Shopbop’s Annual Spring Sale Is Here, And These Are The Pieces We Want

Since I am an underpaid peasant, most of my clothes are from Zara. Tbh I have nothing against Zara because I like looking fancy as f*ck in my crisp, cropped blazer over my tea-length flowy skirt, and knowing that I spent less than $100 on the lewk. However, as I enter my 27th year, I want to wean myself off of fast-fashion and invest in higher-quality pieces, AKA shirts that won’t unravel on the gentle cycle of my washing machine. That said, I’m not about to walk into Saks and buy myself a new wardrobe because, like I said, I’m poor. The solution? Shopbop’s bi-annual sale

Now, if you’re not familiar with Shopbop, climb out of the hole you’re living in and join society. Shopbop, which finally has its own storefront on Amazon, carries literally thousands of designers that are perfect for people who want to graduate from Zara but not quite reach Saks. Shopbop is affordable and that is why I love it on any given day; obviously, I love it a little more when everything is up to 25% off (with the code SPRING). If you get overwhelmed easily, allow me to share our favorite things on sale, and make sure to buy before the sale ends on March 8th!


Rag & Bone Razor Booties, $495

I am that annoying girl who wears boots in the peak of summer and guess what, idgaf. I have no shame in my game because boots—booties, to be more specific—are stylish all damn year. Rag & Bone sells all sorts of stuff, but the brand is most-loved for its amazing leather boots. My bank account weeps every time I admit that I own three pairs, but there’s a very logical reason for that! The leather is thick af, which makes me feel a little fearless when I wear them because they’re basically indestructible. I will say, though, the white definitely gets dirty, so make sure you get yourself a good leather balm to keep them clean. 

Soludos Lauren Espadrille Sandals, $85

I never would have bought these because they are obviously a tad loud, but I got them in one of my Trunk Club boxes and they are literally my favorite shoes. They are so f*cking cute and they surprisingly go with everything. I’ve worn them with a pale blue fit-and-flare dress, I’ve worn them with denim cut-offs and an oversized white tee, and I’ve worn them with skinny jeans and a cropped denim jacket. Seriously, they’re more versatile than they seem. The only tiny issue is that they are definitely not made for long strolls. They do have a rubber sole, but it’s very thin, so be careful where you wear them. Other than that, they’re perfect.

Schutz Cloe Sandals, $170

Schutz is the underdog of shoe brands because I always forget about it when I’m on the hunt for a specific style, but they always end up having the exact pair I’m looking for. I have a pair of kitten-heeled boots, silver ballet flats, and sky-high, strappy stilettos from Schutz (can you tell I have a shoe addiction?) and the one thing they all have in common is that they are f*cking comfortable. Like the Soludos, they aren’t meant for a walk along the beach, but if you are going to a dressy event and know you’ll be on your feet for most of the night, these babies are the move. 


Tiger Mist Toronto Top, $75

Tbh, I can’t really say why this top is speaking to me so much because I haven’t worn a crop top since 2012, but there’s something about this hot pink number that I absolutely love. I would probably wear it with an aggressively high-waisted skirt, but I am also loving the way the model is wearing it. Even though it’s obviously a very specific look, you can pack it for a trip and wear it a few different ways. I would, however, make sure it’s the highlight of the outfit because anything that would compete with a top like this wouldn’t be a good look. 

Stateside Poplin Twist Front Shirt, $162

I have a weakness for white button downs. Whether they’re boyfriend style or super crisp, I don’t even care. I want them all—especially this one. I am absolutely loving the menswear vibe and think it would look chic af French tucked into a pair of tailored bootcut jeans. A classic white shirt is timelessly elegant, but I love that this one has a little bit of a style moment with the subtle twist on the front. Obsessed. 

Birds of Paradis Carla Blouse, $218

For the record, I would not classify my style as preppy, but I appreciate very preppy pieces when they’re paired with something a little grungy. For instance, this top, which screams Blair Waldorf circa season one, would look amazing with a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans and a pair of beat up high-tops. Or, of course, you could go the more neutral route and wear it over a pair of skinny jeans and metallic flats. Either way, this top wins.


Gorjana Farrah Huggies, $45

I am a big earrings gal and I am proud to admit that I have about a million pairs. It’s a rough estimate. Anyway, as you can guess, I have multiple piercings and I would probably wear these with a few studs or smaller hoops in my other holes. **Cringes** These are a nice, contemporary shift from the classic gold hoop and I’m definitely into it. They aren’t the kind of earrings someone will stop you on the street to ask about, but they can be the finishing touch on any look. Next!

Botkier Cobble Hill Mini Crossbody Bag, $198

If color scares you, fear not because this very chic bag also comes in white with a tortoise shell handle.  Tbh I love the yellow because it’s attention-grabbing, but not too in-your-face because it’s pretty pale. Another thing I love about this bag, aside from the sharp, structured shape, is the fact that the leather is textured, as opposed to smooth. If you’re wondering what the f*ck difference that makes, let me just say, it makes a huge difference because all you have to do for smooth leather to scuff and scratch is, like, breathe near it. Textured leather, however, is tough af and, in my experience, is incapable of scuffs/scratches. 

Krewe Prytania Sunglasses, $275

I lose every pair of sunglasses I come into contact with, so I never spend too much on them. These are definitely a little bit of a splurge, but they’re so stylish and timeless that I will put extra effort into not losing them. Of course, these will look good or horrible depending on your face, but this oversized rounded square shape is generally pretty flattering. The tri-color detailing on the upper rims make them a serious fashion find.


FARM Rio Mini Cashew Mini Dress, $155

Yes, this is a dress with a cashew pattern, but it’s so cute that it’s nuts! I hate me, too. Personally, I think all dresses with a snatched waist like this are flattering regardless of your body type. You obviously have to be pro-color if you’re going to buy this dress, but one thing I love about the palette is that it’s pretty muted. This is something I’d wear to dinner on a beach trip with a pair of straw wedges and a big-ass pair of sunglasses.


I don’t know how they do it, but the designers at LSF make extremely flattering and sexy peasant dresses. This is the kind of dress, though, that would only look good in white. If it were in any other color, it would look like a nightgown my grandma would love, but in white, it looks like something a Grecian goddess would show up to brunch wearing. The eyelet details and the high slit in the front make it young-person friendly, and I am excited to wear it since I fully just purchased it as I am writing this article. I’d wear this with a pair of lace-up flat leather sandals or a pair of cork wedges. I seriously cannot get enough of this dress; it better fit me.

Z Supply The Reverie Dress, $60

As you can tell, I like a good oversized piece of clothing, and this dress is no exception. I love that it’s cotton because that means I can get away with wearing it as a cover-up to the beach and to dinner later that same day! It is my personal opinion that everything looks good with heels, but I actually think this dress would look pretty stupid with anything other than a sensible flat. The dress is so casual that trying to dress it up with any type of heel just wouldn’t work.

Images: Jakob Owens / Unsplash; Shopbop

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4 Wardrobe Mistakes That Are Making You Feel Old

Do you ever walk through your door after a long day of work, schlep off your bag, kick off your heels, and just feel achy all over? Your lower back feels tight, your shoulders are throbbing, and the balls of your feet feel super tender. This isn’t normal, right? You’re only 20- or 30-some-odd years old… so why do you feel like you’re 24 going on 97? 

It likely has something to do with your posture. There are a few obvious daily habits that you probably already realize aren’t good for your posture. Staring down, scrolling through Instagram for over an hour, hunching over your desk when you’re working on a tedious project, shifting your weight into one hip as your standing on line at Trader Joe’s, we’ve all been there.

Your posture not only affects how you look, but more importantly, it can impact how you feel. If you’re slouching, you look like a schlub (as my mom would say), but it can also cause serious pain down the line.

The good news is that your posture is something that can easily be corrected. And one of the easiest ways to do so is double checking your wardrobe. A lot of our favorite pieces can end up causing damage we might not even realize. 

See what looks are likely messing up your spine and what you can change to prevent further slouching: 

A Monstrously Heavy Tote Bag

Or honestly, any one-sided tote bag. Think about when you reach for your tote before work in the morning. You probably throw it over your shoulder, head out the door, and don’t think twice. But now think about carrying a 10-15 pound dumbbell on the same shoulder, five days a week, for a majority of your life. Ouch. 

We’re betches of habit, and you probably favor the same shoulder every time you pick up your handbag. We’re all guilty of shoving a laptop, our makeup bag, work out clothes, multiple pairs of shoes, and a small country around all the time. We like to have stuff. It’s like a security blanket so we always feel “prepared.” 

But when you carry it all the time, especially without evening out the weight across your back, it’s going to mess with your shoulders, particularly your trapezius and rotator cuff. Your trapezius (more commonly referred to as “traps”) is a muscle that runs the top of your back between your shoulders and neck (the upper traps) down to your mid back (the mid and lower traps). Your rotator cuffs are four teeny tiny muscles that help you move your arm through the shoulder socket. Constantly putting pressure on them can cause pain and can lead to a stiff neck and rounded shoulders. 

I’ve determined I’m a grandma. I keep hard candies in my purse, I’m hobbling around, and I have back pain 🤷🏻‍♀️👵🏼 #YoungIsTheNewOld

— Rae ✨ (@thekookiesmeow) August 20, 2018

The solution? If you can’t give up your bag lady lifestyle, at least embrace the backpack so you can split the weight evenly across your back. Fortunately, backpacks are now becoming polished enough that you can bring one to the office without feeling like you’re still in high school. And they can fit your entire life. 

In a perfect world, you could cut down on your baggage, literally, and travel light with just the essentials. If you are absolutely anti-backpack, at the bare minimum, you should really go through your tote and clear out anything you don’t use on a daily basis. The weight of all those gum wrappers and broken lipsticks really do add up. 

Flat Shoes

Loafers, the iconic flat white sneaker, ballet flats, whatever. If it’s flat, it’s not doing a lot for your feet. You might think you’re better off when you slide on a pair of loafers over heels, but flat shoes offer little to no arch support. Without supported arches, you throw off the entire alignment of your ankles, knees, hips, and back, ultimately causing more slouching and back pain. If you’re someone who already feels knee, hip, or low back pain, you should limit your wear. If you have a polished pair of loafers or ballet flats you wear to the office everyday, try to at least add gel inserts to keep your arches lifted.

Wearing sneakers for the commute to work and then changing into heels when I get to the office is the most grown up thing I have done. Ever.

— Elizabeth (@harrietlawler_) October 25, 2018

If you live in New York, or do a considerable amount of walking to and from work, bite the bullet and wear sneakers on your commute and then swap your footwear at the office. 

And this should go without saying, but make sure workout sneakers are actually supportive. If you do a lot of running or high intensity training that includes jumping, I highly recommend you find the most cushion-y pair of sneakers you can find. 

Too Tight Or Restrictive Jeans

Have you ever dropped something while wearing your tightest pair of vintage denim with no stretch and caught yourself doing some awkward version of a bend and snap? If your jeans are so tight or non-stretch that you can’t properly bend over to pick something up, they limit your mobility, ultimately messing up your alignment. 

Restricting, non-stretch fabric can also dig into your hips and hip flexors (the muscles engage when you flex your hip and live at the crease between your hip bones and thighs). If you feel like you can’t sit up straight without the tug of denim, or any other fabric, size up or ditch them completely. Feeling uncomfortable for the sake of a ~lewk~ is one thing, but if you’re sitting at your desk all day with pants tugging at your hips and low back, save ‘em for the weekend. 

Why is my first thought when I wear tight ass jeans “but if I get in a fight I can’t move good enough” ? Lmao

— Warriors Bandwagoner (@MichaelEricJr) January 20, 2014

This also goes for leggings, shirts, jackets, dresses, bras—anything. If you feel like you can’t move naturally, it’s going to cause discomfort in the long run. 

Not Wearing The Right Bra

I’ll admit I am 100% on team no bra unless I’m working out. But fortunately (I made peace with this a loooong time ago), I’m pretty flat-chested, so it’s a non-issue. I don’t have anything that really needs “support.” But if you are someone who does or just can’t imagine leaving the house without a bra on, it absolutely is worth dropping some moolah on some quality bras. 

Too-tight bras can cause a sore neck or traps. This can also happen if you spend more than a few hours in a heavy-duty sports bra. All that compression fabric is not meant to live in for more than an hour or two. If you have smaller boobs, chances are you don’t need those super thick straps in a super tight fabric. 

my fucking bra supports me more than you

— Annalise 🥢 (@Annal_ise) July 15, 2015

On the other hand, a bra that’s too loose or not supportive can cause rounded shoulders and lower back pain since the weight your chest can literally drag you down.  Try to go bra shopping in person over online. Try them on in store. Jump around in the dressing room, make sure your boobs feel supported, especially if you’re sports bra shopping. Try to find a brand with a generous return policy so you can play around with styles and see which ones support you from sun up to sun down. 

Images: @rominafa/Unsplash; @thekookiesmeow/Twitter; @Annal_ise/Twitter; @MichaelEricJr/Twitter; @harrietlawler_/Twitter

5 Flats You Need For Fall Because Nobody Has Time For Heels

In addition to the obvious reasons why fall is the best of all time (pumpkin everything, leggings err’day…etc.), the fashion is always on point. I can wear the most comfortable outfit to work and then come home to lounge without feeling the need to peel off my skin clothes. It’s almost as refreshing as flinging my bra across the room. And this obviously goes for shoes, too. In the summer, I feel the need to stock up on heels so I can be taller than 5’3” (for once) and frolic on the beach in too-expensive wedges that I end up ruining. At least in the fall, I don’t run the risk of breaking my ankle when I have too many shots because I can wear cute af booties or trendy ballet flats to keep me decently steady. Not only are they reliable, but flats come in real handy if you’re a city betch and always pack a pair to change out of. Ya, ain’t nobody got time for walking a city in heels or balancing on a hydrant to put them on… Here are flats you’ll love enough to wear all fall and won’t just throw in your bag and forget about.


^^^Um, yes, I agree that martinis come before shoes and guys… except when it comes to Louboutins. *Jumps off the stage to grab them*

1. BCBGeneration Noel Flat

IDK what to say about these other than the fact that they’re the cutest fucking things I’ve ever seen. They come in black so that’s an A+ in my book already, and they’re lace-up which means you can wear them with a dress or cropped leggings for an attempt at being stylish (even if the rest of your outfit says otherwise). And like, they’re pointed toe which makes you look kinda sophisticated, but most importantly, they make your feet look tiny.

BCBGeneration Noel Flat

2. Soludos Venetian Convertible Loafers

OK I know these might look like the same slippers your grandpa wears, but hear me out. Flats don’t only consist of ballet flats, but daddy issues shoes are also in their prime time at the moment for their max comfort and flexibility. They’re comfy af and go with anything you could possibly imagine. You can even fold the backs down if you’re feeling extra hipster-ish or some shit.

Soludos Venetian Convertible Loafers

3. Calvin Klein Women’s Lisette Flats

Does anyone actually wear Sperry’s anymore? Just douchey frat guys in a basement? Okay, I thought so. These are basically the trendier upgrade of the fuckboy shoe, coming in three feminine shades that complete a v classy, refined goody two-shoes ensemble. You know, for all those occasions you can’t bring your flask because it’s “frowned upon” and “9 in the morning”.

Calvin Klein Women's Lisette Flat

4. Beek Seagull Mule

It’s a slip-on, it’s a hotter version of the cringeworthy clog… it’s a mule. The mule is essentially a combination of the two and although the name is literally that of an ass, there are actually really cute styles this season. These are the perfect walking and standing shoes because they obviously have no heel. The rose gold gives a pop of flair to any average outfit and lets your basicness shine to the world.

Beek Seagull Mule

5. Jimmy Choo Vanessa Lace-Up Flat

Two words, one name: Jimmy Choo. There’s a reason why homegirl Carrie Bradshaw had dreams about his shoes. This shoe is the hotter version of the ballet flat, to put it blunt. With bold red suede and risqué cutouts, the classic pointed toe flat elevates every outfit with bright color and crisp style. These are too expensive precious to fuck up, so don’t even think about blacking out in them.

Jimmy Choo Vanessa Lace-Up Flat

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5 Sneakers You Should Be Wearing Instead Of Your Basic Adidas Superstars

With the exception of a few pairs of heinous mom jeans and the fact that people are contouring their butts with glitter, 2017 has been a pretty sick year for trends so far. I mean, fashion has basically evolved to a point where we no longer really have to wear anything that’s uncomfortable. Bras? Haven’t touched one in years. Jeans? Yeah, no. Sign me up for leggings. Heels? LOL, nope, we do sneakers now.

Wearing sneakers is a lot like being drunk. If you’re betchy enough, you can pull off either one of those things whenever you want. Not to get too inspirational on you, but if you’re confident enough to rock sneakers with a silk slip dress, you can rock sneakers with a slip dress. It’s just like pregaming a trip to Whole Foods. Most people would look like a bum, but if you look good, you can probs pull it off. Anyway, here are the sneakers you should be wearing this year.

1. Vans Old Skool

If you follow just like, one fashion blogger or any of the Kardashians, you’ve seen these shoes with every kind of outfit imaginable. From sundresses to sweatpants with fishnets (I’m not sure how this became a thing, but like, whatever I guess I’m into it), Vans Old Skools are to 2017 as UGGs were to 2007. You can literally just wear them with anything.

2. Reebok Classic Leather

Gigi Hadid keeps promoting these with Instagram #ads, so you know every 14-year-old mall rat with more followers and prettier hair than you already has them. It’s just like how she convinced everyone to wear Adidas Superstars last summer, even though that shell toe makes everyone’s feet look effing massive.

3. Adidas Gazelle Lace-Up Sneakers

Speaking of Adidas Superstars, it’s prob time to get rid of those. They’ve made too many appearances on your Instagram feed as it is. Like the girl in your sorority who got a super subtle nose job one summer, there’s something just a little bit prettier about the Gazelle shoes.

4. Vans Checkerboard Slip On

Vans are like, really having a moment, so they’re getting two spots on this list. This style pretty much serves the same purpose as the Old Skool, but because betches hate decision making and love shopping, you might as well get both.

5. Literally Any Platform Sneakers

From Fenty Creepers to Gucci’s $1,000 platform sneakers, this is the best way to channel your inner Spice Girl. The Kendall + Kylie Reese Platform Sneaker definitely screams “Hi-ci-ya hold tight,” but like, not in a weird way.

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