5 Gym Bags That Aren’t Ugly & Will Fit All Your Sh*t

Going to the gym is hard enough, and being ill prepared only makes it that much harder. There’s nothing worse than booking an overpriced gym class to arrive and find that you forgot your sneakers or sports bra. Scratch that, maybe the worst thing is finally getting the motivation to go to the gym and work out yourself, without the aide of some overly peppy fitness model to motivate you, only to realize you forgot your water bottle and headphones. It’s like, do I go home and get my stuff? No, because then I know I’ll sit on the couch and fall into a Netflix blackhole. But how do you push yourself through a workout with no water or music?? It’s an impossible dilemma, and one that should be avoided at all costs. So to help prevent you from forgetting your sh*t and thus either missing your workout, half-assing it, or being forced to buy one of your boutique fitness studio’s overpriced sports bras, we’ve rounded up the most functional but not bulky gym bags to keep you organized. You can thank us later.

1. Caraa Cirrus Backpack

As the only backpack on our list, this Caraa bag can fit way more than meets the eye. The waterproof backpack itself is lightweight AF, which is great considering you’re going to be attempting to stuff as much as possible in it. With a ton of interior and exterior pockets, including built-in phone and battery pockets for our constantly dying devices, there’s a place for every sweaty unmentionable you’d need for the gym. The best part is that the inside is red, providing a contrast to your all black items, allowing you to actually find your stuff while digging through your bag.

2. ADIDAS Studio III

If it has Adidas’ stamp of approval, it already has ours. But this duffel bag’s shape is why it made it onto our list. The wide opening at the top makes it easy to stuff your spin shoes alongside your gym clothes. Various smaller pockets within the main compartment help to keep your items organized and easily accessible. The ventilated exterior pockets are the perfect place for your clothes post gym class in case you’re heading out to drinks afterwards.

3. Sol and Selene Women’s Dream Big Tote Gym

If you’re looking to add a bit of color (yes, I consider gray a color) against your all-black workout wardrobe, this bag will be your go-to. With a cross body strap in addition to a handle, you’ll be able to pack this bag to the fullest without feeling like it’s tugging on your back.

4. MZ Wallace Large Sutton Bag

With six interior pockets and three detachable pouches, this camo bag can stretch to fit your sneakers, workout clothes, water bottle, and whatever else you could need to increase your chances of actually making it to the gym. It’s foldable, rollable, packable, and crushable—making it the ideal bag to schlep around all day long. Plus, the pattern is far from your basic gym bag without screaming redneck.

5. Go! Sac The Sport Tote Bag

Yoga lovers, rejoice! This bag has one of the least intrusive yoga mat holders we’ve yet to see. No longer will you be unintentionally jousting with passersby on the street. Your yoga mat will be tucked beneath the bag in a secure pocket so it won’t fall out while you walk.

Images: Carl Raw / Unsplash

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5 Retailers You Didn’t Know Had Wedding Dresses

If you’re recently engaged and the thought of dropping a couple thousand dollars on a wedding dress coupled with spending prolonged time with your mom/bff/soon-to-be mother-in-law perusing bridal salons is giving you high-level anxiety, time to chill TF out. The internet—and our favorite retailers to buy, like, T-shirts from—have come to our rescue and come out with a bunch of affordable wedding dresses that are still v chic.

Gone are the days of sitting in Kleinfeld’s and pretending to be totally OK with dropping $5k on a gown that will divide everyone in your wedding party. Seriously, do yourself a favor and at least peruse the online offerings from spots you already know, trust, and don’t have to guess your size for. You didn’t know these 5 retailers made affordable wedding dresses, which is why you’re so lucky to have me as a friend and confidant.

1. H&M

You have to poke around a bit, but H&M does offer some pretty cute and affordable wedding dresses if you search and categorize dresses by long and white. There are high-necked lace numbers for under $300, bridal separates, and this slinky, sexy satin dress that’s ideal for a beachy wedding. Plus, they have some decent basics to fill your suitcase with after you decide married life isn’t for you and you need to start a new life on an island with some cats. Just saying.

H&M long lace dress

2. Anthropologie – BHLDN

Boho betches know that Anthropologie has an entire line dedicated to weddings, BHLDN. Dresses range from a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars and come in tons of styles from “I don’t care and I’m gonna rock this tiny lace see-through thing” to “I need a glam gown that looks like I spent $10k”. The best part is that BHLDN stores are an actual thing, so if you’re not into ordering your wedding dress online, you can trek to one of those locations and try it on IRL with or without your entourage.

BHLDN medallion gown

3. Free People

The favorite for festival wear and Coachella hats actually makes some very summer and beach-worthy dresses for those of you that enjoy camping and not combing your hair. You can channel Princess Jasmine in this revealing number (and piss off your mom) or channel your inner gypsy in the Canyon Moon dress—probably while reading Tarot cards!

Free People canyon moon gown & duster

4. Modcloth

Yup. The retro-vibe clothing line offers a lot of tea-length and full-length dresses that are perfect for a super casual wedding where you don’t feel like dropping more than $500 on something you’re only going to wear for eight hours of your entire life. If you aren’t into wearing one of these for a wedding, they make a great rehearsal dinner or shower dress, too. Prices range from $65 for those on sale to around $350, so you can still afford a 10 hour open bar so, #priorities.

Modcloth graceful grandeur maxi dress in ivory


If you haven’t heard of this before, prepare to blow all your money on this wonder. Prices range from about $20-$550 when you sort by wedding stuff, and the options are jaw-dropping. Art Deco style fringe dresses and pink-tinged bridal lace dresses are all amazing finds from this retailer, and many of them are lower than $200. There are also tons of bridal shoes, hair accessories, and other wedding sh*t you didn’t realize you needed! Praise be.

ASOS Edition wedding dress with paneled seam

Images: Melody Jacob / Unsplash; ASOS; Modcloth; Free People; Anthropologie, H&M
Betches may receive a portion of revenue if you click a link and purchase a product or service. The links are independently placed and do not influence editorial content.