Don’t Throw Away Your Graphic Tees—Here’s How Celebs Are Wearing Them

My name is Parker McKenna Posey! I am a full-time actress, and in between takes I am super into fashion. I’m constantly working on my swimwear line, Honeydip, or modeling for a variety of fashion brands. (My brand Honeydip is releasing our Spring collection next month and we’re looking forward to venturing out into other opportunities aside from swimwear later this year—stay tuned!) But back to me. Even though you’ll see me glammed up on my Instagram a lot of the time (@parkermckennaaa), I also love being comfy and casual. I love a good glittery dress, but I also love a good graphic tee. Graphic tees in particular are among my favorite pieces because you can style them in a bunch of different ways depending on your desired look. You can dress them down for a casual day out, or up for date night—yes, you can dress graphic tees up! Check out my favorite ways to style graphic tees below.

Here are a few ways to style graphic tees, inspired by our favorite celebs to follow.

Kourtney’s Casual Getup

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He won her a unicorn

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When I’m going for a casual look, I love to pair an oversized graphic tee with sneakers. Adding a personal touch to your oversized tee is super dope and creative.

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Rihanna’s Date Night Fit

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Halloween goals!

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Pairing a cute heel with a classic slip dress and a statement oversized tee is a cool but sexy look for a date night that doesn’t scream “trying too hard”.

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Nasty Gal Loves Fucking Dream Tee Dress

Out Season Harmony Star

Revolve Kamari Satin Maxi 

Ariana’s Iconic Over-The-Knee Boots Pairing

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thank you ?

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My go-to look whenever I go out is an oversized tee with heeled boots—over-the-knee if you’re fancy inspired by Ariana Grande (and why wouldn’t you be?). I prefer a chunkier heel on my boots, but if you can walk with a stiletto heel, more power to you. The boots/tee combo has become one of my personal favorites.

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Topman Black Whitney Houston T-Shirt

Stuart Weitzman Suede Over-The-Knee Boots

Bonus Look: Edgy Tee With Combat Boots Combo

This is not necessarily inspired by a celebrity, but all the same, it’s one of my favorite ways to wear a graphic tee. I’ve been obsessing over Doc Martens lately! They’ve been my go-to recently, especially when paired with an oversized tee! You can change this look out for denim shorts, any color biker shorts, even different skirt options (leather, pleated, etc.), and they still work.

Topshop Friends Photo T-Shirt

Urban Outfitters Colin Plaid Pocket Mini Skirt

Dr. Martens Molly 6 Eye Boots

Your oversized graphic tees aren’t just for the gym or sleeping in anymore. If you follow some of these tips, you can dress like a celeb and get more use out of all your old dELiA’s tees. Win-win! And if you want to connect with me, I’m always posting my outfit inspo on my Instagram at @parkermckennaaa, or you can catch me on my new show, Games People Play, on BET this spring.

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What Your T-Shirt Choice Says About You

The Betches are always looking out for you, because we’re such a good friend. And speaking of good friends, we have collaborated again with Just Fab on an exclusive collection of T-shirts you’ll be wearing all summer. As we’ve learned from Taylor Swift songs, all you have to do to be considered a chill girl is wear T-shirts sometimes. Like, you can hold a grudge for years that nobody cares about anymore or write revenge songs about the guy you dated for one week until the end of time and still be like, super relatable. We don’t totally disagree. Much like you can’t have a great hair day without sometimes having just a good hair day, you need contrast in your closet to offset your high maintenance pieces. Lucky for you, we have T-shirt options for you. For a limited time, hurry to and get your first item for only $9.99 when you join their VIP program. Wow, we can’t believe how nice we are. Click here to join. We wouldn’t sell you T-shirts without giving you a little advice first, so in honor of being a chill girl, here’s what your choice in T-shirt says about you.

1. White T-Shirt

You’re one of your skinniest friends and good for you. Like, the only diet you’ve ever been on is when you quit social media for a week just to see what it would be like. You’re the kind of betch that makes everything look easy, because it is… for you. You can glam up to go out and make the best dressed list, or you can go grocery shopping in yoga pants and flip flops and get checked out in checkout line. You’re also likely to give your friends advice like “don’t worry, you’ll find love when you stop looking” which could be true for you but is deeply unhelpful for everyone else.  But it’s okay because people like being around you, so they’ll put up with that character flaw.

JustFab x Betches But First Champagne

Betches x JustFab Champagne Tee

2. T-Shirt With A Cute/Sweet Saying

Your shirt says something about how you’re a morning person or you like eggs or some other generic happy person thought like that. You probably have inspirational quotes on your Instagram non-ironically, and your followers are actually inspired by them, so good for you. You’re secretly high maintenance but you can’t help it that you have high standards. The positive vibes you put out in the world mean most people think you’re sweet despite secretly judging TF out of everyone you meet. Congrats, you’re a stealth bitch.

Betches x JustFab Tropic Tee

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3. Sleeveless Tank

You probably played soccer growing up and are competitive in nature. Like, low-key a guy can be hot and super into you but you won’t be sure about him until another betch starts flirting with him. You can hold your own drinking with the guys but you’ve also been known to yell angrily about something when you get drunk, though it tends to be more endearing than threatening. You always have your girlfriends’ backs, like a mama bear but obvs a lot skinnier.

Betches x JustFab Beach Tank

Betches x JustFab Beach Tank

4. Sassy/Witty T-Shirt

Your T-shirts basically neg the reader so you don’t have to. The words on your shirt usually say something witty and slightly bitchy, but it’s okay because you were thinking it anyway. You like to keep it real and you get in trouble for your honesty sometimes. You’re the Lisa Vanderpump of your group because you can say anything you want and still be invited back because everyone knows you’re just telling the truth.

Betches x JustFab Everyone's Watching Tee

Betches x JustFab Everyone’s Watching Tee