Bella Thorne Has A New Man Who Is Shockingly Hot

2019 has already been an incredibly tumultuous year in the personal life of Bella Thorne, and this roller coaster isn’t slowing down. A couple months ago, she and her girlfriend, YouTuber and professional thirst trap Tana Mongeau, split up, and she announced her breakup with Mod Sun just last week. If I had been through two tough breakups in less than three months, the only thing I’d be making out with would be a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, but Bella Thorne is a special creature. She’s already moved on with someone who’s way hotter than Mod Sun ever could be (even if he showered).

His name is Benjamin Mascolo, and he has all three of the most important traits: he’s hot AF, he’s Italian, and he’s a successful musician. On Wednesday, just two days after she announced her split from Mod, Bella Thorne was spotted at lunch with Benjamin. At the restaurant, they were seen kissing, and he was also caressing her leg. Homegirl moves fast, and I have mad respect for her game, considering my dating life trajectory is getting ghosted by a guy once every three years. Over the weekend, Bella was seen leaving her house with Benjamin, so they obviously weren’t just at a random lunch meeting.

Benjamin Mascolo seems like an out-of-left-field choice for Bella Thorne, but I’m kind of loving it. He’s 25, and when I say he’s Italian, I don’t mean he lives in New Jersey and has a mom who knows how to make spaghetti sauce. I mean he’s like…really from Italy. He’s part of the musical duo Benji & Fede, which is apparently very popular in Italy. I listened to some of their music, and while I can’t understand any of the lyrics, their number-one song on Spotify is called “Moscow Mule,” so they have my immediate stamp of approval.

Both Benjamin and his musical partner Federico look like the kind of men who would absolutely ruin my life, but I’d be fine with it.

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I mean…both of these men can f*ck me up, no questions asked. For Bella Thorne’s sake, though, I hope that Benji is a nice, upstanding gentleman who will always promptly respond to all of her texts. Mostly, I just really want to know how these two even met in the first place. Benji & Fede are big stars in Italy, but they really haven’t crossed over into the US at all. I mean, they don’t even have a Wikipedia page in English. Maybe Benji slid into Bella’s DMs from across the pond, and if so, I’d love if he could do the same for me.

So will this just be a momentary fling for Bella Thorne, much like her brief “friendship” with Scott Disick? Or will she spend the next two years of her life posting grungy bathroom selfies with Benji? Only time will tell, and obviously I’ll be watching every step of the way. Whatever happens, I’m sure there will be some good stories that Bella can use for her next book of poems.

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5 Romantic Restaurants In NYC To Have Valentine’s Day Dinner At

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been seeing someone for two months or three years: deciding where and what to eat for dinner almost always becomes a legitimate argument, regardless of where you live. You’d think that living in one of the best cities in the world would help this issue, but you would be wrong. Actually, New York City offers too many options, so it’s hard to know where to even start, especially with Valentine’s Day coming up in just a couple of days. This isn’t Gossip Girl or Friends With Benefits; chances are, your current fling’s romance skills are not straight out of a cheesy rom-com, so it’s now or never for you to find a place and make reservations for two. Or, scratch that—even just find a table for one, because who the fuck says you can’t dress up and wine and dine yourself to a candlelit dinner in a bougie restaurant? NO ONE. Whether you’re spending V-Day solo or going on a classy af date this year, here are five romantic restaurants in NYC to have Valentine’s Day dinner at.

1. The Park

Everyone who lives in New York knows what the High Line is since it’s probably the one place you bring your parents and out-of-city friends who want to be tourists. What you’ve probably yet to see is this cute little restaurant right on 10th Ave. The ambiance is, like, so worth an Instagram (or 10) since it’s lit tf up from ceiling to floor. It has an indoor and outdoor garden, amazing food, strong drinks, and decent music you’ll find yourself nodding to from time to time. Tables are surrounded with trees and full of classy centerpieces that set the mood.

It is such an instagramable spot. You will love the ambience????. #ambience #initimate #vibe

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2. Sofia Wine Bar

Nothing goes with Valentine’s Day better than a fuck ton of wine and good-ass pizza. Fucking obviously. If you plan on spending the day with your anti-Valentine’s Day GFs, by yourself (because less people = more for you), or keeping things low-key with your latest Hinge guy, you’ll want to grab a table in this cute little Midtown East spot. The wine options are endless, the menu is worth salivating over, and like, the service is actually good. I know, am I sure this is in the city? YES.


Sofia wine bar…#winery #wine #winelover

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3. Maiella

If you live in Queens, you already love this place. If you don’t, then you’ll at least consider borough hopping. Maiella sits in Long Island City, right on the water with a ‘gram-worthy view of the skyline. It serves carb-loaded Italian dishes and yummy drinks. For Valentine’s Day, they offer a special menu that includes lobster, spaghetti, and chocolate covered strawberries for just $75.

Are you ready for the holidays? #yesyesyes

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4. The River Cafe

Some of you hate trekking to Brooklyn for fear of the hipster apocalypse, but honestly, there are some hidden gems with fucking amazing food that seriously makes the trip all worth it. This place sits right on water and hosts quite a few weddings, so you know you’re heading into lovey-dovey central. However, the view and atmosphere are to die for, so you’ll probably consider having your own here. They have a special Valentine’s Day menu with bougie af foods like caviar, truffle, and filet mignon, but they do ask you look your best in their dress code, so maybe you’ll feel like you’re kind of a big deal.

Come escape the cold with us, the bar and dining room are open this evening! ????❄

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5. La Grenouille

This restaurant has definitely been in New York for like, decades. Like, your great-great-grandpa used to come here all the time or some shit (IDK, I don’t know your family history). This French restaurant has long been known for its totally gorgeous flower arrangements and high-end cuisine. For Valentine’s Day, they’re offering a four-course dinner and a complimentary bottle of really classy Champagne that I can’t pronounce. Obviously, seats are limited so if you’re looking to be blown away, you’ll want to reserve ASAP.

Favorite family tradition! When it’s ❄ and most are ????, we bundle up and ????????!

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