Go Ahead, Pry The Skinny Jeans From My Cold, Dead Hands

Less than two weeks after my groundbreaking defense of the crying laughing emoji, and the war between millennials and Gen Z rages on. Much to my surprise, it seems nobody really cares that much about the emoji, and rather, everyone—from corporate Twitter accounts to PR execs hawking pants—has zeroed in on the youth’s ridicule of side parts and skinny jeans. Look, I know I said you could have them, Gen Z, but I actually lied. I didn’t spend my entire adolescence agonizing over whether I had an oval or a heart or a round face, just for some kids to tell me that I would have been fine accentuating the roundest part of my face all along. Plus, I’m a 5’2″ adult whose biggest growth spurt was two inches, compared to the typical half-inch-per-year I was growing before. Do you know how long I tried to find jeans that would fit? Do you understand the vindication I felt when they invented jeans that didn’t pool around my ankles? And you want me to go back to drowning in denim—for what? For ~aesthetics~? No.

That said, I of course understand that there are certain fads millennials popularized that did not exactly stand the test of time. I’m not saying we’re infallible geniuses, I’m just saying there are plenty of things to mock us for that would be understandable. Things like:

Making Liking ‘The Office’ A Personality Trait

The show’s pilot brought in over 11 million viewers, and before it got poached by Peacock, was said to be Netflix’s most-watched show. The Office is immensely popular, and somehow every single millennial on Hinge thinks they’re the only person who can recall the origin of “Dwight, you ignorant slut”. And this from the generation that turned liking popular things into an inherent character flaw! Oh, so we draw the line at getting your toiletries from Target, but not at this? Sure, Jan. That makes sense. (And no, I’m not talking about Jan Levinson-Gould.)

Fanny Packs

We killed fanny packs, and then we brought them back. Millennials giveth, and they taketh away. When I was 9 years old and marching in a parade with my Girl Scout troop (don’t ask) and my mom gave me a fanny pack in which to hold all my belongings (probably all of like, my Tamagotchi and a Band-aid), I wanted to die before I’d slap that thing around my waist. And yet, what was I sporting to every music festival from 2015 and beyond? You’re damn right, a fanny pack. We didn’t even try to rebrand these, we just went from hating them one day to wearing them everywhere the next. And can we talk about the design of the fanny pack? It’s useful, of course, but we are really acting like having an oversized crotch belt is cute. And nobody is stopping us!!

Wire-Rimmed Glasses


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Once again, the very same glasses I made fun of my mom for wearing in the 90s, I now own. It’s the circle of life, it’s the wheel of fortune. Millennials are out here looking like 1970s creepers, and we’re doing it on purpose. Because we think it looks good. Make fun of that—not the fact that I part my hair on the right side because I’ve been conditioned by women’s magazines into thinking it frames my face better. What about the gigantic metal circles? Those don’t frame my face well at all. In fact, they’re falling off!


Leggings! We’re really going to come for jeans that taper at the ankle but not pants that are made of full-on elastic? (Yes, I’m aware that they are not literally made of elastic, but just go with me.) We have built entire empires on stretching fabric over our butts, and we don’t even pair leggings with long shirts anymore! And can we talk about “control top” leggings for a second? Because these are really shame-worthy. Millennials have been so brainwashed by diet culture that we will willingly stuff ourselves into stretchy torture devices and sit in those all day, because God forbid anyone have a slight lump anywhere on their body. We took leggings from occasional workout bottoms and sleepwear (they were never meant to be full-on pants), then we turned them into pants, and then we removed the comfort. And control tops aren’t subtle, either. We’re walking around with leggings that have a waist trainer at the top. Classy.

Our Obsession With Kitchen Appliances

If the air fryer or Instant Pot had never been invented, would any of us have personalities? Probably not, if a quick scroll through millennial Twitter is any indication (and I absolutely include myself in this). Actually, you know what, I bet Gen Z does make fun of us for this. But just wait until you get the little suction cup that separates your yolk from the egg whites—it will truly change your life.

Curtain Bangs


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Maybe the reason Gen Z seems to have no issue with curtain bangs is because they are designed to be worn with a middle part. Touché, kids. Touché. Mostly what I find most mockable about curtain bangs is the fact that they’re… not really anything. They’re just bangs, that you part? Ok, I guess. They’re that awkward growing-out-your-bangs stage, but on purpose? Well f*ck me for thinking the whole point of bangs is for them to cover your forehead.

Mostly what I admire most about Gen Z’s criticisms is that they have all this low-hanging fruit at their disposal, and they instead go for the unexpected. It’s never the bad trend they ridicule; it’s the wardrobe staple that we thought was inoffensive, impossible to dislike. It just goes to show that nothing we hold sacred is safe, and we will never be cool in the eyes of the youth, so we should stop trying.

Images: Joshua Rondeau / Unsplash; hilaryduff, warbyparker / Instagram

10 Fashion Trends That Look Cool On Instagram But Stupid IRL

We all know Instagram is a mere facade in comparison to actual reality. Even still, that doesn’t stop us from coveting the clothes, homes, and lifestyles of our favorite influencers. The thing is, just like most of the overly Facetuned Insta models on our feeds, a lot of what we see on Instagram looks significantly better in a curated and filtered post than it does in real life. Case in point: a lot of the “fashion trends” that are popular on social media don’t translate well to real life. I mean, just think about it. For the amount of girls in berets on your Insta feed, have you ever actually seen someone just casually wearing a beret to CVS on a Tuesday? Makes you think…

There are a few Instagram fashion trends right now that look cool on the ‘gram but would you make you look like a fool in real life. And don’t get me wrong, I wholeheartedly support the aesthetic of these trends on my feed; I just need to point out how dumb they would look out on the streets.

1. Ankle Purse

Ankle purse? Anklet bag? I legit don’t know what else to call it, so lmk if you have suggestions. This trend looks very G.I. Jane cool-girl vibes on Insta, but gives off very “is she or is she not on house arrest?” vibes in real life. The concept is actually a good idea in theory, because the bag itself is useful. As the friend in the group who is notorious for leaving my wallet at the bar, this could be a stylish alternative for bringing my ID and all my cards out in a foolproof device that even I can’t lose. Of course, we’re clearly not going out to the bars and getting wasted right now, so it’s all moot. Touch base with me this time next year, and fingers crossed life is back to normal and you may actually see me out and about, doing shots in these Kim Possible boots.


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Public Desire Intention Black Chunky Sole Pouch Ankle Boots, $52.99

2. Over-The-Top Skiwear

Not going to lie, watching the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City has made me long for a full Chanel ski suit… but then I remember I have -$14 in my bank account and am nowhere near a slope. Like, yes, Kylie looks cool in her full leopard print ski set, but try to imagine actually wearing this to your closest sh*tty ski resort. I’m just picturing my yearly ski outings with my family out in bumblef*ck Pennsylvania and me showing up in this high-fashion lewk, meanwhile, my twenty-something siblings are still wearing their childhood skiwear from Gap Kids. Unless you’re headed to Aspen or just buying the outfit solely for the picture, this is a trend I love to see on my feed, but that would make me cringe if I saw in the wild.


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ASOS 4505 Ski All In One 80s Printed Ski Suit, $190

3. Mesh Jumpsuit

I can’t even entertain this trend because I’m already annoyed imagining all the passive-aggressive comments I’d hear from the Boomers in my life. Again, this trend looks phenomenal on Instagram and everyone looks so hot, but its practicality is, well, nonexistent. That being said, we should probably just leave this one on Instagram — or just like, to the Kardashians and Kardashian-adjacents to handle.


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Pretty Little Thing Green Marble Print Jumpsuit, $18

4. Long Sleeve One Piece Swimsuit

Long sleeve one pieces are the perfect swimsuit for Instagram and Instagram only. I guess they could also work if you’re Kim K and you take your inner circle to a private island after two weeks of multiple tests and quarantining — then you could pretend it’s normal to wear this there too. Personally, I just picture myself at my local Jersey Shore beach looking like I’m an extra in Free Willy in this wetsuit.


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Gigi C Cici Surfsuit, $260

5. Bras as Tops

Honestly, I’m a big fan of this trend. It’s so chic and gives sexy pin-up vibes. I’m here for it — for Instagram. Or, like, a Miami club, then sure. But  I’m not going to CVS in a straight bra top and blazer. (Also, I know I bring up going to CVS a lot here, but nowadays that’s the only destination I leave my house for.) So if you’re not wearing it for Insta and not going to the clubs (which you shouldn’t be), then where on Earth are you wearing it? Just get a great Insta picture, rack up the likes, and then leave the trend there until we can go to festivals and sh*t again.


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Tobi Liberated Diamante Crop Top, $38

6. Micro Purses

This trend has officially gone TOO far. Purses have continually gotten smaller, but lately they’ve become Polly Pocket sized. They are completely useless, so you’re literally just carrying them around to look trendy and cool. And tbh, you look stupid. Leave this trend to the celebrities who have people to carry all their actual sh*t for them.


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Forever 21 Top Handle Crossbody Bag, $12.99

7. Exposed Thong

Apparently this was a trend in the late 90s and early 2000s, but I had no idea, probably because I was in grade school at the time. Bella Hadid obviously looks cool on Insta (and I’m sure in real life too) with her thong casually exposed. However, I have a suspicious feeling that, unless you’re an edgy runway model like Bella, the rest of us would just look trashy.


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Garage Lace String Thong, $9.95

Coal N Terry Combat Pant – Sand, $90

8. Full Latex/Leather Outfit

Yeah, so remember that episode of RHOBH when they’re in Berlin and Erika Jayne wears that red latex top and almost gets hit by a biker because she can barely move? That was just her trying to navigate through the streets in a latex top, so imagine trying to wear a full latex or leather outfit. The head-to-toe latex/leather ensemble has become a signature favorite of the Kardashians but makes zero sense for the rest of us out here trying to live our lives, because you literally can’t move in them.


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Cath Paname Pants Charon, $102

9. Exaggerated Sleeves

My fellow Bravo fans will know that all Real Housewives live for an exaggerated sleeve interview look. It always looks fantastic on our TVs and Insta feeds but sometimes a bit absurd in person. If it’s too exaggerated, you instantly look like the most extra person in the room. Great camera look indeed, but I’m going to suggest you minimize the exaggeration factor to prevent all the hassle.


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Nocturne Balloon Sleeve Wrap Top, $52.99

10. Socks With Sandals

’90s kids will know from Nickelodeon’s Rocket Power that a person wearing socks with sandals is a shoobie, and you do not want to be a shoobie. Maybe it’s this conditioning from my favorite childhood cartoon that makes me now unable to wear this trend. Of course, I love how it looks on all the cool go-with-the-flow beachy Insta girls, but in person? Ehh, not so much.


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J/Slides Leighton Black Metallic Leather, $89

STAX Unisex Crew Socks, $16 

Look, I’m the first person here to raise my hand and admit that I have bought something exclusively to wear it for an Instagram picture, knowing full well it will never actually see the outside of my house. Which is also why I kindly provided you the products if you too need to up your IG game — no shame in that.

Images: Dmitry_Tsvetkov / Shutterstock.com; mollymaehague, kyliejenner, stassiebaby, kimkardashian, maurahiggins, lizzostinybag, bellahadid, kourtneykardash, oliviapierson, valliifederica / Instagram; Public Desire; ASOS; Pretty Little Thing; Gigi C; Tobi; Forever 21; Garage; Coal N Terry; Cath Paname; Nocturne;  J/Slides; Stax

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7 Spring Shoe Trends For Under $50

As much as I’m not looking forward to regular $30 pedicures again, I’m definitely looking forward to sandals season. Although this winter hasn’t actually been that bad in terms of cold or snow, I’d still much rather be able to display my toes without risking frostbite. But until that happens (which is usually like, Memorial Day because the East coast can’t have nice things), I’ll just have to make do with buying sandals rather than wearing them. If you’re a person who keeps up with shoe trends, this spring and summer will bring a lot of fun styles. But if you’re also a person who doesn’t want to spend all their money on dramatic lace-ups that may not last until summer 2021, then read on, because I’ve found versions of what will be the hottest spring shoes for under $50.

1. Lace-Up Sandals

Pretty Little Thing Black Cylinder Heel Toe Ankle Tie Sandals, $45

The “cool” thing to do right now is to wear lace-up shoes all wrapped up around the bottom of your pants (as exemplified above). I know that this may be a bit bold for most people so, even if you’re not ready to go full fashion blogger-level with the lace-up trend yet, you can simply start by just getting yourself a cute pair of lace-up heels that pair well with everything, like these.

2. Citrine Colors

RAID Sidney Super Strappy Mid Heeled Sandals, $48

Last spring was all about over-the-top neon colors. This spring, we’re moving toward a more sophisticated but still bold color palette of citrine colors. It’s like the elevated grown-up version of the neon trend, that makes a statement without that statement being “I just bought tickets to Dayglow”.

3. Chain Details

Public Desire Treasure Black PU Chain Detail Heels, $49.99

Subtle everyday gold chains have become a staple among fashion bloggers all across Instagram. And now, the trend is also creeping its way into footwear for spring shoes. This trend is best done with an otherwise simple, understated outfit so you avoid looking cheap. As long as we’ve all agreed that we’re not doing actual anklets again, then I’m down with this anklet-adjacent trend.

4. Loafers

ASOS DESIGN Simba mid-heeled loafer, $44.50

I know everyone loves to hate on the grandpa loafer trend, but it’s back and bigger than ever for spring. Personally, I enjoy the trend, but I also enjoy a quality dad sneaker too. I guess I just love a chunky shoe named after typically non-stylish male family members, sue me.

5. Espadrilles

Free People Laurel Canyon Espadrille, $44.96

I’m always down for an espadrille. It’s very pampered-rich-girl-goes-casual-while-vacationing-in-Turks-and-Caicos kind of vibe, which I’m always trying to project, regardless of physical location or financial status.

6. Mary Janes

Lulu’s Laura Nude Suede Heels, $37

I can’t take this shoe trend seriously, mostly because it reminds me of costume shoes for theatre characters. That said, with an ankle strap and thick heel, these shoes are comfortable to walk in, and I can’t hate that.

7. Square Toe

Public Desire Harlow White PU Mules, $44.99

If you read my article from a few months back about Instagram trends that you can shop for less, then you’re already in the loop on the square toe trend. Everyone who’s anyone is wearing this style shoe and, if you failed to take my advice last article and order yourself a pair, well then, here’s your chance once again. You’ll just now be less of a trend-setter and more of a follower but like, not my problem.

I’m so ready to swap my UGG boots for some trendy spring shoes already. Realistically, I know I’ll still be stuck wearing my UGGs for at least the next month or two but hey, here’s to positive thinking.

Images: @dayinmydreams / Unsplash; Pretty Little Thing; Asos (2); Public Desire (2); Amazon; Lulu’s

11 Tie-Dye Pieces That Don’t Look Like Something You Wore In Middle School

Once upon a time, tie-dye was reserved for hippies and, in my case, the cool girls at my private high school who could afford to shop at Lucky Brand. But just like chokers and tiny sunglasses, what was cool in the 90s/early 2000s is back once again to make us all look back on our pictures and think “why did we think that was cool?” But for now, tie-dye is cool, so embrace it. Of course, not all tie-dyes are created equal. And, let me tell you, there’s a very fine line between your DIY tie-dye camp tee from the fifth grade and the fashionable tie-dye pieces from this article that you can shop right now. So, without further ado, here are 10 non-tacky tie-dye pieces to add to your closet ASAP.

1.  Vintage x Resurrection Silk Slip Dress

Rule #1 of shopping for tie-dye is to find pieces that stick to a consistent color scheme. When the tie-dye gets too rainbow is when you start veering into tacky/middle schooler territory. This dress is subtly tie-dye with its neutral color scheme, giving it an elevated update to the trend.

2. BFFS & BABES Cropped Sweatshirt

This cropped sweatshirt is the perfect casual tie-dye piece to join the trend in an easy way. Wear it now with some low-rise boyfriend jeans or, when it finally gets warmer out, with a cute pair of denim shorts, and you’re good to go.

3. Vince Camuto Cowl Neck Cami

The style and texture of this tank elevate it from your basic camisole. The cowl neck, neutral tones, and muted tie-dye make it the perfect stylish take on the trend.

4. French Connection Tie-Dye Turtleneck

For those extra intimidated by the tie-dye trend, this turtleneck is the ideal intro piece. It’s so subtle that you really can’t go wrong here.

5. GRLFRND Mica Crop Jeans

Let me tell you, it’s hard to find tie-dye jeans that don’t look like they’re a rollback special from Walmart. However, I’ve done the impossible and found an incredible pair for you. These reflect the trend in a unique and fashionable way without overdoing it.

6. Generation Love Tie-Dye Top

This tee is fashion-girl cool without trying too hard. It’s a great basic with its subtle tie-dye print in a contemporary color uncommon to the trend.

7. Treasure & Bond Blouson Sleeve Tee

You can barely tell this top is tie-dye, which makes it the least tacky tie-dye top to ever exist. Remember, the more effortless = the less tacky. The puff sleeve adds stylish detail to an otherwise very casual tee.

8. PJ Salvage Tie-Dye Joggers

These joggers are a go-to for anyone obsessed with comfort. They can easily be dressed up or down depending on where you plan to wear them. Get the whole sweatsuit for a trendy lounge outfit or pair the joggers with a bodysuit for a Kardashian athleisure vibe.

9. Generation Love Kelly Puff Tee

With its fashionable puff sleeve, this tie-dye tee is clearly superior to your average tie-dye tee. I’m obsessed with the stylish sleeve detail.

10. N:PHILANTHROPY Britton Jumpsuit

This is the kind of jumpsuit that you can literally live in because you get to be super comfortable while still looking stylish AF. The rainbow tie-dye is still pretty subtle and blends seamlessly, which prevents it from looking cheap.

11. Shop Betches Grow Up Sweatshirt

Okay, so you don’t want to look like a middle schooler, but what’s the point of tie-dye if you can’t have a little fun with it? Our comfy AF hoodie is the exact mood when everyone in your life is rubbing you the wrong way with their bullsh*t. Whether you want to look cool on a flight, or your office is cold and you want to send a passive-aggressive message to your coworkers, you need this sweatshirt.

Tie-dye has become a huge trend across all retail categories, and it’s here to stay, so you better get on board. Just one last reminder—keep it relatively muted to avoid looking like you toted something out of your 8th grade closet.

Images: Tyler McRobert / Unsplash; Resurrection; BFFS & BABES; Nordstrom (3); South Moon Under (2); Revolve (2); Planet Blue
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5 Fashion Trends That We Just Don’t Understand

I don’t really fancy myself a fashion guru—in fact, I’m currently wearing a less than flattering sweatshirt-and-cowboy-boots combo—but there are some pieces out there that even I can say, with absolute certainty, are stupid. Look, as a youth living in New York, I am generally unfazed by most things, but some of the outfits that walk by me every day are too awful to forget, and they deserve a shoutout on this sh*tlist. Before you call me judgmental, let me just tell you that I know I’m judgmental and I simply don’t care, so joke’s on you. I’d also like to say that I’m not out here judging people who have bad taste or don’t know how to wear bootcut jeans because, let me remind you, I’m wearing a sweatshirt to work today. No, I’m judging the people who think they’re being really stylish by wearing something that’s objectively stupid—like sleeveless hoodies. Please.

So without further ado, read on for the dumbest moments in fashion. 

Sheer Sweaters

Rag & Bone Perry Crewneck Sheer Pullover Sweater

The whole point of a sweater is to be cozy, so why in the fat hell would you wear one that’s both thin af and completely see through? As someone who pushes the company dress code like I’m getting paid to test limits, I totally understand the desire to be a little extra, but a sheer sweater just doesn’t make sense and that is a damn fact. There are so many ways to do sexy the right way, but a sweater thinner than a pair of CVS tights isn’t one of them. What about a cropped sweater and high-waisted jeans? Or even an off-the-shoulder sweater? There are so many solid options that don’t involve literally freezing your tits off. 

Sleeveless Hoodies

lululemon X Barry’s Stronger as One Sleeveless Hoodie

Like most horrible things in this world, Justin Bieber is to blame for sleeveless hoodies. First of all, hoodies are not flattering, like, ever, and removing the sleeves doesn’t help. The only thing hoodies are good for is keeping you warm, so a sleeveless hoodie makes no sense whatsoever. It’s like the fashion equivalent of a sandwich with no meat: unnecessary. After doing some research (a quick Google search), I’ve noticed that most sleeveless hoodies (gag) are part of a workout outfit, which is almost worse than wearing one out and about. No matter the season, you sweat a ton when you work out, so do you really want to tap it back in a f*cking sweatshirt? I think not. 

Furry Flip-Flop Slippers

Ugg Fluff Flip Flop III

Technically I’m 26, but my affinity for bathrobes and slippers indicate otherwise. Let me just point out what I thought was obvious so that I can bask in how stupid these things are: the whole point of slippers is to be cozy, so why would anyone buy and wear a flip-flops version?? Also, not to be a snob, but the only two places flip-flops are an acceptable choice of footwear are on the beach and in the nail salon. That is it. Like everything else on this list, the weird edits to the original style (a closed slipper) totally defeat the purpose. These wouldn’t make sense even if they were cute, and uh, they ain’t that cute either. Instead, go for one of these cute snow boot options that will actually keep your toes warm.

Jeans With Giant Holes

SHEIN Extreme Distressed Knees Jeans

Look, I stan a good ripped jean, but there is something about the Khloé Kardashian-esque ripped jeans that are an assault on the eyes. I’m talking about the ones whose hole starts in the upper thigh region and literally ends at the ankles. I mean, why? They serve zero purpose except giving the people around you something to laugh at, so unless you’re just out here trying to make the world LOL, go for normal ripped jeans. I know it’s ~fashion,~ but that doesn’t mean it’s a good look. And if you absolutely can’t resist a pair of denim like this, please save your sanity and do NOT wear them to a family function. Your dad will have a f*cking field day making fun of you and asking if your knees are cold, which they probably are. Next!

Boot Pants

Balenciaga Pantashoes

That’s right: boot pants. Balenciaga is generally not my cup of tea because I don’t like confusing, overpriced, neon-colored tea, and these weird boots (pants?) are a perfect example of why I can’t get behind the brand. First of all, what are they? How do you put them on? How do you PEE? Secondly, they’re so aggressive that if you must wear them, you can really only get away with them once, maybe twice if the second time is a full decade later. I’m all for bold choices, but these are just too much and I stand by that statement. And at nearly $3000, the price is DEFINITELY too much. This isn’t like that time Her Royal Highness Michelle Obama wore those glittery Balenciaga boots and the world truly lost its mind, because those were insane in all the right ways. These boot pants are just insane the way Spencer Pratt is insane AKA there’s nothing cute about it. 

Do you agree that these pieces need to be burned at the stake? What horrible trends did I leave out? Let me know in the comments! 

Images: Neiman Marcus; lululemon; Zappos.com; SHEIN; Balenciaga

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The Top 5 FILA Looks You Need Right Now

Sponsored by FILA

If you’re not already on board with the comfort trend, then what are you doing with your life? Truly though, the fact that you can wear comfy clothes and it’s considered fashionable is a total win in my book, especially as we move into the colder months. And to make it that much more stylish and cool, one of the most popular and iconic sportstyle brands, FILA, has just released a Cozy Capsule Collection. It’s the perfect blend of trendy and cozy, all wrapped into one stylish must-have capsule. With that being said, here are the pieces I’ll be without a doubt ordering *adds to cart.*

Cristabel Crop Sweatshirt

The first must-cop piece from the collection is the Cristabel Crop Sweatshirt. This sweatshirt is the epitome of everything I love about a classic sports aesthetic with a touch of glam. Even if you’re not trying to show your midriff in your crop top (which like, fair, it’s cold outside) you could easily pair this crop sweatshirt with high-waisted joggers and stay relatively warm while showing off your waist. Not to mention, this particular crop sweatshirt is reminiscent of some of the designer pieces I’ve already seen for this season, just without the unreasonable price tag. 

Barbara Tee

This tee is an essential layering piece to have in your closet as we transition into the colder seasons. To start, just the fit of the tee itself is perfection. It’s cropped and fitted but most importantly, it has the best type of short sleeve. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then it’s probably because you have perfect arms (happy for you, know that I am). What I’m referring to is the kind of short sleeve that actually looks flattering on your arm since it’s slightly longer than your average short sleeve. Not only is the fit of this tee on point, but the short sleeve style combined with the fuzzy FILA logo is the perfect winter version of a graphic tee, ideal for wearing under a knit cardigan or cool denim jacket. It’s guaranteed to be your go-to layering piece all season long.

Emmeline Sweatshirt

This sweatshirt looks so cozy, I just want to snuggle up in it right now and live in it forever. For a more casual look, I’d pair it with a glossy legging and of course, your FILA Disruptor Boot (more on that later). Or, dress it up with super tight leather pants and strappy heels for an LA-cool, model-off-duty-heading-to-Craig’s-on-a-weeknight look.

Dolly Oversized Hoodie

You’ll want to grab this hoodie jacket to throw on all season long. Since it’s oversized, you will automatically make a statement that is effortlessly cool. You could legit pair it with whatever you’re already wearing and instantly look like a street style star. It’s a cool and easy jacket to layer on, and I’d say it’s an obvious must-have. Additionally, this makes for a great gift option because who wouldn’t want an oversized plush zip-up hoodie??? It’s a rhetorical question, EVERYONE would love it. 

Disruptor Boot

A crucial piece for outfitting your cold-weather ensemble this season is the new FILA Disruptor Boot. I’m sure you’re all familiar with the Disruptor, which is THE chunky white sneaker of chunky white sneakers. But now, your fav sneaker comes in a winter-ready take on the summer’s trendiest style, with the same signature chunkiness and sawtooth bottom. With these boots, you even have the option of cuffing the shaft to show off the shearling fleece lining, a key stylish detail that also happens to provide extra warmth. And of course, the boots feature the iconic logo, plus a reflective eyerow detail. They’re legit the only shoe you need to match with any of your sportstyle outfits this upcoming season, and you can quote me on that.

Because heritage-inspired fashions are back in style, FILA is like, so hot right now. Shop the new Cozy Capsule Collection before all your friends and you’ll be both warm and the trendiest person in your friend group. So trendy that your friends will probably start asking you to explain Tik Tok to them.


The Biggest Wedding Dress Trends You’ll See Next Year, According To An Expert

Assuming you haven’t been living in a cave for the last month, you are likely aware that fall is in full effect, and the new wedding season has been formally kicked off by The Biebers’ second exchange of vows (because apparently one wedding isn’t enough). While no one expects non-celebrity brides to deliver extravagance at the level that celeb weddings often do, living in the age of Instagram means competition abounds in the world of weddings (even for us common folk). And though I am still not over the fact that Hailey put “Till death do us part” on her actual wedding veil,  her dress is hardly the only source for gown inspo. That’s why we spoke to Azazie designer Peter Hale Cooney to get the scoop on all the wedding dress trends coming soon to an aisle near you. 

Perhaps it is best to start with what trends are officially ~out~. Peter predicts that we will be saying goodbye to “frivolous and over the top accoutrements on dresses.” This, of course, means that the tired popular trend of “crystal and bead encrusted” dresses is going into hibernation. Thinking feathers? Think again. Basically, any attempt to recreate Beyoncé’s iconic Met Gala 2012 dress should be stopped in its tracks. Put the feathers and the jewels down (you too, Kim). 

This does not, however, mean an end to glamour. Peter assures us, “I think we’re going to see the return of romantic dressing.” This could mean a range of styles including everything from “voluminous silhouettes to pared down, simplistic dress.” You can even hold onto the sexier vibe that brides with conservative parents on Say Yes To The Dress butt heads over, with “nods to lingerie” in your gown of choice. Hoe, but make it bridal.

Cooney also predicts plenty of “diaphanous fabrics” (I looked it up, and it means light and translucent) and “lovely lace fabrics.” Lace, in particular, is a point of emphasis in the romantic aesthetic of future wedding dresses. “Nothing says romance more than a fine lace,” Cooney adds.

Perhaps the trend I am most looking forward to seeing on my Insta feed is the return of 60s and 70s styles. Maybe it’s all the Mad Men I’ve been binging getting to my head, but a Megan Draper ensemble on a wedding aisle sounds pretty dreamy to me (even if she is the most annoying character in the show). Cooney predicts the era will manifest in details like “easy breezy shapes, long sleeves,” and “slightly rebellious ensembles.” 


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To the brides out there who stick their noses up at tradition, you’re in for a treat, because color may be an unconventional trend that is becoming, well, conventional. According to Peter, “color has been making its way into bridal collections for many seasons now. I think soft pastel shades incorporated into dresses are absolutely stunning.” 

As for bridesmaids, another increasingly popular shift away from tradition is mixing and matching dresses. “In this day of body positivity I know brides want all the members of their party to feel as comfortable as they do beautiful. This means different dresses for different figures.” As a matter of fact, dresses may not even be a necessity anymore. Cooney boasted about all of the bridal party jumpsuits Azazie is getting ready to drop, gushing that he “love this development for bridal parties.”


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All trends and traditions aside though, Peter believes first and foremost that a ceremony should be designed around the bride and groom’s own tastes. “I’m in the school of thought that there is no rule book when it comes to your big day. From venue, to ceremony, to style of dresses worn. Stick to the vision you have that reflects you and your partner best and it is sure to be an unforgettable day.”

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5 Ugly Fall Trends To Skip And What To Wear Instead

Fall is officially here and, even though it might not feel like it yet, according to all of the Instagram influencers clogging up my feed with their best unoriginal fall pics, last Monday was the first official day of fall. Which means that, if you still haven’t switched over your wardrobe yet, it’s officially time to get on that. It’s also time to go shopping for updated fall pieces, because who doesn’t want another excuse to shop? There are some amazing fall trends worth getting on board with right now like, ’70s silhouettes, dad jeans, and animal print. But of course, in keeping the world balanced, for every fall trend that I’m loving, there’s another that I cannot get behind. So here are the five fall trends you won’t see me in, and that I hopefully won’t see you in either, plus some alternative fall trends to try instead.

1. Capes

ModCloth Pardon My French Quarter Cape, $89

I feel like every couple of years this trend comes around and, in the least shocking thing ever, I hate it even more. It’s not only impractical, it’s also ridiculous looking. In my humble-yet-judgy opinion, fashion capes are on the same spectrum as fashion ponchos. And let me clarify something for you all: ponchos are for the rain, and capes are for superheroes. If you’re gonna be a hero, be the kind that doesn’t wear capes. Instead of the costume-y cape trend, opt for a more effortlessly cool and trendy extra-long duster.

Free People Inside Out Cardigan, $168

2. Shakespearian Ruffle Collars

Zara Ruffled Printed Blouse, $69.90

I’m sorry, but no one can pull of this trend. Even Shakespeare himself looked like a straight clown in his ruffled collar. Instead of the obnoxious ruffle collar, try a romantic-inspired balloon sleeve. It’s a way more flattering look and also one that won’t scare away small children. 

525 America Puff Sleeve Pullover, $88

3. Micro Purses

WANT Claim To Fame Mini Crossbody Bag, $24

Again, I can’t get behind an impractical trend. The tiny bag trend was already throwing me off, so now that we’ve gone micro, I’m out. I pray that since we’ve now gone so micro, fashion will switch over to the other extreme, back to oversized Olsen-level hobo bags from here on out. But anyway, these micro bags are bullsh*t. I can’t afford to lose any more credit cards, and this bag doesn’t even look like it could fit my keys and one other thing. So instead of an impractical micro purse, try just a small ’90s style shoulder bag. At the very minimum, you can at least fit your phone and like, a pack of gum.

ASOS DESIGN croc effect 90s shoulder bag, $29

4. Statement Hats

ASOS DESIGN Faux Fur Roll Back Bucket Hat, $23

The name of this trend alone gives me cringe sweats. Like, a statement hat… that doesn’t even make sense. A hat, in itself, is a statement. So now you’re trying to do a hat, that’s also going out of its way to make a statement? I can’t. The only people who can get away with wearing a fuzzy bucket hat are LL Cool J and Cam’ron. Get on their level and then we can talk. In the meantime, maybe try some cool hair accessories instead?

ASOS DESIGN hair clip with pearl glam slogan, $9.50

5. Colored Tights

ASOS DESIGN 50 Denier Tights, $9.50

Colored tights scare me. They are reserved for kindergarten teachers, and kindergarten teachers only. They feel very Ms. Frizzle and the Magic School Bus. Although, I just looked it up and she apparently didn’t actually wear colored tights. But seems like she would have, right? I don’t know, either way, they’re gonna be a no, from me dawg. Instead, try a subtle animal print tight. 

Commando Leopard-Pattern Sheer Tights, $36

So that’s my list of hard nos. Other than these, everything else I’m on board with or, at the very least, can tolerate. I’m sure you will all be commenting with misguided aggression to disagree with my selections as you like to do, so have at it.

Images: Ali Pazani / Unsplash; ModCloth; Free People; Zara; South Moon Under; Nasty Gal; ASOS (4); Neiman Marcus
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