This $10 Styling Product Is Exactly What You Need for Flyaways

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Everyone’s been there before—you get excited to try a new hair product, only for it to leave your hair looking greasy, weighed down, or just totally not how you expected. But that won’t be the case with the Samnyte Control Pomade. After going viral on TikTok, this hair wax stick quickly proved to be the savior of so many hair woes, but especially frizz and flyaways—because who wants those?

When it comes to styling hair, this waxy balm manages to be effective and practically invisible. Unlike other products that leave your hair looking oily and sticky, this has a non-greasy formula that gives you a natural, matte finish. Okay, so what? Well, that just means you can style your hair without sacrificing the freshness of your latest blowout or air-drying session.

This stick is also super powerful in terms of its hold. It’s strong, yet flexible and many users report that it really does last all day long. Whether you’re going for a slicked-back look or a messy, textured style, it can handle it all. And since it’s water-soluble, it’s easy to wash out at the end of the day.

One of the best things about it is that it works on all hair types. Whether you have straight, curly, wavy, or coily strands, this pomade can help you achieve your desired style. It also works well on both short and long hair, so you can use it no matter what your hair length is.

Plus, the wax stick is infused with natural ingredients like beeswax and clay. This means that not only is it effective, but it’s also good for your hair. These natural ingredients help nourish and moisturize your mane, leaving it healthy and shiny at the end of the day.

And, a little bit of product goes such a long way. You only need a small amount to achieve your desired style, so be sure not to overdo it. Start by dabbing on a small amount and add more as needed. All in all, its non-greasy formula, versatile hold, and natural ingredients make it a standout product in the world of hair styling, and the world wide web agrees. Snag yours for only $9.98 at Amazon right now.

Shop It: Samnyte Hair Wax Stick, $9.98, Amazon

The Most Offensive Fashion & Beauty Choices On ‘The Bachelor’ This Season

It’s becoming pretty apparent that this season of The Bachelor feels kind of different from past seasons. Right? There are a million reasons it feels like mirror-land on this season, probably because Mr. Always-A-Bridesmaid is the Bachelor. Also, is it just me, or are the girls this season breaking all of the normal fashion and beauty rules?

Here is a quick list of looks we can generally count on the contestants to sport but haven’t really seen:

1. Floor-Length Gowns—The More Beaded, The Better

Lauren Bushnell

2. Barrel Curls Or Nearly Perfect Waves

The Bachelor Ben

3. White Low-Top Chuck Taylors

4. Off-The-Shoulder Tops

The Bachelor

5. A Perfect Smoky Eye

The Bachelor Olivia Caridi

6. Waterproof Mascara

7. Nude, Yet Glossy Lips

The Bachelor Ben Higgins

On night one, nothing really seemed amiss. I mean, Shark Girl was a wildcard, but other than that things seemed OK. We had Bachelor classics including skin-tight ball gowns and nicely curled hair. In fact, like half the lot showed up in a fucking red dress, obviously a plan to stand out that really fucking backfired. Poor judgement, but not unexpected choices.

The Bachelor Season 21

By rose ceremony number two, we were losing speed on the classic Bachelor style game, and there wasn’t enough canned whipped cream in the world to make it better.

Corinne Olympios

Hailey decided to show up to the rose ceremony wearing a bra and a robe… I think. Like, girl, I understand Nick likes girls who put it all out there (I’m looking at you, Corinne), but leave something to the imagination. In this case, you should have left the size of your boobs to your imagination.

Hailey Rose Ceremony

We all know Nick is a boob guy by now. But the only thing more embarrassing than getting eliminated from The Bachelor is getting eliminated from The Bachelor while missing your shirt. Which sounds like one of the recurring nightmares I have.

Also, WTF is up with these girls wearing Forever 21 club dresses every week? I mean, c’mon. Rent The Runway exists for a reason, and that reason is so you don’t look all Pretty Woman pre-makeover on your short-lived stint on a reality TV show.

The Bachelor Nick Viall

I’m begging you, someone please introduce these ladies to a curling wand. I never thought we’d see the end of the barrel curl on this show, but these women have killed it and replaced it with some hot mess attempt at beachy waves. Is that what they’re going for?

The Bachelor Nick Viall

My lord, a half-pony/messy bun! This isn’t an eighth grade volleyball sleepover, this is The motherfuckin Bachelor and these rose ceremonies are not being dressed for in a way that shows them proper reverence. This is an atrocity greater than sleeping through the ceremony itself and, quite frankly, you deserved to go home.

Brittany The Bachelor

Did the local clown college give the cosmetology class before this show? I mean, seriously. Figure out how to wear a lip color without it smudging or at least touch it up by using your champagne glass as a mirror.

Christen The Bachelor

Can we get JoJo or Kaitlyn in here with some makeup and hair tips? I’m serious. I knew Nick’s season would go to hell in a hand basket, but I didn’t know it’d be because of sloppy styling choices.

Ladies, if you’re planning to go on this show, hire a stylist, have someone show you how to do your hair and nails for TV. MBGA. Make The Bachelor Great Again.