ASOS Is Offering 20% Off The Cutest Fall Clothes

Fall is finally here, which means irresistible-smelling candles will soon cover every surface in your house and Trader Joe’s will be your second home while you grab all their seasonal pumpkin products. It’s time to prepare for living our best lives hibernation szn with the glow of Netflix, the aroma of Thai takeout, and the feeling of comfy af sweaters. So long are the days where you’d slip on the same dress and pair of shorts week after week. It’s now time to embrace the same five sweaters and leggings you’ll rotate through every week instead. In case your closet is looking rather bleak in this regard, ASOS, as per usual, has your back. ASOS is currently hosting a 20% off cold weather sale that has exactly what it sounds like: everything you need for the chillier temps. From faux fur coats and sock booties to oversize scarves and chunky sweaters, you’ll find loading up your cart a breeze. Really, the hardest part will be whittling down your cart so you don’t spend $1,000. Since there are a bajillion amazing items to look through, I’ve done you a favor and picked out the best. Here’s everything you should shop right now from the ASOS cold weather sale.

1. ASOS DESIGN Textured Faux Fur Coat

Faux fur coats are making a comeback this fall and winter, yet again. Expect to see thrift shops packed with hipsters just waiting to grab a bougie-looking one like this style. Not only are they obviously hella warm, but they also make you look like hot B-list celeb as you wait to go inside the clubs.

2. ASOS DESIGN T-Shirt With Long Sleeve Split Back in Black

First of all, is it just me or is the name of this top like, really hard to say? Talk about a tongue twister. Anyway, not all comfy sweaters have to make you look like a Midwest soccer mom. You can spice things up and stay looking both trendy and warm with a open-back jersey top like this one. Dress it up with jeans and sexy booties, or keep it low-key and casual with high-waisted leggings and your fave Adidas sneaker.

3. New Look Block Heeled Ankle Boot

You can’t survive fall (emotionally, mentally, and physically) without owning a pair of black boots. Everyone in the English-speaking world knows that, tbh. This pair comes with a totally walkable three-inch block heel covered in a faux suede finish and it’s literally less than $40. I mean, what’s not to like?

4. ASOS DESIGN Crepe Pocket Detail Coat 

For the (rare) nights you’re not hitting up the bar, you’ll need a casual and neutral coat to get you to and from the office, dinner dates, grocery store, and everything in between. A duster or trench coat is perfect for fall because it’s not overbearingly hot, but keeps you looking chic and warm on chilly nights.

5. Miss Selfridge Leggings in Black

I can’t go through the ASOS cold weather sale without including a pair of basic black leggings. It doesn’t matter if you already own hundreds of leggings that look exactly the same—you can always use one more. Don’t worry, I understand you. You’ll always need another and it’s not like you’re not going to wear them, duh.

6. Vila High Neck Knit Sweater 

You need all of the sweaters. ALL OF THEM. Even if they’re all the same style, but in different colors, you won’t regret stocking up because I promise you, you’ll find yourself basically living in them for the next six months. High neck, mock neck, cowl, turtle… same cozy sh*t. You’ll also find yourself wanting everything in this burnt orange color.

7. ASOS DESIGN Long Tassel Super Soft Knit Scarf in Color Block

These things are so soft, warm, and versatile that you can literally wear anything with them. Why opt for one neutral color when you can combine two of the hottest shades of fall? This color-blocked style comes in a cream and beige that perf for throwing over your shoulders during your chilly morning commute.

Photo: Pete Bellis / Unsplash; ASOS (7)
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5 Trendy Fall Jackets You Need To Add To Your Closet

In case you don’t normally know about these kind of things and go by the PSL debut, Saturday marks the first official day of fall aka the day I can finally talk about my Halloween costume, eat pumpkin flavored foods, and sport my combat boots without being judged. F*cking finally. Whether you’re a devotee of summer or a diehard fall person, I feel like there’s no debate about which season has the best fashion. If you’re really going to fight me (in the comments) that summer is better, then you can go elsewhere, tbh. Fall fashion is like, a million times better than that of any other season. It’s chic, classy, badass, and more importantly, comfortable af. Black jeans, a crappy T-shirt, and an oversize jacket to take a load of Insta candids in? Hell yes. To help with your own fall inspo as temperatures start to dip into low 70s (on the East coast, at least), here are 5 trendy fall jackets you’ll fall in love with this season.

1. I. AM. GIA. + UO Pixie Coat in Tan

I am seriously loving this sherpa/”teddy” jacket trend. Yes, you may look like a giant bear half the time, but you’ll also be ridiculously comfortable, warm, and trendy, regardless of the outfit you’re wearing underneath. I guarantee people will be asking left and right where you got your jacket from.

2. Y.A.S. Tie Waist Duster Coat in Gray 

Duster coats really make a boss-ass b*tch statement. Whether you’re waiting for a drink at the bar or the elevator in your office, you’ll look like a C-list celeb that everyone will know not to mess with in one of these fall jackets.

3. Topshop Washed Wolf Zipper Moto Jacket

First of all, if you don’t already have a black leather jacket, WTF is wrong with you? I assume you live under a rock. Secondly, everyone needs at least one in their lives to go with all their clubbing and rooftop bar outings when summer is officially over. A black leather jacket is the staple of fall jackets, and this one won’t set you back too much money or get you in trouble with PETA because it’s faux leather.

4. Madewell The Jean Jacket in Pinter Wash

Again, another must-have by everyone and like, possibly their grandmother. Denim jackets are a wardrobe staple you won’t regret investing in because you’ll wear yours too many times to count. A denim jacket goes with everything in your closet and is versatile enough to go from a 9-to-5 to happy hour in.

5. Velvet by Graham and Spencer Ruby Jacket

As of recently, green military and camouflage jackets have been a straight-up #mood. They’re lightweight, v chic, and also make you look like a total badass. The hunter green is totally in this fall, so you’ll def be able to wear this with a ton of sweaters and trendy booties.

Photo: Daniel Garcia / Unsplash; Urban Outfitters; ASOS; Nordstrom; Madewell; Revolve
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7 Must-Have Faux Fur Coats That Will Make You Feel Like A Kardashian

If you vicariously live through Hollywood’s most hated adored celebs like I do, you’ve probs seen a recent trend pop up: the faux fur coat. Faux because we actually really like animals (way more than people) and who the hell even wears real fur anymore? I mean, it’s 2017—killing animals for clothing is so 1920s. Putting the extra-ness factor of these aside, fur coats are boujee af, v warm, and like, def vintage. So cute. Not only can you obvs wear them out to the club and demand the bouncer let you in because do they know who you are?! But you can also casually wear them to the store or like, while you’re hungover on the couch because no one will question it. Suddenly, you’ve become your own Kardashian meme. To get you psyched for winter, here are 7 chic faux fur coats you’re going to want to buy rn

1. Forever 21 Oversized Faux Fur Jacket

If you want to take it slow with the bold look, opt for a short nude style. The tan color isn’t overbearing and still goes with literally everything in your closet. This style features an open front, long sleeves, and satin lining on the interior so you stay warm all season long.

2. Topshop Claire Faux Fur Coat

Pink fur is a girly take on the trend that’s still absolutely posh. With an oversize collar and extra wide sleeves, you’ll look bad and boujee wherever you take this. Its length falls by your waist, but Topshop is such a saint, so they have sizes that work for those that are tall or petite as well.

3. PrettyLittleThing by Kourtney Kardashian Burgundy Faux Fur Coat

Kourtney’s new collab with Pretty Little Thing is straight fire and full of 70s glam that take you from streetwear to elite nightclubs. Of course it comes in bold shades like neon yellow, hot pink, our beloved black, and this sensual burgundy. The deep wine is dark enough to go with contrasting colors and perf for throwing over a scandy outfit in hopes that you can skip the bar lines. Plus, the warm shade easily transitions your look from fall to winter-ready.

4. MAJORELLE Faux Fur Stella Coat

If there’s one trend we all swore off as soon as we entered the 21st century, it was def cheetah. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this shit is back and it’s starting with the fur coat. Maybe I’m biased because I literally just bought a faux fur cheetah coat yesterday, but despite the kinda tacky pattern, it’s STILL fun, neutral, and fancy enough to avoid eye contact with peasants people. This style is a bit longer than your average coat so it’s obvs extra chic and definitely going to keep you warm (and fabulous) in a tundra.

5. Vero Moda Faux Fur Jacket

Going for black is just as obvious as the color of the sky (which, incidentally, is also black starting at 4pm). For a subtle approach, stick with what you know best in a casual everyday style. This one is a bit on the thinner side so you won’t be as obnoxious (as the rest of us), but you can pair it with jeans, leggings, or dress it up with heels.

6. STONE ROW Fauxreals Dusty Purple Faux Fur Coat

Light gray is winter’s unofficial color so, this “dusty purple” (or, light gray as this definitely is…) is totes gorge and looks fab with most things. The shade still says you’re a high-class woman who may or may not black after one shot but, should still be getting nothing less than VIP service.

7. MELODY Chevron Faux-Fur Jacket

I had to include a multi-colored option because if you can’t choose one, you might as well have it all. If you’re going for various colors, find a neutral chevron pattern like this luscious brown. It’s v long, def warm, and looks scarily like real fur if you’re trying to convince people you spent your school’s tuition on it.