5 Hacks You Need To Know About Shopping At Lush

I don’t know how to tell you this. But I’m like, a teeny tiny bit of a hoarder. Not like Hoarders level bad, though. Probably. I am a total product junkie, especially if it’s special, glamorous, or seasonal. My tons and tons of bath products are all half-full (I’m ever the optimist), perfectly organized, but still probably an issue. I just feel like I have to try everything and I like to have a scent for every occasion. Which brings me to one of my favorite places to casually drop my rent money by accident: Lush. I’m so obsessed, in fact, that I actually had to start exploring creative ways to get more Lush.  I’ve used their regular line products so many times that I wanted more. So for all of you, here are some of the best kept Lush secrets to make the most of your shopping at Lush.

Lush Kitchen

If you have never shopped at Lush Kitchen, I’m sorry, you’re doing life wrong. The Kitchen is part of the UK store exclusively. It’s where they come up with all the Lush recipes and product ideas, and they release limited edition lines of products. The products are always amazing, in super high demand, and sell out almost immediately. I recommend following Lush Kitchen on Instagram or Twitter (@lushkitchen) so you’ll know when a new release is coming.

Products can be anything from totally brand-new stuff to old seasonal favorites to new creations using the same scent as popular products. For example, in my most recent Kitchen haul, I got a Lord of Misrule body lotion and an American Cream body lotion. Lord of Misrule is usually a shower cream that is only available around Halloween, and American Cream is the most heavenly smelling hair conditioner ever. I also ordered 10 other things I didn’t need. I have no regrets.

The only downside from shopping at Lush Kitchen is that you do have to pay for shipping from the UK. But again, you literally can’t get these products otherwise. Shipping is something like £7.99. I don’t know what that is in dollars, look it up. If you total up your cart and the shipping is like, £40, it means you’re ordering too much weight-wise, so it has to go to the more expensive shipping. To circumvent this, just divide your order up so you’ll only pay the £7 on each. #Math. However, if you’re only getting a couple of things from the Kitchen, check out the regular UK store (on the same website). They always get products before we do in the US and their product sizes are usually way bigger. Lush USA just recently started selling products in the XL size that the UK has had for years. What a scam.

Seasonal Products

Seasonal products are the best at Lush. The best holidays to shop for seasonal products are Halloween, Christmas (obviously), and weirdly enough, Mother’s Day. Just a couple tips: If you want anything seasonal, buy what you have to have online literally the day it’s released.  Lush products always are available online about a week before they’re in stores. All these products are also limited edition, so once they sell out, they’re gone for good. One Halloween, they sold out of everything I wanted before it was even October, and tantrums were thrown. You can always return items if you hate the scent once you get them, but at least you don’t miss out on trying it. This is especially true for Christmas products. Don’t wait until it’s December to buy; all the best stuff will be gone. By the way, Halloween is already on their website. In case you were thinking of procrastinating, don’t.

Christmas Sale

Speaking of Christmas, both in stores and online starting the day after Christmas, all holiday products are 50% off. One year, I went online and I bought one of every gift package they had left, and I had Santa-themed baths until July. Shopping at Lush in the store is not recommended because are f*cking psycho, so avoid them and shop online. The only caveat to shopping online is you have to be super fast. I mean like, at 12am on December 26th, you better be checking out on their website fast. The best products will have sold out long ago, but you can still get decent bath bombs. They also always have Snow Fairy left because it smells like someone smacked you in the face with a sugar plum fairy. Not in a good way. Is there a good way to do that?


Lush will give you samples of literally any and everything. They will even cut off tiny slivers of solid soap. Whenever you do make it into the store, stock up on whatever they will give you. Some of their moisturizers are pretty expensive, so get some of those. I’m not sure why, but anyone who works at a Lush store behaves as if they snorted bath bomb-scented cocaine. They are all so enthusiastic about showing you the new products and watching bath bombs fizzle out in their little tubs. It’s super unsettling. But whatever. Just act very, very interested and walk away with tons of free sh*t.

Free Face Masks

They put little sticker notices about this on all of their labels, and yet somehow I still see people paying for fresh face masks. Never, ever pay for these, people. They are free if you bring in five empty containers. Lush is basically trying to force you to recycle via bribery, and I’m here for it. I keep a bag under my sink that I toss all my empty Lush bottles in and when I need a new mask, I collect from it. Okay, that makes me sound like a hoarder again, but at least there’s a reason for it. You can thank me for your flawless skin later.

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3 Genius Products That Solve Your Most Pressing Adulting Problems

Being an adult is hard. I know, hot take. I’m convinced that there are certain mysteries that no matter how old you get, will never be solved. Things like “how do I lose socks when I do my own laundry” and “what happens to all my Tupperware lids” and “how on God’s green earth do I fold a fitted sheet???” Luckily, this is 2018, and there’s a random gadget or start-up to solve almost every problem we have. I’ve scoured the internet for the most genius inventions to make your life easier. I’m starting with the bedroom because that’s where I spend the most time, and because figuring out how to fold a fitted sheet literally keeps me up at night. Here’s what I found:

Primary Goods Bedding

Probably the bane of my mom’s existence (other than the fact that I work for a company called Betches) is how I never made my bed in high school. I know, I was just so “cool” and “rebellious”. IDK, it’s just annoying, okay? Thankfully, this new company called Primary Goods has invented these kinda genius bedding sets that basically make themselves so you don’t have to make your bed ever again. If you’ve ever gotten annoyed by how your top sheet doesn’t stay in line perfectly with your duvet, then you’ll love how the duvet cover and the top sheet snap together so they don’t separate in the middle of the night. This also makes making your bed easier since you just snap the top sheet to the duvet and then throw them both over your bed at the same time. So no more wrestling with the flat sheet, climbing on top of your bed and trying to tuck it under your mattress and then realizing how not strong you are, and then doing it all over again with your duvet cover. Nope. You can do it in one go. Personally, I feel like the whole point of having a top sheet is BECAUSE it is separate from your comforter, but then again I only use a top sheet when it’s like 98 degrees and too hot to sleep underneath a real blanket. But it easily unsnaps from the duvet cover so it’s like, NBD. Regardless, I did like how the design of the duvet cover made inserting my duvet a lot easier, which is truly a blessing. Also, their fitted sheets really stay put and all their bedding is RIDICULOUSLY comfy.

QuickZip Fitted Sheets

If you’ve ever struggled with folding a fitted sheet (ALL OF US, DON’T EVEN LIE) then holy shit did I find the product for you. It took me a lot of Googling, but I found something. QuickZip fitted sheets are two-part fitted sheets (I know, say fitted sheet again) that have essentially solved this age-old problem. There are two parts to the sheet, a bottom and a top, and they’re separated by a zipper. The bottom part fits around the perimeter of the bed, and it’s basically like a ring. The top part is more or less a rectangle that zips on to it. So basically you have a flat top part that folds easily, and the bottom part that stays put around the bed. This means no more sheets popping off the bed in the middle of the night, and more importantly, no more Youtubing videos on how to fold a fitted sheet. Holy shit, my life is changed. What will I do with all this extra time now? Maybe I’ll start a vlog.


Okay so remember when I implored the universe what happens to all my socks when I wash them?? How do I do MY OWN LAUNDRY with an even number of socks and end up with at least 3 missing ones on any given week? Are they hiding with the Tupperware lids? Are they being transformed into dryer lint? Only God knows. Well, I found this thing called Sock+its that’s basically a sock keeper. You attach your socks into it, throw the whole thing in the laundry and the dryer, and it keeps your little sock couples together for you. No more mismatched socks, unless of course, you’re into that look. What a miracle!

Image: Toa Heftiba / Unsplash

3 Beauty Problems You Didn’t Know Apple Cider Vinegar Could Solve

By now, you may have heard of all the natural remedies for random shit floating around out there. Use coconut oil for your body odor! Use baking soda for your shampoo! Try Listerine to clean literally everything! Because you aren’t a hippie, there really is no need for these peasant remedies, but one has gotten our attention by way of actually fucking working: apple cider vinegar.

We know what you’re thinking, “ew, I don’t want to smell like a salad.” But what if smelling like a salad could help you with your disgusting zits, your split ends, your dog’s ability to fuck up all your shoes … ? Read on for more non-cooking-related uses for apple cider vinegar.

1. Your Skin

It may surprise you to know that a little apple cider vinegar in your facial routine could seriously improve your life. We tried it as a toner and it made a difference after one goddamn day. Because of the lactic and malic acids in the vinegar, your skin will be softer, more exfoliated, and more balanced. Mix about 2 tbsps of vinegar with one cup of water and apply to skin with a clean cotton ball no more than twice per week. But first, test out a small area to make sure it doesn’t make things worse. If you have sensitive skin, we definitely don’t recommend this route.

2. Your Metabolism

Do you have a carb problem? Good news: Apple cider vinegar can help crush your bad habit. The enzymes in your stomach can’t completely digest starch in the presence of acetic acid, which is in apple cider vinegar. When you can’t digest the starch, you can’t add the calories to your waistline. Additionally, the acetic acid can help suppress your appetite and reduce water retention. We don’t have a ton of scientific data for the claims (there have been studies and there HAS been some proof that all these things are true), but don’t expect to drop 20 pounds just by adding vinegar to your diet. At most, it’ll help you keep off an extra pound or two while you continue to diet and exercise.

Drop 10 Pounds Like That

3. Your Feet

Yes, it will help if you insisted on wearing those heels that totally don’t breathe. The ones where, as soon as you take them off, it smells like a small, furry animal may have died under the floor. Grab a washcloth or paper towel, dip it in diluted apple cider vinegar (generally you want one cup of water for every 2 tbsps apple cider vinegar) and rub those foul beasts down.

4. Your Hair

Have a dandruff problem? That’s gross, but we understand. Apple cider vinegar can help. Mix equal parts apple cider vinegar and water in a spray bottle and spray on your scalp about twice per week. Place a towel on your head and leave for about an hour, then wash your hair normally. If you don’t have dandruff, you can also use 1/3 cup apple cider vinegar mixed with 4 cups of water to rinse your hair of excess product buildup. Just use after shampooing, then rinse.


5. Your Dog’s Chewing Habit

If your dog won’t stop fucking chewing your expensive shoes, it’s time to go the apple cider vinegar route. Grab a spray bottle and mix together two parts apple cider vinegar, one part white vinegar, and half a part of lemon juice. Spray on things Fido finds delicious but like, aren’t meant to be delicious. Hw won’t chew shit after he gets a mouthful of that.

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Pants That Will Make Your Legs Look Twice As Long

Whether you have man shoulders, your nailbeds suck, or you just have really bad breath in the morning, we all have things we wish we could change about ourselves. I, for example, wish I had the long, gazelle-like legs of Gigi Hadid. Instead, I have been cursed with stumpy-ass gams, which have caused me many deep internet spirals in search of the secrets of the long-legged Gods. Inevitably, this always leads me to the same exact quote, repeated by every VS supermodel ever: “Honestly, all I do is Pilates.” Riiiigggghhhtt. Naturally, I blow my paycheck on $30 Pilates classes and invest heavily in a Pilates-perfect wardrobe. All of this, only to glance in the mirror a month later and see my same old trusty stumps…but now in $100 Lulu leggings. Smh.

But, do not despair—I obvi wouldn’t even be writing this article if I didn’t have an answer for all my fellow stump-legged sisters out there. I have finally uncovered the secret to longer legs, and no, it’s not Pilates. It’s pants. And no, they’re not all high-waisted. So, take that would-have-been-wasted Pilates money, and put it towards the following new pants, all of which will make your legs look longer than Kim K.’s latest hair extensions.

1. High-Waisted Pants

Let’s start with the obvious: high-waisted pants. Every girl knows the power of the eighth wonder of the world that is high-waisted pants. Not only do they make your body appear slimmer by holding in your beer bloat, but they also make your legs appear 10 times longer. It’s simple math: by shortening your torso, you’re lengthening your legs. Capiche? So go ahead and put away your Christina Aguilera circa 1999 low-rise jeans in favor of the more current and flattering high-waisted version.

Zara Wide-Leg Trousers

2. Wide Leg

As of late, wide leg pants have gained a special place in my heart. Flowy, kind, forgiving—what more could you ask for? Wide leg pants make it literally impossible to tell the actual shape of a person’s legs, and even more impossible to tell where the leg starts and ends. I mean, are there even legs under there at all? Nobody knows.

Zara What’s Up Pant

3. Long Hem

Ever had the fun idea to try on a pair of those cute, kinda-cropped jeans that off-duty models love to wear? If your answer is yes, and you are not in fact Karlie Kloss, then you probably quickly realized that this particular style of pants that look soooo cool and effortless on models legit just look like floods on you. Instead, opt for pants with extra long hems that cover the tops of your feet and the entirety of your heels to make your legs appear super long and exaggerated. The key here is to wear heels; you want to look chic, not sloppy.

Revolve Penelope Pant

4. Vertical Lines And Details

Ah, we’ve all heard the age-old, “horizontal stripes will make you look fat.” What everyone’s mom failed to also mention is that, on the flip-side, vertical stripes will lengthen and slim your silhouette. Pants with vertical lines, details, and creases will naturally elongate your legs. Complement a pair of striped pants with a nude heel, and I promise you’ll have legs longer than a list of Taylor Swift’s exes.

Zara Striped Pants

5. Clean Silhouette

Last but not least, we all know by now that black is slimming. By the same principle, a pair of dark jeans with a clean silhouette will lengthen your legs. This means no cuffs, bulky pockets or any other distracting details. So basically, no cargos. Pair your dark wash skinnies with a dark-colored bootie to create a continuous, seamless line, and voilà. You’ve stretched those legs to almost supermodel status. Almost.

Nordstrom Farrah High Waist Skinny Jeans

Images: Zara (3); Nordstrom (2)

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7 Incredibly Cheap Products That Will Give You Flawless Skin

Unless you want to spend your life as a greasy, acne-ridden monster, skin care is an essential evil for all of us. Skin care takes a fuck ton of time and is expensive AF, but there are cheap skin care products that get the job done quick and make your skin look flawless, so you don’t have to waste even more money buying concealer. Blessings. The best part is you might already be using some of these products for other areas of your body and/or you might have this shit lying around your apartment to begin with. Anyway, these cheap skin care products just might save your life.

1. Coconut Oil

365 Everyday Value Organic Coconut Oil

I normally really hate anything that hipsters love, avocado toast and anything gluten-free included. But sometimes the hipsters are fucking right: the cure for absolutely everything is coconut oil. You can use it as a hair mask, to flatten flyaway hairs, you can eat it, it’s healthier than EVOO for cooking, and it’s the best multi-use yet cheap skin care product. Use it to take your makeup off, moisturize your skin in or after the shower, put a little into your bath and use it as shaving cream. But if you put this on your face, remember to wash it off—especially if you’re acne-prone. I don’t want any comments complaining that you left oil on your face and broke out. I am not responsible for that kind of stupidity.

2. Micellar Water


Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water

Picture it: you’re getting home at 3am. You’re drunk and tired AF. You had four vodka sodas. Okay, seven. No more than nine for sure. You need to get your ass to bed before you start spinning. There is no fucking way you’re taking your makeup off. EXCEPT THEN you remember you have micellar water which is the best thing ever, because it gets your makeup off super easily (even waterproof makeup), tones your skin, and moisturizes it. Just pour it on a washcloth and wipe your face down and you’re good to go. Don’t sleep in your makeup. It’s fucking gross and gives you wrinkles. Just promise, okay?

3. Exfoliating Gloves


Aquasentials Exfoliating Bath Gloves

Finding these gloves is one of my PROUDEST accomplishments. Put any soap or body wash on them and scrub your skin. They will make you feel like a flawless and silky baby. Plus, exfoliating before shaving reduces your risk of razor burn or ingrown hairs. These gloves work better than any expensive scrub and are reusable until they literally fall apart. And they’re basically the definition of cheap skin care shit.

4. Acne Absorbers

Nexcare Acne Cover

These things are the BEST. I bought more while looking for an image for this article because that is how much I love them. You put one of these patches on any pimple for 8 hours. The patch absorbs everything in the pimple without breaking the skin. Plus, having it covered keeps you from picking it, if you’re revolting and into that sort of thing. They are also so fucking gross, because you can see everything that came out of your pores, and it’s really satisfying. They make any zit totally flat so it’s easier to conceal. You get 36 in this set, and it doesn’t dry out or otherwise fuck up your skin. It’s cheaper skin care than any acne cream out there.

5. Epsom Salt

Epsoak Epsom Salt

This is like a grandma kind of cure-all but, like the hipsters, Grandma sometimes knows what’s up. Epsom salt can be used for exfoliating, reducing pain, rashes, and redness, decreasing inflammation of any kind, and curing acne (especially if you’re prone to backne or assne—yes I’m sorry but it is a thing for some people). You can use it in the shower or bath, or if you want a really rough scrub, use it dry before you get into the shower. Put it in the bath for your very own spa-quality salt bath.

6. Cortisone Cream


Cortizone-10 Max Strength Cortizone-10 Cream

Cortisone can be used for any itching, swelling, or redness. It’s normally used for bug bites and rashes. If you have a giant pimple or cyst, a dermatologist might inject it with cortisone and it’ll usually go down within 24 hours. The shot is like $60 every fucking time, though, and the cortizone cream you can get at the drugstore is basically the same thing (except it’s not as strong, duh). Just put it on your pimple and within a day or two, it’ll be gone. You can also use it to heal ingrown hairs or anything else swollen, like bags under your eyes.

7. Alum Spice

McCormick Alum

This is actually an old-school barbershop secret, and I’m furious that it took me so long in life to discover it. Alum is a spice. You can find it in the spice aisle of your grocery store. It’s used for like, making pickles, or something. Or you can buy it in a block from a shaving specialty store, where they will charge you like, $10 more. Alum constricts blood vessels, so it’s used to stop bleeding, like if the barber hacks half your face off. Does that happen? It seems like it would happen. I saw Sweeney Todd.

You can use it for any cut, redness, swelling, or soreness. So like, if you cut the shit out of your knee shaving again and it won’t stop bleeding and you’re already late Af and were planning on wearing a white dress, don’t panic. Just use some alum and water to make a paste, put it on, cry like a bitch because it hurts like a motherfucker, and wipe it off a couple minutes later. It instantly stops the bleeding and will make it less red. It also works if you popped a pimple and it’s oozing and bleeding and you need to put concealer on it NOW. It will close it and take the redness out. It works so well, you may not even need the concealer. You can also put it on canker sores, ingrown hairs or nails, etc. Just don’t swallow it, it is a *bit* toxic.

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How To Cut Your Gym Time In Half While Still Getting A Good Workout

If you’re reading this article, we’re gonna assume you’re seriously considering going to the gym, so congratulations. Your favorite pair of Lulu leggings are finally getting some use, even though the gym might be the last place you want to spend your v important time. Like, sometimes I feel like I’d literally rather be summoned to three days of jury duty than spend 30 minutes on an elliptical. Anyway, we want you to get an efficient workout without wasting time that could be otherwise spent scrolling through Instagram, or like, watching Tasty videos. Here’s how to spend less time at the gym without downgrading the quality of your workout.

1. Plan Before You Get There

You might not wanna be the girl who’s trying too hard to get a good workout, but then again, that girl is hot AF, so let’s move past that. It’s time to try—a little, at least. If you have any clue of what you want to do in the gym, write it down in your phone before you get there. It’ll save you a ton of time so you don’t have to make decisions once you get to the gym and already want to leave. Everyone knows the feeling of doing five seconds of crunches and then deciding you want to use the spin bikes. You’re wasting everyone’s time when you could have just written out a plan for yourself beforehand.


2. Choose Your Area And Stick To It

Whether your workout revolves around dumbbells, cardio machines, or that little ab dolly that will literally make you want to die for the sake of a six pack, make sure you organize it based on where you are in the gym. In other words, don’t plan a workout that involves a minute of treadmill sprints, then running to do a few minutes of kettlebell moves, then going back upstairs to the machines again. It might have been a while since you’ve been to the gym, but try to remember where everything is located, and then structure your workouts based on the close areas. You’ll end up saving a ton of time that you would’ve spent going back and forth like an idiot.

3. Make Your Playlist Beforehand

This is also a planning tip, so if you’re anti-preparation, you’ll just end up scrolling through Spotify for an hour until you find the song you want to listen to during your workout. The music you listen to while working out is a game-changer, so make sure you have a dope playlist ready to go. I mean, I guess you can search “Motivating Workout Songs” or something, but just know that you’ll end up listening to a combo of Eminem and “Eye of the Tiger”. I’d suggest making your own playlist.

Brad Pitt

4. Make Plans For Right After

Going to the gym and winging it just puts you on less of a time crunch than if you were to sign up for a 45 minute spin class. While it’s nice to have the time to do whatever the hell you want, that freedom can also make you procrastinate and not get anything done. I’d suggest making plans to meet a friend for dinner right after your workout, so that way you’ll have the motivation to get shit done while you’re at the gym. If you only have 35 minutes to work out, you’re probably not gonna want to spend 25 of them taking mirror selfies. Or like, you will want to, but you can’t. I don’t care how good the locker room lighting is.

5. Do A Ladder Style Workout

A ladder style workout is exactly what it sounds like, so you’re basically structuring your workout by going up and then back down, like you’re climbing up and down a ladder. By setting a number of reps and then doing exercises that correspond to that number, you’ll end up spending less time deciding how long to spend doing each exercise, and you’ll also just get the workout done faster knowing there’s an end number to hit. For example, decide you’re going to do one squat and work your way until 20, and then work your way down to 1. There’s no way you’ll stop in the middle or slow down because you have an end goal you need to hit.

Mike Wazowski

6. Download A Timer App

If you’re not into counting reps or staying on one machine for a long period of time, downloading a timer app will save you a ton of time at the gym and help you break up your workout more efficiently. You can get timers that can be set to a certain amount of minutes or seconds, and then you can build in breaks, which your phone timer doesn’t do. We prefer Tabata timers, so you can time yourself with a 20 seconds on, 10 second break period, but try out a few and see which one works for you. You’re not gonna slack off when you literally have 20 seconds to get the work done.