10 Beauty Products That Are On Sale Right Now That Will Sell Out Quickly

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If you’ve been looking for a sign to try out some of the most Internet-famous beauty products on the market, this is it. Amazon is running yet another sale so you can treat yourself to a little beauty haul before the holidays without feeling an ounce of guilt. It’s called self-care, look it up.

I know what you’re asking yourself now, “What’s the catch?” Well there is none, except you need to get your shopping in before November 6th. Do deadlines give you the ick? Fear not and keep scrolling. As an early holiday gift, we’ve rounded up all the best beauty deals so you can spend more time doing the things that matter, like catching up on Taylor Swift’s most recent album drop.

Gone are the days where you get a round brush stuck in your hair. This one-step hairdryer has become my new best friend for the perfect at-home blowout.

Just FYI, it IS possible to take the glowy makeup look a little too seriously. Don’t fret, because we’re obsessed with little device fits in your bag and will de-slick any oily situation.

If you’re still using your OG Naked Palette it might be time to trade it in for something new (and grab some eye cream while you’re at it). This NYX Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette is the perfect for everyday use. 

Buy $11.99
price as of time of posting

As with anything in life, it’s important to invest in basics. Words cannot explain how these brushes have changed by eyeshadow game for the better. Better yet? Get them now for 20% off.

Glazed donut nails at home? Sign me up! If you’ve been dying to try this trend but aren’t sure which colors to get, this nail polish set is for you.

Who else can relate to the pain of having to wash your makeup off after a night out? It just feels like so much effort sometimes. Thankfully, the Makeup Eraser is on sale to help keep your skin clean with a minimal amount of effort.

I don’t think there’s anything that makes you feel more like an adult than buying an electric toothbrush. You’re one click away from being cavity-free, plus it’s 35% off.

Buy $25.96
price as of time of posting

Speaking of clean teeth… This Prime Day best-seller is back. All I want for Christmas are sparkling white teeth—is that too much to ask?

Buy $34.99
price as of time of posting

We know TikTok is obsessed with the EltaMD Sunscreen, but have you tried their toner? This stuff is a triple threat with the benefits of repairing damaged skin, having a calming effect, and minimizing the risk of irritation.

What’s better than treating yourself to flowers? Treating yourself to this English Rose-Infused Radiance Duo when it’s 20% off, duh. This viral cleansing balm and matching facial oil is sure to make your skim calm & bright this holiday season.

WTF To Get Them For The Holidays Based On How Long You’ve Been Together

Whether you’re quarantine-casual or in it for the long haul, gift giving in a relationship is never an easy feat. But what should you do when your casual hookup happens to coincide with the holiday season? Do you get them a present? More importantly, are they getting you a present? The timeframe in which you have been hooking up can help decipher whether you need to bother buying them a gift or if sending nudes will suffice. I say whether you’ve been getting intimate for one month or for one year, if you’re breaking social distancing for this person and a major holiday is approaching, gifts are kind of expected. 

Also, it should go without saying, but absolutely no one should take an agreed upon “no presents” rule seriously. Just buy a damn present. You don’t have to empty out your savings account, but you should put a bow on something. If you’re strapped for ideas, don’t freak out, I got you. Consider this curated cheat sheet my gift to you. 

Dating: 1-2 Months

Red Gift Bow

Breckenridge Seasonal Christmas Ale

Together for only a month or two? It’s new and you’re both having fun, so there’s no need to overthink it. This early on you can probably get away with a few strategically placed bows on yourself and call it a night. If you want to go in a more tangible direction, then I recommend playing it safe with something edible, like cookies or a seasonal six-pack. You made an effort, it’s on theme, and it doesn’t send any overly serious signals. It’s holiday cheers all around. 

Dating: 3-5 Months

Ripple Junction Grateful Dead Tour 74 Vintage Light Weight Crew T-Shirt

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Camera

You don’t need to feel pressured to define the relationship, but you should probably be exchanging presents. In the early stages of dating, casually or exclusively, it’s the thought that counts. If you’re just hitting the three-month mark, take note of their Spotify roundup and go for a graphic tee of their favorite band. It’s casual and shows that you’re paying attention to their likes. Nearing closer to five months of being together? Then it’s time to start documenting! What better way to capture proof of your relationship than with a Polaroid camera?

Dating: 6-9 Months

Crosley Voyager Bluetooth Record Player

Brookstone Frienship Lamp – Set Of Two

Hi. Sorry to break it to you, but this is not just a hookup anymore, you should probably reference an inside joke and hit a store. Another way to ease into the gift exchange is to choose an interactive gift, one that the two of you can enjoy together. Take your hookup playlist to the next level with a Bluetooth compatible record player. If you’re feeling extra splurgy, you can even throw in their first record from their favorite band. If you’re working with a long-distance situation, then go for what I’m dubbing the love lamps. A set of lamps—you keep one, your partner keeps the other—and when you tap your lamp, the matching one lights up. Easiest way to tell someone that they light up your lif—k sorry, I’ll stop.

Dating: 1-2 Years

Herschel Supply Co. Duffle Bag

MVMT Jet Noir

Alright, this has surpassed the hookup stage. This is full-on monogamy, so congratulations! And with commitment comes a higher level of gift giving. It’s time to give a gift with some longevity. Gift them a duffle to tell them that you fully accept their baggage. For a hidden bonus, you can even slip in a future travel itinerary (pandemic permitting). Or what’s a subtle way of telling your person that you’re sick of them being late to everything? Get them a watch! It’s sleek, thoughtful, and they’ll never be able to tell you that they lost track of time again. 

Dating: 3-4+ Years

Personalized Letter Blanket

PlayStation 5 Console

Safe to say that if it’s gone on this long that this is a fairly serious commitment, which means that it’s time to get thoughtful, and dish out some more dough. Welcome to the big leagues, kids. Handwrite a love letter, or transcribe your favorite DM, and print it on a blanket. It’s a gift to show the grandkids one day. Or, on a not-so-sentimental track, if you can get your hands on a coveted PlayStation 5 Console, then you are guaranteed to be crowned partner of the year. It may not be super original, but I actually think it’s illegal to not include a PS5 in a 2020 gift guide. Sorry, I don’t make the rules. I recommend investing in two controllers, so you can at least both play. 

Remember, it’s the thought that counts—and it counts even more when it comes with a gift receipt.

Betches may receive a portion of revenue if you click a link and purchase a product or service. The links are independently placed and do not influence editorial content.

Images: MichelleUnsplash

8 Money Mistakes To Avoid This Holiday Shopping Season

HerCapital’s mission is to empower women to invest in their future. Through virtual events and an online knowledge base, we hope to help women with money management all while building a community of strong women who lift each other up. Click here to check out our website and follow us on our Instagram @her.capital!

Ahh, the holidays. Michael Bublé on blast, holiday drinks at Starbucks, and Christmas party hookups (we’re kidding, please stay in). The holidays will look pretty different this year with ‘rona still rampant, but regardless of how you spend it, gift-giving with friends and family is probably still on your mind. Now, we know retail therapy is real, and let’s just say 2020 is giving us even more reasons to want to fix our problems by buying things we don’t need. But before you start maxing out your credit cards and landing in that pool of tears and regret (like you did after you drunk-texted your ex, oops), make sure you’re not falling into one of the following traps this holiday shopping season.


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Mistake #1: Not Setting Your Budget Beforehand

Before you buy anything, be sure to get organized and craft your budget. Start planning out your holiday shopping by making a list of every single person you’re planning on buying a gift for and how much you are willing to spend for each of them. Then remember to include white elephant gifts, potential travel expenses, or (virtual) office parties. And of course, smaller expenses like wrapping paper, shipping fees, and decorations. They’re small, but they add up! Once you’re done making your budget, stick to it! Impulse-buying is real, we get it, but you do not want to end up spending more than you can afford. This especially applies to people who recently entered the workforce and started making money. We know it’s tempting to go all-out and splurge once that paycheck hits, but be sure to slow your roll and think savvy!

Mistake #2: Buying Gifts Last-Minute

Like that presentation you need to work on for tomorrow’s meeting (we see you procrastinating on Betches, girl), you will not be on your A-game if you wait until the last minute. Retailers know that shopping tends to spike closer to the end of the holiday season, and they often raise prices because they know buyers will be willing to drop more. To make matters worse, if you don’t shop ahead, many items may be out of stock or otherwise unavailable, which could lead you to settling with higher-priced alternatives. You don’t want the stress of having to rush to finish up your holiday shopping. Start hunting down deals right now! (Bonus: It gives you an excuse to procrastinate at work, just saying.)

Mistake #3: Overspending On Credit

If you haven’t started saving up for this holiday season, it might be tempting to just swipe your credit card and deal with the expenses later. But patience, young padawan. You do not want to end up drowning in exorbitantly high interest rates and fees or to ultimately take a hit to your credit score. It’s noble and generous to give extravagant gifts, but do not jeopardize your financial health for the sake of it! Remember that handmade gifts and sentimentality (self-care craft night, anyone?) can be just as appreciated as store-bought gifts. If you do take on debt, set strict goals to pay it off by January or February of next year—do not let those interest rates accrue!


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Mistake #4: Splurging On “Great Deals” 

So you’re perusing stores looking for gifts, and you see it. 50% off the MOST FETCH handbag you’ve ever seen. Or free shipping if you spend just $10 more. Or even 10% off if you apply for a store credit card. It always feels like an opportunity we just can’t pass up! I get huge FOMO when shopping for deals, and we’ve all been guilty of spending extra when we really thought we were spending less. Retailers know how to take advantage of human psychology, and they push just the right buttons to make us buy things that we don’t really need, or even want. So this holiday season, ask yourself if you would still buy the item if it was full-price, or if your money would be better served elsewhere. 

Mistake #5: Impulsive Buys

Now if you’re like me (I have definitely bought a dress because yes, I totally saw myself wearing it while eating a pain au chocolat in a cafe by the Eiffel Tower like Emily), you have also totally shoved that dress in the back of your closet, only to collect dust. Impulse-buying because we think we need the item makes us vulnerable to overspending and maxing out on our holiday budget. Stick to the 7-day rule: if you like something, think about it over the course of the week, and then act on it! You will be surprised to see how much your opinion can change when you’re out of the spending mindset.

Mistake #6: Sh*tty Gift-Giving Strategies

Like any good investment (read more on investing here), the best gifts aren’t necessarily the expensive ones—they’re the ones with high value. Before you buy a gift for someone, ask yourself: is this something they need and will use daily, or will it just end up being re-gifted? Have you taken a look at their Pinterest boards, or any of their wishlists? The best gifts are useful and high-quality; think tickets to an art museum your BFF is dying to go to (after COVID ofc!), or a standing desk extension for WFH. And also, if you are tight on cash this holiday season, consider doing a gift exchange with family, setting maximums for gift exchanges, or just planning a virtual get-together instead. Normalize that money talk!


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Mistake #7: Not Shopping Savvy

As you’re shopping for gifts, don’t take prices at face value; do your research and compare prices across retailers. Now more than ever, it’s easy to automate your deal shopping by adding a couple of browser extensions like Honey or Rakuten. Like any potential cuffing season bf/gf, be sure to shop around and compare prices before you commit! Don’t leave money on the table.


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Mistake #8: Not Planning For Next Year

If you’re like me and are just waiting for 2020 to be f*cking over, start off next year on the right foot by determining how much you will need for gifts the next holiday season. Establish a small fund early on and divide it into months, so it’s easier to manage. It’s also worthwhile to throw that moola into a high-yield savings account or a brokerage account early to earn some bank without breaking a sweat! 


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And that’s it! Best of luck with the holidays! We hope it’s not too stressful. If you want more tips like these, comment below, check out our website here, and follow us on Instagram @her.capital!

Images: Ben White / Unsplash; @her.capital / Instagram

10 Last-Minute Gifts You Can Get On Amazon

If being what my grandmother calls a “youth” has taught me one thing, it’s that delayed gratification ain’t worth sh*t. Call me crazy, but if there is something wrong with getting what I just decided I wanted with free two-day shipping, then I don’t want to be right! Obviously, Amazon is the holy grail of online shopping 365 days a year, but the one time it really comes in handy is during the holidays.

A modern nightmare: I have a dinner date with a friend in a few days and last night, she texted to confirm and then she sent a follow-up text, “You’re going to love your gift!” My first thought was “Yes! I love presents!” and my second thought was “F*ck, now I have to get this bitch a present.” Even though a small part of me hates spending money on people who aren’t myself, I was pretty happy to order her gift and have it wrapped and ready for her three days later for our dinner-turned-gift-exchange. 

If you, too, hate waiting, here are ten of our favorite gifts to shop on Amazon. If you order in the next two days, you can get free delivery by 12/24. 

1. Amazon Fire Stick, $24.99

One thing my 90-year-old grandmother and I have in common is that neither of us understands technology, like, at all. Take this Fire Stick, for example, which, after using it this weekend, seems like it was designed for idiots people like me. It’s a skinny remote control and a USB that plugs into the side of your TV. It works exactly like an HDMI cord, except no one will trip over it and you don’t have to have your laptop open and simultaneously playing whatever you’re trying to watch on your TV. 

2. Slip Queen Silk Pillowcase, $85

I am the type of person who gets the generic version of literally everything because I don’t want to spend money on the name brand stuff, but this Slip pillowcase is my one exception because it’s that good. First of all, it’s soft af. Secondly, unlike cotton, silk doesn’t absorb your expensive nighttime skin care. Lastly, it always feels cool to the touch, which, if you run hot (hi), is a blessing. 

3. Aquis Microfiber Towel, $20.99

A few weeks ago, a friend was telling me about this amazing towel for your hair and, whaddya know, I was seeing its sponsored posts on my Instagram feed later that day. As creeped out as I am by technology that has no respect for boundaries, I bought and used this Aquis towel. Let me just say, it’s not just a towel. There’s something about microfiber that makes it insanely absorbent without tugging your scalp. I leave this bad boy in for like, 15 minutes while I put on my makeup and when I take it off, my hair is basically dry. 

4. KODAK Luma Pocket Projector, $199.99

If your bedroom is like mine, it’s white and boring af. This little guy changes that! You can watch movies, stalk your office crush, and mindlessly scroll Instagram from the comfort of your own bed, which may sound like what you usually do, but this is different because it’s projected on your ceiling. For reference, the iPhone 11’s screen is six inches long and two inches wide. The choice is yours. 

5. WOLF Caroline Travel Case, $60.79

This is one of those things I really want but would never actually spend $60 on because I’m cheap. Even though I don’t really go anywhere, I go to my hometown for nearly every holiday, which is enough travel to warrant a travel case for all of my jewels (one ring, my watch and a few pairs of earrings). This is the kind of gift everyone would appreciate. 

6. Pasta Grannies, $26.99

I do not fancy myself a chef, but I do f*cking live for pasta, and I love it even more when I don’t have to pay New York prices for it. Luckily, none of the recipes in this cookbook are Top Chef-level complicated, so even if your Secret Santa uses her oven to store her sweaters, she’ll be able to nail a few of these recipes. 

7. Skylety Champagne Flutes, $12.99

One thing I love is the amount of cups in the world. There is literally a designated cup for every type of beverage and I’m all for it. Even though I stan a beer chalice, I love a good Champagne flute. These ones are amazing because they’re insulated, and because nothing is less appetizing than flat, warm Champagne, these are good to have on-hand. 

8. Navawo Fingerless Gloves, $13.99

While fingerless gloves do seem completely useless in theory, gloves with fingers are horrible. Contrary to popular belief, you’ll be pretty warm in fingerless gloves and you’ll be able to use your phone’s touchscreen while avoiding your coworkers on the subway. 

9. Image Skincare Vital C Hydrating Facial Cleanser, $30

Not only does this cleanser smell amazing, it makes your skin look and feel like you just got a hydration. Seriously, use this day and night for a week and you will legit notice a difference. It doesn’t leave your skin feeling tight or dry, but rather, supple and moisturized. 

10. Rifle Paper Co. 2020 Planner

Most of my friends LOL at the fact that I still use planners even though I graduated from college four years ago, but I don’t give a sh*t because I love them. This one is especially nice because it’s not aggressively decorated or enormous, but it’s big enough that you can actually fit all your appointments and sh*t in it. Get this for your friend who double books and everyone else in your group will thank you.

Images: Kira Auf der Heide / Unsplash; Amazon (10)
Betches may receive a portion of revenue if you click a link and purchase a product or service. The links are independently placed and do not influence editorial content.

Ulta’s Holiday Beauty Blitz Is Giving You Half Off Your Fave Brands This Week

This is like those chocolate advent calendars your grandma used to get you when you were like, five years old, but only a million times better. Ulta, the less hot expensive version of Sephora, is always known for having amazing deals where the shit is so cheap, it’s basically free. While we’d expect nothing less this holiday season, they have truly outdone themselves with this crazy good month-long sale. If you thought their 21 Days of Beauty was good, you’ll def go broke after hearing about this one. In the 25 days leading up to Christmas, Ulta launched their Ulta’s Holiday Beauty Blitz which features a different deal every day. Not just any deal, more like an insane deal that takes up to 50 percent off of beauty brands we’re obsessed with for just one day. I’m talking Anastasia Beverly Hills, Bare Minerals, Urban Decay, and obvs so much more.


You’ll have to check their site every five days to get a preview of the upcoming deals that week so you can beat out the other basic bitches. Not only are these deals unheard of, but they’re also valid online and in-stores so you can do holiday shopping (and grab some shit for yourself) regardless of where you are. I’ve already started my cart for this week, so here are this week’s deals you should start saving your direct deposit for before they sell out.

Monday, December 11th: Half Off Of Too Faced Lip Injection Glossy

Too Faced’s bestselling lip gloss gives you Kylie-looking lips, but without the fillers. Each flirty shade is full of avocado and jojoba oils to give you thick, soft, hydrated lips that last all day long. Layer with your fave lipstick for triple the amount of “Wya” Snapchats from your latest fuckboy.

Too Faced Lip Injection Glossy

Tuesday, December 12th: $15 For Benefit Cosmetics Real Sexy Steal

The limited edition set comes with a full size They’re Real! Lengthening Mascara in black (bless), as well as a mini They’re Real! Push-Up Eye Liner in black and They’re Real! Remover. The 3-in-1 set is all you need for hella long lashes, killer winged liner, and easy removal when you’re too tired to wash your face. Believe me, we’ve all been there. 

Benefit Real Sexy

Wednesday, December 13th: Half Off Of Bare Minerals Concealers

Bare Minerals is one of the few brands that actually promises what it delivers, so whenever there’s a deal on their makeup, I go fucking nuts. The concealer is so light you’ll forget you’re wearing any at all; it instantly rids you of annoying breakouts and redness; and it protects against cancer-causing UV rays. The blend-ability is also like, v amazing, so you’ll have no problem mixing with any foundation or wearing alone.

Bare Minerals Concealer

Thursday, December 14th: 40 Percent Off Of Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder For Face And Body

What originally started as the eyeshadow everyone had to have has now become a fave highlighter, lipstick, and all-over illuminating powder. Each lightweight baked powder comes with reflective particles so you shine like a fucking diamond 24/7. Whether it’s for the perfect contour, fake cleavage, or “toned” legs, it’ll give just the right amount of long-lasting shine. Prolong the wear with your setting spray, or mix with a lotion for less of a glitter fiasco. 

Urban Decay Shimmering Powder For Face And Body

Friday, December 15th: 50 Percent Off Of Lancôme Grandiôse Mascara

The bent wand to this mascara may look kinda fucked up, but it’s worth it because it emphasizes length, lift, and volume. The fab formula makes it easier to reach even the smallest lashes for maximum length. Covered in the blackest black you could ask for, each lash will be conditioned in rose-infused stuff that prevents flaking and smudging throughout the day. So like, it’s literally the best mascara you’ve probs been searching your whole life for.

Lancome Grandiose Mascara

Images: Jazmin Quaynor / Unsplash; Giphy; Ulta (5)

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Betches Holiday Gift Guide 2017: The Best Gifts For Everyone In Your Life

It’s the most wonderful time of year again, ho ho hoes, when your mind is filled with beautiful ideas of all the amazing things you can buy yourself, and on occasion, some cool things you can buy for others. If you need some help figuring out what to buy for whom, yeah same, we put our heads together and came up with kind of a perfect list. We have products that are great for all the different people in your life, and if we’re missing someone, idk, that’s just not our problem anymore. Try to get through this list without wanting everything for yourself, k? Here we go.


Time to get your shit together. We get it, working out or committing to a workout class sounds like a lot. You’ve probably heard of Barry’s Bootcamp, and if you haven’t, you should. It’s not as terrifying as it sounds, so don’t let your friend think you’ve signed them up for 10 classes of hell. It’s actually a really fun place (I’m serious) and an amazing workout that has the Betches stamp of approval. Even the laziest of us enjoy it. It’s basically a one hour HIIT workout that combines treadmills and strength training. If you literally never workout, you can pace yourself and choose your own speeds, but the instructor is so motivating you will actually push yourself, I promise. Best part: The studio is dimly lit, so when you need to take that extra five seconds to catch your breath, no one will notice.


This is his opportunity to become a cool dad forever, because this is the most incredible thing we’ve ever seen. Twinkly has created the world’s first app that controls LED lights with unlimited combinations of colors and patterns that you can choose from your phone. We are shooketh. There is nothing more Instagrammable than this. Rock Center will have nothing on your tree if it has Twinkly lights. Do you celebrate Hanukkah? Get a tree anyway, and make the lights blue and white. Get a tree in July for Independence Day, and make it red, white, and blue. Get a tree for Valentine’s Day, and make the lights black (that just means don’t turn the lights on, but still). We are literally so obsessed and can’t wait for it to provide endless hours of entertainment.


If you haven’t perused Shop Betches yet, first of all, you are a moron, but seriously you’re missing out. Not to toot our own horn, but looking through all our shit is like, a really fun time. Here are some ideas for the perfect gift: our shot glass set, our lashes beanie, and our candles. The shot glasses will hands down be the center of attention at any party. The lashes beanie is 100% guaranteed to receive compliments (this has been scientifically tested). The candles are the easiest way to add personality to your room without overspending or trying really hard to figure out what your personality even is. And since we’re so fucking nice, we’re giving you 10% off your order if you use the code GIFTGUIDE2017, valid until 1/1/18. You’re welcome.


This might help. If you’ve ever dreamed (ha) of sleeping on silk but figured it was a little too fahncy for your lifestyle, think again. Slip makes beautiful, high-quality silk pillowcases at reasonable prices. Plus, it comes in so many colors; it’s hard to choose just one. What’s the benefit of sleeping on silk? It slows aging, doesn’t cause sleep creases on your skin, and won’t give you bed head (aka won’t damage your hair like cotton cases do). And if you love your pillow cold, you won’t have to worry about flipping it over to get to the cold side with these. And besides all those health benefits, please tell me what is more chic than a bed with silk pillowcases. I’ll wait.


He’ll never be nervous about cavities again if you get him a Quip toothbrush. It’s the perfect gift for literally anyone because you know they need it, you know they’ll use it twice a day, and they’re just the chicest toothbrushes you’ll ever find. Quip refreshes the head every three months, plus you can opt in to get toothpaste refills! If you don’t dread running out of toothpaste and milk that tube for all it’s worth, then you’re not as lazy as I think you are. It’s so easy that you can even pre-pay for a year’s subscription, and deliveries will be sent straight to your door. Our whole office uses Quip and is obsessed, so like, trust us—this is a really nice gift.


There is nothing wrong with treating yourself. If you’re like any other betch in this universe, every morning when you’re going through your underwear drawer, you think to yourself, “K, I really need new bras and underwear.” Naturally, you never actually order any. Now is your time to shine. While you’re at it, check out all the other amazing products Pink has (that you now realize you need) like the Sherpa Boyfriend Quarter Zip, which looks like something I could live in for the rest of the winter. And if you’re one of those psychos who enjoys running, they have super cute fleece lined leggings, so I guess we’ll see how much you like running outside in the cold. And if you just can’t decide what you want, don’t forget you can buy yourself (or a friend) a gift card.


What highlighter does she use? Bobbi Brown. Well maybe she doesn’t yet, but now she will, every single day. Never again will you have to passive-aggressively ask if your roommate has been using your makeup, but now, you might want to get Bobbi Brown’s Highlighting Trio for yourself. The colors are Nectar Glow, Pink Gold Glow, and Gold Bronze Glow, and they look amaze on all skin tones. Just ask anyone at Betches HQ, our faces are looking v illuminated these days. Shine bright, shine far.


You may think you know Parachute, but you could be wrong. You probably know them because of their amazing bedding that everyone swears by. But here at Betches HQ, we like to be a little more luxurious. Extra, if you will. So we’re going to introduce you to the most amazing robe you will ever meet. It’s made of 100% long-staple Turkish cotton (no idea what that means, we just know it’s soft) and has two pockets. Fucking love pockets. So you could get this for your boyfriend, and you could get this for yourself, or literally anyone because who doesn’t love a fuzzy robe?


You can help keep up her appearances by giving her a gift card to Glamsquad. Located in NYC, Miami, LA, and DC, Glamsquad provides hair, makeup, and nail services, anytime, anywhere. Does that mean you could get your hair blown out in your own bathroom? Yup. Fun fact: Glamsquad HQ is located right below Betches HQ in our building, so you know we’ve become friends with them. They’re awesome, and we always feel like Kim K after a service with them. Lucky for you, they’re giving new users $25 off with code BETCHESLOVEGLAM. Valid through 12/30/2017, so get on it.


Yeah that blows, but she can pack a couple cans of wine for the train ride. Yup, I said cans of wine. Seven Daughters is changing the way we think about drinking wine. It’s not just something you enjoy after a long day when you finally get home, or to the hotel, but you can pack it up and whip it out whenever, wherever. So if she’s on a three hour Amtrak full of coughing, sneezing, and a screaming baby, she can crack open a can of pinot noir and pretend this isn’t her life. Side note, they also make a really cute stocking stuffer. BONUS: You betches can get 20% off your order when you use code BETCHES7D for any order of Seven Daughters product on uncorked.com. You’re so welcome.


Stop fucking baking me cookies for the love of ALL THAT IS HOLY. Okay, don’t actually stop, though. We’ve been obsessed with Tovolo for a while now—it’s this chic kitchen and cookware brand that makes the coolest products. Some products you actually need, and some products you just NEEEED, OMG. They make super cute cookie cutters that are dishwasher safe, food safe, and BPA free. The cookies come out of the oven looking very legit, so your Uncle is gonna be pumped about this. Other Betches favorites are the Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker for some highly fancy entertainment and the Skull Ice Molds, because why not? They’re literally us. You honestly can’t go wrong with anything from Tovolo.


That’s a lot of wine…for a mom. Betchy. She probably has to make runs to the liquor store as much as she runs to the bathroom, so save her the hassle and sign her up for Martha Stewart’s Wine Club. Have you ever heard of anything more motherly? Idk, I haven’t. Launched in April this year, Martha Stewart Wine Club sends you wines and pairing suggestions every six to eight weeks. Who handpicks the wine? Martha. Who makes the serving, pairing, and entertainment suggestions? Martha. Can you choose your preference of red, white, or both? Yup. And if you’re a psycho and don’t like the wine you receive, they’ll replace it for free. But you’ll love it all because if you can’t trust Martha, who can you trust? And trust us, your mom will love it.