7 Useless Beauty Products That Are Just A Waste Of Money

I don’t think it’s exactly a hot take to say that we probably all spend too much money on unnecessary sh*t we don’t need (like when your mom gives you $40 and you immediately go and spend it… plus $60 more… on online shopping). Beauty in particular is one area in life where it’s super easy to overspend. It seems like nowadays, there’s a hyperspecific beauty product for every single minute part of your body and face. Like, we have eye primer and lip primer and face primer, which are (supposedly) all different things that are not interchangeable. Let’s cut to the chase—the makeup industry is full of unnecessary products… products that I’ve purchased and own. But, save yourself! SAVE YOUR MONEY. Here are some useless beauty products you can cut out of your life.

1. Foundation Brush

I own a few. Not sure why, though. To be completely honest, I stopped using foundation brushes when I discovered beauty sponges. Now, those are a MIRACLE. I hate streaky foundation because, well, who likes streaky foundation? A beauty sponge evens out my makeup and leaves it seamless. Everyone talks about foundation brushes and how they are amazing, but beauty sponges are cheaper and do the job just as well. Throw away your “foundation” brushes, and move on, ladies. They are toxic. End your relationship and start dating a beauty sponge.

beauty blender

BEAUTYBLENDER beautyblender® nude

2. Waterproof Mascara

I’m confused on what the point of a waterproof mascara truly is, unless (god forbid) you’re attending a funeral. Why would you want it to last? How long do you want it to last? Did you know leaving mascara on for an extended period of time damages your lashes? If you leave it on for more than your normal day job, you’re destroying your lashes. It’s a fact! You also have to use a makeup remover that will get that type of product off. It’s WATERPROOF. Do you think washing your face with water like normal people do will take it off? No, sweetie. Get yourself a regular-degular mascara and call it a day.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

3. Brow Gel

As some of you may know, I am a beauty guru, and one of the perks of being a beauty guru includes receiving PR PACKAGES! It’s like Christmas every day! Brands love to send products to us, and duh, of course I’m going to try them out! One day, I used a brow gel I received in a PR package and I used it every time I got done doing my brows because well, I GOT IT FOR FREE, WHY WOULDN’T I? Then I came to the realization that if I didn’t get it sent to me for free, would I purchase it in stores? No. Girl, the answer is no. It’s pointless. It genuinely does nothing to my eyebrows but add a little more color. But uh, so does my eye brow pencil and some Vaseline/eyelash serum/clear lipgloss. Use that.

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

4. Bronzer

BRONZEEEEER! OH MAN! I’m gonna keep this one short, sweet, and simple. Invest in a contour palette. The colors in the contour palette are almost identical to your bronzer shades. Just use your contour palette and bronze with those colors. Remember, bronzer is for giving color to the face and contour is for giving definition to the face. Switch from your contour brush to your bronzer brush and go off, sis.



5. Mini Mascara

Even more so than waterproof mascara, this is the most pointless mascara to invest in. People use mini mascara for the wand because it is specifically made to get into your bottom lashes. Can I be real here? DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS PRODUCT! Just use your regular mascara wand. Trust me, it works just as well. It worked before it was a thing and it works now.

MAYBELLINE Volum’ Express The Falsies Mascara

6. Lipstick Primer

We need a primer to paint a house, even a car. But not for your lips. Lipstick primer is another waste of your money. It’s all about the formula. If you find a good lipstick with a solid formula, then you’re good to go. Do you want a matte lip? Test out formulas that work best for you. A lot of people automatically jump to conclusions when their lipstick starts coming off when they eat. “It said it was matte! Why is it coming off?!” Most foods have an oil of some sort, and oil will break up any type of lip product you have. I think any lip primer is pointless. Your lipstick is going to come off eventually and that is okay. It’s a lipstick, not a lip stain!

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick

7. Moisturizer

The only time I use moisturizer is when I wake up and before I rest my pretty head to sleep. But before my makeup? Na. POINTLESS. I know so many beauty gurus who have publicly put online that they use a moisturizer before they prime for their makeup. But why? Why not use a primer that is hydrating and will do the same job? Remember, primer is the first base you set on your face. It’s supposed to stick to your face so your makeup lasts longer. So if you moisturize before then, it’s not being applied directly on your skin, which is defeating the whole purpose of PRIMER. If you find a hydrating primer, that will do the job perfectly and save you from wasting a moisturizer. Its a 2-in-1. Take my advice!

Glossier Priming Moisturizer

One word: USELESS. All 7 of these beauty products are USELESS. We don’t need them. Don’t feel bad that you wasted your money on them, though. Sometimes we get so caught up in thinking we need certain items to make us look poppin’, but the truth is, we already are poppin’. So let’s save, and spend on beauty products that actually work.

Images: Jake Peterson / Unsplash; Glossier; Amazon; Sephora (3); Ulta (2)

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The 7 Types Of Makeup Brushes You Need And How To Use Them

Honestly, as fun and life-saving makeup can be, it can be equally as overwhelming. First, there’s perfecting winged eyeliner, putting on the right amount of bronzer, and like, somehow keeping up with a gazillion beauty devices. There are so many that exist now that I just literally can’t even. Take makeup brushes, for example. There are easily over 30 different kinds, and I can confidently tell you that I am familiar with maybe three—that’s not including if I’m even using them correctly. I can’t even remember which fucking fork is the salad fork when my boyfriend takes me out to dinner, nonetheless the difference between a concealer brush and eyeshadow brush. Since I’m a twentysomething woman gawking at how much better at 15-year-old can do their contour than I can, I figured I can’t be the only one who feels this way. I’ve done us all a much-needed favor and rounded up the best makeup brushes you should def own and how exactly to use them. Take a kabuki brush, for instance. Ya, exactly, is that what I ordered from that Japanese restaurant last night?? No, bitch, and that’s precisely why you need my help.

1. Foundation And Concealer Brush

For powder-based foundations, you want to make sure you’re using a brush with natural bristles. This will mimic the appearance of airbrushing so your makeup looks even and natural. It’s super gentle so it won’t feel like some guy’s five o’clock shadow is rubbing all up on your grill. Start by placing a small amount of your foundation on the back of your hand and working your way from the center of your face outwards. Brush in a circular motion so that it’s evenly distributed.

Tarte Airbrush Finish Bamboo And Foundation Brush

Tarte Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush

For liquid or cream-based foundations, a brush with synthetic bristles works best. You’ll achieve a full-coverage look since the dense, firm bristles will ensure your foundation applies seamlessly and streak-free. A rounded brush will allow you to blend and build on your foundation as well as perfect the smallest details. Start by gently patting your makeup and smoothing it out before applying on your face. Beginning at the center (nose, eyes, the fucking middle of your face), blend out onto the surrounding areas where desired.

bareMinerals Complexion Perfector Foundation & Concealer Brush

bareMinerals Complexion Perfector Foundation & Concealer Brush

2. Kabuki Brush

When I first heard the name of this brush, I was like WTF IS THIS… I need to have it. My makeup has never been better. Kabuki brushes are big af but v soft and easy on the face, so they rarely irritate your skin. This type of brush is ideal for loose powder-based foundations to create an even look that doesn’t look cakey whatsoever. Be sure to use a small amount at a time (because by using this, you’ll save so much in the long run) and swirl all over in a circular motion.

NARS Botan Kabuki Brush

NARS Botan Kabuki Brush

3. Beautyblender

Okay, you probs use this one by now, but in case you’re a sheltered freak like me and haven’t, you should def buy your first beautyblender now so you can see why everyone in the world is obsessed. Beautyblenders basically changed the game as we know it, because they can work for both liquid and powder foundations and still provide the most flawless look ever. It looks like an egg, feels like a stress ball, obviously we’re going to wonder how tf to use this shit. For liquid foundation, dip the pointy end first and lightly dot on your face where needed the most. With the bigger end, dab and blend. For powder-based products, dampen the larger part just a bit, making sure to squeeze excess water out before applying. Obviously.

Beautyblender Original

Beautyblender Original

4. Angled Blush Brush

Using an angled brush is v important when applying blush or anything close to a contour. If you use a round brush, you’ll end up looking like that yellow Pokemon or something equally weird. Angled bristles line up with your facial structure and create a natural-looking rosy glow. Sweep upwards along your cheekbones when applying, and on your way back down, lightly blend.

IT Brushes For Ulta: Love Beauty Fully Flawless Blush Brush #227

IT Brushes For Ulta: Love Beauty Fully Flawless Blush Brush #227

5. Bronzer/Contour Brush

In order to have a Kardashian-level contour, it only makes sense to have a fab af brush. Obviously, 2-in-1 is always better, so buying a combination brush will only make your life easier when you’re rushing to put your face on. When looking for a contour brush, you want to make sure the tip is precise, small, and round (HAHA THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID … and I’m clearly five years old, moving on) so that you can draw the bronzer along your cheekbones and nose as well as the highlighter along the center of your face. To blend in harsh lines, be sure to blend in lightly using a large, wide brush.

Tarte Bronze & Glow Contour Brush

Tarte Bronze & Glow Contour Brush

6. All Over Eye Shadow Brush

Finding the right eye shadow brush is very important so you don’t create a streaky look—or worse, an uneven smokey eye. It just looks fucking weird and you don’t want to be that person, ever. Be sure to opt for a brush with a small head and super fine bristles. You’ll want to make sure it fans enough so that you can evenly apply liquid or powder eye shadow, and layer on if you need.

NYX Cosmetics All Over Powder Brush

NYX Cosmetics Pro All Over Shadow Brush

7. Lash Comb and Brow Brush

This is def one of the most crucial additions you need for your makeup bag. The dual brush is ideal for polishing your look just before you run out the door. Use the comb end to brush your lashes after mascara to separate, de-clump, and de-spider long lashes. After shading in or using gel on your brows, use the brush end to brush your hairs into the right place so they stay looking on-point all night long.

Ulta Lash Comb & Brow Brush

Ulta Lash Comb & Brow Brush