Who Will Be The Next Bachelorette? Our Top Picks

At long last, we’re nearing the end of Peter’s season of The Bachelor. It’s been a season jam-packed with drama, but not for the better. In the past seven weeks, we’ve laughed, we’ve cried, and we’ve prayed for it to be over. While we’re still waiting to see if he proposes to one of his contestants or ends up with a producer, it’s time to start looking ahead at better things to come, namely, who will be the next Bachelorette.

It will be a few months before The Bachelorette premieres, but filming will likely start within the next few weeks, so it’s time to think about who could be tapped as the star. The pickings from the current season are pretty slim, so this could be a chance for ABC to get a little creative, but they’ve let us down before. So let’s run down all the logical possibilities for the next Bachelorettebecause we all need something to look forward to.

Hannah Ann or Madison

As of right now, both of these women are still in the running on Peter’s season, but they would both be logical choices for The Bachelorette if they don’t win. They both have a ton of followers on Instagram, have generally avoided making themselves villains this season, and are bland enough that ABC wouldn’t be freaked out about giving them a show. I think messy queen Victoria F is a little too toxic at this point, even though I think she would be a beautiful disaster on this show.

Personally, I really hope they don’t go with Madison, because I can’t watch another season where they pretend that being a virgin is a personality. It was one thing with Colton just being like, shy or whatever, but are they really gonna find Madi 30 dudes who are down to wait for marriage? Seems unlikely.


Despite being pretty heavily involved in the drama this season, it seems like Kelsey is still on the producers’ radar. In Reality Steve’s rundown of what happened at the Women Tell All taping last week, he said that Kelsey’s hot seat interview came off like a “Bachelorette audition.” The tidbit about Ashley I giving her champagne and praising her for being open with her emotions is actually so funny. Like, does Ashley really have nothing better to do?

Similar to Madison and Hannah Ann, Kelsey would be an easy, generic choice, but I don’t feel like the fans actually love her that much? Like, with Hannah B and Becca, both of them were pretty big fan favorites from The Bachelor, and honestly, I’m just not sure this season really has any favorites.


Kelley seemed like one of the few women from this season who would’ve actually made a good Bachelorette, but it’s probably not gonna happen. In the Women Tell All spoilers, Reality Steve said that Kelley wasn’t even invited, and they made no mention of her during the show. That seems super weird to me, but clearly something happened between Kelley and whoever makes the decisions. Maybe they weren’t happy about how she steered clear of drama in the house, but it’s too bad that one of the only functional adults who has a real job won’t be the Bachelorette.


I’ve seen this rumor tossed around on the internet, and whether it’s true at all or not, it’s really fun to think about. The Bachelor has always been painfully heterosexual, and Demi’s relationship with Kristian last year on Paradise was unlike anything that the franchise had ever seen before. Now that they broke up, a season with Demi as the next Bachelorette would be an amazing opportunity to mix things up—it’s 2020, for god’s sake! Plus, Demi also happens to be hilarious, and I think she’d be way more fun to watch than a lot of the other leads we’ve had.

That being said, do I think ABC will actually pull the trigger and make this happen? Sadly, no. I mean, it’s been 24 seasons and we still can’t get a Bachelor that’s not white, so the ABC execs would probably roll over in their graves if there was a ~bisexual~ woman running the show. You hate to see it.

Tayshia or Katie Morton

Much like Demi, both Tayshia and Katie left Paradise in relationships, but they didn’t last. All of these women from past seasons seem like way more dynamic, interesting personalities than anyone on Peter’s season, and one of them could bring a fun, fresh energy to the show. Also, they’re both in their late 20s, which would be a refreshing change of pace from all these 23-year-old pageant queens and Insta models. Combine that with this show’s desperate need for diversity, and Tayshia and Katie are exactly the women ABC should be considering.

Hannah Brown

Basically ever since she broke up with Jed, there have been rumors that Hannah Brown could come back for a second round as Bachelorette. Of course, that would be totally unprecedented, but audiences really love her, and she clearly likes being on TV. I never really thought this was going to happen, but it was an exciting prospect to consider. But this rumor was basically shut down a few days ago, when Hannah was added as a special guest star to several stops on the Dancing With The Stars live tour. The dates, in late March, are right in the middle of when The Bachelorette would be filming, so it’s not meant to be this year. Honestly, I feel like Hannah should probably take a little bit of a break from the Bachelor franchise, so I’m not sad about this. Maybe she’ll show up in Paradise this summer, who knows?

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At this point, I would put my money on Madison, Hannah Ann, or Kelsey, because ABC is lame and they don’t usually go with the exciting casting option in these scenarios. But obviously we don’t know anything for sure yet, and we could still be surprised. Did I miss anyone that you really think would make a great Bachelorette? Let me know in the comments!

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What’s With Mainstream Outlets Spoiling ‘The Bachelorette’ This Season?

If you couldn’t guess from the headline of this article, today we’re going to be discussing spoilers for this season of The Bachelorette! So uh, if you’re one of the 10 people who doesn’t know about the ending of this season yet, feel free to stop reading now.

*moment of silence so hopefully I don’t get yelled at in the comments for spoilers*

Okay, we back. So at this point, it’s not really even a spoiler to say that Jed had a girlfriend when he went on The Bachelorette. I feel like I practically know the woman at this point, and there’s no doubt that Jed is a lying piece of sh*t who only wants to promote his equally sh*tty music. The thing that is still a spoiler is that Jed ends up winning this season, outlasting douchelord Luke and man of my dreams, Tyler.

Diving further into the spoilers, last week Reality Steve broke the news that Hannah ended her engagement with Jed after finding out about the girlfriend stuff, and now their relationship is apparently 100% over. I’m happy for her, and I’m also happy that the breakup was reportedly filmed and will be shown on After The Final Rose. Thank God for Mike Fleiss being a messy bitch who lives for drama.

While all of this drama with Jed is interesting, it’s not truly surprising, because literally all men are trash. What actually surprises me is how widely this season’s spoilers have spread. Last night, I was casually scrolling down Twitter when I happened upon this tweet from Cosmo:Okay Cosmo, feeling reckless?? If you’ll notice, up at the top of this article, I put a nice little warning that I was going to talk about spoilers for the rest of The Bachelorette. It took me 10 seconds to write! I’ve never cared that much about spoilers, but there are some people who would be seriously disappointed to see this from a mainstream account like Cosmo. 

This specific tweet might have been a faux pas, but it’s representative of a larger trend that’s happening with The Bachelorette this year. While spoilers for this show have always been pretty easily accessible, usually you have to go looking for them at least a little bit. Everyone knows that you shouldn’t follow Reality Steve if you don’t want spoilers, but usually major entertainment accounts aren’t just spoiling the show right on their feed. At least, not without warning people first.

Is this just a natural progression of everyone living their lives on social media? Or has the ongoing saga of Hannah B and Jed unlocked something specific in Bachelor nation? I have a feeling that it’s a bit of both. Obviously, it can be tough to avoid spoilers for any show on social media. I didn’t even watch Game of Thrones, but I still knew exactly what happened in each episode from spending two minutes on Twitter.

But also, people have really been loving Hannah as the Bachelorette this season, and to hear that Jed so thoroughly f*cked her over is just…ugh. Usually I don’t really care about these people, but I think everyone really just wants the best for Hannah B. I’m glad that she’s kicked Jed to the curb, because she definitely deserves better.

Even if we already pretty much know exactly what’s going to happen, I’m fascinated to watch the end of this season play out, especially with the drama that’s going to happen on After The Final Rose. It’s going to be a wild ride, and obviously we’ll keep you updated with any new spoilers. That is, if you don’t see them on Twitter first.

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