5 Holiday Party Dresses You Can Get Now On Amazon Prime

I don’t know if you people realize it yet, but there are officially only two weekends left before Christmas. I repeat, TWO WEEKENDS LEFT. For some reason, no one seems to understand how close it is this year, something to do with Thanksgiving being late, IDK. That being said, if you still haven’t comprehended the fact that Christmas itself is so close, then I assume you also haven’t registered that the holiday party that seemed light-years away is actually right around the corner. Fortunately, whether it’s your stuffy corporate holiday party or friend’s apartment party you forgot about, you can get away with ordering a nice holiday dress at a decent price, at the last minute, thanks to Amazon Prime. 

1. Velvet Long Sleeve Bodycon, $22.99

This square neck velvet long-sleeve dress is simple, stylish, and easy because you can get it for under $30 and via Amazon Prime. Its emerald holiday color in combination with its elevated velvet texture, give it a dressed-up holiday feel.

2. DIDK Tunic Dress, $17.99

This dress has all the attributes of a perfect holiday dress, but it errs more on the conservative side, making it a good option for a company party where you can’t show too much skin without hearing from HR the next day. The dress is not only elegant, it’s unique and festive with the faux pearl details on the sleeves. Wear it with tights or over-the-knee boots, and your holiday outfit is complete.

3. BEAGIMEG One Shoulder Backless Dress, $32.99

This dress is elegant, perfect for a more upscale holiday party that you also happen to need a last-minute dress for. It’s formal without being over-the-top, unless of course you’re going to a casual holiday party, in which case then yes, this dress might be a bit over-the-top.

4. Glam and Gloria Ombre Glitter Sequin Dress, $49.90

This long-sleeve metallic sequin dress is the epitome of holiday. The sequins elevate it from being an otherwise basic bodycon dress. If you were to just judge this one on its name, “Ombre Glitter Sequin Dress”, you’d immediately hard pass. But like, after seeing it, you’ve got to admit, it’s actually pretty cute, right? Just picture it paired with some strappy nude heels and a simple clutch—it’s such a Kardashian-esque holiday ~lewk~.

5. WEEPINLEE Long Sleeve Ruffle Dress, $23.98

I’m obsessed with the simplicity and effortless elegance of this dress. The ruffle detailing dresses it up and the jewel tone color makes it holiday-appropriate. I know it will be tempting but, whatever you do, do not, I repeat DO NOT pair it with a statement necklace. Even though the simplistic high neck will tempt you otherwise, trust me here, just opt for a relatively calm statement earring for a way more stylish option.

I kind of feel like Amazon Prime is the fairy godmother I never had, just out here making all my dreams come true. But like, if my pumpkin-turned-carriage was a random man who repeatedly ignores my note on the door to put my package in the backyard and not on my city doorstep for strangers walking by to help themselves to. But like, basically the same thing.

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What To Wear To Your Holiday Party Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Glitz, glam and the ‘gram—everyone knows the highlight of the holiday season (aside from the presents, obviously) is dressing up for parties. Between attending work events solely for the free booze and making sure to dress to impress in case you happen to run into an ex, our shopping list is just as packed as our schedule. 

Like every modern woman in 2019, we know astrology holds the answer to basically everything. We’ve rounded up the best party dresses for each zodiac sign this holiday season. Thanks to the stars, you’re sure to turn heads and rack up those Insta likes before they disappear for good.


Majorelle Gerald Mini Dress, $198

We stan a no-B.S. Aries babe, so own who you are in a show-stopping LRD. We’re loving this Majorelle number for the flirty ruching and puff sleeves that have been a recurring star on everyone’s IG feed lately. A fiery chick like you is sure to rock this dress like no one else can. 


Kendall + Kylie Cobain Vegan Leather Dress, $79

Channel that affinity for nature into a chic jade look for this holiday season. It’s so your color and appears to be festive without looking like you tried too hard (we know that’s not your thing). Between the (faux) leather and earthy shade, this mini is the perfect option for a Taurus goddess like yourself. 


Missguided White Feather Mesh Waist Mini Dress, $38

We know, we know—Geminis just want to have fun. Make sure your dress is as playful as you this holiday season. Between the feather trim and mesh insets, you’ll be a knockout in a dress that only someone with as much charismatic charm as you could pull off. This dress deserves a Gemini-style night on the town ASAP. 


Lovers + Friends Eye Candy Dress, $178

Put feeling all your feels aside and put your party dress on. The key to the perfect Cancer-worthy dress is just the right amount of romance. This mini is punctuated by romantic sheer sleeves and a waist-emphasizing bow for the perfect balance of sweet and sexy. Lilac is also set to be an “it” color next season, so it never hurts to be ahead of the curve… and definitely ‘gram it first. 


River Island Long Sleeve Velvet Dress, $82

No one does bold quite like a Leo, so strut your stuff in a statement-making number. This dress is the definition of glam: hot pink, velvet, and embellished buttons create the ultimate party dress that’s even fabulous enough for a Leo. It’s sure to turn heads, not like you need help with that. 


Boohoo Satin Corset Detail Blazer Dress, $18

Cool and calculated, we’d never expect simple from a Virgo, but you’re not one for showy either. Your best bet? Be chic as hell. Take businesswear to party attire with a mini blazer dress. The sheen of the satin and corset bodice bring just enough sex appeal to an otherwise buttoned-up silhouette. 


For Love & Lemons La Villette Mini Dress, $207

Beauty might as well be your middle name. Utilize that careful eye for finding the sweet side of any situation by opting for a frock with swoon-worthy detail. Between the romantic sleeves, ultra-flattering ruching and regal purple hue, this dress is perfection. I mean there has to be a Libra designing at For Love & Lemons, because this dress is so you. 


ASOS Bardot high low lace mini dress, $206

When it has to do with Scorpio, the words mysterious and sultry come to mind. Be the dark diva you really are this season by opting for a dress with just the right amount of witchy appeal. The high neckline and covered-up sleeves are perfectly juxtaposed with the peek-a-boo deep v and flirty ruffled hemline. Only a Scorpio’s allure could make this the perfect dress for an evening out.


Reformation Toro Dress, $278

Loud and proud, Sagittarius is never afraid of being undoubtedly themselves. Let your sense of adventure seep into your style by opting for a statement-making animal print. We’re loving this Reformation number’s on-trend tiger stripes (it’s the new leopard print, you know), plunging neckline and high-shine satin. 


Nastygal You’ve Got Chainmail Cowl Dress, $40

You’ve got your eyes on the prize, but it’s okay to take a night off for a bit of fun. Channel your success-driven sensibility into your attire by trying a glam gold number this holiday season. We’re loving this metallic slip dress that quite literally looks like gold. Not to mention, the slinky silhouette and open back are guaranteed to turn up the heat a notch to make your night out well worth it. 


Motel Hime Dress, $71

Channel your free-spirited nature into your style this season by selecting a dress that’s understated yet undeniably cool. A midi slip dress screams “I barely tried, but wow do I look damn good.” The high slits and open back add just the right amount of sexy to an otherwise laid-back dress. Major cool-girl vibes over here. 


ASOS DESIGN Fringe Mesh Strappy Maxi Bodycon Dress, $76

Be the creative goddess you are in a dress that’s as unique as you by opting for a fringe frock. We can guarantee you won’t walk into a room and have a “bitch stole my look” moment with a dress like this. The midi length gives a touch of class while the v-neck, bodycon underneath and movement of the fringe are sure to hit in all the right places, if you know what we mean. 

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The 10 Craziest Office Holiday Party Disasters

It’s that time of year again, when work slows down and it’s dark for both your morning and afternoon commutes. A grim time, to be sure. But for most people, there’s one faintly glimmering ray of light: The office holiday party. Get dressed up in obnoxiously festive gear, enjoy some free booze and canapés, and you can almost, almost see your way clear to spring. Enjoy too much free booze, though, and you wind up with office holiday party disasters like these people. Someone posted a thread on AskReddit calling for everyone’s holiday party “shit show” stories, and friends, they do not disappoint. On the one hand these make me proud that I’ve reached a certain level of functioning adulthood, but on the other I wonder if I’m living life with the right amount of zeal.

The Panty Dropper

Comment from discussion nickmcsnapz’s comment from discussion "What’s your work Holiday Party “shit show” story?".

Swimming With Sharks

Comment from discussion natvonbrat’s comment from discussion "What’s your work Holiday Party “shit show” story?".

The Good Wife

Comment from discussion MisterShine’s comment from discussion "What’s your work Holiday Party “shit show” story?".

Doin’ It Well

Comment from discussion twopacktuesday’s comment from discussion "What’s your work Holiday Party “shit show” story?".

Booze Isn’t Always The Problem

Comment from discussion Nagsheadlocal’s comment from discussion "What’s your work Holiday Party “shit show” story?".

The Hospitable Receptionist

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Gift Exchange

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Sloppy Seconds

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Work Spouses

Comment from discussion TallBobcat’s comment from discussion "What’s your work Holiday Party “shit show” story?".

The Last Hurrah

Comment from discussion Northsidebill1’s comment from discussion "What’s your work Holiday Party “shit show” story?".

That’s enough for now. If you have any good office holiday party disasters, we always want to hear about them. Until then, stay safe this holiday season and don’t, uh, do literally any of the things you just read about!

5 Holiday Party Themes That Are Better Than ‘Ugly Sweater’

Holiday parties are usually great. There is always alcohol and general merriment. However, I am incredibly sick of going to the same parties year after year. Like, sorry, Ugly Sweater Parties were super original 10 years ago, and now it’s basically a holiday requirement. Also? Ugly sweaters are just what I wear now in the winter. So every day is ugly sweater day for me. I’m also over Winter Wonderland, masquerades, and formal attire. Before you choose the most generic holiday parties possible, or God forbid, a party where you make your guests do a craft, try some of these more original and way more fun holiday party themes for your party this year.

1. Après Ski

How I long to be the kind of person that goes on luxurious ski trips and wears obnoxious chic af matchy outfits while getting hammered at the lodge and not skiing. Since I decided to become an artist/writer/broke person as a career, it’s probably not going to happen anytime soon. The sacrifices I make for you people. However, you can totally throw a Après Ski holiday party, where everyone dresses in gorg ski lodge attire. Think cute jackets, matching hats and scarves, fur (fake of course, unless you hate animals, in which case die), and trendy snow boots. You can live your ski bunny dreams to your fullest potential without actually having to freeze your ass off on the slopes all day or pretending to enjoy activities. Don’t forget to serve boozy hot chocolate.

2. Cozy Night In

Instead of having your poor guests wear too-tight holiday dresses and three pairs of Spanx while still sucking in for every photo, have a cozy holiday party. Everyone can wear their warmest flannel PJs or onesies, throw blankets all over the floor, and play holiday movies. You can make warming alcoholic beverages like hot toddies and have a bunch of different popcorn and cookies. It’s easily the best way to hang out with your friends when it’s cold outside and you get to wear fluffy socks instead of stilettos.

3. Anti-Holiday

Maybe it’s because I’m actually The Grinch IRL, but I love the idea of having an anti-holiday party. Everyone must wear black and all decorations must be a “ruined” version of a holiday one, i.e., UV Christmas lights, incorrect animals as reindeer, etc. You can play horror movies in the background and have cute anti-cheer beverages. Everyone gets hammered and complains how much we all really hate the holidays. Think Jessica Biel’s I Hate Valentine’s Day party in Valentine’s Day.

4. Tropical

If you really want to show off your pale winter bod, have a Hawaiian themed holiday party. Prepare to blast the heat in your apartment and have everyone wear beach attire. You need some use of your bikini even though it’s December, right? You can serve tropical drinks and play island music and pretend you’re not living in a place with weather.

5. Post-Holiday Drunch

This is my personal favorite of the holiday party themes. Throw a holiday recovery brunch. Everyone gets drunk and bitches about how insane their family is. As a person that comes from an extremely crazy family, I need this, guys. Pretty much everyone has some drama around the holidays, so nursing your hangover with mimosas and comparing war stories is not only super entertaining, but will make you feel so much better. Who even cares that your ex got engaged or that you’re now the fat sister when you’re commiserating with friends?

It’s fine, guys, I’m fine.

So when you’re planning on making all your friends dress up and come to your place to get sh*t faced, try one of these holiday party themes that you haven’t seen on Instagram for the past five years.

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