Why The F*ck Is Scott Disick Hanging Out With 19-Year-Old Amelia Gray?

I love a good pop culture crossover. The Avengers coming together, Grey’s Anatomy teaming up with Private Practice, Tom Sandoval showing up in a random episode of The Hills—it sparks joy for me. Based on my personal interests, there’s nothing that should excite me more than a crossover between Real Housewives and the Kardashian family—it’s always fun when Kris Jenner shows up at one of Kyle Richards’ parties, and I nearly died when I found this old photo of Bethenny Frankel and Kim K posing together. But I have to draw the line somewhere, and Scott Disick hanging out with Lisa Rinna’s 19-year-old daughter Amelia Gray Hamlin feels like an attack on everything I hold near and dear.

We got our first glimpse of Amelia and Scott together on Halloween, when they arrived at Kendall Jenner’s ill-advised Halloween/25th birthday party together (with no masks, naturally). Scott was wearing a bootleg Ace Ventura costume, while Amelia was decked out in a fuchsia wig and a candy bra. The photos sent a chill down my spine, and I knew that nothing good could come out of this.


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Showing up to a Halloween party together is one thing, but two weeks later, it’s apparent that something is going on between these two. On Monday, they were photographed together walking on the beach, Scott with his arm around Amelia. They also recently attended a group dinner together, which like, who even knew group dinners were a thing right now? Obviously we don’t know if Scott and Amelia are dating, or just hooking up, or even just friends, but something is going on.

To viewers of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Amelia Gray is familiar as the younger of Lisa’s two aspiring model daughters, and she’s taken a pretty active role on the show in recent seasons. On RHOBH, she doesn’t exactly come across as the most mature person in the world (duh, she’s only 19), which makes Scott’s involvement even more questionable. We’ve watched over the years as Scott has struggled with sobriety, fathered three children, and seemingly grown into a family man who’s a great dad. So why the f*ck is he doing this again?

Of course, this type of age difference isn’t out of character for Lord Disick. He and Sofia Richie first began dating back in May of 2017, when she was 18 and he was 33. Right around the same time, Scott also had a brief fling with Bella Thorne, who was 19 at the time. These age gaps raised some eyebrows, but Scott and Sofia were ultimately together for over three years before ultimately calling it quits earlier this year. Since then, there’s been heavy speculation that Scott and Kourtney were rekindling their romance, especially when they posted pictures together from Kim’s cursed 40th birthday trip. Sorry for all the Scott and Kourtney loyalists out there, but with all the recent photos of him and Amelia together, it seems like Kourtney is doing her own thing.

I definitely don’t feel great about whatever is going on between Amelia and Scott, but I will say, I kind of hope we get at least one scene of Lisa Rinna grilling Scott on next season of RHOBH. But for real, let’s hope this “relationship” ends soon, because it’s just not a good look.

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Wait, Kourtney Said She And Scott Are ‘Soulmates’?!

Hi friends. Let’s talk about Scott and Kourtney. They were the OG Kardashian power couple, way before Kanye came on the scene and turned them all into robots. Obviously, they had their issues, and the romance didn’t last. In the past few years, we’ve seen them work on their relationship as parents, and it seems like they’ve come a long way. Of course, it’s fun to talk about if they’ll get back together, or what their astrology says about their relationship, what does this mean in real life? Are Scott and Kourtney ever going to be together again? Will we ever get more iconic scenes of them being petty about their relationship? Let’s discuss, because there have been new developments, courtesy of the most recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

On this week’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the family’s group vacation to Bali continued. Scott came along for the trip, because it’s normal for a dad to go on vacation with his kids. I’m glad he went, because I’m sure it’s better for Mason, Penelope, and Reign that they can make memories together with both their parents. Whatever, I’m not their therapist. While on the trip, Scott and Kourtney went to visit a “healer,” who told them that they are soulmates. This isn’t a romantic thing, but instead it means that their souls are destined to find each other in every lifetime, and that “tragedy marred their relationship in a previous life.” Okay, sure. Mas Joko, the healer, also told them that “It’s up to you how you want to end up this life: together or not together.”

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I’m so proud of the place we’re at as parents to our children now and all the work we’ve put into getting here. Video on our biggest challenges and what works for us on poosh.com

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That’s definitely a lot to process, but it’s also not that surprising, given that Scott and Kourtney had one of the world’s most tumultuous relationships, but still ended up with three kids and going on vacations together. While Kourtney agreed that they’re soulmates in some sense of the word, Scott was more content just to define their relationship as “having three kids together.” In this moment, I’ve finally come to realize what Taylor Swift tried to tell us all those years ago: they’re never ever getting back together. Probably.

This is really not that crazy, especially given the fact that Scott is literally in another long-term relationship! I feel like people unfairly dismiss Scott’s relationship with Sofia Richie. One big reason is that she’s much younger than him, but people also can’t let go of the idea of Scott and Kourtney getting back together. I get it. I’ve been one of those people! But Scott and Sofia have been together for the better part of two years, and I don’t think that’s ending any time soon.

Also on this week’s KUWTK (a lot happened in Bali), Khloé talked with Scott about the juxtaposition of Sofia and Kourtney in his life. Khloé said that if she was in Sofia’s position, she would feel weird about Scott going on vacation with Kourtney. In a moment that was really eye-opening for me, Scott explained that Sofia knew from the beginning that he was always going to be close with Kourtney. According to Scott, “She was like ‘Listen, I will never get between you and your family and your children. Just speak to me and make me comfortable.'” That is actually amazingly mature and real, and I just gained a lot of respect for Sofia, and her relationship with Scott. Maybe these people aren’t psychos after all.

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Scott and Sofia might not post about each other all the time, but they were literally just at an event together three days ago, so they’re doing just fine. Also, Younes Bendjima was a guest at Kourtney’s 40th birthday party a couple weeks ago, so it’s not like she’s sitting around waiting for Scott to break up with Sofia. I have no idea if Younes and Kourtney are hooking up or dating again, but clearly she can get a guy if she wants one. No one here is struggling.


Sofia Richie when questioning Scott about Kourtney being his soulmate: pic.twitter.com/GFAMYVMoxF

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Are Scott and Kourtney soulmates? Maybe! I mean, who am I to argue with a Balinese guru? But at least for the time being, it seems very clear that there’s nothing going on between these two. So maybe we should just cool it for a while. If they ever get back together, trust me, I’ll be the first one to write about it. But for now, I’m just glad that everyone seems happy. Oh God, I can’t believe I just said that.

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Are Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick Astrologically Compatible?

Another day, another excuse to watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Say what you will about the show and the family, but I simply can’t get enough. It’s nearly impossible for me to pick a favorite Kardashian family member, but I do have a soft spot for a few of them. Kris Jenner is probably my number-one, although, I’m not gonna lie, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick are right up there with the momager herself. Actually, scratch that. Penelope wins. Hands down. Needless to say, this is what happens when Aries and Gemini become one – they make the most adorable children. Besides, I can’t be the only one who still has hope for Kourtney and Scott, right?

On that note, and in celebration of Kourtney’s 40th birthday, let’s take a closer look at Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick’s astrological compatibility, shall we? For starters, Kourt is an Aries powerhouse, and Scott is a mischievous Gemini. That in itself speaks volumes, considering the astrological elements fire and air are both masculine, and in harmony with one another. So, if this on-again-off-again couple’s sizzling chemistry has driven you crazy over the years, it’s no coincidence. We all feel it. However, that’s just scratching the surface, considering we’re only looking at their sun signs. It gets deeper.

Capricorn Moon vs. Sagittarius Moon

On the dark side, Scott and Kourt have a number of differences, starting with their sense of security. According to Astrotheme, Kourt was born with her moon in pragmatic Capricorn, which means she comes across as cold and heartless, when in reality, she is simply repressing her emotions as a form of self-discipline. Capricorn is determined, traditional, and realistic, as the sign of the mystical goat will climb the mountain willingly, and without stopping.

Scott, however, was born with an adventurous moon in Sagittarius, as per Astrotheme. To top it off, his moon is conjunct Jupiter, Sagittarius’ ruler, which only intensifies his lust for life, and need to venture into unknown territory. See, Sagittarius is spontaneous, undaunted, and overly-optimistic. In other words, this energy couldn’t be more enthusiastic if it tried, hence Scott’s hysterical party monster moments on KUWTK. Kourtney, on the other hand, won’t have any of that!

Sofia Richie & Scott Disick

Now, not to take the focus off our birthday girl Kourt, but if we actually consider the astrological facts, Sofia Richie is ten times more compatible with Scott, and for so many reasons. For starters, Geminis love what they can’t have, and I don’t doubt that Scott secretly digs the age difference between him and Sofia…but there’s more. Sofia was born with a Sagittarius ascendant, which just so happens to compliment Scott’s rambunctious moon-Jupiter conjunction. As a matter of fact, Scott’s moon conjuncts Sofia’s ascendant, which means they’re not only emotionally compatible, they’re also extremely in tune with each other’s needs.

Something else that caught my attention is that Sofia’s moon in harmony-loving Libra trines Scott’s sun-Mars conjunction in Gemini. This is some powerful synastry, and I’ll tell you why. In astrology, the moon is considered feminine, and the sun masculine, which would mean Sofia’s intuition naturally compliments Scott’s ego and spirit. Also, whenever there’s a moon-Mars synastry aspect, there is sexual compatibility, and for these two it’s double trouble: Sofia’s Mars in Leo trines Scott’s moon in Sagittarius, and Scott’s Mars in Gemini trines Sofia’s moon in Libra. Sounds utterly complex, I know, but I think their current relationship status speaks for itself, don’t you think?

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What more can a guy ask for. THREE’S COMPANY

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So while Scott and Kourtney have some pretty solid astrological compatibility, I wouldn’t expect them to get back together anytime soon, if ever. According to the stars, Scott and Sofia have a strong bond, and I’m not sure it would be wise for Kourtney to get in the middle of that. Either way, she’s looking amazing at 40, so she’s clearly got some good karma going.

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Will Scott And Kourtney Get Back Together? The Lord Has Spoken

I’m officially canceling all of my commitments for the rest of the week, because this drama with Younes Bendjima is just too good. The other day, it was reported that Younes and Kourtney Kardashian broke up, which was a little sad, but ultimately not that surprising. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. I was honestly kind of over them as a couple, so the actual breakup didn’t affect me that much. But then, the shady Instagram comments. Silly me, I should have known the Kardashian family would find a way to get me invested in this one way or another.

While Kim and Khloé have made their feelings about Younes pretty clear in the comment section, there was one key player we still needed to hear from: the Lord himself, Scott Disick. Just because Scott is Kourtney’s ex and the father of her children, he obviously has no say in what she does in her love life. As a glorious asshole of a human, however, I am always curious about what he has to say. So far, he’s refrained from any public comments on the matter, but an E! News source claims to know how Scott feels about the whole thing and…

He feels great! According to the source, “Scott is very happy Kourtney cut it off with Younes. Although he is happy in his relationship with Sofia, he never liked Younes for Kourtney.” Interesting. Veeeery interesting. Is this Scott being an insecure man who still jealousy issues about his ex? Does he know something that makes him actually dislike Younes? Is he *really* happy with Sofia? So! Many! Questions!

Really, I think it’s unlikely that Kourtney and Scott will ever get back together. After so many false starts and traumatic breakups over the years, it seems like they’re just better off not being together. In the past few years, it seems like they’re really gotten to a point where they can (mostly) get along and focus on being the best possible parents to their three kids. Also, we can’t forget that Scott has been in an actual relationship for like a year, so it’s not like he’s just available for Kourtney anyway.

As if there weren’t already enough layers to this story, now let’s think back four days to the new season premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Why is life moving so fast? In the episode, which was filmed last fall, Khloé asks Scott if he thinks that he and Kourtney will ever get back together, like maybe in a few years. Now, I thought this scene was weird from the moment it aired. First of all, both Scott and Kourtney were in committed relationships at the time of the conversation. On the show, they weirdly don’t mention Sofia or Younes by name, but Scott was basically like, “um, I’m happy in a relationship.” I feel like this is a clear example of Khloé trying to make a storyline out of nothing, and if anything, it seems like she should be having this conversation with Kourtney, not Scott. Scott did say that they used to talk about trying to get back together when they were in their 40s or something, but it doesn’t seem like something he’s seriously considering right now.

I hope Kourtney is happy and feels fine about the end of her relationship, but I doubt a reunion with Scott is coming any time soon. There are plenty of other hot younger men out there, so there’s no real reason she needs to go back for round 4 (5? 6? I can’t keep track) with Lord Disick.

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