A Gender Reveal Caused A Huge Fire In California

A few years ago, over-the-top gender reveals were trendy. It seemed like elaborate schemes to announce the sex of an unborn baby went viral every other day. In 2020, with a broader cultural understanding that gender is a social construct and gender identity is fluid, these reveals feel inherently outdated, and for years, we’ve written about how gender reveals shouldn’t be a thing anymore. Like all tired trends, s0me people are still clinging on, but this weekend a gender reveal fire ripped across Southern California, which may finally put an end to these parties for good.

And by gender reveal fire, yes, I mean a literal wildfire that was caused by a gender reveal. 2020 is so fun! The El Dorado Fire began 80 miles east of Los Angeles on Saturday, and in a news release, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection specified that the fire “was caused by a smoke generating pyrotechnic device, used during a gender reveal party.” That’s right—those plumes of pink or blue smoke are actually super dangerous, and it turns out you shouldn’t set them off in a field of dry grass. Who would’ve thought!

By Monday night, The Washington Post reported that the fire had burned through almost 10,000 acres, forcing more than 20,000 people to evacuate their homes. California is currently an extremely dangerous area for fires, with the news release noting the “dry conditions and critical fire weather.” Over the weekend, a new record was set in the state, with over two million acres being burned so far in 2020. There are currently several large fires raging, most of which are in Northern California, but the southern part of the state remains vulnerable. According to the Cal Fire website, the El Dorado fire is currently only 7% contained, so the devastation will likely grow before it is extinguished.

If you’re thinking to yourself that a gender reveal fire sounds both oddly specific and oddly familiar, congratulations, you have a great memory. This isn’t the first, or even the second, time that a gender reveal fire has made the news. So 2020 might suck more than usual, but gender reveals gone wrong transcend the boundaries of space and time. Back in 2017, a reveal that consisted of shooting a rifle at a target filled with an explosive called tannerite sparked a fire that burned through 47,000 acres in Arizona, causing millions of dollars in damage. In that case, the father pleaded guilty to violating U.S. Forest Service rules, and the current situation in California could have a similar result. In their news release, the California Dept. noted that “Those responsible for starting fires due to negligence or illegal activity can be held financially and criminally responsible.” Last year, there was also a gender reveal fire in Florida, again caused by “tannerite and a weapon.” So yeah, don’t start a gender reveal fire, it’s really not worth it.

You know who else is sick of these gender-reveal-gone-wrong stories? The woman who started the gender reveal trend! In a Facebook post on Monday, blogger Jenny Myers Karvunidis, who kicked things off with a gender reveal cake way back in 2008 (if only we had stuck to cakes), begged her followers to cut it out: “Stop it. Stop having these stupid parties. For the love of God, stop burning things down to tell everyone about your kid’s penis. No one cares but you.” Her words, not mine!!

From numerous gender reveal fires to an actual gender reveal plane crash, it’s really time that we stop this foolishness. If you want to cut a cake or throw some confetti at home, great, do your thing. But please, PLEASE, don’t do anything that could result in you burning down thousands of acres and/or going to jail. I promise it’s not worth it, and your kid will probably hate you for embarrassing them before they were even born.

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A Texas Couple’s Gender Reveal Ended In A Plane Crash

The headline says it all, guys. What have we told you about how stupid gender reveals are? Like, only in America and with the rise of social media would we have a legitimate issue with people trying to one-up each other on how to announce their yet-to-be-born kid’s genitals in front of friends, family, and internet strangers—and causing harmful accidents in the process. Before you hate on me, I had a gender reveal, too. It was in the doctor’s office with my husband. The nurse pointed at my kid’s junk on the ultrasound screen and said “look, a penis! it’s a boy.” MAZEL. Then I texted my parents. That’s how it should be done.

If you ask me, a gender reveal party is yet another excuse for parents-to-be to try and squeeze more baby gifts out of friends and family. I respect the hustle, but also, chill tf out. You need one baby shower to ensure you have some diapers and maybe a car seat. You do not need a f*cking separate party with either pink or blue decor. Give me a break. And, as we continue to see in the news, not only are gender reveal parties unnecessary, they can also prove to be dangerous. Such is the case with this Texas couple, who tried to do way too much and ended up getting someone hurt in the process. Let that be a lesson to all of you to knock it off with these stunts.

What Happened?

This incident took place back on September 7, 2019 in some godforsaken place called Turkey, Texas. Basically, someone (my money’s on the dad because this feels like something a dad would do) rented a crop-duster plane and pilot (don’t ask me about the logistics of renting a pilot) to drop pink water for a gender reveal. The water would turn to vapor, making for a TRULY SPECTACULAR and heartwarming sight when pink mist would envelop the guests. I guess that would have been cool… if it worked.

Instead, the crop-duster actually stalled out—possibly due to the shock to the plane’s system after dumping 350 gallons of pink water—and subsequently crashed. The pilot was not injured and will go on to be available for future parties and gender reveals, but one passenger had minor injuries. And that’s not counting the pride of the parents-to-be, who now can’t even post their gender reveal party on Instagram because their stunt went so horribly wrong. Like, would confetti not have sufficed?


Honestly, these idiots are so lucky no one was killed or seriously injured. Gender reveals, as I said above, are getting stupider and stupider. Lest we forget the woman who was killed in October when someone thought it would be a good idea to reveal gender with a MOTHERF*CKING PIPE BOMB which, naturally, exploded and led to this woman’s death when she was struck with a piece of shrapnel. Then we have the guy who started a 47,000 acre fire in Arizona (the Sawmill Fire, to be exact) when he shot a target filled with explosive blue powder to let everyone know he was expecting a son. People are using alligators, planes, explosives, and dumbass balloons all in the name of celebrating a social construct we as a society place way too much emphasis on anyway.

If you insist on having a gender reveal, please, for all of our sakes, avoid heavy machinery, wild animals, or anything that could explode. It hurts that I had to type that sentence, but, hey, it’s just another day in Trump’s America.

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