5 Free Photo Editing Apps You Haven’t Already Heard Of

Don’t lie, almost (if not all) your Instagram photos have been edited in some sort of way. Even though we all know it’s “misleading” and “dangerous”, we all do it anyway. Wanted to look a little tanner? Filter that sh*t. Teeth not as white as you would like? Edit that sh*t. Want to Instagram a photo but your ex is in it? Crop that sh*t out. Editing apps are tricky, because they make you feel amazing, even if they make everyone looking at your photos feel insecure. Until we all mutually agree to stop editing our photos, though, these apps are kind of a necessary evil. But not all editing apps are the same. Here is a list of the best photo editing apps to help you out and up your Instagram game that aren’t Facetune, because like, everybody knows about Facetune. If I use these photo editing apps on the regular, can I call myself a graphic designer?

1. Photoshop Fix

This one is my personal favorites because it is so easy to use (and I’m v technologically challenged). Besides the obvious features like cropping, adjusting the lighting, and fixing the dreaded red-eye, it is so easy to remove something (or someone) from the photo using their “Spot Heal” function. We all have those favorite photos that we look bomb in but either an ex-boyfriend or friend are making it impossible to do anything with it. This app makes it easier to remove them than having to take a whole new photo.

Photoshop Fix

2. Fotograf

Another fabulous and free app. My two favorite F words after … food, you perverts. If you need great filter options, this app is for you. They have a huge selection that never looks over-edited. If their 36 filters aren’t enough choice for you, the app does offer in-app purchases to really up your photo editing game.


3. Photo Editor

Another app that is so easy to use, but don’t be fooled by its simplicity. This app is killer at whitening your teeth, removing that pimple, or erasing your pores. If baby skin is your ideal, download this free app now. As my sister puts it, “it makes me look like a catfish.” Lol. I’m not saying you need to remove your imperfections, but if you want to, this app is for you. Just to show you its effectiveness, I edited a photo below. Please note, I’m not saying this girl needs to change her appearance AT ALL, I’m just proving a point.

Photo Editor-

4. Unfold

This is your go-to app for any layouts. With 25 templates (and an extra 60 if you want to pay), you can arrange your photos in pretty much any order.


Want to get that disposable camera look without *gasp* actually using a disposable camera? Besides the fact that I do not even know if disposable cameras still exist, the quality will not be as good as your iPhone X. This is perfect for the person who wants to cultivate a vintage Instagram aesthetic. And now I’m crying because the 90s is considered vintage. It’s fine, I’m fine.

Images: Tiraya Adam, Rustin VeganMohau Mannathoko, Charles DeluvioDrew Roberts / Unsplash

What Your Favorite Snapchat Filter Says About You

Snapchat filters have come a long way since the days of the rainbow barf, and at this point we all have our personal favorites that we use on the regs. We love Snapchat filters so much, that they’re basically the only thing keeping Snapchat afloat now that Insta stories got into the game. And much like perfumes, lipsticks, and literally every other customizable things on the planet, the filters you use most say a lot about you, which is why we’re here to let you know what all your followers are already thinking. Read on for what your favorite Snapchat filter says about you.

The Puppy: You’re Very Loyal

Because dogs are loyal, right? Wrong. Loving the puppy filter means you respect the things in life that don’t let you down, and looking like a cute animal next to your bestie is one of them. You can count on this filter to improve any situation because you’ve personally tested it out in all of them. Whether you’re sitting on the couch or full-on blackout out at the club, once you layer on some puppy ears you’re morally obligated to send that image to every contact in your phone.

The Pretty One: You’re Great At Gaming the System

Any betch that defaults to the pretty filter is both vain and highly resourceful, basically two of the best qualities to have. This filter instantly makes everyone look hotter, even if you’re not wearing makeup, which means you can be extremely lazy about your appearance and still send thirsty pics to your crush. If this one’s your favorite it means you’re not above using special effects on your face instead of getting ready which is basically the definition of winning at life.


The Flower Crown: We Get It, You Went To Coachella

Honestly, enough already. If you’re sporting the flower crown more than once every six months then you’ve made it abundantly clear that you’re a festival betch. Even though it gives you a facelift and lash extensions, you can easily overdo this filter so you may want to chill out for a bit and pretend to be a hippie elsewhere.

The Face Distorting Ones: You Give Zero Fucks

If you’re just sending these to friends that’s one thing, but if you’re proudly displaying your busted face for all to see then you’ve clearly given up on life in a very public way. On the bright side, your normal selfies probably look amaze in comparison.

The Sunglasses/ Partying Ones: You Stay In a Lot 

No one uses the party filter while actually at a party, so if you’ve memorized the lyrics to those catchy songs by now then it might be time to leave the house. At the very least don’t send these out multiple Saturday nights in a row because that’s just depressing AF for everyone receiving them.

The Bunny: You’re Having A Life Crisis.

No offense, but if your favorite filter is the dancing bunny then you def want to rethink your choices. This is a one-and-done kind of Snapchat that’s best used for posting an embarrassing vid of someone else. If you’re repeatedly sending Snaps of you with a scary bunny face, or God forbid, Storying it, then you’re likely in the midst of a mental breakdown.

No Filter: You’re Really Brave, Or Really Old

If you prefer to never use a filter then you either have the strongest selfie game on the planet or just don’t understand how to use Snapchat. While we all enjoy sending pics with #nofilter, it’s not something we would choose to do all the time because it’s a) kind of boring and b) the pretty filter exists. Time to get with the CGI programming, betch. 

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Which Is Better, Snapchat Or Instagram? An Investigation

In the battle of the photo apps, which one is the betchiest? Clearly there’s a fight for queen bee right now between the different apps, but only one can be prom queen. In case you haven’t picked up on it, we’re talking about Snapchat vs. Instagram. On the one hand, Snapchat was def here first, and it’d be hard to argue that Insta didn’t literally steal every part of Snapchat’s business model for themselves. On the other hand, Instagram is more popular and allows you to post your best selfies to the public, forever (or until Instagram folds, whichever comes first). It’s hard to choose, but much like that summer where you had two boyfriends, you’re gonna have to pick one. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each by judging a specific set of very concrete and important metrics, so that when you fiinally run out of room on your phone you know which app to delete. 

1. Getting a reaction on your photos

Instagram lets you like photos and get likes on your photos. If you need the dopamine rush of seeing the likes roll in, Instagram is def better. While Snapchat will let you reply to stories or snaps, nobody else can see what your friends are saying. So your crush can’t see how many bros commented your beach pic with the fire emoji, and what’s the point of that?

Winner: Instagram


2. Stalking your friends and enemies

Simply put, you can’t do as deep of a stalking session on Snapchat the way you can with Instagram—it’s not like you can stalk someone’s Snapchat 52 weeks deep. Whether or not that’s a good thing depends on your stalking goals. Also, Snapchat is a fucking snitch since when you watch someone’s Snap story, it tells them you were creeping. Don’t get me wrong, that’s great for when I want the smug satisfaction of knowing my ex looked at my story featuring my new puppy, but not so great when I’m doing the stalking and I’m not tryna get exposed.

Winner: Instagram

jenna marbles

3. Sending private messages

There’s a whole song written about sliding into your DM’s (thanks YG), but when it comes to messaging privately, Snapchat is like Kanye and Instagram is Meek Mill. If you Snap someone enough, icons will appear by their name (whose exact symbolism is unclear), so anyone who said making friends isn’t a competition was def wrong. Instagram’s DM’s, on the other hand, feel like when someone pokes you on Facebook. It’s an option, sure, but like it’s just a little too transparent. 

Winner: Snapchat

slide into your DMs

4. Posting stories

Instagram came into the stories game like a rapper moving in on your girl at the club. Instagram stories are like a push-up bra: We don’t need it, but we’ll use it when we’re bored because we like the attention it gets us. Snapchat has way better filters, though, which is better for showing the world how basic you are makes posting Snap stories more fun. But Instagram has a wider audience because you probably have randos following you that you wouldn’t have on your Snapchat. It’s easier to post an Instagram story because you basically have Instagram open at all times, but even with the extra thumb movement Snapchat still has better options. Sometimes you just need to dog filter yourself for attention.

Winner: Snapchat

Kendall Jenner and Jimmy Fallon

5. Going live

Snapchat doesn’t have a going live option, so Instagram automatically wins on this. Instagram lets you go live, and the live video doesn’t save the way Facebook does. Going live used to be horrifying to think about, but now we’ve come around to it. It’s basically like posting a Snapchat in real time, and people interact with you more than they do on a post.

Winner: Instagram

Jenna Maroney

6. Texting your crush

Both Snapchat and Instagram have messaging, but Snapchat’s is def better. Snapchat’s messages disappear after you read them, which means that any messages you send while drunk or after 1am don’t count. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about that fuckboy who tried to finesse a hookup via Instagram DM’s, which you obviously posted on all your social media immediately after.  Also, sexting is 100% better on Snapchat. How would you even sext on Instagram?

Winner: Snapchat

Amy Schumer

7. Making people jealous of your life

Instagram is better for posting shit you want people to actually see, like your beach vacation pics or that time you met Drake. Snapchat is better if you want to individually make someone jealous, because you can see the second they’ve watched your story. If you’re trying to low-key let Brad know you’re dating someone new, use Snapchat. If you’re trying to let that girl in your marketing class know you went to Fashion Week, use Instagram.

Winner: Tie

Gretchen Weiners mean girls

Even though it’s a tie, we’re going to say Instagram is the winner because you can judge more people and get more attention. But on days when their face filters are good, Snapchat is def the winner. If you want to have the best of both worlds, Hannah Montana, you could always just download your selfies with the Snapchat filters and post them to Instagram. That may be cheating and the most annoying thing in the universe, but again, just like two-boyfriend summer, sometimes you just need to double dip.