationship is affecting their jobs. Sara thinks maybe they should cool it, and Brent storms out of the room. Okay, I’m back to hating Brent, that feels better. Sara and Jonitta decide to throw Brent’s sh*t out of the room, and I’m living for every second of this.

Sara: I’m worried this is affecting our jobs.

When Brent finds out, big surprise, he’s pissed. He reacts by throwing all of Jonitta’s clothes of the room, which she doesn’t love. Best quote of the night: “If I didn’t just smack a bitch two days ago, I swear to god you’d be my next f*cking victim.” Aaaaand Brent just dumped Sara’s clothes all over her head. Kailah takes credit for planting the seeds of doubt in Sara’s head, and compares herself to Regina George. I’ll say it for the second week in a row: I love this episode of Bad Girls Club.

The next day, Panos and Lindsay meet with each other to talk about the drama with the Hosts. She says she had a lot to think about, and that’s the end. Will someone FINALLY get fired next week? It really seems like it, but who knows at this point.

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‘Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club’ Recap: She’s A Thirsty Little Girl

It’s been a long week since we were last in Mykonos with Lindsay and the gang, but I’m ready for more. When we left off, new VIP host Alex had just showed up, and Lindsay and Panos seemed like they might be ready to send someone home. Will this actually happen, or is MTV just baiting us? Stay tuned.

We start off with Lindsay in some kind of wet suit electrode contraption, and I think she’s literally getting shocked. She shouts that she’s not Tomb Raider, which has…nothing to do with anything. And none of us thought that to begin with. She says that she’s noticed the VIP hosts getting more comfortable, which can only mean that something is about to go horribly wrong.

Panos is leading the staff meeting, and right now his favorites are Alex, Jonitta, and Brent. I’m definitely team #CancelBrent, so this is gonna be tough for me.

Big Shaq, who is apparently a famous rapper, is the VIP for today, and Billy is assigned to his cabana. Panos also tells the hosts to come up with ideas for a signature drink, which seems like really not their job? Lohan Beach House needs to call Tom Sandoval for some consulting. Billy makes a drink that everyone agrees is ~perfect~ even though I’m pretty sure it’s just an Aperol Spritz. But big drama is brewing, because Panos likes Gabi’s drink better.

We get a quick glimpse of Lindsay getting her makeup done, and she barks out “The struggle is real!” First of all, you mean to tell me that all of these terrible makeup looks have been the work of a professional makeup artist?! Fire this person! Also, what struggle? Lindsay’s life seems like it would be inherently easy if she could just get out of her own way.

Right now Panos has three problem hosts: Brent for his attitude, Jules because she’s too quiet, and May, just in general? I’m sure we’ll get more on this later, but for now Panos is busy flirting with Big Shaq, who just showed up.

It’s 5pm at the club, and Jonitta is f*cking fed up with Gabi. The feuds on this show come out of nowhere, but I guess I’m here for the drama. It’s time for Big Shaq’s performance, and he immediately brings Lindsay up on stage. Lindsay is wearing an entirely gold sequined dress that says “TOO GLAM TO GIVE A DAMN,” which cost $459 according to some quick googling. Sure, sounds good, love it. I’m not familiar with Big Shaq’s music, but the first lyrics we hear him rap are “2+2 is 4,” and for that reason, I’m out.

Back at the house, Mike is telling Alex about how he wants to bang Jules, mostly because he hasn’t sex in four months. Alex is not convinced, because he says Mike is gay, not bi. Um, rude, but I also seriously think they’re gonna hook up at some point, despite Alex having a boyfriend at home.

Gabi tells us a sob story about childhood health problems, which I didn’t really listen to because I was getting a snack. Sorry, not sorry. They’re really trying to make Gabi happen this episode, and idk if I’m feeling it. No wait, I know I’m not feeling it. Jonitta invited a guy from the beach club to go out with her tonight, so that hopefully he’ll be a VIP client in the future. Things start to go south when Gabi and May greet Jonitta’s date first, and then Jonitta is sh*t talking Gabi to anyone who will listen.

Remember my prediction exactly six sentences ago that Alex and Mike would hook up? Well, apparently I’m psychic, because they just drunkenly made out at the club! I’m obviously not surprised, but I kinda thought they’d make us wait longer?

Now we’re back at the house, and Jonitta confronts Gabi about how she greeted her date. Ugh, I’m so over this already. May, despite doing the same thing as Gabi, has somehow avoided the wrath of Jonitta, and she should be thankful. Gabi brushes against Jonitta’s leg, and Jonitta responds by slapping the shit out of Gabi. Wow, I love this episode of Bad Girl’s Club!!

Security is ready for this to get bad at any minute, and Gabi has to beg the cameras to leave her alone so she can have a minute to herself. She feels like she’s being attacked just for doing her job and being personable, which is pretty accurate. I like Jonitta, but I’m not sure this behavior is in line with the Lohan Brand. Which is why we’re all here. Gabi is feeling alone and doesn’t want to deal with anyone, so she leaves to spend the night at a hotel. Wait, this is an option?

The next morning, Mike and Alex sit down to chat about their kiss. Alex is like, “wow this could ruin everything between me and my boyfriend.” Mike plays along, but you know he would sleep with Alex in 10 seconds.

We see Panos watching the footage of Jonitta hitting Gabi, and he’s not happy. He first has a meeting with Gabi. Panos says “I don’t know how to control Lindsay in this situation,” and I’m confused. Is Lindsay not the boss? Why wouldn’t she already know? Shouldn’t she be at this meeting? Panos then shows up at the host villa, and calls everyone into the living room. 30 seconds into the meeting, Jonitta tells Panos that Gabi is a “thirsty little girl.” She’s wearing a shirt that says SORRY, but clearly she doesn’t dress the way she feels.

Panos goes to call Lindsay, and he kicks a stool in the kitchen on his way out. Iconic drama queen moment right there.

Sara goes to talk to Jonitta, Brent gives a speech about how he would’ve been so humble in Jonitta’s position (sure, Jan), and Alex leaves to meditate. Same. Jonitta tells Sara she’d rather get sent home than apologize, which is literally so dumb. Just say sorry, you don’t even have to mean it!

Gabi gets back to the host villa, followed closely by Lindsay and Panos. Lindsay says violence is unacceptable, but what’s even more unacceptable is the denim dress she’s wearing. They sit down for a meeting, and…CLIFFHANGER. Ugh. Will Jonitta get sent home? I guess we’ll find out next week!

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‘Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club’ Recap: Champagne Gun Lindsay

Welcome back to another sunny week at Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club. The sun is shining, the cabanas are empty, and Brent is probably still an asshole. I’m sure there will be plenty of drama on Lohan Island Mykonos tonight, so let’s get started.

It’s a new day at the club, and all the hosts say they want to leave the drama back at the house. Famous last words. Lindsay shows up to the staff meeting and brags that she got to work at 9am today. Glad to know her greatest achievement is the bare minimum I have to do to not get fired. Lindsay tells the Hosts that Alesso is coming to the club, so everyone will be on high alert. She then announces that there will be a new Ambassador coming soon, and Sara uses the word “shook” twice in one sentence. Honestly, Brent is the only one who’s not shook, because he apparently forgot he got in a fight with his boss yesterday.

Panos asks Jules if she wants to serve Alesso, and of course she says yes. Then Panos goes “No, I don’t think so,” and gives the job to Brent and Jonitta. Excuse me? If my boss pulled that sh*t with me, there’d be an HR complaint filed 10 seconds later.

Brent thinks he still has a chance with Sara after he called her the gum on the bottom of his shoe and she dumped a drink on him. We see footage of him apologizing to her, and she’s like, “I’m just over it all.” He thinks everything is good and hopes they can still go on a date. The lack of self-awareness is astounding. We also find out that Natasha, the VIP that Brent made out with, is coming back to the club, and now Brent feels awkward. He doesn’t want to make Sara mad, so he’s just gonna ignore the VIP client. I’m sure Panos will love that.

Mike and Jules immediately go hang out and flirt in the ocean, which is exactly what Panos told them not to do. Jules is here for a good time, not a long time, but there’s definitely going to be trouble.

Brent and Jonitta sit down to figure out a spa menu for Alesso, which seems like it shouldn’t be their job, but whatever. Jonitta finds some fancy Himalayan salt in the kitchen, so I’m sure everything will be fine. Natasha shows up, and she immediately requests that Brent come say hi to her. Brent acts like a little f*cking baby, and refuses to come at first. Then Panos has to force him over, and it’s literally the most awkward hello I’ve ever seen. Mike says that Brent needs to “nut up or shut up,” and I just spit out my drink.

Alesso shows up, and he has a swollen foot. Lindsay goes full Red Cross nurse, wrapping a bandage around it and barking orders in her fake Russian accent.


Brent tells Sara about what went down with Natasha, and Sara literally could not care less. I’m glad to see Brent is tanking his job to impress a woman who doesn’t want him. It’s what he deserves.

Lindsay tells us that her biggest fear in life is being judged. Does she not remember that she literally tried to kidnap children on Instagram Live? She’s waltzing around the club with a machine gun that shoots champagne, and I have several thousand questions. She lines up all the VIP Hosts and shoots them with the champagne, and all the women are very stressed about getting their hair wet. It’s a tough life here at Lohan Beach House.

It’s the next day, and the VIP Hosts have the whole day off. So much time for drama activities! Sara tells Jules that she’s forgiven Brent, but I have one major concern. Sara keeps calling him “Brett,” and I really don’t think she knows his name. Panos calls Mike to tell him that the new Host, Alex, is someone he knows from back home. Mike is like, “Oh yeah, Alex, from work,” and then tells us that he and Alex have definitely f*cked. But now Alex has a boyfriend, and Mike is into Jules, so I’m sure this won’t cause any drama!

Narrator: It would cause drama, and lots of it. 

Suddenly it’s 10pm, which makes sense because I fully believe that these people slept all day. They go to dinner, and Mike drops the bomb about the new arrival. They stress for like 30 seconds, then hit up the club. While Mike and Jules are making out, Brent takes Sara and Jonitta to Alesso’s show at a different club. Panos sees Jonitta promoting Lohan Beach House, and is immediately impressed. Panos acts super tough to please, but the bar has been set, like, very low for these people.

No. NO. NOOOOOO. Brent asks Sara to be his girlfriend, and I have never been more angry. She doesn’t really say yes, but she continues to flirt and dance with him. SARA. 48 hours ago, this man called you a two. A TWO.

Alex arrives the next day, and he has the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen. Mike picks him up at the airport, and then brings him back to the house to meet everyone. Jonitta says he’s the hottest guy she’s ever seen, and the women are heartbroken when they find out he’s gay. Jonitta tells him immediately about how Mike and Jules have been flirting, but Alex says he’s here for work and won’t get involved.

Alex: I’m not getting involved in the drama.

Aaaaand Alex doesn’t take Mike’s bisexuality seriously. I’m sure this is the last we’ll hear of this.

Back at the club the next day, Panos immediately compliments Jonitta, because there’s a first time for everything. The VIPs today are four Italian women with millions of followers, and the guys are assigned to serve them. Panos also calls Brent out for acting like a couple with Sara, and asks him to end the relationship on the spot. He doesn’t really answer, but Panos is not happy. Brent’s job for the morning is handing out fliers to convince people to come to the club on Monday, and he’s livid. Sorry, but I’ll watch Brent do “peasant work” any day.

The Italian VIPs show up, and Alex, Aristotle, and Brent are working with them. Alex is killing it, partly because he speaks Italian, and partly because he’s willing to make out with the girls. Panos and Lindsay are obsessed with him, and all the other Hosts are scared sh*tless. Will someone get sent home? I guess we’ll find out next week!

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‘Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club’ Recap: Oprah Is My 911

It’s been a week since our first taste of Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, and I’m ready for more. Seriously, so many people have asked me about the show in the past week that I really haven’t stopped thinking about it. What will happen tonight? Will the Beach House turn into a prostitution ring? Will Lindsay’s Turkish accent truly come out? So many possibilities.

All of the ambassadors are getting ready and talking about how they want to learn as much as possible from Lindsay. They’re acting like Lindsay is a life coach and not a ticket to Instagram influencer status. This should be a good episode, I can feel it in my bones.

Lindsay says that, “after a rough start,” she’s ready to get down to business. Oh, you mean when you showed up unannounced on the first night, and were appalled that your employees were drinking the booze you gave them? Okay. She’s making them all write their intentions on pieces of paper, and Lindsay is acting like she’s leading these people through a 12-step program. We only hear three people’s intentions, but two of them are “Grow the Lohan brand,” so Lindsay is happy. We find out that Oprah is Lindsay’s “911.” She asks Oprah for advice whenever she does anything. Unclear whether Oprah responds to these manic texts.

It’s a new day at the Beach House, and today’s VIP client is Lakis, a designer who shows up carrying two small dogs and wearing the largest sun hat I’ve ever seen. Aristotle is assigned to the VIP today, because Panos wants him to get over his social anxiety. Okay, we’ve seen Lakis for a total of ten seconds, but I can already tell he’s the absolute worst thing you could do to a person with anxiety. Panos tells Brent that he’ll be assisting Aristotle, and he argues that he should be working the door. Panos tells him not to talk back, and there’s immediately drama brewing. Brent’s ego is already my third favorite character this season.

Lakis wants his feet washed with hot towels, so that’s how this is going to go. He makes Aristotle “dance” with him, which consists of some weird acro-yoga poses that definitely aren’t safe. Brent is embarrassed by the foot washing, and decides he’s done helping Aristotle. Lindsay immediately notices, and she’s not happy about it. We see Aristotle wandering around looking for Brent, and the other Ambassadors are just sitting around eating French fries. Do these people have a job?

Now that he’s left his job responsibilities behind, Brent is back to focusing on getting laid. He says he “feels substance with Sara,” and “could definitely see a future with her.” Brent, you’ve been here for three days, and you spent one of those days hooking up with Natasha the VIP client. This isn’t The Bachelor, chill out.

Aristotle sits down with Panos to talk sh*t about Brent, and Panos is not happy. Aristotle then goes to talk sh*t with Lindsay, and she’s mad too. Okay, so Brent is obviously a douche, but doesn’t Aristotle still have a client to worry about? Apparently snitches don’t get stitches at Lohan Beach House. Lindsay threatens to send Brent home, which obviously won’t happen, because we still have a 10-episode season to get through.

And now we’re back at the Host villa for the night, because these people only work for like four hours a day. Oh hey Billy, forgot you existed! He gets in some hot tub time with Sara, so he’s obviously gonna have beef with Brent.

They start a game of Truth or Dare, which Aristotle kicks off by doing a naked lap around the backyard. Let’s hope Lindsay doesn’t pull up in her Mini Cooper right now, because she would be sorely disappointed. Brent asks Sara which girl she likes the least, which is her opportunity to stir the sh*t with May again. Oh wait, no, Brent decides to go in on May on her behalf. Classy.

Billy to Brent: “I dare you to try to go tomorrow without calling somebody out on their bullsh*t.”
Me to Billy:

This is the content I’m here for, thank you Billy.

OMG. Billy is talking to Sara, and Brent pops his head in and goes “Am I interrupting?” He seriously thinks he’s on The Bachelor. Sara then sits down with the girls to talk about her predicament. She’s more into Billy, but she likes the attention from Brent. Honestly, as someone who loves attention, I respect this.

Jules (the blonde one who we haven’t seen at all) immediately tells Brent about what Billy said to Sara, and it goes exactly as well as you’d expect. Brent screams for Billy to come outside, and then says that they’re living in A HOUSE OF UGLY GIRLS. OH MY GOD, NO. He just called them all 2s, which is 1) untrue, and 2) so incredibly, unbelievably rude.

Brent: We’re going to gay clubs. We’re going to clubs with six old men, and I need to nut.

All the women are eavesdropping on this sh*tshow, and Jules comes over to break the tension. He says back home, he’d maybe talk to Sara if she weighed seven pounds less. Sir, you were saying you see a future with this woman literally six hours ago. Jonitta and Sara then come over and dump a bunch of drinks on Brent’s head. THIS. IS. EVERYTHING. The women are totally bonding over this, and I’m completely here for it.

Meanwhile, it’s 11:30pm at Lindsay’s villa, and she’s cooking fish for dinner. Her friend calls her Martha Stewart, to which she responds “I’m not Martha Stewart, I’ve already been to jail.” God bless.

Back at the Host villa, Brent is chugging tequila out of the bottle, while everyone else literally begs him to stop drinking. Brent passes out on the living room floor, and then suddenly he’s throwing up on the side of the road. Does the house not have toilets for throwing up? Why are you in the road??

The next morning, Panos puts Brent in his place for abandoning Aristotle the previous day. Brent then calls Panos “buddy.” 30 minutes have passed, and Brent’s ego is now my least favorite character, in case you were wondering.

Brent requests a one-on-one with Panos, and he’s acting like he is totally running the show here. Sorry Brent, but the floral romper Panos has on is clearly the star of this scene. Panos FaceTimes Lindsay, and he has to remind her who Brent is. I’m screaming. It’s only the second episode, and we’re already having to rely on FaceTime to get Lindsay on camera. It’s going well!

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‘Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club’ Recap: Welcome To Mykonos, Betch

When Lindsay Lohan first announced her new reality show last summer, I’ll admit I was skeptical. Would it be good? Would it ever even happen? Well, the answer to that second question is yes, and in terms of the first question, we’re about to find out. Welcome to the first-ever Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club recap; I’m sure we’re in for a wild ride.

We open on a moody montage of Lindsay talking about her life. Lindsay has been working for 28 years, and I’m exhausted just thinking about that. Why can’t I disappear and then emerge as a club owner in Mykonos? Is this a career path I can pursue? HMU on LinkedIn if you know of any opportunities.

Now we’re meeting Panos, Lindsay’s business partner and creative director. Panos is “cutthroat,” but he also feels like LiLo is part of his family. Same. Panos is a fabulous Greek man, and you can already tell he wants to be the breakout star of this show.

So the whole premise of the show is that they’ve hired all these “VIP Hosts” from the US to work at the beach house for the summer. The hosts are now arriving, and we see Lindsay telling Panos like they’ve never discussed this before. It is 100% scripted, and I don’t even care. Oh reality TV, please never change.

Michael: “I’ve woken up in celebrities’ beds before.” Mike is bisexual, so I’m sure he’ll get in plenty of trouble this season.

Jules: Jules has experience as a “model marketing server,” so she’s not a bartender, just a hot girl who gives people their drinks. Sounds legit.

Brent: The token douchebag. His friends call him the “waitress slayer,” because he’s been fired for sleeping with everyone in the past.

Sara: She’s a Pakistani Muslim but don’t worry, she’s still a hoe.

Aristotle: Tbh, Aristotle is barely in this episode, and I can’t tell you anything about him, other than that he’s a snack.

Billy: Billy believes that, as a VIP Host, “You’re essentially a therapist for these people.” Oh no, honey no.

Gabi: Gabi shows up with blue hair, and she like to have a good time. “On a typical day she’s on top of the bar taking shots,” so I’m sure that’ll go over well with Lindsay.

Jonitta: She’s super pretty, kind of like Jordyn Woods, but with a job.

May: May tells us right away that she flirts with her clients, which I think is kind of implied in all of this. But good job May, thanks for being honest.

Lindsay and Panos are now reviewing these people’s files, as if they’re still deciding which ones to hire. The biggest issue with one photo is that Lindsay says “It’s like she wants to be one of the Jenners.” Okay Lindsay, cut the crap. ALL of these people want to be one of the Jenners. YOU want to be one of the Jenners. They invented this shit!

Staff Meeting #1: Panos is running the show, and he makes it clear that their job is to sell as much expensive sh*t as possible. Jonitta stupidly asks if they’re only going to be judged on sales, to which Panos replies “You’re going to be judged on everything, don’t worry.” All of these kids are like thank you Panos, but can we please meet Lindsay. Panos tells them to “Go back to the villa and rest up for your meetings with Lindsay tomorrow,” as if they have a half marathon in the morning.

At dinner, we quickly establish that everyone is single, clearing the way for this season to get spectacularly messy. Brent wastes no time, saying that blondes aren’t his cup of tea, and quickly turning his attention to Sara. He calls her “exotic,” and I fully want to crawl in a hole and die. Cut to her confessional, where she says he’s not her usual type, because he’s not a basketball player or celebrity. I have this same problem all the time.

They’re all partying in the pool after dinner and Lindsay and Panos show up unannounced in a Mini Cooper. This cannot end well. Lindsay acts like she just walked in and found a dead body in the pool. They’re just pounding some shots on their first night in Mykonos, give them a break. Apparently this is the perfect time to do introductions with Lindsay, because these producers are shady AF.

Gabi gets put on blast for only being in a bra at this impromptu meeting. Lindsay says “It’s like me going to meet Steven Spielberg in a bra and wet hair.” Lol at LiLo acting like she’s had any prestigious Hollywood meetings since 2005. Gabi is then told that she must dye her hair pink because the DJ already has blue hair, and according to Panos, “they’re not Avatars.” Panos is already more than I can handle, and I love it.

Jules moved back to Denver and is ready to “spread her wings and like whatever.” I think she’s looking for the word “fly,” but I can’t be too sure. Lindsay asks if she’s Buddhist (hard no), which is the perfect segue for Lindsay to talk about meditation. God, she’s crazy.

Lindsay then asks what Gabi would do if she and another girl liked the same guy. This seems like a completely inappropriate boss/employee conversation topic, but I guess the ~Lohan Brand~ hasn’t invested in an HR department yet. Lindsay is worried that Gabi isn’t here for the right reasons, and Gabi responds by admitting she’s there because she’s selfish. Lindsay claims Gabi wants her own show, and storms off.

After Lindsay leaves, the Hosts establish some house rules:

1. The smoosh room is open to everyone.

Oh wait, that was the only rule they said. Should be a fun time.

Now Lindsay is with Panos, and she’s crying. She’s still stressed about Gabi trying to take advantage of her. “I have no emotion when it comes to money and business.” Look, it’s 2019, can we stop talking about emotions like they’re a problem? Okay, this is actually sad. A few years ago, Lindsay’s ex hit her on the beach in Mykonos, and she vowed that instead of giving up, one day she would own that beach.

Now it’s the first day at the beach club, and Panos is mad that they’re late. Brent immediately gets in trouble for wearing a white blazer, and now he’s whining because he’s obviously the most stylish. How many episodes before Brent does something stupid and gets fired?

Lindsay has some rainbow eyeshadow going, and it is, um, a choice. She looks like she went to EDC a week ago and hasn’t washed her face since. She says she’s worried about looking old, so maybe she should try some makeup that doesn’t look like she got beaten up by a clown. I truly want the best for Lindsay Lohan, and this makeup situation is far from the best.

Our featured VIP client today is a model named Natasha, and Brent is assigned to be her b*tch for the day. Natasha obviously wants to f*ck Brent, which is annoying AF. He takes her swimsuit shopping across the street (normal), and then we see them fully making out in the cabana. Am I unclear about what VIP hosts are?? Is this a show about prostitutes?

It’s 7PM, and Panos is mad. Jonitta is lying down, wasted and the other hosts are just grinding on each other and ignoring the clients. Back at the house, Jonitta yells at Brent for not working hard enough, just seconds after we saw her drunkenly rolling around on a daybed. I love this sh*t already.

Staff Meeting #2: Panos is wearing a bright orange baker boy hat. I’m obsessed. He applauds Brent for being a manwhore, and calls Jonitta the weakest link. The 2020 election might be heating up, but I’m mostly here for Brent vs. Jonitta.

I’ll be honest, this was a wild ride. I enjoyed it more than I was expecting, and I’m very excited to see what this season has in store!

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Lindsay Lohan Is Having Her Best Week In Years

I never realistically thought I’d be saying this in 2018, but things are really going well for Lindsay Lohan right now. Lindsay has had something of a renaissance this year, suddenly becoming relevant after years of mostly being a joke. She’s reinvented herself as some kind of European/Middle Eastern businesswoman over the past couple years, which is obviously better than being passed out in the back of cabs. This summer, her club in Mykonos really took off, and now we have a reality show because of it.

Really, I’m so thankful for this moment. Yesterday, we were blessed with the first trailer for Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, which premieres January 8th on MTV. Now, I definitely think they could’ve come up with a slightly more creative name for the show, but at least it’s descriptive. In the trailer, we don’t see a lot of what’s actually going to happen on the show, but instead we get a nice voiceover of Lindsay talking about how people always gave her sh*t for going to clubs, so she opened her own. Same, girl! At the end of the trailer, Lindsay asks if we missed her, and if your answer is anything other than a hard yes, please see yourself out.

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The wait is over!!! I’m so excited for you all to see my new show #LindsayLohansBeachClub! Watch the series premiere Tuesday, January 8th at 8/7c on @mtv and follow @MTVBeachClub for more updates! ????

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The big question in the show will be who the other randos in the cast are, which could make or break the whole thing. The show will feature a “handpicked team of young and ambitious VIP hosts who will have to do whatever it takes to secure Lohan’s name as the definition of vacation luxury,” so I just really hope these psychos will bring the drama as much as the Vanderpump Rules cast.

Also on Monday, PAPER magazine dropped the digital cover of their “Break The Internet” issue, also featuring Lindsay Lohan. As you’ll recall, Amanda Bynes was given the main cover for the issue, which is fine. The photoshoot of Lindsay Lohan, however, is f*cking everything I’ve ever wanted in this life. Someone at PAPER had the glorious idea of featuring Lindsay as various Disney princesses, and it’s both hilarious and fierce at the same time. My whole life as a celebrity-obsessed gay man has been preparing me for these photos.

Please scroll through these photos, because each one is better than the last:

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????Thank you @papermagazine for such a fun shoot!! Thanks you @jeff_bark @clairexvalentine @lanajlackey @makeupmark @panosphair @schoolfloat @dwndwntwn ????????

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Hear that sound? That’s the sound of my soul leaving my body upon seeing Lindsay Lohan as bedazzled escort Cinderella. I’m obsessed. Lindsay might not have been included in the “thank u, next” music video (and she seemed a little thirsty about it), but this is definitely the next best thing.

Luckily, we only have to wait one more month for Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club to premiere, and I can’t wait to see how much of a sh*tshow it’ll be. Get ready, because Lindsay Lohan is back and just as delusional as ever.

Images: @lindsaylohan / Instagram (2)

You Have To See How Lindsay Lohan Shaded Her Employees On Instagram

If you’re anything like me, your Sunday was probably spent brunching, napping off a hangover, and overeating while watching The Office. If you’re anything like Lindsay Lohan, you spent your Sunday threatening your employees’ jobs on social media. What employees, you ask? ICYMI, Lindsay is now the proud owner of two nightclubs: the creatively named LOHAN in Athens and LOHAN Beach House in Rhodes. On Sunday, two LOHAN staff members (say Lohan again) posted an Instagram promoting the new club. Lindsay, as one does, took the opportunity to publicly humiliate them for dress code violations. Let’s take a look.

Hello and welcome to paradise! . . . . . #lohanrhodes #lohanbeachhouse #rhodes #rhodesisland #rhodesgreece #myrhodes #rhodeslife #rhodes2018 #rhodesparty #rhodes_vacation #rhodeslifestyle #beachbar #beachbars #beachclub #beachclubs #beachparty

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TBH, the first “violation” that comes to mind here is these ridiculous sleeves. Beyond being hideous, they seem like a huge fire hazard, and I sincerely hope that LOHAN is a candle-free environment. Anyway, Lohan’s issue was actually not with these fugly robes. She commented the following on the pic (comments still up, because Lindsay is in no way backing down from this).










In case you think this is just friendly banter with her LOHAN staff, another commenter checked in to see if she was joking. She was not.

So, what exactly is Lindsay’s game here? If I had to guess, I’d say she’s trying to build up buzz for her upcoming Vanderpump-ish reality show. But honestly, this all seems more like The Apprentice.  (It doesn’t hurt that she’s previously said she wants to be the next Trump.) And that’s just…not appealing. Then again, Lindsay Lohan has, in the past year, faked a British accent, propositioned Trump on Lawyer.com, and designed a personal island. People who work for her hopefully know what they’re getting into. Let’s hope no one actually lost their job, and that Lindsay decided on the nude heel. Those white heels are the ugliest effing shoes I’ve ever seen.

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