The Worst Kardashian Photoshop Fails Of 2019

As we say goodbye to 2019, we also say goodbye to another year of the Kardashians’ egregious Photoshop use. You’d think for people that edit their photos so frequently, they would maybe learn how to do it correctly? Or like, at least use their billion dollars to hire someone to do it correctly. But hey, if they didn’t leave so many mistakes behind, I wouldn’t be here people might believe that what they look like is actually attainable. So for that at least, I’m grateful. Honestly, this article could be 4,000 images long for just this year alone. It was hard to just choose the best/worst ones, but I chose some favorites anyway.

5. Khloé’s Good American Ad

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A little crop goes a long way 💕 There’s a reason why our cropped skinny jeans are best sellers, shop this shape-enhancing style in sizes 00-24 now on #goodsquad #goodwaist @khloekardashian

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There’s something really offensive about releasing a line of all-inclusive, body positive denim like Good American, and then Photoshopping the sh*t out of yourself in the ads. So you’re saying all bodies are acceptable, except your own? I don’t get it, Khlo! She released this ad earlier this year, and there are a few problems. One, that doesn’t even look like her in the face at all, and two, it gives her a teeeeeensy little waist to go with her signature gigantic Kardashian ass. Unfortunately for Khloé, the retouchers forgot to edit the reflection too. Next time, try promoting your line for real women with curves by showing that you’re a real woman with curves!

4. Kylie The Flamingo

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felt like a flamingo in this dress 🌺

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Kylie posted this … ad? Is she selling something in this pic? I don’t recall. Anyway, she posted it in early 2019 saying that she felt “like a flamingo” in this dress. That’s super funny, because I really only noticed her FREAKISHLY LONG flamingo leg! Someone, somewhere thought that Kylie would look better if her thigh was the length of the rest of her entire body. Like, imagine how this would look if she stood up? It’s once again completely unnecessary and horrifying Photoshop work. You have to wonder if their retouchers are just messing with them as some point, right?

3. Poosh

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Love yourself as deeply as you love them.

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This year, Kourtney Kardashian released Poosh and this photo to promote it. I guess Poosh is like a blog? I just went to the website and there is an article on how to make your lips look fuller “naturally”. Sorry Kourt, coming from you that is not even remotely believable. But that aside, Kourtney cannot even be held responsible for the disaster that was this release photo. Much like Kylie above, Kourt got the gigantic thigh special (same editor, I wonder?), part of the thigh amputated, a nipple moved to the inside of her wrist, a gigantic head from a different photo, and a neck that looks like when Reagan spun all the way around in The Exorcist. Again I ask, couldn’t they just take one decent photo in a bathtub and leave it alone? And what does this have to do with the blog to begin with?

2. Khloé’s Huge Head

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✨ ✨

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Khloé’s had a rough year, I’ll give her that. She’s still my favorite of the Kardashian Klan, and I think she’s handled this year with incredible grace. I would have at the very least punched Tristan in the face. Publicly. Broken his nose, perhaps. That said, she also posted a lot of very questionable photos. This one I think is the reigning champion, though. Somehow in the editing of this pic, Khloé managed to give herself a teeny tiny doll-like body, complete with scary toothpick legs, and then very roughly copy-and-pasted a giant head from another photo on top. Nothing about this looks like Khloé, or even a human being. Thank u, next.

1. Kim’s Halloween Pic

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This family pic was such a challenge because Chicago was so scared of Dino! LOL We tried to explain and show her that it was just daddy but she didn’t get the concept yet! So shout out to the photographer for editing her in & making our family Flintstones dreams come true!

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My absolute favorite Kardashian Photoshop Fail this year was one very recently posted for Halloween. I just love the no-f*cks-given attitude in literally chopping out Chicago from a different photo and carelessly pasting her on. Kim openly admitted it was edited (yeah, no sh*t), but it’s just so poorly done, it deserves a special award. I get that babies are hard and unpredictable, and I actually think Photoshop is a great way to resolve this problem, but maybe not just stick the kid floating in the corner with blurred edges? WHO was paid for this?

Here’s to what I’m sure will be many more Kar/Jenner fails in 2020! What other Kardashian Photoshop Fails do you think should have made the list? Did you remember all of these disasters? Has there ever been more Photoshop fails from a single family or even person as each of them? Probably not, but let me know what you think about all those other questions below.

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Khloé Kardashian Denies Editing Her Instagrams In The Pettiest Way

Hello! And welcome back to your regularly scheduled Kardashian news breakdown. It’s like The Sup, but about butts and Photoshop, and is far more judgmental. Fun! For those of you who don’t have working eyes and ears and thus haven’t been following along, Khloé Kardashian has had a rough couple of weeks lately with the media. This is in part because we’ve been savagely roasting her ass for the Photoshop abominations she’s been trying to pass off as legitimate Instagram posts and, like, we’re not going to apologize for that. It’s called investigative journalism, sweetie, look it up!! And, look, the articles don’t all come from a bad place here. Khloé’s been my favorite Kardashian ever since Kim and Kris started gracing our screens in their matching Juicy tracksuits with their delusions of grandeur, but MY GOD, Khloé, I can’t see one more lumpy arm or a butt with missing chunks on my IG feed or I’m going to have to start reporting your posts to Instagram HQ for offensive material. Consider this your last warning, Khlo! But Khloé recently just came for all her photoshop haters, and let’s just say it was a petty masterpiece. 

The clapback went down in Khloé’s IG comments, because apparently the comments section on Instagram is destined to be our generation’s courtroom. Here’s the sitch: last Friday Khloé posted a selfie to Instagram in which people in the comments section heavily implied that she had tampered with the photo. I’m not sure what gave her away: the millennial pink overlay or the fact that her face in this photo is entirely different than the one she was born with? Khloé wrote “Good vibes only” as her caption, which is pretty much an invitation for people to troll her photo—at least that’s what I tell my sister every time she thinks she can get away with using that caption (it’s for your own good, sis!). Judge the photo for yourself:

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✨Good vibes only ✨

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Look, I’m no Photoshop expert (you’ll have to slide into Holly Gobetchy’s DMs for that), so I’m not going to blast Khloé for what could be another photoshop fail or just a really good plastic surgeon “filter.” But my feelings are apparently too nice about the matter because fans WENT IN on Khloé for Photoshopping her selfie, to which Khloé responded with more passive aggression than I use to email HR about our lack of a summer Friday policy. Let’s look at the comment, shall we:

Wooowww the kissy face emoji, Khloé? Really? That’s the emoji I usually reserve for commenting on any sorority sister’s IG post thanking people for birthday wishes when I did not in fact wish her a happy birthday, but okay.

Let’s break down the comment real quick, shall we? We have one commenter @missdingledobbs, who thinks that Khloé photoshopped her selfie because in the photo we can’t see the mole that Khloé was born with on her face. We also can’t see the nose, lips, or cheek bones, but sure let’s focus on the mole. We have another commenter, @asmarsmi, defending Khloé by saying: “I have 3 on mine. Ahh the miracles of foundation and laziness of taking it off with a q-tip in those spots.” That’s the comment Khloé responds to with three kissy face emojis, effectively shading her hater and saying without really saying that this photo is the result of a sh*t ton of foundation and not photoshopping. K.

But Khloé’s not done yet! Another commenter said: “your eyes got pulled back too much.”  To which Khloé responded with:

“@mari_888_sol so now my eyes are pulled back? Lol oh man… you guys are really reaching. But sure, whatever you want to believe. I’m good with whatever babe much love sent your way.”

Tbh I think Khloé has a fair point here. This photo was clearly not photoshopped so much as it was sculpted by her plastic surgeon in a remote Calabasas location 8-12 months prior. Come on, anyone can see that. Get your facts right, @mari_888_sol!

Well that’s your daily dose of Kardashian news. I’d love to say “that’s all for today” or even “that’s all for this hour” but knowing Kris Jenner and also Khloé’s passion for FaceTune, I’m sure you’ll be hearing from us a lot sooner than that. Until then!

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So Much Is Wrong With Khloé Kardashian’s New Instagram Post

This is a PSA: Khloé Kardashian, for the love of God, will you (and your entire family for that matter) put down the poorly made editing apps? I already did an entire article on Kardashian Photoshop fails alone, and honestly, it took every ounce of self-restraint to not make that article 500 entries long. The Kardashians are just so bad at Photoshop! And I don’t even get why?? Number one, they are one of the most gorgeous families in America, and they should really be happy with the way they look. Two, they have (I assume) full-time teams of makeup artists, stylists, trainers, and plastic surgeons at their beck and call to deal with their dissatisfaction—they should not have to take out their issues on editing apps. Number three, and I said it before (but I’ll say it again), they have enough money that they could easily hire experienced graphic designers to manipulate their photos before they post. I mean, if you’re gonna erase chunks of your body (why? you all look amazing), at least do it the right way.

A short while ago, Khloé caught flak for making herself took tiny and her head look huge. This weekend, she was back at it again with a monstrosity of an Instagram post that’s going to take me several suitcases to unpack. You think the bad Photoshop can’t get worse and then you see something like this:

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Here is what I do not understand. Khloé looks amazing rn. This pic is adorable. I’m sure the original picture required zero edits, but especially such poorly done ones.

Me to Khloé, but like, replace Britney with “YOUR PHOTOS”:

As a Photoshop expert and digital artist, I’m going to go ahead and tell you everything that makes this photo seem a bit off. Hopefully you’ll learn something and won’t make these mistakes when editing your own photos. Or, even better, get some self-esteem and stop pretending women are supposed to be freaky, blurry demogorgons with no fat!

Problem 1: Skinny Arm

More like too skinny arm. Let’s just dive right in here (no pun intended). Okay, this is the first thing I noticed wrong with the photo. I’ve blown it up, so it’s pixelated everywhere, but you’ll notice it is VERY blurry around the edges of Khloé’s upper arms. In fact, part of her bicep has a bit of a tumor (?) that is threatening to leave and join the grass behind her.

In fact??? Her whole arm is wavy and has chunks missing from it?

Girl, you might need a doctor to check that out. It looks to me like the arm was pushed in on either sides, thus the extreme blurry edges, to look thinner. You can especially tell because the shadow on the bottom side of the arm is missing RIGHT where most woman get some arm fat. She forgot the bulge which is either probably where the real arm was, OR it was too difficult to do on the app, because of the grass shadow behind it. It also looks like she smoothed out the entire top part of the arm. It looks weird all around.

Problem 2: The Pool Edge Is Wavy

In Khloé’s attempt to thin her arms, she did the *BIGGEST* editing giveaway ever. She messed up the lines around her. When Khloé moved the background to squish in her arms, she also further indented her armpit area, pushing the pool up to make it all look smaller. However, the pool is unaware a Kardashian is in it/in front of it, and therefore would not move its concrete edges to accommodate them. The pool wall should be straight across, not suddenly jumping half a foot higher into Khloé’s armpit.

Problem 3: Rib Cages

Did Khloé have that same surgery that we somehow all heard about in 8th grade, where Marilyn Manson had to remove a rib so he could suck his own dick? 1) Why did everyone hear this rumor? 2) Whoever started it deserves a medal. I went to four different schools that year, and in different states, and somehow it made it to all of them. Anyway, Khloé forgot to leave room for internal organs and ribs in her editing, as many a Kardashian does. Sorry, it doesn’t matter how thin you are, your body would not be a perfectly smooth (and very blurry) line in this position. You can see the difference in the ripples and hard lines where she stopped editing where her bikini bottoms fit and below. She cut her rib cage clean off for this edit and also made the following mistake in the process.

Problem 4: The Water Is Not Wavy

In Khloé’s attempt to make herself a lumpy-armed, ribless beauty, she forgot that water moves. I think she edited her waist/arms by smearing the pool around her, which is how the pool edge became uneven *just* under her arm. This also created a problem, in what is really the Bermuda Triangle of Photoshop Fail in this picture. Water moves, guys. I don’t know if you knew that, because Khloé somehow did not. In fact, you can see the uneven water ripples everywhere around them, except the part of the pool in the Bermuda Triangle of Photoshop Fail. There, the lines are *perfectly* parallel. Too perfectly, actually. This is what happens when you destroy the background by using a cheap editing app and not hiring a pro. Though, given how badly their professional photos are edited, I can’t blame her for not wanting to spend the money.

Problem 5: A Chunk Of Her Ass Is Missing

This one I have no explanation for. What exactly were you trying to do, woman? Is this a result of blurring the background so poorly? Did you try to make your ass bigger and missed an entire section? Unclear, but definitely a huge fail. Good job creating yet another unrealistic expectation for women’s bodies.

In conclusion, what could have been a totally cute photo got massively f*cked up due to Mommy’s vanity. Khlo, u ok? I know you’re going through some sh*t right now, but please remember you’re some kind of f*cked up role model for women, and you have to remind them that it’s totally okay to have stomach rolls, arm fat, unflattering poses, blemishes, cellulite, and ribs. Also, this of it this way: if you just left your photos alone, you would not have tumor arms or chunks out of your ass missing. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

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The Worst Kardashian Photoshop Fails

In my last celebrity Photoshop fail article, I mentioned that I could write an entire article just dedicated to Kardashian Photoshop fails. Guess what? HERE IT IS. And at the rate these women post such f*cked up pics, this will probably end up being a series. One thing is for sure: money cannot buy a basic understanding of human anatomy. Stay in school, kids. But my favorite ones aren’t even the ones done by their tragic Facetune apps. The worst of the worst are the ones done by supposed professionals in this field that really look at this images and say, “Yep, looks great!” Kris, I have a great gift idea for the whole family next Christmas: an elementary level book that explains the human body. Then maybe you guys will notice when a “pro” says, yes, some people do have six foot long femurs. Here are the most egregious Kardashian Photoshop fails that they thoroughly deserve to get roasted for.

Kourtney Kardashian

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Love yourself as deeply as you love them.

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You’re not going to believe this. But I decided to do this article several days before Kourtney Kardashian gave us what might the strangest Photoshop work I have ever seen. It’s like the universe is trying to tell me that I’m on the right path by writing celebrity trash instead of the great American novel. I don’t even know how to begin with this photo, it’s that f*cked up. For those of you that did not go to art school, let me give you a little lesson in proportion.

Okay, first of all, that is definitely not the correct head for this photo. It’s almost the size of her ass, which we know in Kardashian world, is massive. A general proportion rule is that most people are 7.5x their head size tall. If Kourt was standing, her body would only be like 5x the size of this huge head. This artist would definitely have failed figure drawing. The neck also looks like Kourt is prepping for her audition to play the Bent Neck Lady in The Haunting of Hill House season 2. It’s waaaaay too long and not proportioned for the body at all.

But guess what guys? Those were the better done portions. It actually gets worse. There is a f*cking nipple on her wrist. Don’t believe me?

That is 100% a human nipple. What likely happened was that her nipples were visible in this photo (gasp—alert Instagram’s community guidelines!), so the photo retoucher cut it off and moved it out of the way instead of deleting it (why?), then filled in all the bubbles to hide it. Obviously he forgot about it because, well, there it is.

The best part of the whole photo is Kourt’s huge misshapen femur. It’s waaaay too long, too skinny, bulging at the knee, and my personal fav, MISSING A GIANT CHUNK. They’re trying to act like it’s just sitting in the water, but it just doesn’t match up. It’s like her leg was in a weird pose and the artist went, “no it’s cool guys, we’ll put it here at the bottom.” No, sir. NO. Apparently this photo is an ad for her new business, Poosh. What is she selling exactly? Wrist nipple jewelry? Also, Poosh is one of many nicknames I call my chubby bulldog. It’s just doesn’t sound like a sexy company name warranting a naked bath photo (but that is another issue).

Khloé Kardashian

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A little crop goes a long way ? There’s a reason why our cropped skinny jeans are best sellers, shop this shape-enhancing style in sizes 00-24 now on #goodsquad #goodwaist @khloekardashian

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My new favorite of Khloé’s many, many Photoshop fails was in my last article, but this one for her clothing line Good American is awesome too. What’s wrong with this picture, children? I mean, it’s pretty good work. She looks gorgeous, her ass is gigantic, she looks really thin, etc. Except, the retouchers forgot one tiny thing. Look at the reflection. Khloé has put in many hard hours at the gym and her revenge body is on point. No need to lie to us about how thin you really are. Also, always remember to check reflections when you photo edit. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

Kim Kardashian & Blac Chyna

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Who hasn’t seen this pic? But it is a classic. Kim and Chyna’s asses are so big, that they’re actually warping the floors and doorways all around them through their own force field. I just like this idea that Kim looks at photos of herself and goes, “huh not thin enough, lemme just pull everything around in an app and that will fix it”  Kim thought she did such a good job that she did it A SECOND TIME:

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Getting right for the new year

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Kendall Jenner

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Kendall Jenner, supermodel, so skinny I’m worried that she’ll trip and fall and break straight in half, somehow does not think she’s skinny enough. She used the same tragic app that big sis Kim K thinks is Photoshop perfection to warp her walls and push in to make her stomach look thinner. Seriously, though, why? It’s a fact that no matter how skinny you are, everyone has rolls when they sit. Get over yourself, Kenny. Then, Kendall decided that what she really needs to do is post a closeup photo of her ass crack on Instagram.

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Firstly, why? Secondly, It’s apparently also not good enough because she warped the walls behind her to once again make herself look thinner. I mean? If you’re unhappy with the photo, maybe there’s no need to post the ass shot to begin with?

Kylie Jenner

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felt like a flamingo in this dress ?

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Oh, Kylie. Kylie apparently hired the same retoucher who did the Poosh shoot for Kourtney, because once again, we have an absolutely gigantic femur! Please sir, go to art school. Her thigh is literally bigger than her entire body. Imagine how this creature would look standing up, like is she the f*cking Demogorgon? Unclear as to why this was at all necessary. I guess they thought her thigh was too big so they stretched it out and were like, “looks amazing”?

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#ad Obsessed with my new @fashionnova jeans ?Get them at ?

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Kylie has so many Photoshop fails, it’s hard to choose just a couple. This one is really hilarious because it’s just so unnecessary. She’s supposedly advertising the jeans, but in order to give herself a Kim K ass, she’s stretched them out. Look at how large and uneven the pockets are! And the space between the pockets and belt loops. What kind of belt will you wear with those jeans, those early 2000 waist-cinchers that are four inches wide? All of it is a fail and makes the jeans—which is the reason for the ad—look all effed up.

If you think Kylie Jenner's Photoshop fail is bad, just wait until you see the other altered pics stars posted ?

— J-14 Magazine (@J14Magazine) January 22, 2017

This is another Kar/Jenner classic. Kylie followed Kim and Kendall’s leads of magic wall warping apps to slice off a good portion of her legs. So glad the whole thigh gap thing ended, because this looks ridiculous.

BTW, I’m already at 1,100 words here, and I’m not even halfway through all the Kardashian Photoshop fails I found, not to mention, they keep posting more every day. Think before you Photoshop, people. Or at least hire a pro. Sorry, a pro that has a basic sense of anatomy, because WOW. Until next time!

Images: J14Magazine / Twitter; kyliejenner (2), kendalljenner (2), kimkardashian (2), goodamerican, kourtneykardash / Instagram