These Cryptic Tweets May Explain Why Halsey & G-Eazy Broke Up

Well, that didn’t take long. Yesterday I wrote about Halsey’s statement on her breakup with G-Eazy and her shady Instagram caption. She definitely seemed unhappy about the whole situation, but there were no actual details about why Halsey and G-Eazy broke up, just the normal shit about taking some time apart and respecting their privacy. Blah blah blah. Well, we’ve uncovered some important new details that could explain why Halsey and G-Eazy broke up. We still don’t have anything officially confirmed or anything, but if you’re paying any attention to Halsey’s Twitter (guilty), it reaaaaaally looks like Gerald went and cheated. God, I wish I could say I’m surprised.

There are two tweets from Halsey in question today, and one of them has been deleted. Ah yes, the deleted tweet, one of my favorite art forms. Deleting passive-aggressive tweets is weak, but it’s also something I might have experience with. Either way, a deleted tweet honestly just gives all my theories even more credibility. Without further ado, let’s dive in.


I mean, do I even have to explain this? Think about it, what rhymes with pumpkin eater? Yeah, she might as well have posted pictures of G-Eazy in bed with another woman. I do respect her commitment to at least acting like she’s being cryptic, even if a literal third grader could tell you what this means. While this tweet is very informational, the next one is far more interesting.

TWEET #2 (now deleted):

This one might not be as obvious to most of us, but just fucking wait. Remember that song “Him & I” where G-Eazy and Halsey basically sing about each other like they would literally perish if they spent a day apart? It’s like Romeo & Juliet, but with leather jackets and a lot more cocaine. Well, G-Eazy has a line in the song where he says “ever catch me cheating she would try to cut my dick off”. Excuse me, SIR??? I’m a little worried for G-Eazy’s dick right now, and I wouldn’t touch that thing with a 10-foot pole.

So it really seems like the scissor emoji tweet is a reference to this lyric, which is why a bunch of fans think that Gerald went and fucked around, and that’s the reason why Halsey and G-Eazy broke up. It also makes sense that this tweet got deleted, because it’s an actual threat (disclaimer: I am not a lawyer). Like, I’m not saying Halsey is waiting in G-Eazy’s bushes with a rusty pair of scissors right now, but stranger things have happened. Pretty sure I said it in the last article, but G-Eazy should sleep with one eye open.

If the cheating rumors turn out to be true, I’m really curious what will happen with this situation. Will we ever find out who the alleged other woman is? Will they both be in new relationships by the end of the month and act like it never even happened? Or will we get like, 14 angry breakup singles from both of them? I probably won’t listen to the music either way, because I value my time and have some level of taste, but I still love a good scandal. Yeah, I said it, now you can go back to listening to “Bad At Love” on repeat.

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Halsey And G-Eazy Broke Up & She’s Already Shading Him On IG

Well guys, I guess it’s time to ask ourselves again, “is love dead??” Jk, I think we’re all going to be fine. This week, it was announced on Instagram that Halsey and G-Eazy broke up, and it’s really okay. They’d been together for close to a year, and had quickly built a reputation for acting like some weird apocalyptic couple that were determined to go down together. Like, I think these two took “ride or die” a little too literally. I was never that into it, but their fans got like, scary attached.

Too bad! Now that Halsey and G-Eazy broke up, the couple are taking some time apart, and Halsey shared the news with my favorite method of communication, a Notes app screenshot posted to Instagram Stories. What a time to be alive. Now, because I really have nothing better to do, I shall unpack this statement, because there are some really, really strange things about it.

*puts reading glasses on*

I normally keep this kind of thing private but provided our public nature I feel the need to inform my fans.

Okay, so she’s missing some commas, but what did I really expect from an iPhone note that Halsey typed? Also, lmao that she’s going to act like this relationship was soooo private. I know the exact date of when you were probably doing coke with your boyfriend in Sweden, so try harder next time.

G-Eazy and I are taking some time apart.

Okay, so she’s really not going to give any actual info. I don’t blame her, but I’m always inclined to think that “taking some time apart” is just a less harsh version of “I blocked his number and we aren’t speaking anymore.” We’ll see.

I’m eager to continue the upcoming passage of time dedicating myself to my art and my career, and the duration of my tour.

STOP. OMG. This bitch is really talking about “continuing the upcoming passage of time” as if any of us on this Earth have a choice in the matter?? This sentence reads like she has to hit a minimum word count and is completely out of ideas. Literally no one has talked like this for a hundred fucking years. I’m really glad she’s excited about her career and her tour, but the first half of this sentence has really thrown me for a loop. Halsey girl, what are you doing?

I wish him the best.

Yikes. Gerald, I would sleep with one eye open if I were you.

Thanks for respecting our privacy at this time.

Basically she doesn’t want people commenting on every photo asking about her and G-Eazy. That makes sense. Honestly, I’m just glad she kept that statement pretty brief. I didn’t have the energy to sift through paragraphs like Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan made me do.

So with the statement out of the way, all that’s left to discuss is Halsey’s shady AF post on her Instagram.

The photo in question:

kiss my dog on the forehead and then kiss ur ass goodbye ✅

A post shared by halsey (@iamhalsey) on

Please direct your attention to the caption, which is obviously definitely about G-Eazy. Without having any personal knowledge of exactly why Halsey and G-Eazy broke up, this caption makes it sound like he fucked up. Either way, Halsey seems like she’ll be okay, if only because she looks absolutely incredible in that bikini. Seriously, I need to know her workout routine so I can pretend that someday I’ll do it too. You go girl, enjoy this upcoming passage of time and kiss his ass goodbye.

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8 Criminally Underrated Music Artists You Need To Know About

It’s tough to keep up with new music, no matter how much time you spend on your Spotify Discover page. A few weeks ago, I spent time unpacking the legend that is Rita Ora, and you guys had a lot of thoughts. Taking a deep dive into Rita’s career, I was inspired to shine a light on some other underrated music artists who might be slipping through the cracks of your pop culture knowledge. I’m thoroughly obsessed with most of these artists, and I think it’s important that everyone is aware of what they’re missing out on. Let me know if I missed one of your faves, or if there’s anyone else out there who deserves a deep dive. So little time, so many hot rando singers wearing tiny sunglasses on Instagram.

1. Bebe Rexha

You probably don’t recognize Bebe Rexha’s face, and you might not even recognize her name, but you’ve definitely heard her voice. She first shot up the charts in 2015 on G-Eazy’s song “Me, Myself & I,” and she’s recently had a massive country crossover hit with “Meant To Be” featuring Florida Georgia Line. She was also one of the featured artists on Rita Ora’s song “Girls,” which is iconic for its own reasons. Overall, Bebe has great style, a really charming personality, and a surprisingly great voice. Bebe doesn’t love sharing her personal life, but there have been past rumors about her dating DJ Martin Garrix and former 1D member Louis Tomlinson, both of whom she’s collaborated with. Her debut album, Expectations, is finally here, and Bebe is poised to be a huge star.

“Expectations” is coming. I’m really nervous, but I’m excited too. I’ve been working so hard on this album and I don’t know what to expect. I just want to put it out and then move to a small town in Europe for a couple months and then come out of hiding after. Lol. And hopefully when I come back you’ll love it as much as I do. Xo Bebe

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2. Tinashe

If I’m honest, it’s a fucking crime that Tinashe isn’t a household name by now. She’s been around for a few years, but her biggest hit is still her debut single, “2 On.” You know the one, it’s a goddamn bop. Tinashe has bounced back and forth between a cool R&B/hip-hop sound and more traditional pop, and she’s always claimed Britney Spears as her top musical idol. She was featured on Brit’s song “Slumber Party” a couple years ago, and the video is truly one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen. In recent weeks, Tinashe was in the news because her ex Ben Simmons allegedly cheated on her with Kendall Jenner. Tinashe really deserves better, so you should probably go listen to her new album, Joyride. It’s good, you’ll like it.

Ain’t lookin back on the old me ✨

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3. Troye Sivan

Let me clear the air by noting that I am a gay man and I want to have so much sex with Troye Sivan. Troye, who is both South African and Australian (the accent is glorious) is already a gay icon, but everyone needs to know. His debut album back in 2015 was kind of a moody Lorde vibe, but this year he’s ready to take over the pop world. His songs “Bloom” and “My My My!” are catchy as fuck, and he just dropped a new song featuring our favorite bride-to-be, Ariana Grande. Troye has a hot boyfriend named Jacob Bixenman, and he’s also the new face of both Valentino and Saint Laurent. Pay attention, because this kid is about to be fucking everywhere.

@jasperrischen ????

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4. Dua Lipa

Over the past year, Dua Lipa has made a ton of progress in her career. She released her debut album last summer, and her song “New Rules” was really the only thing that stopped me from sending risky texts in 2017. (But I’m back on my bullshit in 2018, sorry Dua.) Her look is so fucking cool, and all her music is great. Her single “IDGAF” is getting big, and her song “One Kiss” with Calvin Harris is also a major vibe. Dua is only 22, but she’s already had high-profile relationships with a couple people that are definitely UK-famous, even if we haven’t heard of them. Recently, it appears that she’s broken her own rules by getting back with her ex, celebrity chef/model (lol) Isaac Carew. He’s hot AF, but also people think she might be dating Calvin Harris, which I really hope is just a rumor. Calvin, keep your grubby little Taylor Swift hands off our girl.


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5. Anne-Marie

Anne-Marie is another British dance-pop rising star that I’ve been obsessed with for like, two years because she was on some random Spotify playlist. Can you tell I have a type? She’s had a number of songs that were big hits in the UK, but for some reason no one in the US has really started to care. Start with “Ciao Adios” and “Alarm,” but the more recent song of the summer contender is the throwback anthem “2002.” Actually everything about Anne-Marie gives me an early 2000s vibe, and I’m loving it. Anne-Marie doesn’t like to talk about who she’s dating, but she recently said in an interview that she’s dated both men and women. She’s friends with Ed Sheeran, which is a downside, but nobody’s perfect.

MANCHESTER NIGHT #3 More pics coming tomorrow ???????????????? ????: @willbeach__

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6. Charlie Puth

Okay, you all know about Charlie Puth, but do you really know about Charlie Puth? He’s both talented and hot, and we’ve slept on him for far too long. Actually, scratch that, I would definitely sleep on him. Charlie’s been around for a while, and his biggest hits include “See You Again,” “Marvin Gaye,” unfortunately featuring Meghan Trainor, and “We Don’t Talk Anymore” featuring Selena Gomez, which is a perfect pop song. Actually, I really think Charlie and Selena would make an amazing couple, so like, the universe should make that happen. (I want the record to reflect that I’ve secretly been shipping them for years.) Charlie has an awesome voice, but he also writes and produces all his music himself, which is really impressive. Basically, imagine if Justin Bieber was also Diplo, but also not someone you’d be ashamed to introduce to your dad. The low point of Charlie’s career was when he made out with Meghan Trainor onstage at the American Music Awards, but he basically admitted it was just a publicity stunt.


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7. Grimes

Ah yes, Grimes, the indie darling of the past decade. People who like artsy music have been obsessed with Grimes since at least 2012, but she’s never really broken into the mainstream. Really, I’m not sure she wants to. That’s partly why it was so surprising when she showed up at the Met Gala last month with Elon Musk. She’s dated a couple music dudes before, but a public relationship with one of the most rich and famous men in the world is definite departure for her. I’m v curious to see if this will be a more permanent shift in her persona, or just a one-time deal. Either way, her last two albums are excellent, and you should really give them a listen.

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8. Kim Petras

Kim Petras is definitely the least famous person on this list, but I have a feeling that could change soon. Kim is everything a pop princess should be, serving up iconic looks and banger after banger. Her debut single “I Don’t Want It At All” is incredible, and the video features a cameo from Paris Hilton. Kim, who hails from Germany, just launched her music career last year, but she’s actually been famous for a long time. Back in 2008, Kim became one of the youngest people to ever have gender reassignment surgery, at 16, making her kind of an icon in the trans community. It’s been cool to see her resurface as a rising pop star, and she’ll be touring with Troye Sivan this fall.

Jus a ho ass binch ????????‍♀️

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G-Eazy Got Arrested For Exactly What You’d Think

Back in college, I used to get wasted on Wednesday nights, but now my typical hump day evening consists of watching The Real Housewives of New York City before being in bed promptly by 11. Apparently, G-Eazy and I have very different lives. G-Eazy got arrested for assault and cocaine possession in Sweden on Wednesday night, which is crazy but also not that surprising at the same time. He was partying after the first European show of his Beautiful & Damned Tour, and things obviously got a little out of hand. There aren’t a lot of details yet, but let’s go over what we know about this Swedish train wreck.

First of all, just a reminder that G-Eazy’s name is Gerald. Sorry, I just still think it’s really funny. Anyway, he’s in the middle of his big fancy world tour, and Stockholm was the first stop, so naturally it was time to get fucked up. There was an afterparty, and the guests included a lot of Swedish people, G-Eazy’s girlfriend/overgrown scene kid Halsey, and Sean Kingston. Yes, Sean Kingston of “Beautiful Girls” fame. Honestly, Sean Kingston randomly being at this party is my favorite part of this whole story. I’m just glad he’s fully recovered from that tragic jet ski accident, bless up.

Gerald in Sweden last night via @joelighe, @alenrezai, @arooobert, @mirandauthardt, and @idalinneaskoglund #geazy #whenitsdarkout #thesethingshappen #mustbenice #endlesssummer #eazyseason #bayarea #thebeautifulanddamned #geazypics #gerald #hfk #halsey #hfktour #hopelessfountainkingdom #halseyandgeazy

A post shared by g-eazy updates ???? (@the.gerald.updates) on May 2, 2018 at 8:24pm PDT

God bless the G-Eazy stan account on Instagram for somehow having video of him fucked up at his afterparty, and also for posting concert photos today like nothing happened. You da realest. According to sources at the party, G-Eazy was having a really great time (read: on a lot of drugs) and started acting belligerent. So glad that’s never happened to me. When security tried to get him to calm down, he started swinging, and allegedly hit one guard in the face several times. Oops!

G-Eazy got arrested and was taken into custody on suspicion of assault, and then the cops also found coke in his pocket (oops again!), so he also got charged with both possession and use of narcotics. He’s reportedly still in custody, but I’m sure Halsey is planning an elaborate scheme to break him out of jail before his next tour date. Imagine the Lady Gaga/Beyoncé “Telephone” video, but grainier and taken in the Perpetua filter. Before you go berating me in the comments section, just look at his last posted Instagram and tell me I’m not right.

Sweden ???? @tristan_edouard

A post shared by G-Eazy (@g_eazy) on

Ah, look how pensive G-Eazy looks in his artsy Instagram photo, posted just hours before he would be passing out shots and doing bumps off of Halsey’s finger (I imagine). Simpler times, truly. There hasn’t been any sort of statement from G-Eazy or his team, but I’m sure there’ll be something dramatic as soon as he gets out of prison. Halsey will probably like, release 1,000 white doves into the sky to signal his innocence while they ride off into the distance on a motorcycle. Their entire lives are like that one week in your 2008 emo phase where you thought you were like, a very good poet.

While it seems like a cocaine arrest would finally give G-Eazy some much-needed street cred, it really just adds to his reputation as a glorified frat rapper. Seriously, punching a security guard in a drunken coke rage is behavior that matches 85% of the dudes in any fraternity. So if you have tickets to G-Eazy’s show on Sunday in Copenhagen, you might want to make other plans. Gerald is a little busy, that is unless the Swedish police are big fans of “Me Myself & I” and decide to go easy on him. I have a feeling he’ll be okay.

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