Who Is Cooke Maroney, Jennifer Lawrence’s Fiancé?

It’s been a while since I’ve thought about Jennifer Lawrence, and honestly, it was a nice break. She’s taken a couple years out of the spotlight, which was enough time that I’m no longer annoyed at the thought of her relatable girl schtick. Good thing, because JLaw is back, and she’s engaged. We’ve known for a while that she was dating Cooke Maroney, but their engagement seemingly came out of nowhere. So who is Cooke Maroney, other than that a white man with two last names? Let’s discuss.

Cooke Maroney is an art gallery director, which is one of those occupations where, like, I know it’s a real thing, but it still sounds kind of fake and sketchy to me. Other examples: fashion photographer, executive chef, and jewelry designer. I don’t know why, but I imagine that all of these people have scandalous pasts and dark secrets. Allegedly. But yeah, so Cooke is the director of the New York gallery Gladstone 64, which looks absolutely beautiful based on the pictures on the website. One of Gladstone’s artist clients is Lena Dunham’s father, because everything is weird and connected.

Cooke is 33 years old, which is a sensible five years older than Jennifer. It’s crazy that she’s still only 28, considering that it feels like she won an Oscar a decade ago. Okay, it was actually in 2013, but close enough. She’s not that old. She and Maroney have been dating since last June, when they were introduced to each other by Jennifer’s best friend Laura Simpson. At the time, they were seen out and about together, but no one had any real idea whether things were serious or not.

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Most importantly, Cooke Maroney has a private Instagram with less than 2000 followers. When a rando is dating someone super famous, there’s no quicker way to judge their intentions than social media thirst. Based on his distinct lack of Instagram desperation, it would appear that Cooke is definitely here for the right reasons. Jennifer famously only uses Instagram through a secret finsta, so Cooke’s low-key presence is probably the ideal vibe for her. Congrats Jen, it looks like you’ve landed a keeper.

JLaw’s reps have confirmed that she’s engaged to Cooke, but we don’t have any details about when the wedding will happen, or what it will be like. If I had to guess, I would say lots of A-listers will be invited, including Amy Schumer, Emma Stone, and Brie Larson. I wouldn’t bet against a few Real Housewives making the list as well, because Jennifer has been open about her obsession with Bravo. Or I could also see her having the world’s most low-key wedding in, like, Upstate New York or something. We still don’t know too much, but this is a good starting point. Now at least when your friends are like “Who is Cooke Maroney?”, you can provide all the information they need.

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7 Reasons Jennifer Lawrence Is Our Girl Crush And Life Inspiration

It should go without saying, but in case you missed it, betches love Jennifer Lawrence. After years of being Hollywood’s fave Cool Girl, it’s time we recognized the amount of effort she puts into seeming effortless. Honestly, she’s an inspiration to us all, and I have not once gotten tired of seeing her face plastered everywhere since 2013, or whatever year that one movie about extreme camping came out. I didn’t pay attention; I was too busy believing every word Jennifer Lawrence said about maintaining a perfect body sans exercise or clean eating. But if her in-no-way-grating “honesty” hasn’t managed to turn you into a superfan yet, here are seven reasons JLaw is #lifegoals forever.

1. She’s Graceful

Like every action star, Jennifer Lawrence is always poised and camera-ready in public. But oh my god, wouldn’t it be the most relatable thing ever if she fell on the red carpet?

2. She Has Great Taste In Tattoos

It’s super cute that JLaw’s first tattoo is a scientifically inaccurate reminder to stay hydrated. I mean, if you’re going to get something tattooed on your body forever, you might as well make sure it’s pointless, half-faded, and jumbled looking from the get-go. Besides, isn’t it, like, super cute that she forgets to drink water, a basic human function?

3. She’s Irresistibly Sexy

As a famous person, JLaw can have any dude she wants and definitely has no trouble getting a date. That time she told Vogue her hymen was growing back from a lack of sex doesn’t count because she was just being cute.

4. She’s Super Polite

Our girl Jennifer has never spoken rudely to a journalist in her life. Just look at every press conference she’s ever given—this is a woman that respects the press and understands that publicity is the reason she’s a movie star.

5. She Never Complains.

JLaw understands that being a celebrity means she’ll never want for food, money, or hookups ever again, and she never complains because that would be gauche. “I am lonely every Saturday night. Guys are so mean to me,” she said once. Such a trooper!

6. She can party with the best of us.

Jennifer Lawrence might puke basically every time she drinks, but that’s what friends are for. Who wouldn’t want to spend the entirety of an Adele concert holding back her flaxen hair?

7.  She Has Eaten Pizza

Before Jennifer Lawrence, no woman had ever publicly disclosed that she likes pizza. Every time Jen talks about craving pizza, fries, or some other junk food, it’s a win for feminism.

Thank you, Jennifer Lawrence, for being the totally relatable millionaire/Oscar-winner/world-famous celeb we all know and some of us love.