8 Leopard Pieces For Fall That Aren’t Over-The-Top

When it comes to wearing leopard print this fall, there’s a very fine line between trendy and tacky. And when I say fine, I mean very fine like, Tyler Cameron-level fine. Which is exactly why one must tread lightly when attempting to wear this trend. All it takes is one slight misstep and the next thing you know, you’ve been cast as an extra on Jersey Shore, fist pumping with the best of them. And I mean, I personally don’t want that for you, even though we love Jersey Shore.

We’ve all seen the leopard trend done correctly and incorrectly. When it comes to the leopard trend, it’s all about how you style said piece more so than the actual piece itself. For example, take a leopard bodycon dress. I’m sure your minds all immediately went to the incorrect way to wear it, with sky-high heels and a Bump-it. Which like, fair—that is bad. However, if you instead paired that same leopard bodycon dress with chunky dad sneakers and an oversize denim jacket, it goes from tacky to stylish and cool. I’ve done you all the favor of selecting some effortlessly cool, easy-to-wear trendy leopard pieces for fall that you’d really have to go out of your way to make tacky. But like, don’t test that please.

1. Chinese Laundry ‘Pollie’ Cheetah Pointy Mule, $69.95

Well, first off, not to be a total narc or anything, but these mules are referred to as “cheetah” when, in actuality, they’re a leopard print. Trust me, cheetahs have been my favorite animal since I was a 4-year-old and I have gotten into many fights in grade school over the difference between the two. ANYWAY, these mules are basically the cutest shoes I think I’ve ever seen. They’re both classy and cool with their black and white twist on the trend, plus stylish point-toe and comfortable block heel. They’d look super chic with boyfriend jeans and a simple white tee. Honestly, these mules are the epitome of chic, so you really can’t f*ck up how you style them as long as you keep the shoes as the statement piece of the outfit.

2. Superdown ‘Draya’ Leopard Cardigan, $66

Cardigans themselves are effortlessly stylish, which leaves minimal room for them to be tacky. Especially when you have one as cute as this, with a stylish and well-done leopard print, you’ll be golden. Another important note for when taking on the leopard print trend just in general, is to pay attention to the quality of the print. Some iterations of the leopard print just automatically look tacky, regardless of the piece or how you style it. So just make sure the print on your piece isn’t too kitschy and is actually elevated, like in this cardigan.

3. Free People ‘Marcella’ Belt In Leopard, $38

A leopard print belt is a safe way to ease yourself into this popular fall trend.  The belt elevates the most basic outfit, making it instantly stylish and cool, with the perfect hint of trendy. So you really can’t go wrong here. Well, unless you buy one of those sweater dresses from JC Penney with the cheesy leopard print belt pre-attached. That leopard print belt would be severely incorrect.

4. Pistola Naya Crop Running Wild Boyfriend Denim Jacket, $118

This leopard print jacket makes for an incredible fall staple. The leopard print is subtle and muted in a perfect fall brown shade, making it the ideal jacket to pair with everything in your closet. Personally, I already consider leopard print to be a neutral. But, for those of you less bold, this jacket can pretty much be universally considered relatively neutral. It’s basically the perfect stepping stone for someone who wants to embrace the leopard print trend into their everyday fall wardrobe without looking over-the-top.

5. ASOS DESIGN Leopard Print Knot Headband, $6.50

A leopard print headband is the perfect accessory to add just a touch of the trend to your fall outfits. It looks chic while also making for a trendy option to hide a bad hair day. This should go without saying, but if you wear a leopard print headband, then no other part of your outfit should be leopard. Any additional leopard will make this once chic headband instantly look cheap and tacky, so keep the rest of the outfit simple.

6. French Connection Leopard Print Slipdress, $78

I love a slip dress, especially one in a polished leopard print like this one from French Connection. It will look super cute this fall worn over a black long sleeve turtleneck, or paired with an oversize duster cardigan. It’s a comfy and easy way to wear the trend, and the looser silhouette keeps it from looking like a tacky club dress.

7. LEVI’S Ribcage Leopard Leopard Straight Leg Corduroy Pants, $98

This updated corduroy version of Levi’s beloved straight leg Ribcage jean in a leopard print is perfect for fall. The cool girl style and fit of the jeans is the perfect complement to the trendy leopard print. They’re super high-waisted so they’ll pair great with a cropped sweater or even a tight bodysuit, and will totally be your go-to pant for fall.

8. Princess Polly Zazu Midi Skirt Leopard, $43

You really can’t go wrong with a leopard print midi skirt. I mean, haven’t you seen every girl in your office wearing some version of this skirt? Exactly, which means it’s far from tacky and appropriate for work. Try pairing it with a chunky turtleneck and some shrugged knee-high boots for a casual-cute trendy fall ensemble.

Basically, the endless options of leopard pieces for fall make it relatively easy to find some items that aren’t tacky. Of course, anything can instantly become tacky if you try hard enough. So do your part to avoid that at all costs by keeping the print to just one piece of your outfit. Anything more, and you’re officially crossing into fist-pumping-at-Karma territory.

Images: Kristina Petrick /Unsplash; South Moon Under (2); Revolve; Free People; ASOS; Nordstrom (2); Princess Polly
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How To Dress When It’s Freezing In The Morning And Hot By 2pm

If you weren’t already aware via the Instas of pumpkin spice lattes flooding your timeline, fall is officially here. This means that, yes, it’s time to get out your beloved cardigans and cozy knit sweaters. Unfortunately, it also means that you once again have to deal with the inevitable #firstworldproblem of figuring out how to dress for when it’s freezing in the morning but warm by mid-day. This means that you need to make sure your outfits are layered appropriately so that you can easily adjust to the drastic temperature changes throughout the day. Betches need stability. The least I can do is help you maintain a stable body temperature this season with the subtle art of fall layering.

The key to fall layering is to avoid adding bulk. Remember when you were younger and  would wear so many layers in the snow that you could barely even move? Yeah, that’s what we want to avoid. So, to avoid looking like a sumo wrestler this fall, you need to mix up your outfits with a variety of sleeve and shirt lengths so that you can still function throughout the work day. That being said, here are my seven key layering tips for fall.

1. Sleeveless Turtlenecks

Sleeveless turtlenecks will be your go-to weapon this fall. They’re an essential staple for fall layering, and for maintaining a normal body temperature without looking bulky. You can wear a sleeveless turtleneck under a cardigan, a jacket, a blazer, or even a pullover. The perk with these is that, need be, if you get overheated because Karen from accounting is on your case again, you can easily strip down to just your sleeveless turtleneck and still look totally office appropriate. Like, f*ck off, Karen.

Free People Topanga Sleeveless Turtleneck

2. Vests

(Non-hideous) vests are another great fall staple because they allow you to add an extra layer while still looking super stylish. Pair a trench style vest layered over a thin long sleeve tee to keep the look polished and professional. You could even add an extra layer by wearing a pullover under your vest, too. But again, make sure your long sleeve and pullover are both thin enough to avoid looking like an elderly patient who just escaped an old person home.

BB Dakota Bad And Boujee Lace-Up Vest

3. Collared Shirt With A Sweater

Take a cue from Riverdale’s “it” girl, Veronica, and pair a collared shirt under a sweater for fall. This combo is an easy way to layer for fall while still looking professional, feminine, and totally chic. Actually, to credit the real OG “it” girl, it’s very Blair Waldorf vibes.

Rails Kate Olive Cheetah Print Button Down Shirt

Free People About Love V-Neck Sweater

4. Printed Tank With A Sweater

Another layering idea to try this season is to wear an elevated printed tank under a solid colored cropped sweater. Adding a print gives the look some interesting detail, while the sweater adds that necessary extra layer. All this while keeping the outfit breathable and your body temperature totally in check.

Equipment Lyle Python Print Tank

Lovers + Friends Highland Sweater

5. Thin Cardigan Under A Jacket

Fall is iconic for being chillier in the morning and warmer later in the day, and this is what makes the cardigan-under-a-jacket combo so ideal. Again, it’s important that your cardigan is thin enough so that it seamlessly goes under the jacket without restricting your arm mobility. Those excel documents aren’t going to do themselves!!

UO Lolita Button-Down Cardigan

L’Academie The Hanna Jacket

6. Scarves

This stylish fall accessory adds a cozy warm layer that can be easily added or removed throughout the day. For the office, choose a thin enough scarf so that it still looks professional. You want to make sure you’d still feel comfortable wearing it when all the menopausal women in the office are having hot flashes and decide to turn up the AC.

Urban Outfitters Brushed Woven Blanket Scarf

Urban Outfitters Prince Of Wales Checkered Scarf

7. Fall Socks

Stylish socks are v on trend this season while skin-colored tights from CVS… aren’t. So when it comes to adding an extra layer, trendy cute socks should be your new best friend. Whether you wear them the traditional way with boots, or are brave enough to try them with heels, socks can be that extra layer necessary to keep your tootsies warm all season long.

Urban Outfitters Out From Under Cozy Flat Knit Crew Sock

Free People Polka Dot Sheer Anklet

Layering appropriately for fall is essential to your well-being, and you can use these fall layering tips to ensure you’re prepared for whatever this season has in store. So whether you’re on an overcrowded hot subway or in the office with your teeth chattering, freezing to death, you’ll be dressed in layers so you can adjust accordingly. Plus, like, with global warming and all, the weather is super unpredictable. Just saying.

Images: @adolfofelix / Unsplash; Free People (2); Revolve (3); Urban Outfitters (4); Nordstrom (2); South Moon Under; Giphy
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5 Essential Pieces For This Confusing AF Weather

In case you haven’t noticed, the world is like, probably basically ending and the climate is all over the place. One day, it’s 60 and sunny, and the next, there’s a storm that meteorologists have named something ridiculous, like a Polar Shit Nova Bomb. The only entity that currently changes its mind more than the weather is Arie Luyendyk Jr. The only difference is that when Arie decides to create a shitstorm, it results in a few sponsored content partnerships and increased television ratings, and when Mother Nature does it, it ruins all of our clothes. It’s about time you stock up on some transitional clothing for when the weather is confusing af, and here’s the shit you should buy.

Get Waterproof Shoes That Aren’t Rain Boots

The worst part about this shitty end-of-winter, beginning-of-spring weather is that even when it’s not actually raining, the ground is kind of a war zone for your shoes. Obviously, you can’t wear your fav suede booties, but unless there is literal water actively falling from the sky, you really can’t be wearing your rain boots, either. It’s probably solid to invest in a pair of sneakers or casual shoes that can survive rogue puddles. When I originally saw these sneakers in Nordstrom, I had no idea that they were waterproof, which is exactly what you want when it comes to weather wear.

Topshop Crush Waterproof Contrast Sole Sneaker

If You Absolutely Have to Wear Rain Boots, Don’t Be All Like, Uncool

It’s like, kind of impossible to wear rain boots without looking like a mommy blogger who forces her kids to wear the same clothes as her. Luckily, there are tons of Jeffrey Campbell rain boots that don’t suck. Just like, wear cute socks with them. Please.

Jeffrey Campbell Hurricane Weather Boot

Tie Shit Around Your Waist

I totally understand if you’re hesitant to tie clothes around your waist. It’s a very “eighth grader who just started her period on a class trip” move. However, everyone with half a brain knows that wearing layers is basically your only option when the weather is bipolar, and carrying an extra sweatshirt around when you’re too warm to wear it is fucking exhausting. Thankfully, wearing a flannel around your waist with a denim or leather jacket and a basic base layer is an actually cute, extremely versatile look. Chambray or denim shirts are perfect for this, since they’re transitional clothing that basically goes with everything.

Madewell Chambray Classic Ex-Boyfriend Shirt in Mazzy Wash

Quantity Over Quality

Listen, I know it can be tempting to wear that velvet top a few more times before it looks really out of season (who knows how much longer crushed velvet is going to be a thing, anyway), but when the weather is all over the place, you’re better off wearing two breathable layers than one really thick one. Quantity over quality is probably already your stance on wine, so why not try adopting it into other areas of your life, like transitional clothing? Think open cardigans and tank tops instead of thick sweaters. Cardigans are ideal for throwing over clothes that prob shouldn’t be worn until it’s warmer out, but that you’re going to wear anyway because you don’t give a shit.

Urban Outfitters BDG Jesse Oversized Cardigan

Get Wintery Shit in Springy Colors and Materials

You’ll probably still want to wear a scarf some days in the spring, but a chunky blanket scarf that weighs as much as an Olsen Twin will make you sweat the second there’s a slight change in weather. Lightweight springy-looking scarves are usually floral and ugly, so you’re going to probably want to invest in a scarf (or some kind of cold weather accessory) that’s made out of a breathable material. Lululemon’s Vinyasa scarves are the perfect transitional clothing accessory, because they’re very versatile and will keep you warm without making you gross and sweaty.

Lululemon Vinyasa Scarf, Rulu

Betches may receive a portion of revenue if you click a link in this article and buy a product or service. The links are independently placed and do not influence editorial content.

Image: Rodolfo Sanches Carvalho / Unsplash

Tips For Pulling Off The Leopard Trend Without Looking Like A ‘Jersey Shore’ Reject

Leopard print gets a bad name. Sure, it’s the unofficial uniform of drunk bitches at bachelorette parties in Myrtle Beach, but it’s also an iconic print that can be pulled off by basically anyone. Whether you’re preppy enough to have a boat named after you or some crazy punk chick with like, five nose piercings, there is truly a leopard print for everyone. Here are a few guidelines for pulling off leopard print without looking like a total Jersey Shore reject. Or you can just ignore these tips and hit up the clearance rack at your local Forever 21 to celebrate the return of America’s favorite least favorite reality show. It’s up to you.

1. Stick To Classic Silhouettes

Obviously, your leopard print dress is going to look like total trash if it’s a stretchy bodycon with side cutouts. Opt for a more versatile design, like a classic shirt dress. Pieces like this are great for anyone who is adult enough to have a real job, but still hasn’t mastered the art of having separate wardrobes for work and play. If you’re totally in a bind and need to wear this to the office, nobody’s ever going to know that you last wore it with ankle strap heels and an exposed leather bralette.

Missguided Brown Leopard Print Long Sleeve Shirt Dress

Missguided Brown Leopard Print Long Sleeve Shirt Dress

2. Keep It Casual

There’s no safer bet than a comfy cotton T-shirt. So unless you’re wearing a pink sequin Victoria’s Secret Bombshell bra underneath and it’s somehow showing through, you should be good with this one.

J. Crew Leopard T-Shirt

J.Crew Leopard T-Shirt

3. Choose Abstract Prints

Leopard print doesn’t necessarily have to be straight out of the safari. Playing around with abstract prints and colors that don’t actually appear in nature can be a great way to subtly incorporate leopard into your wardrobe. From a distance, you can barely tell these jeggings are even leopard print. (Just like, don’t go all Lisa Frank on us.)

GAP Mid rise leopard print ankle jeggings

Gap Mid Rise Leopard Print Ankle Jeggings

4. Tread Carefully With Footwear

Leopard print shoes are either a perfect staple or something you should never, ever wear. There’s pretty much no in-between. It’s definitely in your best interest to stay away from anything that could be categorized as clubwear, like platform stilettos or thigh high boots. However, leopard print shoes are tricky, because sometimes just the material or color of the print can make them a total miss. When in doubt, just ask yourself if the shoes you’re about to purchase feel like an homage to anything from the Snooki Shop. If not, you’re golden.

Sam Edelman Taye Leopard-Print Calf Hair Ankle Booties

Sam Edelman Taye Leopard-Print Calf Hair Ankle Booties

5. Try Not To Look Like A Stuffed Animal

Leopard print coats are probably always going to be a thing, so it’s a good idea to invest in one. Just make sure it’s not like, too fluffy, or else it’s going to look you skinned the stuffed animals from your childhood.

ASOS Leopard Print Coat

ASOS Faux Fur Coat in Leopard Print

7 Must-Have Festival Accessories

Attending a music festival at least once in your life is about as mandatory as leaving your motherland at least once. You just have to do it because as a wise Wiz Khalifa once said, we are young, wild, and free. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if you considered getting that as a tattoo. Drinking in excess, deafening music, and eating overpriced food are a betch’s top three fave things. So, when you put them all together on a remote island in NYC for a Coachella knockoff or in the middle of Chicago, us basic bitches everywhere are going to unite. This means we’re naturally stressing over what the fuck we’re going to wear because festival attire requires a combo of hippie Vanessa Hudgens and chill Kendall Jenner. We’re not showing up looking like rave sluts in pink fishnets and cheap thongs (God, no. Make it stop). Nor are we going to Forever21 and grabbing the most plain high waisted shorts and crop tank. Nailing the boho chic aesthetic requires versatile staples, slightly confusing detailing, and bold accessories that won’t get you accused of cultural appropriation. Whether you’re going to Lollapalooza this weekend or prepping for Outside Lands, here are boho chic essentials for an outfit to make your friends envy your trendy ways.

1. Free People Gia Cream Lace Bodysuit

It’s going to get hot and sweaty real quick so an ivory bodysuit is the perf go-to for an instant sexual free-spirited look. In addition to the lace detailing on this one, the front has two brass bars that gives off a boho twist. With the last month of summer upon us, your tan will look so much better in all of your Snapchats.

2. GRLFND Cindy High-Rise Shorts

Well, no shit. Obvs plan on wearing ripped high-waisted shorts because you just like, have to for a festival. These are a little cheeky but they provide enough coverage so you’re not mooning every person who dances behind you. Ain’t nobody want to see that shit anyway.

3. Kristin Cavallari Tori Knotted Wraparound Sandal

With hippie trends during festival season come complicated strappy shoes that take up the time you should spend pregaming instead. These are cute af so you’ll have to suck it up. You’ll want a flat shoe that’s comfortable to last all day in, especially since you’ll be standing and dancing for hours. This style comes in three neutral colors, but a caramel shade is ideal for summery western vibez.

4. Whistles Astrid Embossed Leather Crossbody

Boho chic pieces come in vivid colors and mixed patterns so if you mix and match too much at once, you’ll just look like you got ready while you were blackout (which you may very well have been, but you don’t want anyone to know that necessarily). Keeping neutral tones together is what really keeps it Insta-worthy, so before you make your posse take a picture of you on your good side, match your shoes and bag for a balanced look. Find a cross body that’s big enough for at least your phone, sunglasses, possibly a flask small water bottle, and then some.

5. Celeste Charm Lariat Necklace Set

Any plunging neckline needs bling to fill up the space and bring more unnecessary attention to your cleavage because you worked hard to make it look good. Find minimalist charms like this set for a unique delicate style even if you could care less about the fucking solar system.

6. Free People Gold Spiral Metal Upper Armband

Straight from Free People’s festival shop (which is like, straight fire BTW), this arm cuff is the perf addition for a fashion-forward accessory that makes you look both v artsy and trendy. The armbands are adjustable so you can totally use it to your advantage and make your arms look toned AF or hide embarrassing farmer tans. IDK if our ancestors from Woodstock would be necessarily proud, but I feel like the Queen of Coachella aka Vanessa would be, which comes pretty close.

7. Quay Australia The Playa Sunglasses

I’m not a fan of Gigi’s mustard sunglasses and honestly, not everyone looks good in Ozzy Osbourne’s circle sunnies, so I give the holographic frame a solid 10/10 for must-have festival shades. The trippy rose gold will hide your drunk eyes and def look fab on every basic betch who already has everything in the pink metal. Since the frames are kinda trippy, you’ll probs entertain that one person in the crowd who clearly took way too many drugs for their own good. “Omg duuude, those are sick. Can I try them on?!” Let’s not but, say we did?

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5 Lightweight Summer Backpacks That Won’t Cause Back Sweat

Complaining about the weather is totally one of our favorite pastimes, until shit gets real and we’re actually like, sweaty or something. God forbid. There’s really nothing worse than sweating, and unless you’re paying $300 a month for a workout class that makes you sweat, you should obviously avoid perspiring at all costs. Seriously, it’s disgusting.

While antiperspirants and deodorants take care of common problem areas like your underarms, sweltering NYC heat encourages another kind of sweat to rear its ugly head—back sweat. Not only does back sweat make your morning commute that much more unpleasant (and I’m already in a bad mood when I have to wake up before noon), it also leads to bacne (I don’t even like looking at that word) and really puts a damper on all those slutty backless dresses and swimsuits you want to wear. The cute and unnecessarily expensive leather/suede backpack you haul around could, unfortunately, be contributing to the issue since leather isn’t a particularly breathable or moisture-wicking material. So, here are a few backpacks we’ve found in summer-appropriate materials, just in case the one you use for work is making you sweat like any one of us in church.

1. Rebecca Minkoff Julian Nylon Backpack

This isn’t like, a regular backpack. It’s a cool backpack. The absolute angels at Rebecca Minkoff took the Julian leather backpack and made it lightweight for summer. Dreams do come true.

2. Baggu Canvas Backpack

This cotton canvas backpack looks like it belongs on the floor of a minimalist Tumblr bedroom, but you’re probably going to just fill it with shit like chopsticks you’ll forget about and crumpled up receipts. It also has a laptop sleeve, which you’ll probably leave something important in and find two weeks later.

3. Marc Jacobs Biker Nylon Backpack

If it didn’t sound like a bad line from an Old Navy commercial, I’d tell you that this Marc Jacobs backpack is fashionable and functional. Backpacks are typically kind of nerdy, but this one is Marc Jacobs so it’s actually sorta edgy (which isn’t easily achieved by nylon bags, but whatever).

4. Herschel Retreat Backpack

Herschel is kind of like, the Vans of the backpack world. Pretty much everyone has one now, and they’re kind of making us all look like hipster dudes from Brooklyn. But they’re functional, not ugly and can probably fit a bottle of wine, so why not?

5. Kate Spade Watson Lane Large Hartley Backpack

I know we like, just said that Kate Spade isn’t cool anymore because of the whole Coach thing, but I’ve pretty much already talked shit about every other designer that you preppy betches probably love, so I’ll let you have this one thing, as long as you don’t get carried away. This nylon backpack is actually so cute and black and white stripes go with everything (just ask Kris Jenner).

5 Summery Bralettes You Can Wear As Shirts Because Boob Sweat Is The Worst

Despite the sweltering heat, summer is def the best season because it’s the one time a year a girl can dress up like a total slut and no other girls can say anything else about it. Is it really summer if you don’t see a group of basic betches like myself at like, some music festival on Randall’s Island in short-ass shorts with their ass cheeks hanging out? Um, fucking no. Not only does summer coincide with every girl looking like clones of Vanessa Hudgens at Coachella, but add in a progressive feminist movement à la #FreeTheNipple and the concept of not wearing a bra is basically as forced upon us as an irrational unicorn obsession.

If freeing the nip is all the rage, then you may as well join ‘em because I know the first thing you do when you get home (after drinking wine out of the bottle), is toss your bra onto the nearest surface. With summer fashion requiring so much boobage, the last thing you need is horrible boob sweat. Like, no fucking thank you. But even if you skip the bra, you don’t have to flash the whole city and feel as though you’re lactating with the replacement that is a versatile bralette. Here are 5 comfortable, sexy styles to wear this summer because slutty is in fashion rn no one likes wearing bras and boob sweat is fucking gross.

1. Hanky Panky Signature Lace Padded Bralette

Black lace bralettes are literally a must-have, regardless of the time of year. It’s black (fucking duh) so it not only fits in with the rest of your entire wardrobe, but if you’re into the mesh/see-through everything trend, this is perfect to use for (minimal) coverage. Since it’s wireless and v comfortable, you can layer this under an oversized crop top if you know you’ll be showing some major side boob.

2. Only Hearts Eco Lace Bralette

This neutral style fits like your fave bandeau—except without the whole falling down, having-to-pull-it-up-every-five-seconds thing. Wear this under a trendy T-shirt dress for a casual daytime look. To really look like you know WTF you’re doing, pair with dark jeans under a longline jacket in hopes your street style game is half as good as Kendall Jenner’s.

3. Pour Moi Amour Convertible Bralette C-G Cup

If you’re like me and feel as though you could have a nip slip at any moment with a tiny piece of fabric, this one is designed to keep your boobs in check regardless of their size. With size options that go all the way up to G, you can layer this bralette with or without straps and still slay the dance floor—or so tequila makes you believe.

4. Les Coquines Bette Bralette

With a style as lightweight as this, you’ll have a refreshing breeze every time you wear it so you can at least feel assured that you won’t get a sweat stain in the middle of your chest. Wear this bralette under a plunging bodysuit or jumper for an equal balance of pretty and hoe (which incidentally is my Tinder bio).

5. Ann Summers Wynne Bralette

This probably looks like that high-neck bralette you got at Victoria’s Secret and that’s because it basically is but like, this one is so much better. Unlike some rough shit that scratches you every time you fucking move, this sheer lace feels comfortable and secure enough to lounge all day in. Wear alone as a shirt with denim cut-offs or wear under a denim jacket to your next music fest.

How To Dress For Work When It’s Hot AF Outside But Freezing In Your Office

Being an adult is shitty year-round, but it especially blows in the summer when you have to figure out how to dress for work when it’s really hot out. For some reason, every office in the world is fucking freezing, as if air conditioning was invented yesterday and everyone’s fascinated with it. Your options are either to arrive to work with pit stains because you’re dressed for the arctic but it’s 105 degrees outside or to chill with your nipples showing all day because you didn’t dress for the AC. You’re pretty much screwed no matter how you dress, but these tips should help a little. I’m also not even going to try to sell that any better…betches love to complain so being a little bit uncomfortable with the temperature is sometimes kind of fun.

1. Wear Linen Pants

Wearing linen in the summer to stay cool when you have to cover up is like, the oldest trick in the book. It’s probably why linen even exists in the first place. The trick with wearing linen is to look for it in trendy silhouettes, or else you’ll end up looking like Barbara Streisand in Meet the Fockers or a recently divorced woman who decided to take a year off and do the whole Eat, Pray Love thing. These linen joggers from the Gap are actually super versatile and go with pretty much any kind of shoe you can imagine. (I have a black pair that I’ve already worn like a million times and I usually hate being an outfit repeater.) Plus, they’re available in tall and petite lengths.

GAP cotton-linen utility joggers

2. Switch Denim For Chambray

If you work in an office with a dress code that allows you to wear jeans, try picking up a pair of these chambray pants by Seafolly instead. It’s basically the same look, but chambray is much more lightweight than denim. If you work in an office that forbids jeans, slip a Xanax into your boss’s coffee and tell her to chill the fuck out.

Seafolly chambray beach pant

3. Throw A Sweater Over Your Dress

Every stupid “how to transition your wardrobe” guide that comes out every season of every year tells you to wear a sweater with a dress, so like, I’m sorry about this. It’s pretty much the shittiest advice ever because 90% of the time, you’re going to end up looking like Taylor Swift. To make this look acceptable, ditch the floral sundress and go for something cool that you can wear to happy hour after, like this slip dress from Topshop. Don’t try to get cutesy with the shoes, either. Like, T. Swift would def wear Keds or some shit, so…don’t. Also, make sure to lint roll the cat hair off your sweater first.

P.S. If you’re like a “fashion risk taker” and/or have a secret Tumblr page filled with photos of Kate Moss and Winona Ryder in the 90s, wear the sweater under the slip dress.

Topshop asymmetric hem slip dress

4. Dress Like A Frat Boy

LOL, jk, I’d rather die. You could not pay me to wear Vineyard Vines. However, if you work in an office where you have to wear a suit, listen to the advice I already gave you and wear linen. Obv, most of the linen suiting in this world is fugly and will make you look like your idea of fun is blacking out while playing lawn games with freshman girls. Zara usually has some decent clothes for profesh betches, like this linen blazer, so maybe you check them out.

Zara linen blazer

Or you can try Sears.

5. Wear Cotton

Cotton is another really breathable material, so anything that’s totally made from it should help save you from being known as the sweaty girl at work. (Every office has one and if you think yours doesn’t…it’s you.) You’ve probably seen those ads on TV that are as annoying as a triple text, but The Fabric of Our Lives is actually pretty helpful because it pulls cotton products from all different kinds of stores into one searchable spot. However, even if it’s a fast way to shop a bunch of brands at once, the database probably isn’t updated super frequently, so occasionally, the listed products are sold out. Such a pain in the ass.

But yeah, apparently this Sanctuary bomber is cotton, so you can use it to layer when some asshole cranks up the AC. Also, shoutout to bomber jackets for still being relevant after Forever 21 almost killed them off.

Sanctuary pilot bomber

6. Wear A Longline Cardigan

Longline cardigans are probably the summeriest cardigans in the game, so this metallic version from Nasty Gal is a good layering tool to have. It’s kind of the same idea as the “beach sweater” you convinced your mom you’d need from Abercrombie in middle school, except now you have an actual purpose for it.

Nastygal Something Extra metallic longline cardigan