The 9 Most Toxic Husbands In ‘Real Housewives’ History

The ladies of The Real Housewives are the gifts that keep on giving. I love the franchise because it’s a space where women are not only allowed, but encouraged, to be unabashedly themselves. Many are quick to dismiss the show as frivolous and superficial, but for me and my fellow Bravoholics it’s a fascinating sociological study on what it means to be a woman in today’s world. This inevitably gives us a glimpse into the men our gals choose, and more often than not, the results are pure, unadulterated trash not pretty. Because I’m a glutton for punishment, I ventured into the deepest, darkest depths of House Husband Hell and compiled a list of the most garbage men to grace our screens over the years.

9. Bill Aydin

Bill Aydin

Bill is a relatively new addition to The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but he immediately made an impression with his condescending attitude towards his wife, Jennifer, and insistence that she stay at home with their children at all times. Jennifer memorably had to ask Bill for permission to go on a “girls’ trip” (in other words, do her job), a request that displeased her controlling traditional husband. This should end well.

8. Brooks Ayers

Brooks Ayers Vicki Gunvalson

While not technically a husband (despite Vicki’s numerous attempts to make him fill her love tank), Brooks may as well have been one with the amount of screen time he took up during his tenure on The Real Housewives of Orange County. He immediately pinged fans’ creep radars when Vicki’s daughter Briana recounted that he sexually harassed her while she was pregnant. Brooks really cemented his status as the Dirty John of Bravo when it came out in season 10 that he perpetrated a cancer scam that Vicki was definitely *not* in on. Just thinking about him makes me want to take several showers.

7. Michael Darby

Michael Darby

Ashley’s marriage to Michael was shaky even in the earlier seasons of The Real Housewives of Potomac, with the two arguing over their fledgling restaurant and having children together, culminating in a separation just two years ago. Unfortunately, Michael is looking even worse this season with allegations that he sexually assaulted a cameraman on the show. Despite the charges being dropped, more allegations persist. And now he and Ashley have a baby together, which won’t complicate things at all.

6. Jim Edmonds

Jim Edmonds

This marriage always seemed suspect to me, not only because it was lucky number three for Jimbo, but also because he appeared completely and utterly checked out in every interaction with his wife. His abandonment of Meghan during her painful IVF treatments was particularly damning. Just when it seemed he couldn’t be more awful, news broke earlier this year about Jim’s involvement in a nude text message scandal in which, among other things, he was sexting a woman while Meghan was about to give birth to their twins. Inexplicably, they are still together.

My advice to Meghan:

5. Shane Simpson

Emily and Shane Simpson

There’s no way around it: Shane sucks. This human embodiment of the word “twerp,” as he was brilliantly called by castmate and certified genius Kelly Dodd, has been a walking wet blanket since his debut last season on The Real Housewives of Orange County. He threw Gina out of his home last season for being too loud during a party and proceeded to handle the aftermath with the same grace as a whiny toddler who’s been denied his binky. Shane has done nothing to redeem himself this season and can’t be bothered to hide his disdain snark in every scene with Emily, even going so far as to leave his family at home to escape to a hotel under the guise of “studying for the bar” (which he failed, btw). Instead of being grateful to his wife for singlehandedly taking care of their children and throwing a party for his parents in his absence, he snaps at her for disturbing him. Emily can do so much better.

4. Jason Hoppy

Jason Hoppy and Bethenny Frankel

This is where the list really starts getting dark. Like many serial killers eligible men, Jason initially seemed like the dream guy Bethenny had been searching for her entire life. He supported her dreams and together they started the family she always wanted. For a while, it looked like Bethenny really did have it all. But cracks started to show in her spin-off Bethenny Ever After and it quickly became clear that Jason had a dark side he’d been hiding from the viewers. Once Bethenny filed for divorce, Jason fully unleashed his crazy by refusing to leave their apartment, threatening her, and bad-mouthing her to their daughter. Yikes.

3. David Beador

Shanno and David Beador

Seeing old footage of David Beador and his White Walker eyes still sends a chill down my spine. Shannon was completely humiliated when she revealed during season 10 of The Real Housewives of Orange County that David had a long-term affair. Though the pair did try to work through their problems, David’s attempts to reconcile always seemed forced and inauthentic. During season 11, Vicki alleged that David was physically abusive towards Shannon during their marriage. Though both David and Shannon denied any physical abuse, David was arrested for domestic battery years earlier. The stress of the allegations led Shannon to gain 40 pounds, and instead of supporting his wife during this difficult time, David began aggressively working out as if to mock her and would eat in front of her in a way that can only be described as hostile. Thankfully, Shannon divorced him.

2. Jim Marchese

Jim Marchese and Amber Marchese

Until I began preparing this list, I had somehow forgotten that this O.T. (Original Twerp) ever existed. Jim was hated by just about every cast member during his mercifully short run on The Real Housewives of New Jersey for getting in the women’s faces repeatedly like a rabid dog on crack and saying unspeakable things about his castmates. Jim has continued to reach new lows after his stint on the show. He revealed during his appearance with Amber on Marriage Bootcamp that he blamed her for getting cancer, was arrested shortly thereafter for felony domestic violence against Amber and, most recently, has been accused by his own son of refusing to continue paying his college tuition because he is gay. What a mensch.

1. Joe Giudice

Joe Giudice

It admittedly doesn’t get much worse than Jim Marchese, but Juicy Joe still reigns supreme as the worst of the worst husbands. The repeated rumors of infidelity were bad enough. Who could forget that uncomfortable scene where he was caught on camera talking to his mistress one of his workers and referring to Teresa as “my bitch wife” and a “c*nt”? But Joe cemented his status on this list by committing fraud and implicating Teresa, causing her to serve time in prison and miss out on valuable time with her mother, who died less than two years after her release. It’s unforgivable, but it does look like karma is coming for Joe and he’s probably getting deported.

Of course, this isn’t a complete list because choosing among the toxic men on these shows is an embarrassment of riches. There were many more I wanted to include (looking at you, Jim Bellino, Kelsey Grammer, Slade Smiley, Paul “Peekay” Kemsley and Simon Barney), but I can’t afford to quit my day job. Sound off in the comments with your worst House Husbands!

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Is Bethenny Frankel Secretly Married?

Just two days ago we all had to come to terms with the harsh reality that Bethenny Frankel will not be returning for season 12 of The Real Housewives of New York, and today, the business mogul took to Twitter to announce she was married? I need a vacation, it’s all too damn much. How much do you think we can handle Bethenny, my therapist is out of town!

Bethenny, who’s appeared on the first three seasons of RHONY as well as the most recent five, has become a real life business tycoon and arguably one of the most successful women to come out of a Housewives franchise. We’ve all come to know and love her as the straight shooter who says things most people only dream about saying.

After a long Instagram post explaining her reasons for leaving the show, fans took a deep breath and prepared to move on to a Frankel-less season 12, but before we could even pull ourselves together she decided to drop another bomb on us when this morning she tweeted a nice farewell to the remaining housewives while somehow burying the lede that she very well may have gotten married!?

To my NY hwives: GO GET EM! I had to go since I’m the only one that is actually married…that’s how crazy this ride is. You are all amazing, beautiful and strong. Spread your wings and fly! Xoxo @ramonasinger @CountessLuann @TinsleyMortimer @SonjatMorgan @dorindamedley

— Bethenny Frankel (@Bethenny) August 23, 2019

Bethenny has never been one to be overly sappy, but like…can a bitch get an explanation!? Can we get some photos!? A little video!? I would even settle for a goddamn Boomerang! Bethenny has had a rough year, when her on-again/off-again boyfriend Dennis Shields died suddenly from an overdose last August, and with a major scare herself when she went unconscious and nearly died after having a severe allergic reaction to fish. She’s been no stranger to turmoil, separating from her husband Jason Hoppy in 2013 and often mentioning her abusive, tumultuous childhood throughout her time on RHONY.  Fans rejoiced when in December she began posting Instagram photos of her and apparent new boyfriend Paul Bernon on vacation together and said during the RHONY Season 11 reunion that Paul was the man who found and saved her life after the allergy incident.

While the tweet definitely alludes to the fact that she’s married, it seems it just may be an exaggeration. In a statement to ET, Bethenny’s ex-husband’s lawyers said that Bethenny and Jason’s divorce hasn’t been finalized, although they haven’t been together in six years. What is happening!?

The couple were assumed to be legally divorced in 2016 when Jason’s lawyers confirmed with ET that everything had been finalized and he was excited to move on with his life…but apparently not? Also what is the connection with Jason’s lawyers and ET!? In January 2017, he was arrested for harassment and for making threats to Bethenny, but ultimately pleaded out and the case was dropped. Bethenny sued for full custody of their now 9-year-old daughter shortly after. Now, however, his lawyers are saying the two haven’t legally divorced and I’m not a f*cking attorney so like what is going on?

Regardless, Bethenny seems very happy with her new beau, often posting photos of themselves with sappy captions like “I like me better when I’m with you,” which normally would make me roll my eyes to hard I’d vomit but we all know Bethenny deserves happiness! We’re all rooting for you! For now though it seems they’re not legally married, but perhaps just figuratively married like your friends that get in serious relationships and never want to go out anymore.

Images: Giphy (4); bethenny / Twitter

Bethenny Frankel’s Psycho Ex Got Hit With More Stalking Charges

It’s fun being beautiful and perfect, but greatness also comes at a price. We’re used to people being literally obsessed with us, but Bethenny Frankel’s ex-husband Jason Hoppy (who’s not a cartoon bunny) is taking the whole clingy ex thing to a whole new level. He got charged with stalking this week, after new information came out about how much of a psycho he was after his divorce was finalized last summer.

Well, he actually got charged with more stalking (what a guy), adding two counts to three existing ones that he’s still facing. Now he’s in trouble for sending Bethenny more than 160 creepy-ass texts and emails since the divorce was made official, and also screaming “I will destroy you” when Bethenny was dropping their 6-year-old daughter off at school. Yeah, you read that right, he texted her 160 times. That’s obviously batshit crazy, but it does make us feel a little better about double texting the guy we’re hooking up with when he doesn’t respond.

Unsurprisingly, Bethenny repeatedly asked Jason to leave her alone, including in October, right before he sent her this gem of a text:

“We could have a much different relationship but you’re unwilling to shut your mouth about me and my daughter and refuse to cooperate. Ball’s in your court to change it. I’m happy to meet for to discuss. And you know you’re the problem. But if not I will proceed as I see fit.”

What the fuck does all of that mean? “For to discuss”? “The ball’s in your court”? Sorry dude, but maybe you should cut the sports metaphor bullshit and try being, like, 10% normal for a change. Your 6-year-old daughter is really going to love explaining to her friends that daddy is in jail for stalking mommy.

The judge in the case extended Hoppy’s restraining order on Tuesday, and gently reminded him that he’s not allowed to fucking email Bethenny anymore. Sounds cool, now can we get a restraining order against all those emails from ASOS?