Kellyanne Conway’s 15-Year-Old Daughter Is Trolling Trump On Tik Tok

Claudia Conway has entered the chat.

The Conway family is well known for their political division, with Kellyanne serving as a senior counsel to the president and her husband, George III serving as an advisor to the anti-Trump Lincoln Project and constantly tweeting that the president is unfit for office. Basically, they’re like the Romeo and Juliet of American politics. Their star crossed love story aside, at the end of the day, both are registered as Republicans. 

Typically, when the Conways are in the news, it tends to be because George III responded to something horrible that the White House did and is directly opposing his wife. However, this time, a new family member is at the center of focus. 

Claudia Conway, the 15-year-old daughter of Kellyanne and George has been going viral with her Tik Tok activity. To be VERY CLEAR, I didn’t have it on my 2020 bingo card, but looks like I am Claudia Conway’s newest fan.

Like many other members of gen-z who are too young to vote in 2020, Claudia is using Tik Tok to advocate for the causes she believes in and help mobilize older Tik Tok users to vote. Many of Claudia’s Tik Toks feature her advocating for the BLM movement, speaking up against toxic masculinity, actively advocating against Trump, and supporting Black content creators.

She also uses Instagram as a platform for activism. She has shared several posts advocating for mental health awareness, the BLM movement, and taking precautionary safety measures seriously in the pandemic. Here she is lipsyncing over a sound questioning why pro-life people who consider abortion murder to fail to raise the alarm when Black Americans are killed in public. And here, she mocks Trump fans who can’t handle being criticized for supporting a dictatorial white supremacist (ok, our words.)

As her social media accounts have grown more and more popular over the last day, she has made her message to both supporters and haters very clear: it is important to educate yourself and speak truth to power. 

View this post on Instagram

“when the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” — jimi hendrix to the black community, YOU matter. all black lives matter. black women. black men. black LGTBQIA+. you all matter. keep fighting. this isn’t over yet. to non-black people, like myself, we must use our privilege for good. we MUST be allies. we must listen. we must educate ourselves. we ALL must advocate. this isn’t a matter of bipartisan politics. we all must check our bias at the door. we must check our political affiliations at the door. this is a human rights movement. we must come together. we will not stop speaking out until an end is put to this. let’s end systemic racism and destroy the agenda of institutional racism. let’s get on the RIGHT side of history. 🖤✊🏽✊🏿✊🏾 #blacklivesmatter #juneteenth

A post shared by claudia conway (@claudiamconway) on

Not only is Claudia a great example of how younger people are using the app to participate in a political system that they are not yet old enough to formally contribute to, but she is totally badass for sharing her opinions. She has explained, several times, that even though her parents are famous conservative politicians she still works hard to form her own, educated opinions, even if they contradict that of her parents. She also has been very clear that just because they differ in opinions does not mean they love each other any less. I know how draining it can be to have a ~spirited conversation~ over tough issues with loved ones who disagree with you, and I literally couldn’t imagine being in Claudia’s shoes.

Claudia is only one of many gen-z Tik Tokers who are using the platform for advocacy and to troll Trump. Over the last month, advocacy on Tik Tok has skyrocketed. Creators are making catchy songs to explain systemic racism, to expose injustices in the political system, and explain the importance of registering to vote. Between tricking Trump’s campaign store to thinking that they’re out of merch to flooding a meet and greet raffle with fake submissions, younger Americans are doing everything in their power to make sure the president doesn’t have four more years in office.

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6 Desperately Needed Trump Admin Makeovers

In a dream world, all public figures would be both good and hot (aka Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.) Unfortunately, 2018 is shaping up to be a new level of hell none of us were prepared for. To make it worse, the leaders of our nation are for the most part, not style icons. I understand that this doesn’t matter in the long run, but even Cruella de Vil had a blowout for goodness sake.

So while I’ll never be able to shift the moral compass on the villains in the Trump’s inner circle, there seems to be some hope in telling them about the power of a hair mask! Here are my dream makeovers for people who, no matter what, are ugly on the inside (which is where it counts).

Kellyanne Conway

My sweet fair princess, Kellyanne. First of all, I understand why you’re leaning so hard into the heavy eye makeup, long bleached blonde hair look. It’s the official uniform of Fox News anchors. But the hair is looking a little damaged and the black under-eyeliner is kind of over. Go for a sleek bob and coconut oil hair mask to add life back into your ‘do. Then, try a brown or even beige eye makeup that doesn’t make it seem like you’ve been trying to connect with alt-right sympathizers on Twitter all night.

Eric Trump

If Jonathan Van Ness from Queer Eye has taught us anything, it’s that men shouldn’t be afraid of a little self-care. I’d love to see some undereye concealer on Eric to counteract wear and tear he has from, I’m guessing, being the least favorite of the Trump boys. Also, the slicked back blonde hair is a little too Richie Rich for me. Let’s lose the gel and have a more relaxed, wind blown from a day on a yacht paid for by scamming the poor, lewk!

Donald Trump Jr

I’m not one to recommend invasive makeovers for people I do not know, but I’ve spent enough time staring at the almost-there-jawline of DJTJ that I’m putting him in contact with Kylie Jenner’s guy. Remember when she just like…got a new face? If total facial reconstruction isn’t his thing (which I get) perhaps he can look into Kybella. It makes double chins disappear, kind of like he’s trying to do with his meeting with the Russians!

Melania Trump

Melania Trump is the most put-together of the Trump-clan because she was a former model and a currently wax figure. My style notes for her are slim, but I think if she tried meditating or some sort of spiritually centering exercise, it might bring back her inner glow. There’d be nothing stopping her! (Also, lose the Zara jacket. You can do better.) 

Stephen Miller

The suits really age you, Stevie! Well, the suits and the antiquated racist view of the world. But you’re only 32! Try a baseball cap or a skinny tie if you’re not ready to go that casual. He could also introduce pastels into his wardrobe. That way you’ll at least be rocking a lewk next time you’re cursed out of a sushi restaurant

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Perfect smokey eye. No notes!

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Kellyanne Conway’s Microwave Spying Conspiracy Theory, Explained By ‘Mean Girls’

For a second there, did you forget that the good ole US of A took a turn for the terrifying back in November? Never fear—professional dispenser of advice (to the POTUS) and lies (to everyone else) Kellyanne Conway is here to remind you not to trust anyone, up to and including your favorite household appliance. Thanks to Conway’s microwave conspiracy theory, all anyone can talk about this week is kitchen appliances instead of, like, healthcare and Jeff Sessions’ personal vendetta against stoners and black people. But if you’ve been too busy having a life to keep up with all the shit going down in DC, here’s your guide to the verbal acrobatics Conway’s been performing this week, as explained in the universal language of GIFs.

As everyone in the universe knows by now, Donald Trump has a bit of a tweeting problem, aka everything he writes reads like the inner monologue of an egotistical drunk toddler uncle. In early March, he claimed that Barack Obama had wiretapped his phones during the election, comparing it to Watergate. Then he called Obama a “bad (or sick) guy,” because Trump is petty AF.

Mean Girls

If these claims were true, it would be a big fucking deal, so everyone lost their shit as they tried to figure out whether this was a thing that actually happened or just the result of Trump getting bored, even though it is so OBVIOUSLY the latter. An Obama spokesman denied the claims (duh), and FBI Director James Comey literally asked Justice officials to shut that shit down. In news that will shock precisely zero people, the White House couldn’t actually provide any evidence that Trump Tower was wiretapped.

I Don't Even Whatever

Meanwhile, WikiLeaks dumped a whole bunch of new information about the CIA. Among other stuff, we found out that the government can spy on people through their cars, fancy TVs, and smartphones. Everyone pretended they were surprised even though fucking duh, if someone can hack a webcam they can obviously hack other tech, and there have already been a bajillion other scandals about the feds keeping an eye on citizens. 

Mean Girls

On Sunday, Miss Misdirection brought these two seemingly unrelated topics together. In an interview with the Bergen Record, she suggested that the wiretapping wasn’t just real, it was actually something everyone should be paranoid about. She talked about an article she’d read saying it was possible to surveil someone through their phones, TVs, and “microwaves that turn into cameras.” So basically she sounded just about as credible as the conspiracy theorist living on your street corner.

Fifth Sense

BTW, reporter/America’s old man crush George Stephanopoulos point-blank asked Conway about the wiretapping claims on Good Morning America this week. After avoiding the question better than a divorcée when asked about her age, Conway said she had no evidence for Trump’s tweet but whatevs, that’s what investigations are for. Say what you will about her, but her powers of manipulation are fucking stellar.

Cheese Fries

In conclusion, someone please give this woman a reality show ASAP so she can lie for the greater good of the entertainment industry. I actually can think of a reality show star who might be able to help her get started. 

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Trump Releasing His Tax Returns Is Not Going To Happen

Did the Oscars’ many fuckups distract you from the fact that we’re living in a nationalist hellscape helmed by a sentient discount store toupee? Then please enjoy your last few moments of ignorant bliss before crashing back to reality. Late Monday night, House Republicans voted to shoot down a proposal by Democratic Rep. Bill Pascrell that would make Trump release his tax returns faster than a lead cheerleader shoots down a band geek.

If Pascrell’s plan had worked, it would have called on an obscure law letting the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) reveal Donald Trump’s tax returns for review. Unfortunately for, you know, America, hundreds of House Republicans voted to quash that plan into oblivion. On Wednesday, Senate Democrats asked the Republican chairman of the Senate Financial Committee to pretty please request the tax returns from the U.S. Treasury for lawmakers to review, and they were also shut the hell down. Basically, the possibility of getting to see the POTUS’ tax returns at this point is so vanishingly unlikely, fetch might actually happen before we figure out what Trump does with his money.

Donald Trump

ICYMI, people have been asking Trump to release his tax returns since before he was elected president, and efforts have doubled since he was surprise-elected and went under audit. Presidents aren’t under any legal obligation to release financial information to the public, but it definitely raises questions about potential conflicts of interest re: the Constitution and national security. Basically, his refusal is kind of like when someone refuses to show the results of their last STD panel, i.e., shady to the max. BTW, when Conservative Meth Head Barbie Kellyanne Conway was asked about the tax returns, she straight-up admitted that Trump isn’t going to release them unless he absolutely has to.

Kellyanne Conway

In conclusion, we can kiss Trump’s tax returns goodbye barring some political miracle. You may now return to your regularly scheduled pessimism.

The Top 10 Alternative Facts We Are Now Declaring Indisputably True

Over the past couple weeks, President Cheeto and his loyal band of cronies have really thrown this whole country, fuck—the whole world, for a loop. There’s the whole immigration ban thing, and the fact that all of his cabinet nominees are as qualified for their jobs as that time your sorority lush ran for risk management chair. But one of my personal faves (and by faves I mean how tf is this even real rn) is Kellyanne Conway and her alternative facts.

Kellyanne Conway

If you’ve been living under a rock, this whole alternative facts business came to be when Kellyanne told a reporter that one of the press secretary’s blatant lies—in this case, that the size of Emperor Velveeta’s inauguration crowd was yuge, the biggest crowd ever—wasn’t a lie, but rather an alternative fact. Lol, what? Now, the fact that a counselor to the leader of the free world is saying this is v alarming. But for a betch, the term alternative fact is low-key the greatest thing to ever happen. I can imagine the Real Housewives screaming it on the reunion couches as we speak. So without further ado, here are our top 10 lies that we’re now deeming alternative facts. You’re Fucking. Welcome.

1. Pizza Is Really Good For You

Pizza is Power

Congress long ago declared pizza to be a vegetable—thanks, Congress! Scientists are still gathering evidence on the link between pizza consumption and IQ level, but since we’re living in Trump’s alternate reality let’s just go ahead and assume that pizza is also empirically considered to be knowledge.

2. Watching Netflix While Your Boss Isn’t Looking Will Earn You That Promotion


People like to work with people they can relate to. While you’re at it, you should probably accidentally drunk text your boss to “come overrrrr.”

3. Going To The Gym Will Make You Fatter

Taylor Swift Apple Commercial

It’s like this: only fat people expend effort at the gym to stay skinny, ergo, going to the gym makes you fat. You should just go home and watch a Vanderpump Rules marathon.

4. You Can Totally Afford To Order Seamless Every Night


You make a whopping $40K before taxes so like, live it up. Speaking of taxes, the president doesn’t even pay his, so why should you?

5. Hangovers Aren’t Real


Much like the melting polar ice caps and racism, hangovers are just a figment of the liberal media’s imagination. Drinking your weight in wine and/or vodka isn’t going to make you do regrettable things or feel like shit tomorrow, so drink up.

6. Vodka Is A Vegetable


Vodka is distilled from potatoes. Potatoes are a vegetable. Therefore, vodka is officially salad. And if you’ve combined it with pizza? You’re practically burning calories. Furthermore, as we’ve previously discussed, it will not give you a hangover. So if you need me, I’ll be hooking myself up to a vodka IV drip.

7. If You Leave Your Laundry Alone Long Enough, It Will Wash And Fold Itself


It’s just like your mom always said: You need to wait for the magical laundry fairies to take care of it for you, you lazy piece of shit.

8. He Isn’t Texting You Back Because He Lost His Phone

Did You Get My Text

Actually, it broke. He dropped it down the toilet. After he downloaded a virus that made his replies to you—and only to you—mysteriously not send. Really, he just got scared by how hard he fell for you. And who wouldn’t, when you’re so intimidatingly beautiful?

9. Your Ex Will Wake Up Tomorrow And Realize How Much He Fucked Up

Chuck And Blair

Expect a long, detailed, almost poetic apology detailing all the ways in which he didnt appreciate you, as well as a promise that no one will ever measure up to you. He’ll close with an admission that he will be living a lifetime of regret.

10. This Really Is Just A Horribly Vivid Nightmare, And We’ll All Wake Up Any Minute Now


And Hillary will be president. Or Bernie. Or Elizabeth Warren. Or even Romney, shit. McCain?

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Stay Woke: Kellyanne Conway Just Declared War On Leggings

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Friends, lovers, betches: One of our nation’s great institutions is under attack. No, not inconsequential shit like women’s rights, healthcare, our reputation in the world, the environment, the economy, our nuclear defenses, voting rights, or the safety and security of minorities.

I’m talking about the real shit—fucking yoga pants.

Kellyanne Conway is the straw-haired, dead-eyed succubus weirdly (and irresponsibly) humanized by SNL who wormed her way into the president’s ear and brain, not unlike the way an amoeba would when swimming in dirty water. And because subtlety and class are the provenance of faggy libtards, she wore this to Donald Trump’s inauguration:


I love you Kellyanne

A photo posted by Head Pro (@betchesheadpro) on


She caught a lot of flack on social media, which she should have, because she looked goddamn ridiculous, like if Paddington Bear was auditioning to be an extra in Hamilton. Michael Wolff (inexplicably) brought this up in his interview with Conway for The Hollywood Reporter, and instead of her usual “lie-lie-lie-PIVOT” tactic she uses when confronted with facts she doesn’t like, she said this:

“sorry to offend the black-stretch-pants women of America with a little color.” Conway is referring, of course, to the $3,600 red, white and blue Gucci military-style coat — meant to signify the Donald Trump revolution — that she wore, accompanied by her husband and four children, to the Jan. 20 inaugural ceremonies.

For one thing, charging someone $3,600 for that monstrosity sounds like a crime until you consider the kind of flag-humping sucker that would buy it. Secondly, what the fuck, Kellyanne?

There are two ways to see this very mild burn. One is that it’s directed at the kind of latte-sipping, yoga-practicing young woman scattered as far as the eye can see in and around our nation’s capital. We all know that DC just isn’t as stylish as New York , and Kellyanne (who’s spent her whole career here hiding under staircases and licking people’s boots) would know this as well as anyone.

But the other, much more salacious and biased-in-a-way-that-fits-my-worldview takeaway is that she’s throwing shade at fat people, i.e. her boss’s supporters. I mean, what if these yoga pants are all that fits them right now? It’s a distinct possibility when butter’s not a carb, but a food group.

Of course, none of this matters. Soon Congress will make having an empty uterus illegal, or Trump will tweet a picture of his dick to the Queen of England, and we’ll all forget that it ever happened.

But stay woke, Betches. Need we remind you, your right to wear yoga pants has long been under attack:

Christian Blogger Declares Yoga Pants Too Lustful
Don’t Wear Yoga Pants Unless You’re Young And Skinny, Says Irrelevant Man
Montana Lawmaker Wants To Make Yoga Pants Illegal
Washington Post Writer Calls Yoga Pants ‘An Assault On Manners & A Nihilistic Threat’

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