5 Must-Have Leather Jackets Under $100

Most of us aren’t rolling in cash, but if you are, congrats. Also, not totally sure why you’re reading an article about leather jackets under $100 but hey, appreciate the read. For the rest of us, there’s tons of articles out there about the 500 things we need for fall (#realtalk probs half of those are written by me, lol). But, in all reality, if there’s one thing you actually DO need for fall, it’s a leather jacket. Faux leather of course, don’t go calling PETA on me, please. A faux leather jacket makes every outfit instantly cooler, plus it offers that perfect extra layer of warmth for all your fall festivities (i.e. pumpkin picking, hayrides, blacking out on ciders). Obvi I recognize not all of us have the funds to go blow bills on designer leather jackets, sooo I’ve found several options for you that look just as stylish but are a lot less pricey. Here are five styles of leather jackets under $100.

1. Traditional

For those less fashion savvy, you’ll want to get yourself a traditional, classic black leather jacket. Like I said before, it will pair well with all your outfits and make you look supes chic and stylish. Keep the look classic with some dark denim or ripped boyfriend jeans. Or, make it weird and go leather-on-leather by pairing it with some aggressive leather pants. Really, the choice is yours.

BLANKNYC Faux Leather Jacket ($98)

2. Moto/Biker

The key to wearing a biker style leather jacket is to not look like a hardo Harley Davidson fanatic. You want to look chic and stylish, not like a Riverdale Southside Serpent. (Although, it does seem to be the cool thing to be in Riverdale these days.) Anyway, pick one with some quilting, hardware, or extra buckles for an edgier twist on a traditional leather jacket.

Topshop Leather Look Biker Jacket ($95)

Zara Leather Look Biker Jacket ($69.90)

3. Cropped

A cropped leather jacket looks super cute with a mini dress or fall floral maxi. It adds season appropriateness to your mini dress and an element of edginess to your otherwise super girly floral maxi. Basically, it’s a great option to add variety to your fall looks and more wearability to your current wardrobe.

UO Faux Leather Cropped Moto Jacket ($99)

4. Work Appropriate

Yes, you can wear a leather jacket to work without Karen in HR thinking you do some weird BDSM sh*t as your side hustle. Pick a structured leather jacket like this one, which works great for spicing up your drab 9-5 ensemble. You can also even wear it on the weekends with a bodysuit and ripped jeans for a casual downtown-cool look. Get you a leather jacket that can do both!

Emory Park Tailored Jacket in Faux Leather ($72)

5. Statement

A statement leather jacket, like this red one from Zara, radiates confidence and makes for a great first date jacket. It’s like, not only am I going to look edgy and cool in a leather jacket, but I’mma do you one better and look hot af in a red one. It basically “makes” an otherwise boring outfit, and is sooo much less basic than a standard black one.

Zara Faux Leather Zippered Jacket ($69.90)

So if you’re trying to get into the leather jacket game, I just gave you five relatively affordable options to do so. And look, I know I tell you like, everything is a fall essential, but a leather jacket actually is, so get yourself one of these aforementioned five amazing styles ASAP.

Images: tyler nix / Unsplash; Zara (2); Urban Outfitters; Topshop; Nordstrom; Asos
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5 Trendy Fall Jackets You Need To Add To Your Closet

In case you don’t normally know about these kind of things and go by the PSL debut, Saturday marks the first official day of fall aka the day I can finally talk about my Halloween costume, eat pumpkin flavored foods, and sport my combat boots without being judged. F*cking finally. Whether you’re a devotee of summer or a diehard fall person, I feel like there’s no debate about which season has the best fashion. If you’re really going to fight me (in the comments) that summer is better, then you can go elsewhere, tbh. Fall fashion is like, a million times better than that of any other season. It’s chic, classy, badass, and more importantly, comfortable af. Black jeans, a crappy T-shirt, and an oversize jacket to take a load of Insta candids in? Hell yes. To help with your own fall inspo as temperatures start to dip into low 70s (on the East coast, at least), here are 5 trendy fall jackets you’ll fall in love with this season.

1. I. AM. GIA. + UO Pixie Coat in Tan

I am seriously loving this sherpa/”teddy” jacket trend. Yes, you may look like a giant bear half the time, but you’ll also be ridiculously comfortable, warm, and trendy, regardless of the outfit you’re wearing underneath. I guarantee people will be asking left and right where you got your jacket from.

2. Y.A.S. Tie Waist Duster Coat in Gray 

Duster coats really make a boss-ass b*tch statement. Whether you’re waiting for a drink at the bar or the elevator in your office, you’ll look like a C-list celeb that everyone will know not to mess with in one of these fall jackets.

3. Topshop Washed Wolf Zipper Moto Jacket

First of all, if you don’t already have a black leather jacket, WTF is wrong with you? I assume you live under a rock. Secondly, everyone needs at least one in their lives to go with all their clubbing and rooftop bar outings when summer is officially over. A black leather jacket is the staple of fall jackets, and this one won’t set you back too much money or get you in trouble with PETA because it’s faux leather.

4. Madewell The Jean Jacket in Pinter Wash

Again, another must-have by everyone and like, possibly their grandmother. Denim jackets are a wardrobe staple you won’t regret investing in because you’ll wear yours too many times to count. A denim jacket goes with everything in your closet and is versatile enough to go from a 9-to-5 to happy hour in.

5. Velvet by Graham and Spencer Ruby Jacket

As of recently, green military and camouflage jackets have been a straight-up #mood. They’re lightweight, v chic, and also make you look like a total badass. The hunter green is totally in this fall, so you’ll def be able to wear this with a ton of sweaters and trendy booties.

Photo: Daniel Garcia / Unsplash; Urban Outfitters; ASOS; Nordstrom; Madewell; Revolve
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6 Leather Jackets You Need To Get Through Fall

It’s getting to be that time of year where we all hesitate just before running out the door to hit up the bar. We have to think, “Wait, is it like, cold out? Should I bring a jacket?” which only brings about an internal debate contemplating whether it’s really worth bringing a jacket the club. If you aren’t drunk enough to have your alcohol blanket on, your sorry ass is going to regret not bringing a jacket when you see how long the line is to get in. New flash, people. There’s a v under-appreciated solution: the leather jacket. Leather jackets amp up your outfit, allow you to skip coat check, and aren’t seriously annoying to keep on all night if you’re too lazy to hold it. Regardless of the color, style, or fit, any basic leather jacket is hands down, the best investment you’ll ever make for your wardrobe. In case you lost yours from last year, here are this season’s hottest leather jackets you’ll most def wear more than your fave leggings.

1. By The Way. Sloane Faux Leather Cropped Moto

If you’re new to the leather jacket game, you can try something a bit smaller that’s simpler and more feminine than anything that screams “biker gang.” This cropped moto jacket comes just above your waist, providing a totally flattering cut of your bod without weighing you down. The embellished studs give off sexy, edgy vibes and just enough flair where people know not to look you right in the eyes. Unless they’re buying you a drink, of course.

By The Way. Sloane Faux Leather Cropped Moto

2. Oak LA Rider Jacket

I, for one, am all about a good leather jacket, but not one that feels cheap af or akin to shitty plastic. A good leather jacket feels like high-quality leather (real or fake, you hardly know the difference, tbh) and also feels good enough to wear for long hours. This fitted jacket never fails to make you look three pounds skinnier, and it’s lined with soft leather that probs feels like your comfiest hoodie.

Oak LA Biker Jacket

3. Monki Faux Leather Biker Jacket

We hardly ever stray from black unless it’s really fucking cute, so trust me when I say this jacket is worth consideration. It’s basically a well-known fact that Merlot is the official unofficial shade of fall, so you can never really have too much of it. The maroon still goes with 90% of your closet and gives just the right pop of color to a lame outfit.

Monki Faux Leather Biker Jacket

4. BLANKNYC Floral Embroidered Studded Faux Leather Moto Jacket

Embroidery is all the rage rn, so, if you can get a style with a funky pattern, more to you and your street cred. The flirty floral embroidery is perfect for getting through fall, winter tundras, and even prepping for the next spring to come because like, flowers for spring? Fucking duh. I promise although it’s black leather, the red flowers won’t make anyone question whether you’re 1) a motorcyclist or 2) have “I love mom” tattooed somewhere on your arm. The statement jacket is way too Kendall Jenner for that.

BlankNYC Floral Embroidered Moto Jacket

5. Michael Michael Kors Leather Moto Jacket

This full-length leather jacket is clearly the quite opposite of the “Talk to me again and I’ll kick your ass” look we’re constantly aiming for, but the millennial pink shade still totally softens your outfit and livens up the bland colors you’re probs wearing for the next six months. Since it practically screams spring, you’ll have your first spring jacket ready to wear come March. Bless.

Michael Michael Kors Leather Moto Jacket

6. T By Alexander Wang Textured-Leather Jacket

It might be hard to keep this one clean, so try to only opt for a white or super light shade if it’s for a v special occasion. Or like, if it’s an exclusive venue where you can’t make a fool out yourself, aka drunkenly spill your vodka cranberry on your new jacket. The pale gray is v ideal for throwing over any old T-shirt or party-ready blouse. Although light in color, it’s way more low-key than a black moto jacket if you’re aiming for something a little more subtle than obnoxious biker vibes.

T By Alexander Wang Textured-Leather Jacket

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