The Cutest & Comfiest Shorts For $50 & Under

I know it’s hard to believe (and actually almost sad to realize), but summer is right around the corner. The unofficial summer kickoff, Memorial Day weekend, is LITERALLY next weekend. Sh*t, time sure flies during a quarantine. But hey, even though we can’t enjoy our favorite beach bars this holiday weekend, at least we still have a three-day weekend to look forward to. Great, an additional day to do more of the same thing you’re doing every other day!

ANYWAY, warmer weather is almost here, which means it’s almost time to switch from sweatpants to shorts. However, after living these past two months in oversized sweatpants, I know none of us are running to go grab our best denim cutoffs any time soon. That being said, I found some great shorts options that are stylish enough to (hopefully) leave the house in yet comfy enough that, if stuck in the house, you’d still want to wear them.

1. Princess Polly Serafina Linen Blend Shorts, $36

Obviously these shorts are cute, but what makes them that much better is that, according to the reviews, they’re also super comfy. And we all know, if someone is willing to take the time to go leave a positive review then they must really actually like it. Linen shorts are ideal for summer because they look effortlessly cool but are still comfortable, and also won’t weigh you down in the heat. 

2. Billabong Eco Sliding Rock Shorts, $49.95

These Billabong shorts are the perfect combination of comfy and cute, making them your go-to shorts all summer long. Amp up the style factor by pairing them with the matching top for a full beach-vibe set that you’ll still feel comfortable enough to lounge in. 

3. Shore Mallorca Short, $44

Nothing says “warm weather” like the color coral—just ask all the frat boys who think owning a pair of coral chino shorts makes them somehow stylish. Unlike the aforementioned frat stars, you can actually be considered stylish with these cute coral shorts. The front button detail automatically makes them look more sophisticated than a lounge short, while the elastic band and soft material makes them just as irresistibly cozy.

4. Pretty Little Thing Paisley Printed Frill Edge Floaty Shorts, $20

One of my favorite summer trends right now is bandana print (AKA paisley), so I’m obsessed with these shorts. They’d be cute dressed up with the matching top or with a fitted bodysuit, or dressed down with a graphic tee. The ultra flowy fit is super breezy, too.

5. White Fox All Day Long Knit Shorts, $49.99

These knit shorts from White Fox are super comfortable and will pair seamlessly with all your fav lounge looks. However, they also could just as easily transition out of the house for a casual athleisure look thanks to their fashionable ribbed detailing and trendy knit material. You can pair them with chunky sneakers and either an oversized T-shirt or fitted bodysuit for instant cool-girl style.

6. JustFab Floral Print Shorts, $49.95

I’m not really into a cliche floral print, however I’m a total sucker for a tropical floral print in the summer. The print is on-trend with its vintage tourist-dad feel, but not overdone like, say, the palm print. These shorts are ideal for all your summer outings (fingers crossed) with their stylish belted paper-bag waist combined with their comfortable, flowy fit.

7. Majorelle Joey Shorts, $49

Not only are these shorts super stylish, they’re also made of tencel, which is one of the softest and comfiest materials ever. We love the chic camel color, button detail, and ruffle waist.

8. H&M Shorts High Waist, $12.99

These woven H&M shorts are the ideal combination of comfort and style with their flowy silhouette paired with stylish pleat details. Not to mention, you can’t beat that price. Sidenote, I missing finding fashionable finds off the floor at H&M *insert Lauren Conrad slow tear.*

9. Beginning Boutique Hadley Shorts, $30.95

I’m obsessed with these floral shorts that are so flowy they can almost pass as a skirt. Imagine how perfect they’d be to wear for your first in-person date with the guy you’ve been Zoom dating for the past two months.

10. Blush Mark Turn Up the Heart Marigold Short, $12

If you haven’t heard of Blush Mark, it’s because they’re a brand new company. As in, they just launched during quarantine. However, the company was born from well-known bridal brand Azazie so they already have some established credibility. Which honestly, you’ll be glad to have the reassurance of because their prices are so low that you’ll probably question whether it’s too good to be true.

Who knows when this quarantine will end—maybe next week, maybe two months from now. All I do know is that the weather forecast is a strong indicator that warm weather is on the horizon. And since we don’t know how much longer we have in quarantine, we might as well start our summer shopping, but just with the quarantine in mind. My hope for all of us is that we’re not stuck spending summer 2020 “catching rays” from the comfort of our bedroom windows.

Images:  Ben Weber / Unsplash; Princess Polly; South Moon Under; Shore; Pretty Little Thing; White Fox; JustFab; Revolve; H&M; Beginning Boutique; Blush Mark

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If You Thought Invisible Jeans Were Bad, Wait Till You See Upside-Down Jorts

I have to agree with Regina George when I wonder, “What is happening to the world?!?” It’s 2018 and people are losing their goddamn minds. That’s what’s happening. Just like our government, fashion has gone to sh*t. No wonder why we’re recycling every hideous 90s and 80s trend. Jeans have been one item that brands are consistently trying to mess with, even though they’re perfect the way they are. Remember those invisible jeans that were essentially a few seams that cost hundreds of dollars? Well, it’s officially gotten worse. In recent fugly denim news, New York City-based vintage shop CIE Denim is selling upside down jean shorts—literally. The waistband, belt loops, and pockets are inverted and seem to fall on your thighs while your waist is instead hugged by a raw hem. See here:

CIE Denim Nancy shorts

As if that isn’t enough to make you choke on your lunch, they’re priced at $385 and come in sizes 23-29. CIE Denim mentions that each pair is custom vintage denim, so you’re paying for a completely unique handmade pair that, supposedly, no one else will have. Still a no from me, guys. The inverted style comes in two different washes and styles named, “Nancy” and “El”, referencing Stranger Things and the Upside Down. I can’t decide if that’s really clever, really extra, or both. Definitely both.

CIE Denim takes the theme further and even sells full-length pants named after other characters (i.e. Mike Will, and Lucas) that retail for 500 f*cking dollars. I honestly can’t breathe rn.

The “Lucas” dark blue inverted jeans

A post shared by CIE Denim (@ciedenim) on

Some of these styles don’t even appear to be on their site anymore, which can really only mean one thing: PEOPLE ARE ACTUALLY BUYING THESE. Am I missing something here other than the fact that I don’t have $400 to blow on a pair of inverted shorts that, hello, don’t even have usable pockets?! Like, Stranger Things is cool and all, but do you know how many bottles of Tito’s you can buy with that? Seriously asking for a friend. Just when you thought you’ve seen the worst, I don’t know if anything more strange can top this one. Again, I repeat:

Photos: CIE Denim (2); @ciedenim / Instagram; Giphy (1)