Welp, There Are Now Three Images of Justin Trudeau Blackface

Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau is currently under fire after past images of him in both brownface and blackface have emerged. You hate to see it. The first instance made news yesterday when Time reported that Trudeau attended an “Arabian Nights” themed party at The West Point Grey Academy dressed in full brown face. The photo is from 2001, when Trudeau was a teacher at the private school, and also a time when it was definitely known that brownface and blackface are not okay.

After the image made its rounds on the internet, another offensive photo of the Prime Minister was found — one the PM acknowledged existed during a press conference when a reporter asked if Trudeau had done this before. The second image is of Trudeau dressed in blackface for performance for his high school talent show, where he sang Day-O, a Jamaican folk song popularized by American civil rights activist Harry Belafonte.

Trudeau responded to the revelation in a press conference almost immediately after the first picture leaked. “I take responsibility for my decision to do that. I shouldn’t have done it. I should have known better,” he said. “It was something that I didn’t think was racist at the time, but now I recognize it was something racist to do and I am deeply sorry.”

A nice apology, but still concerning that a grown man didn’t realize that dressing in brownface at a work event was racist in 2001. Blackface and brownface both date back to racist performances from white people dressing up and doing offensive caricatures of PoC that perpetuate hurtful stereotypes and have been considered unacceptable for quite some time.

Since Trudeau’s apology, yet another image has emerged. A video shows Trudeau, again dressed in blackface with paint on his face and arms, making faces and laughing some time in the early ’90s. So this seems to be a thing for him…

All of this comes as Justin Trudeau is up for re-election in October, and is likely to hurt his race, seeing as he has established himself as a progressive politician who embraces multiculturalism.

As a wise prophet (Lizzo) said once:

We Just Found Out Something About Justin Trudeau That Makes Him Even Hotter

This just in: our favorite Canadian regulation hottie, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has a tattoo. He truly is the gift that just keeps on giving. We’ve already established that not only does he look like a paid actor from a USA network drama but he’s also a feminist, environmentalist, and all around just inclusive AF. And if that wasn’t sexy enough, then this tattoo is making him next level in my book.

Okay, so FINE maybe this isn’t breaking news in the sense that this is not at all breaking and was definitely a topic on Twitter years ago. BUT I just found out about it after Googling the Prime Minister’s biceps policies and stumbled upon this gem:

OH, Canadaaaa. I WILL stand on guard for thee.

Seriously, someone needs to sign me up for this fight club.

Justin Trudeau is a relatable politician because he has a really regrettable arm tattoo. pic.twitter.com/Cw31v8AKlO

— gabrielle l. gabauer (@gabrielleleeg) April 22, 2016

Like right fucking now.

But back to the tattoo. I have some V important questions, like what does it mean and is it weird if I ask my future husband to replicate it on his body? And perhaps also replicate the PM’s face and his smile and his hair and maybe he could just turn into Justin Trudeau already? Anyways in a response to Refinery29 JT said that his tattoo is “the planet earth inside a Haida raven.” Apparently, he got the earth tattoo at age 23 aka the age at which the internet lost its mind over pictures of him, and also the age at which everyone gets questionable tattoos, and he later added the Haida raven design for his 40th birthday.

The raven part of the tattoo pays homage to his father becoming an honorary member of Canada’s native Haida tribe in 1976. While I’m sure the earth is meant to symbolize being one with the planet and every woman’s sexual fantasies, TBH it just sounds like he smokes a fuck ton of weed to me.

Honestly though, this man could get an infinity tattoo on his lower back and I would still want to have his children. Now, can he please do something about the Cheeto in charge of our country?? 

Young Justin Trudeau Was A Regulation Hottie—VIDEO

Remember a little while back when the internet uncovered pictures of a young Joe Biden looking fine as hell and we all collectively lost our shit? I mean, I wouldn’t be mad if 74-year-old Joe Biden was my sugar daddy—it would sure beat some other political figures who are probably sugar daddies who shall remain unnamed. ANYWAY. We’re not here to talk about Joe Biden. Or other unnamed, overly tanned political figures. Hold onto your pants, ladies (and GBFFs), because something even better has come along, and it’s the current Prime Minister of Canada. We all know Justin Trudeau is handsome af at his current age of 45, but some hero found some pictures of a young Justin Trudeau, and SPOILER ALERT: he was somehow even hotter back then. How is that physically possible? I don’t really know. Looks, brains, the power to lead a first-world country—I guess you really can have it all. 

Obviously you’ll have to see these pictures to believe it for yourself, so check out our video below. I’m just warning you, though—this is probably NSFW. At least, not if you don’t want your coworkers to see you drooling at your cubicle. We recommend going somewhere private. You have been warned.


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