Celebrity Couples Who Are Quarantining Together

In case you somehow missed it, Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron are quarantining together. And now, another possible Bachelor couple, Peter and Kelley, was seen out and about actively disobeying social distancing protocols. I guess we can finally say for sure that Bachelor producers don’t pick their cast based on intelligence, right? And Bachelor couples aren’t the only couples that are quarantining together—real celebrities are doing it too! Why aren’t these people worried they’re going to hate each other by the end of this? I’m quarantining with my mother and I’m 99% sure the only reason she hasn’t murdered me yet is because she doesn’t want the nine months that she carried me in her womb to be for nothing. So, it’s either very brave or very stupid of these celebrities to spend an undetermined amount of time together. Let’s take a look at which celebrity couples have decided to take their chances, and attempt to answer the eternal question: do celebrities that quarantine together stay together?

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello

Shawn Mendes Camila Cabello

So I guess this charade is still happening. Shawn and Camila have called the paparazzi on themselves been spotted out in Miami multiple times since quarantine began. Aggressively kissing, of course, because no one would buy that they’re a couple if they’re not swallowing each other’s faces whole. Oh wait, we still don’t buy it. Shouldn’t have wasted the saliva, guys! But that was SO sweet of them to remind us that it’s possible to stay fit while under quarantine—I mean, look at those abs! Could you livestream a workout for us, Shawn? Should I buy any equipment? Will I need to put down my Cheetos? Anyway, I’m not too worried about this couple breaking up in isolation. They’ll only break up when their contract says to, and I’m sure their lawyers thought of a pandemic clause.

Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas 

Another couple doing their part to make sure the paparazzi stay employed during this unprecedented time of unemployment is Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas. I’m veryyyyy concerned about these two. First, they went from dating to “these are the sounds my body makes” in about .5 seconds. Second, they seem to really want people to know they’re banging, in a time when people reallyyyy don’t care. We’re just trying to secure enough toilet paper over here! Honestly, I’m happy that Ben is happy, partially because I think he makes things harder for himself than they need to be, but mostly because The Accountant is an underrated movie for which he did not get his due. But also, I beg of you, stay home! And actually, maybe I am very worried about this relationship because if they can’t obey an order to stay home that is strictly to SAVE LIVES, maybe they’re getting sick of each other already?

Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone

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Fostering a puppy during this quarantine time has been the single best decision. For all my friends showing interest in doing this, DO IT. You won’t regret it❤️❤️❤️❤️ these sweet creatures need you so badly

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This one has me shook. Yes, Camila and Leo have been together for a while. Yes, there are no parties for Leo to attend at this time. Yes, Coachella was canceled. Yes, his infamous Pussy Posse does have too many members for the CDC to allow them to hang out right now. But I never thought it would come to this. Leo alone with a girlfriend for an extended amount of time? Giving her the impression that they might just be serious? The world really is ending. According to Harper’s Bazaar, Leo and Camila are in quarantine at his LA mansion and “they’re always together, but like maintaining privacy.” I assume that means that when Camila starts talking about TikTok he sends her to her room, right? They’ve even decided to foster a dog! I’m flummoxed. Look, I can’t tell you for sure if these two will make it through, the only thing I can tell you is that if we’re still in quarantine when she turns 25, they definitely will not.

Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich

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when u realize u should’ve packed more for your quarantine stay 😅🤦‍♂️ have a blessed Monday filled with health, happiness, safety, joy, love, & laughter <3

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I just said to my mother that now might be the time to get into soap operas. But I didn’t mean to, like, get into them, you know? Someone must have said the same thing to Demi and she took it very literally because it looks like she is quarantining with Max Ehrich, an actor on The Young and The Restless. Wow. That show title just hit hard. According to People, Max has posted Instagram stories of himself cuddling with Demi’s dogs, and a shirtless picture saying he didn’t pack enough for his quarantine. No one did, Max! Demi responded in the comments, “Fine by me…”. So I think it’s safe to say they have plenty to do to pass the time. 

Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez

I know you’re wondering if you should know who Dalton Gomez is, but don’t worry, you shouldn’t, and we broke his details down for you here. I’m honestly shocked that this guy is not a YouTube star because I find if I don’t know a name I hear on a celebrity website, they’re most likely a mildly offensive human who gets paid $24 million a year to tape themselves doing dumb sh*t. But, this guy is a realtor. Ariana met him through friends and apparently he sells multi-million dollar houses. Not right now you don’t, Dalton! Ain’t nobody got any money. We all know that Ariana is great at a quick, intense relationship *cough* all those Pete Davidson tattoos *cough* so this relationship might really thrive for the next few months. But once this is over and all of us mole people return to the light? They’re done. 

Best of luck to all these quarantining celebrity couples, and may the odds be ever in their favor! Which celebrity couples do you think will make it out of isolation without hate in their hearts and blood on their hands?

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All The Famous Women You Forgot Leo DiCaprio Dated

Today marks Leo DiCaprio’s 45th birthday, and it’s only right that we celebrate such a Hollywood icon. Leo’s given us so many amazing performances over the course of his career, and for that I am thankful. But when it comes to his dating life, things have been a little bumpier, and Leo has never really settled down. Leo has a type, and that type is basically just “young and hot.”

These days, Leo is in a relationship with 22-year-old model and actress Camila Morrone, whom he started dating last year. I’m honestly impressed they’ve made it this far, but Camila is just the latest in a long line of young, hot women that Leo has huge out with. Let’s take a look back at some of the Leo DiCaprio exes you may have forgotten about, and some that I really just want to bring up again.


Okay, so most of you probably remember this, but it will never not be wild to me. Back in early 2015, Rih and Leo were spotted together numerous times over the course of a few months, starting with New Years in St. Bart’s. Naturally, everyone assumed that something was going on, but there was never solid confirmation that they were in a relationship. Personally, I feel like Rihanna would’ve hooked up with Leo just for the story, and I really support that.

Blake Lively

I truly, truly forgot that this happened. At this point, it’s bizarre to imagine a time when Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds weren’t a package deal, but we all had to start somewhere. And for Blake Lively, that meant a five-month relationship with Leo in 2011, when she was just 24. Their relationship obviously didn’t last that long, but some weird info leaked about their habits. Reportedly, Blake traveled with a doll and sent Leo pictures of it at all the places she went, which is…cute? Nope, I tried, but it’s weird.

Bar Refaeli

bar refaeli

Israeli model Bar Refaeli is probably the longest relationship Leo has had. They dated from 2005 to 2010, when she turned 25 and officially became too old for him. Sad, but true. They were quite serious, and one time Leo met the Israeli Prime Minister while visiting her in her home country. Since dating Leo, Bar has done pretty well for herself, investing in a bunch of Israeli businesses that have given her a net worth of $20 million. Good for her.

Gisele Bündchen

Ah yes, a true early 2000s power couple. Like Bar Refaeli, Gisele dated Leo for around five years, from 1999 to 2004. Despite Leo being notoriously private with his relationships, he even took Gisele to the Oscars one year, so you know it was serious. In 2018, Gisele finally opened up about the relationship, saying that she started suffering from panic attacks near the end, and needed to change her lifestyle of heavy drinking and smoking cigarettes. Obviously, she ended up with Tom Brady, and I feel like she’s probably okay with that decision.

Naomi Campbell

We don’t really know any details of this, but it’s widely reported that Naomi and Leo had a “fling” in 1995. You know this was a super long time ago, because Naomi is actually four years OLDER than Leo. He might’ve been into her back then, but she’s literally 25 years too old for him now. Sad for him, because she’s still stunning.

Amber Valletta

Amber Valletta is a super famous model, or you might know her as the sister of Scheana’s ex Rob from Vanderpump Rules. Either way, Leo and Amber were only together for a brief time, but the story is…a lot. Apparently, Leo saw a picture of Amber in a magazine in 1998, and had his people track her down for him. And then they hooked up. Sounds really romantic!

Demi Moore

Demi and Leo dated for a hot minute back in 1997, and she was older than him, too. This isn’t really surprising to me for some reason, but I definitely didn’t know that it happened. Demi would then go on to marry another younger guy, Ashton Kutcher, but Leo wouldn’t really do the older woman thing for much longer.

Leo DiCaprio has had many more exes over the years, but most of them are models who are basically only famous because they dated Leo. It’s truly been a wild ride. Happy birthday, Leo!

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Who Is Camila Morrone, Leo DiCaprio’s New Girlfriend?

In all the news of celebrities getting engaged after .25 seconds of dating, you might have missed that Leonardo DiCaprio has a new girlfriend. And yes, before you even ask, she is a model. She and Leo DiCaprio have actually been dating for almost a year now, so we decided that it was finally time to do a little investigating and actually get to know this lucky b*tch. Her name is Camila Morrone, and before you go typing who is Camila Morrone into Google, we did some digging. We discovered everything there is to know about the stunning 21-year-old, so you don’t have to do your own research. You’re welcome.

#LeonardoDiCaprio y #CamilaMorrone, enamorados en #SaintTropez: paseo en yate y lomazo https://t.co/dP7vJjhyZX #fielinks

— mabgia (@mabgia) July 30, 2018

Who Is Camila Morrone?

Needless to say, Camila Morrone is an actress and model. She’s obviously gorgeous and slightly age-inappropriate for the 43-year-old Leo, but at least she can legally drink. Camila is starring in campaigns for Topshop, Desigual, and Ay Not Dead jeans. Naturally, she’s besties with some other famous models like Hailey Baldwin, Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and Kaia Gerber, to name a few. So basically, she’s not that different from Leo’s other model ex-girlfriends.

Thank you to everyone who supported @nevergoinbackmovie tonight in NY! We are so so grateful beyond words???? @a24 @maiamitchell @augustinefrizzell

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Morrone is currently making the segue from model to actress (eye roll). Even though she never took an acting class in her life, she was cast in the action movie Death Wish starring Bruce Willis and made her starring debut in the comedy-drama Never Goin’ Back alongside Maia Mitchell, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. I haven’t seen either movie, so I can’t determine if she’s any good at acting, but hopefully she’s better than Cara Delevingne.

Who Is Her Family?

This is not Camila Morrone’s first brush with Hollywood royalty. Her mom, Lucila Solá, is a former model and romantically linked to an actor you may have heard of… Al Pacino. In fact, Pacino is credited with introducing Morrone to DiCaprio. The guys my parents’ friends introduce me to are all ugly with emotional intimacy issues, so I’m impressed with Al for this. Camila’s dad was also a model, starring in ad campaigns for Dolce and Gabbana in the 90s, which explains her perfect appearance. Is it too late for me to get adopted by them, and will it make me better looking by association? 

When Did Camila Morrone Start Dating Leonardo DiCaprio?

The two were first reported as romantically linked when Leo was spotted leaving her house in mid December. I know, you’ve been out of the loop for a long time! It’s okay, we all are. After that, Camila and Leo spent the holidays together in Aspen and were seen getting off his private plane together in LA. The following month, they were together again, celebrating Ellen Degeneres’ birthday. This summer they’ve been spending time together on a yacht in the South of France and around the Italian Riviera, sometimes with her mom, which is the only possible buzzkill we could find in this whole scenario.

Gelato happy face

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Is There A Future?

I mean, who really knows. On the one hand, just yesterday, Camila and Leo were spotted snorkeling together in Italy. On the other hand, this is Leo DiCaprio. The dude goes through ex-girlfriends like I go through shampoo. I would honestly be shocked if Camila was Leo’s last much younger gorgeous girlfriend. But then again, given what’s been going on in Hollywood lately, maybe they’ll get engaged two days from now. It’s anybody’s guess.

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A Timeline Of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Declining Looks

Leonardo DiCaprio is like, the king of the dad bod. Sure, he had a pretty good run as one of the hottest guys in the history of ever, but unlike the other regulation hotties in Hollywood (I’m looking at you, Brad and George), Leo has kind of let himself go. I mean, nobody was expecting him to stay Jack Dawson-level perfect forever, but he did date a Spice Girl in the ‘90s, and that kind of feels like the closest thing this world has to a dip in the fountain of youth.

Before you go and turn into the nice police on me, let it be stated that I’m not trying to tear into Leo for his physical appearance. I’m just investigating what exactly happened that made us look at photos of him and think, “Oh no,” instead of, “Fuck yeah.” I’m also kind of calling for a little social action here. Leo’s obv out here living his best life, doing shit like watching Salt Bae cook for him and partying with models. He’s just doing it with no fucks given, and everyone is pretty much just nodding their heads like, “Yeah, this is fine!” All I want is for that kind of support if I decide to let myself go, you know? Like, if I want to run around belly out while squirting a water gun, I would hope that the general consensus would be the same semi-hesitant support Leo gets. That’s really all I ask for in this life. Anyway, let’s look into this further.

In 2013, Leo was definitely still a fox. I know this because he starred in The Great Gatsby AND Wolf of Wall Street that year. If you can look good rolling down steps while tripping on quaaludes in a pair of sweatpants, you are untouchable.

Wolf of Wall Street

In 2014, TMZ started calling him Leonardo DiFlabrio and said that even though he had boobs, he was still hot, because he’s Leo DiCaprio and bangs models. This was also the year of the infamous water gun photos.

Water Gun Leo DiCaprio

In 2015, Leo was rocking a man bun and a beard that was a little Trader Joe’s cashier-y, but it worked, because he was busy being like, an environmentalist or something.

Leonardo DiCaprio

In 2016, Leo finally won an Oscar and looked really good. That is all.

Leonardo DiCaprio Oscars

2017 is a shitty year, but Leo made it better by hanging out with Kate Winslet in Saint-Tropez. This moment was really too good for all of us, and honestly, I think the world (or at least the internet) would have ended if he had been super jacked for this occasion. It would’ve been too much to handle, so Leo basically did us a favor by keeping the scales balanced.

Kate Winslet Leonardo DiCaprio Saint-Tropez

Most recently, DiCaprio was spotted whipping around in a Volvo. He looked pretty decent. Maybe we’ll never get peak Leo back, but I’m feeling optimistic about the future.

Leonardo DiCaprio 2017

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Leonardo DiCaprio Is Hanging Out With His Ex Again, Just Like All Of Us

When it comes to relationships, Leonardo DiCaprio has a very clear type: model, hot, and significantly younger than him. This has been true for literally as long as we can remember, and it doesn’t look like he’s changing his ways anytime soon. Last weekend, he was seen leaving 1Oak New York at 5am holding hands with his ex-girlfriend Toni Garrn, who (you guessed it!) is a model. It definitely seems like things are back on between the two of them, because why else would you be holding hands and then getting in the car together at 5am? In case you’re wondering, Leo is 42 and Toni is 25, but age is just a number or whatever.

While we’re here, let’s take a walk down memory lane, and look at some of the highlights of Leo’s dating career. This could take a while.

1. Emma Bunton, aka “Baby Spice”

That’s right, way back in 1997 when you were a small child, Leo dated a real life Spice Girl. Emma is Baby Spice if you’re wondering, and apparently he didn’t wannabe her lover bad enough to stick around.

2. Helena Christensen

Helena was one of the big supermodels of the 1990s, and she was also one of the original Victoria’s Secret Angels. She’s also five years older than Leo, but apparently that didn’t disgust him in 1997. After that, she started dating the guy with the dead eyes from The Walking Dead, and he…fucked a bunch more models.

3. Amber Valletta

The year was 1998. Amber was another one of the major supermodels of the 90s. Leo reportedly saw her in a magazine and had his people call her people, which is the most romantic thing we’ve ever heard.

4. Bijou Phillips

Back in 1998, Leo dated 18-year-old Phillips, who had a famous dad or something and was trying to be an actress. It didn’t last, and she ended up marrying Hyde from That 70s Show, but she did credit Leo with helping her get a movie role.

5. Gisele Bündchen

This just makes us feel really fucking old. In 1999, when Tom Brady was still playing college football, Gisele and Leo started a relationship that would be on-again-off-again until 2005. In a really eloquent interview from 2009, Gisele said “we were just not meant to be girlfriend and boyfriend.” Deep shit, man.

6. Bar Refaeli

After Gisele was gone, Leo quickly moved on from a Brazilian Victoria’s Secret model to an Israeli Victoria’s Secret model. Tough transition. They were together from 2006 until 2011 (minus a six-month break in 2009), and we really thought she might be the one after she introduced him to the Israeli prime minister. But it wasn’t meant to be, and now Bar is married to an Israeli man.

7. Anne V.

We mentioned that Leo and Bar took a six-month break in 2009, and Leo spent that break on a beach with Anne V, a top model who also dated Adam Levine back in the day. Seriously, these guys shuffle models around like a deck of cards.

8. Blake Lively

We almost forgot about this, and we still can’t believe it really happened. In the six months they were together, they were spotted in Cannes, Italy, New York, LA, and Australia. Okay, maybe Blake was just in it for the frequent flyer miles.

9. Erin Heatherton

If you’re keeping score, Erin is the fifth Victoria’s Secret model on this list. Casual. Like Blake, Erin was busy traveling the whole time she was with Leo. They were seen together in Sydney, Mexico, Hawaii, LA, and New York in the year they were dating.

10. Toni Garrn

Remember her? Toni (yes, that’s really how her last name is spelled; I didn’t just sneeze on the keyboard) and Leo originally dated from May 2013 to December 2014, during which they took beach vacations in at least four different countries. In case you were wondering, this means Toni was 21 and Leo was 38, so I’m calling the police. Looks like old habits die hard, because they’re definitely not done with each other. Oh, and Toni is also a Victoria’s Secret model. 

11. Kelly Rohrbach

In 2015, Leo ditched the VS models for a Sports Illustrated model, and they spent most of the summer hanging out together in New York. There was a rumor that he proposed to her, but that was obviously false because he is clearly never getting married.

12. Rihanna

We’ll be clear: We don’t know for sure that they dated, but it really looks like they did. He helped plan her birthday party in 2015, and they were later seen meeting up at a club. Let’s just say, Leo doesn’t seem like the kind of guy you meet at the club just to say hi and go your separate ways.

13. Nina Agdal

Before the reappearance of Toni Garrn, Leo’s latest model was Nina Agdal, who can proudly say that she’s done both Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated. She also previously dated Adam Levine, because of course, but she and Leo broke it off in May.

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