The Best Outfits From ‘Vanderpump Rules’ So Far & Where To Get Them

The cast of Vanderpump Rules continuously gives us their ALL each and every season, and this season has been no exception. Spoiler alert: James got fired, Kristen’s losing it, and Lala only flies via “pjs.” Okay, maybe not actually spoilers considering anyones who’s watched the first six seasons up through now could have predicted all of that. What’s also predictable? The girls’ stylish wardrobe choices. They’ve clearly bought out Revolve’s entire site in order to prep for this season, and I’m totally here for it. All of the girls from the cast have been wearing envy-inducing outfits, so I’m here to tell you exactly where to get each of my favorite pieces we’ve seen thus far on Vanderpump Rules.

1. Kristen’s Lace Bodysuit

Crazy Kristen is back and better than ever. From scaling the fences at SUR just to bring in one of James’s side hoes, to getting “trashy” blackout in Solvang and tripping over a table, our favorite psychopath has officially arrived. Not only is she bringing us the drama this season, but she’s also been bringing us some covetable fashion looks. My favorite piece she’s worn so far is her lace sheer bodysuit from Girl’s Night In (awk, sorry James #bringbackSeeYouNextTuesday). Kristen wore the bodysuit as part of a lingerie look for Girls Night In; however, this appropriately named bodysuit can def be worn in a more everyday way. For example, pair it with leather pants for going out or layered over a super fitted T-shirt for daytime.

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Bodysuit Boo! Get Details on Kristen Doute’s Black Lace Bodysuit and Style Stealers with the Link In Our Bio or by following us on the app! #liketkit #pumprules #vanderpumprules #bravotv #realitytv #bodysuit #lacebodysuit

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Majorelle Body Suit

MAJORELLE Annie Bodysuit

2. Stassi’s Striped Blouse

Stassi always looks chic and polished, so it’s no surprise that her first time on a “pj” she looks classy af. Her signature LA look is a button-up shirt and little denim shorts, plus a cool pair of shades and glam shoes. It’s the perfect effortlessly cool outfit formula, and you can get an almost identical version of her shirt online from Nordstrom Rack. And, considering you can currently get the dupe for less than $30, buying one for yourself should be an even easier no-brainer than whether James cheated on Raquel or not. (Sorry James, it’s too easy.)

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Super Fly ✈️ Stassi Schroeder’s Blue Striped Blouse is Sold Out at Zara but you can shop identical with the Link in our Bio or by Following us on the app! #liketkit #stassischroeder #pumprules #vanderpumprules #bravotv #realitytv #stripedtop #celebritystyle #zara

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Como Vintage Striped Hi-Lo Blouse

3. Katie’s Rhinestone Belt

As soon as I saw the girls posting their outfits from Stassi’s #OOTD Day party, I went on a HUNT for Katie’s belt. It’s the perfect belt to elevate any outfit. When I went on my search, these belts were very hard to find. There were very few options, and almost all were sold out. But, since then, I have seen tons of variations of the belt and at a variety of prices. So, lucky for you, finding one should be no problem. Not to mention, I’ve included two options below because, well, I’m nice like that.

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dreams do come true on tonight’s #pumprules. ?my bestie has her own holiday @nationalootdday! #OOTD

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B-low The Belt Farah belt

Express Crystal Gem Belt

4. Brittany’s Heart Dress

This girly dress is legit the epitome of Brittany in dress form: super sweet and subtly sexy. This dress is super cute and it’s actually from Pretty Little Thing, so it won’t cost you your whole paycheck. In fact, at only $28, it will probs cost less than the lunch you ordered in today. This season, Brittany actually seems to be wearing a couple different pieces from the site, which is v smart considering she’s only going to wear these clothes once for an episode before she’s done with them. Kudos to you Brittany, for being financially savvy! Going to need that money for that over-the-top expensive engagement party coming up, I’m sure.

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Very Valentine! Get deets on Brittany Cartwright’s Under $30 heart Print Dress with the Link In Our Bio or by following us on the app! #liketkit #pumprules #valentinesday #hearts #brittanycartwright #bravotv #realitytv #bigblondehair #heartprint #valentinesdaydress

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PLT Heart Dress

Pretty Little Thing White Heart Print Frill Dress

5. Ariana’s Interview Dress

Ariana has been KILLING it in her interview looks. I’m OBSESSED with the hot pink cut-out dress she’s been wearing but, of course, it’s sold out. Fortunately, her other stunning interview look, a  yellow cut-out dress, is still available AND, brace yourself, still has a full size run. It’s an ideal dress for transitioning into spring and summer in the upcoming months. It’s also a great dress to wear to any upcoming weddings—you know, like the one that Ariana and Tom will never have. 

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Not so Mellow Yellow! Get details on Ariana Madix’s Yellow Confessional Dress and Style Stealers with the Link In Our Bio or by following us on the app! #liketkit #pumprules #vanderpumprules #arianamadix #bravotv #yellowdress #cutoutdress #bigblondehair

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NBD Totale Dress

NBD Totale Dress in Marigold

We’re not even halfway through this season and the staff of SUR has already served us up some fire looks thus far. (And yes, pun totally intended.) From the looks of the teasers, we still have some more trips, parties, and drama-filled events to look forward to, so we’re guaranteed some more amazing outfits. And, just so we’re clear, by amazing outfits I’m definitely not referring to Lisa’s predictable silky magenta blouses and Kristin’s aggressively branded ironic T-shirt line. And none for Scheana, byeee!

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How To Pull Off Polka Dots Like A Fashion Blogger For Cheap

To polka dot or polka not? Let’s pretend I never said that. Dad jokes aside, polka dots are very on trend right now, and I have to be honest, I am kind of obsessed with it. This trend may take some getting used to, but, I am telling you, there are multiple ways you can rock this without feeling like the president of your fifth grade class. Remember when Elle Woods’ advisor told her to have a backup for Harvard and that they wouldn’t be impressed that she aced History of Polka Dots? Well, joke’s on her, because Elle became the best lawyer and POLKA DOTS ARE HERE TO STAY. Every blogger has been rocking this trend, all in very different ways.

As always, I have three blogger-inspired looks I recreated, and duhhh I saved you a ton of money!

Look 1: Polka Dots in Paris

Au revoir! See you next season Paris! ????????♥ #weworewhatparis

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First, this AFRM dress is $128, and could be reasonable, except for the fact that it’s not. So that’s why I found you something very similar from Forever 21 for $32. I threw it on with my Public Desire white boots (also a trend I hope never ends) and some $10 sunglasses, and we are ready to go. This is a great look for a bridal or baby shower blacking out on a rooftop during spring.

Forever21 tiered flounce maxi dress

Look 2: Pretty in Polka Dots

#OOTD ???????? @swarovski #ad @fwrd #fwrdtravels

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Olivia, Olivia, Oliva. $600 for a top???? Must be nice. Here is the SAME SHIRT for $50 from Zara. I love these bodysuits from Zara because they are extremely versatile. It’s like buying two shirts for the price of one. You can pin this and wear it to work, or wear it open on a night out with the girls.

Zara polka dot bodysuit

Look 3: Polka Dot Pose

???? new @lioness_official denim mini

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Lastly, I switched this look up for you, just to show you how to rock polka dots in different ways. I found this dress at Forever 21 for $38. I put a Zara blouse on underneath and my Public desire boots again, then obvs my go-to sunglasses. I love dresses that you can wear during spring time with a shirt underneath, and then easily rock at summer patio parties.

Forever 21 polka dot mini cami dress

Bonus Polka Dots Looks

Are you nuts for polka dots? Here are some extra ways to rock this trend for cheap.

Try some polka dot tights with a black dress and heels.

Forever 21 sheer dotted tights

Put on this headband with an all-black or all white bathing suit this summer, and you’ll be the coolest girl at the beach.

Forever 21 polka dot headband

Polka dot crop top???? How cute with jeans or black pants.

Forever21 polka dot crop top

Images: weworewhat (2), oliviaculpo / Instagram; Maya Media (3)
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How To Dress Like A Fashion Blogger For A Fraction Of The Price

Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by the sticker price of your favorite blogger’s outfit, making you want to throw yourself into oncoming traffic (*everyone raises hand*). Don’t worry, I’m here for you. I’m not going to ask you if you’re seeing this post and I’m certainly not going to tell you to turn your post notifications on. What I am going to do is tell you how to get these fashion blogger looks for less (way less), so you can save your money for something more important like happy hour… or an overpriced workout class that you end up skipping.

My personal style is the sale rack. When I get dressed in the morning I need an outfit that’s trendy, looks expensive, but was really all purchased from Zara, Forever 21, or H&M. Here are three looks that are great for blacking out at brunch, and where you can get these fashion blogger looks for less. Don’t thank me, have your accountant thank me in the form of Edible Arrangements.

Cloudy with a chance of ???? #thelimitdoesnotexisttxnyc

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Instead of dropping thousands at Balenciaga for a sweatshirt (yes, a sweatshirt) I found this similar one at Zara with a red stripe down the sleeve. I went ahead and paired it with red Zara thigh-highs, too. I feel like when I wear thigh-highs I’m guaranteed a text back. These particular items are sold out at the moment, but fear not: I found similar ones from H&M and ASOS. I never, ever, ever spend lots of money on sunglasses, so go for these trendy Kardashian-inspired specs from Amazon.

Shop The Look

From left: Sweatshirt, H&M; Boots, Asos; Sunnies, Amazon

On theme for the @unicefusa Snowflake Ball last night ❄️ in a @bajaeast suit, @desnemati for @verstolo diamonds • thanks for having me @sterlingmcdavid

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Want to fake it till you make it in a power suit? Don’t break the bank with this metallic suit, because I found a complete replica at Zara, and paired it with metallic boots from Public Desire. This is a bold look, but it will have everyone (including your ex) sneaking a second look.

Shop The Look

From left: Jacket, Zara; Pants, Zara; Boots, Public Desire

So pumped to announce my feature with @revolve ???????? Go check out my Holiday edit and how I styled all of my favorite REVOLVE pieces. Details in bio ???? #revolve #thelimitdoesnotexisttxnyc

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This look is one of my favorites. Shine like the top of the Chrysler building, as Rihanna would say. I found similar metallic pants from H&M and paired them with a basic black tank from Forever 21 (I will not mention how many hours I spent digging through the racks to find it). I added this killer patent leather black jacket, also from Forever 21—same comment about digging through the racks. Throw on sock boots to complete your look—these are Public Desire, but Zara and Steve Madden all make similar styles. Cheap boots are key, because you won’t feel bad ruining them when you’re running from bar to bar.

Shop The Look

From left: Jacket, Forever 21; Pants, Missguided; Boots, Public Desire

Images: Alex Iby / Unsplash; Maya Butler (3); H&M (1); Asos (1); Amazon (1); Zara (2); Public Desire (2); Forever 21 (1); Missguided (1)

How To Steal Rachel Lindsay’s ‘Bachelorette’ Look

Another season of The Bachelorette premiered last night, and I think we can all breathe a sigh of relief that Rachel left those fugly-ass mustard colored shorts at home. Though I would bet my brunch reservations that we have not seen the last of those monstrosities. My guess is she brings those out right before hometown dates as a test to see which of the men will break their ABC contracts to avoid being seen with a grown woman wearing yellow cut-offs. Smart, Rachel. V smart.

I will say that Rachel looked flawless last night. Like, if my life were as put together as those barrel curls then I would not be anonymously roasting people on the internet rn. Sighs. I guess we all have our crosses to bear. But back to Rachel looking fine AF. She chose to go the traditional Bachelorette route with classic barrel curls, glossy lips, and a dress that shines brighter than Nick’s dancing career. Which is really a relief because Nick’s season of The Bachelor was ratchet AF and I was low-key nervous that Christen might have DM’d Rachel on Instagram trying to make cheetah patterned headbands happen. 

Christen The Bachelor

Stop trying to make animal print happen, CHRISTEN. It’s never going to happen. Now please go back to the suburban mall you crawled out of.

Thank GOD Rachel wasn’t led astray by Nick’s rejects trolling for more Instagram followers any members of her squad. And because I’m literally obsessed with her look from last night I’ve detailed all the ways to steal her look so you too can be courted by tickle monsters and psychos who only speak to people through a doll. Blessings.

The Hair

Rachel’s hair was on point last night and it was all because she brought out the classic barrel curls, a staple among the Bachelor Nation community. Barrel curls is a look that screams “I’m ready for love” or, more accurately, “I’m ready to spend the next 3-5 years swapping STD’s with failed cast members of a network reality show.” *cough* NICK *cough* If that’s what you want your hair to say about you too, then you should definitely invest in Hot Tools 1″ Flipperless Gold Curling Wand. It’s great for faking salon style hair (though no one tell my stylist Susi this, I’m worried she might tell the powers that be to make me wait another 3 months to book an appointment at that godforsaken place) and it’s got a ton of temperature settings so you won’t sabotage your hair.

Hot Tools Curling Iron

The Eyes

If there’s one thing Bachelor Nation has taught me, it’s that you will never get any screen time with your own eyelashes. Nope, not gonna happen. If you want to make 31 men embarrass themselves on national television fall in love with you after 3.5 seconds of meeting you, then you’re gonna need eyelash extensions. It’s the only way. Getting eyelash extensions is a process and there’s tons of shit that goes into choosing the best ones for you personally, but if you’re feeling the need to treat yourself waste your paycheck then you should def waste it on One Two Cosmetics magnetic lash extensions. They’re relatively cheap as far as eyelash extensions go and SUPER easy to use. Like, easy enough that even The Twins could figure it out, so there’s really no excuse not to buy this shit.

One Two Cosmetics Eyelash Extensions

The Lips

Night one every Bachelorette tries to play it safe with their makeup lest they scare any potential suitors off with a bold lip. It’s boring and safe but Chad would have murdered Jordan Rodgers and his whole family night one had he seen Jordan walking around with red lipstick all over his face. Your go-to is going to be L’ORÉAL Paris Infallible Never Fail Lipgloss. It’s not super pricey and its staying power is longer than that grotesque kiss Bryan, 37, Chiropractor gave Rachel.

L'Oreal Infallible Lip Gloss

The Dress

THANK GOD someone gave this girl a stylist, because I was super nervous Rachel would fuck up her dress choice if left to her own devices. For a smart girl with a law degree she sure knows how to pick the cheapest dress in a department store clearance section. Case in point:

Rachel Lindsay

Is it a romper? A dress? A tribal printed garbage bag to match her suitors’ personalities? It’s really hard to tell. That being said, she chose a gorgeous—albeit basic—sparkly floor length gown that did not, shockingly, show off her cleavage but did show off the fact that she is classy AF. And because we don’t all have giant-ass mansions to test 31 men’s affection in, I’ve chosen a more casual version for you to use for your own purposes. This ASOS ‘90s inspired cami dress is perfect for a fancier date night or a Saturday DTF night, depending on what you’re into. Either way you’re going to look and feel like you’re better than everyone else and that’s really all you should strive for in an outfit.

ASOS Sequined Cami Dress

And there you have it. You’re now ready for your own season of The Bachelorette, unless you don’t have enough of an Instagram following or you have more of a personality than a lightly salted cracker, in which case you’re just ready for Bumble. Similar to The Bachelorette, but with less dates that end in contractually obligated engagements and more dates ending in “would you like to split the bill?” May the odds be ever in your favor, ladies. 

How To Steal Taylor Swift’s Makeup Look In The ’50 Shades’ Music Video

The video for the song no one asked for is finally here! I’m talking about the moody rollercoaster from the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack, “I Don’t Want To Live Forever.” A song that supposedly took only a week to make now has an accompanying video that looks like it was put together in 30 minutes. Makes sense.

If for some reason you want to copy faux underdog-turned-model-hoarder-turned-reptile,Taylor Alison Swift, or are just interested in emanating the same desperate kind of vibe, then today’s your lucky day. Because much like her response to that leaked Kanye footage (which she copied and pasted directly from her publicist) Tay’s makeup is really not hard to replicate at all. 


According to makeup artist Pat McGrath’s Instagram, the specific lip color combo on Taylor’s lips is Pat McGrath’s Lab Lust in 004. Unfortunately, it’s sold out. But, you can still get the look.

Start with a liquid lipstick in dark red, like Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Vamp.

Then, mix an adhesive like this one with some glitter. MAC Reflects Blackened Red Glitter should do the trick. Then, put it on your lips. Then, call all of your ex boyfriends and ask if they want to get back together with you and when they say no, burst into flames.


Really all you need for this is a shit ton of eyeliner and false lashes and a false sense of superiority. Try the classic style from Huda Beauty to get a similar effect:

If you’re feeling wild and like you might want to date a man who would wear a tank top with your initials on it, you can dust a taupe matte in your creases. Bobbi Brown’s shadow in Taupe is legit.

As for how to replicate the rest of her psycho vibe?

And whatever TF this hair twirl thing is? Is it supposed to be sexy and/or sexual? TBD.

I have no idea. But, I do want to point out that in this video, Taylor’s plucking white roses. Guess who else once gave her a ton of white roses.

She might not want to live forever, but she sure as fuck will hold a grudge until the day she dies.