Finding Love In A Hopeless Place: Dating Stories From The Pandemic

When Jillian Trubee first saw the now-ubiquitous Instagram memes about virtual dating in the midst of coronavirus quarantine, she wondered who out there was actually going on FaceTime first dates or having a movie night via Netflix Party. As an avid dater in New York City, she thought she’d seen it all, but it wasn’t until a few days later that she would experience this new phenomenon first-hand. 

“I go on dates all the time, and I really enjoy the act of dating,” Jillian says, but as the coronavirus pandemic worsened and the 27-year-old returned home to California to ride out the crisis, she wasn’t sure what it would mean for her usually busy and exciting dating life. She kept her Hinge location set to New York and continued using the app, if only to see what would await her return, but after matching with a guy named Kevin, it seemed like virtual dating, a once foreign concept, would hit close to home after all. “We chatted for a few days, and he was like, ‘Normally, I’d ask you out, but that’s not really the responsible thing to do right now, so would you be open to a FaceTime date?’” she recalls. “It was the first time someone had asked me that in this new world we’re living in, and I just thought, sure, why not?

As COVID-19 continues its vicious spread across the country and forces everyone into quarantine, people are staying home, limiting outings unless  absolutely necessary, and keeping in touch with loved ones through FaceTime, Zoom, phone calls, and other virtual methods. But rather than view this unprecedented and unpredictable time as a roadblock to dating and meeting someone new, some believe the current situation is the perfect excuse to mix things up and establish a real connection, even if it is done through a screen. 

After Jillian agreed to take Kevin up on his offer, the two set a time for their call, but they had no real plan going into it. “I just assumed we’d be having a drink while chatting,” notes Jillian, who was ironically sipping on a Corona beer at the time. Kevin called her—albeit 15 minutes late—and after sharing a laugh over the wild circumstances of their date, they spoke for about an hour. The conversation was pretty surface-level, and although Jillian enjoyed meeting him, she knew it wasn’t exactly love at first FaceTime.

“I didn’t really know what the etiquette was,” she says. “Like, do we stay on the call for a long time? It didn’t mean that I wanted to end it, but I also didn’t want to be on the phone all night.” And obviously, since none of us have anywhere to go, we can’t cite a prior commitment for ending a call. Still, when Jillian did hang up, she said, “it was very cordial, but I never heard from him after that, so I’m not really sure what happened. What I think that first endeavor into Facetime dating did for me, though, was show me that it’s not scary and that it is something I’d want to do again.”

The question of what, if any, dating rules apply to this unfamiliar terrain is one that many are asking, not only Jillian. But the answer isn’t so simple, and we’re all kind of figuring it out as we go. “Protocol does and doesn’t apply,” says Lindsey Metselaar, the creator of the We Met at Acme podcast. “I’ve always thought that a girl can initiate but then the guy has to take it from there, and I think I still really believe that now. But like with any relationship, one person can’t do all the work.”

Jordana Abraham, cohost of Betches’ dating podcast, U Up?, echoes that this is a weird time to be dating. “The traditional rules of dating seem to be thrown out the window as everything else in our lives is different than it’s ever been before,” she agrees. “I do think there has been somewhat of a desire to maintain a sense of traditional gender values around hetermormative daters I’ve spoken to. I’ve heard of guys Venmoing girls for drinks they have over FaceTime dates that they’ve had in their apartment.”

Though, while you certainly can still stick to gender roles, now is a better time than ever to shake things up. Abraham says, “I think both people can cut each other some slack in terms of things like texting first and who’s asking out whom. The stakes are pretty low here since you can’t actually meet up. It’s important to just be open and honest. If you want to text someone, do it. The worst case scenario is you’ll continue to (not) see them.”

As far as conducting the FaceTime date, Jordana says they should be between an hour and an hour and a half, especially for a first date—better to leave both of you wanting more than the opposite. And, if like in a regular date, you need to cut things short, she advises, “it’s okay to say anything you’d usually say to get off a call—like you’ve got to get to bed or your mom is calling you’re going to go watch your favorite show.”

Video chats are not just a good option for first dates; they’re also useful to maintain connections that were initially forged in person. For Nick, a 29-year-old asset manager, the coronavirus pandemic arrived at a rather inopportune time, just as he was planning a second date with a lady he’d recently gone out with. “As the news got worse and worse and then restaurants closed, that was no longer an option,” he says. “So, I suggested a FaceTime date so that neither of would have to leave our apartments.” After discovering their shared love of sci-fi movies on the initial FaceTime, the two decided to watch Blade Runner together on their next date. “We did a countdown to sync the movies together, and I had the movie playing full screen with a Zoom call overlay in the corner,” Nick says. “It turns out it’s harder to watch a movie when there’s a cute girl on your screen at the same time, but we did finish the movie.” The call went very well, but Nick thinks it was a huge benefit to have gone out once before and to know they had chemistry beforehand.

Texting in between dates hasn’t been a problem, and the relationship is reminding Nick of high school, when he’d talk to his girlfriend on the phone until one of them fell asleep. Although the whole thing is somewhat comical, he says it’s ultimately been pretty frustrating to crush on someone in the midst of a global health crisis. As time goes on, the pair is increasingly open to meeting in-person, even though current White House and CDC guidance is to avoid social visits. “I think we have a sense of how each one of us is handling the virus. Both of us have been working from home and haven’t seen any other people, friends, family or otherwise in the past couple weeks,” Nick says. “So, we’re making plans to see each other soon at one of our apartments. It’s nice to have met her in person just prior to the virus. I think that probably makes it easier.” 

And coronavirus isn’t just impacting casual daters. It seems, at least by the looks of Instagram, that most established couples are in quarantine together, for better or for worse. But some, like Chicago-based influencer and relationship consultant Faiza Rammuny, who is quarantining apart from her boyfriend, aren’t so lucky. “It’s been an adjustment,” she says, “but we’ve made it work by adding FaceTime and Snapchat much more into the mix.” She and her boyfriend haven’t seen each other for a month, so they’re relying on calls, the occasional lunch or dinner date via FaceTime, or movie night with the help of Netflix Party to get them through this. “We’re making it work and doing our absolute best to not let the circumstances affect the relationship, which is something I’ve been drilling into my clients as of late as well,” the 35-year-old says. 

Faiza also thinks it’s crucial that she, and anyone dating over the phone right now, make an effort and go the extra mile, not only for your partner but also for yourself. “Sometimes, I’ll just focus on the waist up,” she notes. “But even then, I’ll still fix my hair and put on makeup, and he does the same—minus the makeup.”

Whether a first date or simply a means of maintaining a serious relationship, the creative methods to dating virtually during this uncertain time have already taught some unexpected lessons that may even extend into post-pandemic life. Jillian often finds herself disappointed when she puts in all the effort required of an in-person date and doesn’t end up liking the guy, so FaceTime has actually proven to be a great alternative. “It let me figure out that I didn’t really like this guy in an hour, essentially, and it seemed like such a better use of my time than how it usually is,” she says. 

Jillian also knows that she has to feel an emotional connection with someone before making things physical, which is sometimes hard to do when she’s going out for drinks and one drink turns into another. “Sometimes, I get to the physical part before I’m really invested in that emotional part, and it just kind of ruins everything going forward,” she explains. “So, I think being able to kind of get ahead of that and have a couple of FaceTime dates while we’re in this weird situation allows me to see if I really like someone and if I’m able to forge that emotional connection before the physical.”

But, as Faiza warns, it’s just as necessary to let this time show us the importance of true, in-person connection. “Don’t let the circumstances we’re currently in convince you to turn to virtual means for connection, rather than in-person,” she says. “This is what we have to do right now, and it’s a great substitute, but it does not beat human connection in the flesh, and if we think that way, it’ll only push us further apart as human beings.”

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How To Not Slack Off While You’re Working From Home

For millennials and Gen-Zers, the COVID-19 pandemic is the most intense economic and social crisis we have faced in our lifetime. At first not everyone was taking it seriously (and some spring breakers in Florida still aren’t) but as things have gotten exponentially worse in such a short time, we are all faced with a new reality. And that reality looks a hell of lot like working from home for an undefined time period, if you are lucky enough to be able to do so.

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Working from home for a couple days here or there is completely different from WFH indefinitely, which is sadly what the future holds right now. That fact in and of itself can be demotivating, so here are a few tips of how to stay motivated and productive when you’re stuck working from home.

Overly Communicate

Since you can’t go over to someone’s desk to talk to them like in the good old days, chances are you’re relying on a chat service like Slack to interact with your coworkers, or at a bare minimum, email. Think of all those little convos you have at work that aren’t necessarily meetings, but still are about projects you’re working on, like the quick unplanned touch base you and your work wife have as you make avocado toast in the office kitchen. Keep those convos alive—emails or Slack messages don’t all have to be super formal requests. Letting people know what you are working on and just providing status updates also helps motivate others because let’s be real, even in the office we can’t help but to think sometimes “WTF is that person even doing?” is they’re not Slacking you back immediately. But don’t just limit this to some people—keep your team and your manager informed.

Be Empathetic To Your Coworkers

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If there was a time to be good f*cking coworker, this is it. Everyone deals with stress and anxiety differently, and this is a highly stressful time. There also tons of different work from home situations that make things even stressful, like parents who are now home with their children, someone who lives alone and is struggling, or those people who now find themselves trying to have a conference call at the same time as their S.O. Now more than ever, you don’t know what people are dealing with, so before you send that aggressive Slack, think for an extra second.

Encourage Non-Working Ways Of Staying Connected

If you’re lucky enough to consider (some of) your coworkers your friends, that means you just went from seeing them all day every day to literally not at all. In the time of WFH, not everything has to be strictly business—get a virtual happy hour going through programs like Airtime, Zoom, or House Party, because let’s be real, you’re all looking for an excuse to start drinking at 4:30pm anyway.

Conduct Business As Usual

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Don’t operate under the assumption that projects or conversations can wait until you’re back at work, since we legit have no idea when that will be. You don’t want to be the one person slacking off only to realize your entire team is operating status quo. Stay on top of your sh*t, create and maintain deadlines, and keep projects flowing. Despite this being a beyond hectic time, business as usual must continue to keep operations carrying on as seamlessly as possible.

Create Structure Around Your Day

If you used to work out before work, keep it up. If you used to work out after work, don’t stop just because you’ve spent all day inside. We all know it’s a hell of lot less motivating working out in the same space you’re spending all of your time in, so encourage yourself by taking an at-home workout class. We put together a list of 16 fitness apps and studios that are offering their home workout services online for free—check them out here. You’re welcome.

Take A Damn Shower & Change Out Of Your Pajamas

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We’re not saying to take this as far as wearing jeans, but take a shower and put on some real clothes (and by real clothes we mean leggings and maybe a bra). We’ll take whatever hack we can to stay focused and feel like a real person during this extended WFH period and we guarantee the better you feel, the better you’re going to do at your job.

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How To Stay Connected (And Not Bored AF) While Social Distancing

So, here we are. The past week has been nothing short of a horror movie, and what most people assumed was an exaggerated story on the news became an unimaginable reality across the globe. Hate to start this piece off so heavy, but I’m terrified over here!!! To say my anxiety has been through the roof is an understatement, and I will never take a group hug, long day in the office, or subway ride for granted again.

With that very dramatic introduction being said, I’ve found myself scouring the internet for ways to calm down during this time, and stay connected with my friends while simultaneously socially distancing.

It turns out there are a million and one things to do, but here are the ones that stuck out most:

 DIY Paint + Sip Night

I saw a friend share on her story that she did this activity while quarantined with her boyfriend, and I honestly thought it was genius. There are tons of YouTube videos that walk you through the painting, the same way an instructor would at a live class. You’ll have to provide the wine, of course, but I trust you can handle that. I myself recently signed up for the Lede Family Wines “Debut” Club. One, because they come from the Cliff Lede Vineyards in Napa (yum), and two, because being quarantined means a bottle of wine lasts a day instead of a week. Desperate times call for wine club measures, am I right? 

P.S. You can buy your canvas here, paint here, brushes here, and easel here!

P.P.S. If paint + sip feels like too much, and you’re not quite ready to channel your inner Bob Ross, adult coloring books are also a great, significantly easier outlet. The Mindfulness Coloring Book from Emma Farrarons is a personal favorite, along with the Floral Adult Coloring Journal from Harper Collins. They’re best paired with a set of iBayam Colored Pens that make everything feel more precise and flawless.

Virtual Wine Night

While on the topic of wine (and I do promise, not all of these activities NEED wine, but I can also promise, they all allow for it), staying connected to friends while the madness unfolds is extremely important. Whether your friends are sick, healthy, happy, stressed, near, or far, a FaceTime a day keeps the scaries away! 

Set one (or more) night(s) a week to eat dinner (and drink wine) “together”. Sip, catch up, chat about all the insane things that happened that week while being trapped in a shoebox Manhattan apartment. These are the nights that we’ll value most in the current state of being, and the nights we’ll cherish the most when we look back at this time.

Learn To Cook

There is no time like the present, so if you’ve been living on your own for a few years now, but the fanciest thing you can cook is pasta with butter (guilty as charged), it’s time to pick up a cookbook and get crafty. I turned to our queen, Chrissy Teigen, because I knew her recipes would actually be enjoyable, unlike my mom’s cabinet of 1920s cookbooks (no offense, mom). The good news is everything is delicious, the bad news? Nothing is healthy. But, are we really worried about being skinny at a time like this? If the answer to that question is yes, CAN’T RELATE. But, with that being said I would recommend Healthy Gut, Flat Stomach by Danielle Capalino, because I’m at least trying to come out of this quarantine with the same size stomach I came into it with. (Whether or not I will succeed is another story entirely.)

Game Night

If you are so lucky (or unlucky) to be trapped inside with a roommate or roommates, a game night is the way to go. Fun sober? Yes. Fun while drinking? Absolutely, yes. My boyfriend and I have taken up Rummy 500 (I swear we’re 26, not 96) but beating him 100 times in a row is only thrilling for so many rounds, so I decided we needed to add some new games into the routine. Personally, I’m a Yahtzee gal, but he prefers Sequence. If you’re feeling wild, break out some old classics like Mancala and Guess Who. If you’re trapped with more than two people, Scattegories is a no-brainer. If you have days, months, years to kill, Monopoly or Life are also good old timers.

Don’t have the space in your shoebox apartment for a full-on board game? No problem. Pick up a fun card game like Please Don’t Ask (where you ask participants raunchy icebreaker-type questions), Red Flag or Dealbreaker (where you decide which hypothetical habits would be dating no-nos), or What Do You Meme? (basically Cards Against Humanity, but with memes).

If you’re all by yourself, you can still play games with your friends, just virtually. You can buy the Clue app (the same murder mystery board game you grew up with, now for your phone) for $4 in the App Store. If one of your friends has Jackbox, you can have them share their screen in a Google Hangout or Zoom call, and you can all join in remotely to play. Basically, just get creative with the games you already have and your video conferencing platform of choice.

Get A (New) Hobby

With too much time on our hands, it’s only fate that we’ll all stumble upon our hidden talents. I am bullet journaling like a MF, which has resulted in my desk looking like a child’s arts and crafts studio, but hey, I’m happy. Brit + Co. has made all of their online classes free, which is a MAJOR win and really freakin nice of them. 

My doodling efforts have turned into a longing to perfect my nail art skills (which currently do not exist). I’ll be attempting to create some spring ombre nails this weekend with the Zoya Spring Treatment Color Box (the colors are pretty and it’s WAY more affordable than Essie). Stay tuned for the results.

Embracing The Alone 

If you’re one of those people who embraces their alone time and feels like “SoCiAl DiStAnCiNg Is My DrEaM” then hey, you’re in luck. Check back with me in a month, though. 

But, if you’re alone and feeling… lonely, now is the perfect time to order some new books. I myself having the reading level of a third grader, so I turned to my bff Alex for some good recs. Currently sitting on my shelf we have the stacked lineup of The Woman in the Window (which is being made into a movie, so that right there is some motivation to read it), Verity, and The Silent Patient. If all else fails, have a Harry Potter reading marathon and find the magic in the situation.

If reading isn’t your thing, but you want to stimulate the mind, order some puzzles!!! Amazon has a ton of cute ones, and it’s a healthy way to distract yourself, rather than scrolling through social media for hours on end (guilty).

All in all, it’s important to practice healthy habits and find the good in each day. It sounds corny, but, it’s survival 101. Feel free to drop comments below and share how you’ve been passing the time!

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Your iPhone Is Ruining Your Skin And This Doctor Is Here To Help

Murad Skincare really knows their shit when it comes to making our skin look good AF. I mean the brand was founded by a doctor who believed that betches everywhere should be able to order a visit to the dermatologist online so he, like, gets us. This brand is the real fucking deal and their products will make you look like the ageless goddess your mother is always telling you you are. Plus we already know they can sit with us because we mentioned them in our 2016 holiday gift guide

To refresh your memory, some of our favorite products that we included in our gift guide were the Retinol Youth Renewal Serum, the Renewing Eye Cream, the Rapid Collagen Infusion for lips, and the Invisiblur Perfecting Shield.  All amazing, so obsessed.  Our new fav is the City Skin Overnight Detox Moisturizer, which is for the boss betch that spends her entire day in front of her work computer and struts through city pollution.  Yum.  It detoxifies and revitalizes your skin and neutralizes pollutants.  Yay!  Which brings me to my next point…

Aside from making us look really pretty, Dr. Murad is also looking out for our inner beauty. He went full on Elle Woods and did some extensive research about how much time we spend looking at screens and apparently it’s a disturbing amount. Like half-a-year-of-your-life disturbing amount. Damn that’s a lot of time online shopping and backwards stalking your ex’s new girlfriend. 

And in case that statistic doesn’t make you immediately want to throw your phone in the ocean then get this: a recent Unilever study showed that 4 days in front of a screen is the equivalent to spending 20 minutes in the midday sun. So basically our iPhones are making our skin prematurely age and other bad shit and we are so screwed. 

That’s why the good doctor is launching the EyesUp Campaign, an initiative designed to educate people about the dangers of digital-only relationships and the power of real-world human connection. Basically, he wants us to get off Instagram and, like, live our lives. The campaign will be driven by an impactful video (fingers crossed it features Sarah McLaughlin and I can sob to it every time I’m on my period) that depicts all the ways our screens are sabotaging our lives. Great. Murad is also launching an educational content hub to educate people about digital dependence and to take the EyesUp pledge. 

We interviewed Dr. Murad so you all have a go-to source for what this campaign means for you, wtf is up with proper skincare, and the best things you can do to get flawless Kim K skin.

In what ways does “cultural stress” affect my skin?  Are there signs I can look for on my face that indicate an impact from cultural stress?
Yes, Cultural Stress directly affects our skin in the form of inflammation, dark under-eye circles, dryness, flaky skin, and even premature signs of aging, all due to stress-induced water loss.
One critical element of Cultural Stress I talk about is digital dependency. Most people don’t realize that being on your digital devices can directly affect your skin – but it does. For example, did you know that four days in front of your computer is the equivalent to 20 minutes in the mid-day sun on your skin? The truth is that digital dependency and Cultural Stress don’t just affect your happiness, but it affects your skin and overall health.

What are your thoughts on Instagram, specifically the concept of “influencers”, or just general lack of self-confidence young women may gain just from scrolling through their feed and seeing all these seemingly flawless people?
Don’t get me wrong: I think social media, influencers and technology in general can be powerful tools for enabling positive societal changes. But too much of anything is not good, right? In particular, what I’ve found in my patients who face the prevalence of social media is that too many people are now comparing themselves to an unrealistic ideal of beauty or flawlessness. As a result, they feel badly about themselves and have a lowered self-esteem. This becomes a vicious cycle because, again, how you feel about yourself and how you live your life ultimately reflects on your skin and overall health and happiness.

Any chance you could give us a peek at a couple questions on the EyesUp Diagnostic Quiz?
Of course! Here are a few of my favorites:
1.  Technology has enabled us to be online 24/7 and it is changing the way business operate.  Please select the statements below that best apply to you:

2. Cultural Stress is created by many different aspects of modern life.  Please select 3 items below that you believe cause the greatest amount of stress in your life:

3.  What would you rather do?

What is your ultimate goal for your employees going through your new employee engagement program?
We definitely want to reduce screen time, but ultimately the goal is to increase human connections.  To help do this, I’ve created “Human Connection Zones” throughout the office where I encourage people to meet and discuss tasks together, in-person rather than by simply sending an email. I’m also hosting EyesUp “Office Hours” for employees to get a prescription for coping with their unique source of Cultural Stress, as well as making small changes in the office to encourage more face-to-face interactions. For example, we’ve set up Digital Device Stations in each conference room to encourage device-free meetings and create a more meaningful and impactful experience.      

What’s your biggest wish for our generation, regarding Cultural Stress and the way we perceive skin care and general wellness?
Being aware of how digital dependency takes a toll.  It isn’t realistic to ask someone to ALWAYS be off their phone but finding a balance and making small healthy changes every day will make a big difference. 

Does anti-aging stuff actually work?
The short answer is: it depends. As a dermatologist and trained pharmacist, I wholeheartedly believe in the power of efficacious topical products. But I also know from my research that that’s only one piece of the puzzle. I believe in a whole-person approach  to skincare. When it comes to anti-aging, ingredients like retinol remain the gold standard but you also need to eat water-rich fruits and vegetables to boost cellular hydration levels, do plenty of physical activity to boost water-rich muscle, and be kind to your mind be reducing stress

Do you really have to wear sunscreen every day?
Yes! Sunscreen is vital to preventing sun damage. People don’t realize the amount of sun, UVA and UVB exposure that they’re getting daily, so sunscreen application and reapplication (no matter your skin tone) is essential.

How does drinking alcohol often affect your skin?
When you drink alcohol, it dehydrates your skin.

What I have found through my many decades of research is that regardless of what causes aging or disease the final common pathway is the reduction of water in our tissues. Yes, we can say that life is simply a slow process of continual dehydration. We wilt and wither over time, just like that plant you forgot to water until it was too late.

As our cells lose their integrity, we become more vulnerable to all the aspects of aging, such as oxidative stress (free radicals), inflammation, psychological and cultural stress, and disease. It’s a vicious cycle: our cells and connective tissues hold less and less water as we age, and we age as a result of that inability to hold onto water.

The best way to sustain and increase your intracellular water is by eating your water. On average, fruits and vegetables have very high water content. But unlike water you may drink from the tap or bottle, fruits and vegetables also contain essential antioxidants, phytochemicals, and macro- and micronutrients. Further, the water is in the structure of the food, meaning it breaks down slowly over time providing your body with optimal hydration levels.

What do celebrities actually do to their skin to make it look flawless? (ex: Kim K, JLo)
I can’t speak to specific celebrity skin regimens but in my experience flawless skin is part genetics, part make-up and just good luck!

What exactly happens to my skin when I’m staring at my phone at night?  Is this the kind of thing that could lead to skin cancer?
Did you know four days in front of your computer is the same as 20 minutes in the mid-day sun? A daily dose of pollution and blue light from electronic devices can accelerate visible signs of aging. We are constantly checking our devices, whether it be our cell phone, tablet or computer; and as a result, we are exposing ourselves to blue light, a wavelength of visible light that more deeply penetrates skin that even UVA. Particularly at night, staring at your phone can wreak havoc on your natural circadian rhythm and impacts the way your body produces melatonin, the chemical in your body that makes you feel sleepy. That’s why I recommend putting your phone away – preferably in another room – at least 30 minutes before you go to sleep. That way, your body has time to adjust, prepare itself for sleep and its natural repair cycle.

We live in NYC so the air is obviously gross, how do your products specifically work to get all that shit out of our skin?
Don’t worry! Our  Environmental Shield Collection does just this. For example, our City Skin Overnight Detox Moisturizer is specifically formulated to detox your skin overnight from environmental aggressors that have accumulated during the day. Washing your face each night isn’t enough to rid your pores of these toxins. City Skin’s formula is infused with super-charged antioxidants from Marrubium Plant Stem-Cells that neutralize pollutants and strengthen skin’s barrier while you sleep. Marrubium Plant Stem-Cells, after being stressed with environmental aggressors such as smog and smoke in a laboratory in France, produce very potent antioxidants. These super-charged antioxidants detoxify and neutralize pollutants and help boost skin’s own natural defense system.
We also have a City Skin SPF 50 mineral sunscreen product launching next month so stay tuned!

What are three easy things I can do every day to keep my skin healthy & prevent obvious signs of aging?
Three easy things you can do to keep your skin healthy: reduce cultural stress, wear a moisturizing SPF, and smile daily.   

What advice do you have for an office full of young adults whose lifeblood is social media?
Our new initiative, EyesUp, is all about educating people about the danger of digital-only relationships and the power of real-world human connection. So, let me be clear, going “EyesUp” doesn’t mean you need to get rid of your phones, but rather make little adjustments to your day that will make a long-term difference in your health and well-being.

You don’t have to move to a deserted island and give up all connection to social media. But at dinner with your friends, leave your phone in your purse. On the commute into work on the train, don’t just stare down at your iPad – say hello to a stranger. Just five minutes of real-life, eyes-up human connection can make all the difference.