Summer Pieces You Can Buy Now And Wear Into Fall

Summer 2020 is basically over and, if I’m being honest, I’m not too sad about it. With this summer being such a flop, you may not have even realized that fall is here like, now (uh news flash, we’re halfway through September). We’re now at that awkward in-between season where you feel like you shouldn’t be buying summer stuff when you can also be getting a pumpkin spice latte but, at the same time, we still have another few weeks of relatively warmer weather. So what are you supposed to do, not engage in retail therapy? Lol, no. In order to accommodate this weird transitional season, here are some summer pieces you can still buy now that will also translate for fall. 

1. Trendy Tennis Skirt

Princess Polly Lona Mini Skirt, $46

If you follow any fashion bloggers on Instagram, then you already know the tennis skirt has been a huge summer trend. Of course, a short sporty tennis skirt may initially seem like an exclusively summer or spring piece, but it can also work great for fall. Pick one in a traditional print like this ’90s plaid which can be styled tons of ways. For example, pair it with an oversized sweater or fitted turtleneck and add tall boots or short booties and tights for a stylish fall outfit. 

2. Versatile Button Down

Thirty20 Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt, $65

Button downs are a closet staple of mine because they can be worn so many different ways. You can wear it as we transition to fall, either buttoned and front-tucked, or even tied into a crop top with the sleeves rolled. This one in particular is perfect for transitioning from season to season with its neutral brown tie-dye print. You could wear it into fall layered over a graphic tee, a fitted long sleeve, or even just tied around your waist. 

3. Simple Slip Dress

Local Heroes Grey Satin Slip On Mini Dress, $80

The slip dress seemed like one of those here today, gone tomorrow type of trends when it first surfaced a few years ago. But, it’s fully stuck around, which is great considering it can so easily transition from season to season. For example, you can obviously wear it now with strappy sandals or dad sneakers for an end-of-summer look. As it gets chillier, you can also wear it layered over a graphic tee or fitted long sleeve, or even layered with a cardigan or denim jacket.

4. Basic Bodysuit

Mistress Rocks ‘Deviate’ Black Silky Jersey Low Back Bodysuit, $51

You can’t go wrong with a basic bodysuit—whether you wear it casually with jeans or dressed up with a mini skirt, it’s obviously a versatile piece. And, being that it is so inherently versatile, it’s definitely a piece to buy now for transitioning from summer to fall. Bodysuits are perfect for wearing under jackets, flannels, and cardigans all throughout the fall season.

5. Midi Skirt

UO Kelly Tulip Wrap Midi Skirt, $59

A midi skirt can easily be worn all year long. Wear one now with a cute fitted crop top or into the fall with either an oversized off-the-shoulder sweater or T-shirt-and-jacket-combo. It looks great paired with chunky sneakers in the fall or even slouchy boots as we move into winter.

6. High-Quality Black Crop Top

Nookie Black Milano Crop, $90

When it comes to basic essential pieces, it’s worth spending the money on high-quality staples so that they’ll actually last you from season to season. Sure, it may seem expensive for a crop top, but unlike the $10 one from Forever21, this one won’t fall apart after one season. 

7. Flowy Pants

Charley Madelyn Polished in Black Paperbag Pant, $22

There’s nothing better than a flowy pant in the summer, especially on those days you don’t feel like squeezing into denim shorts. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t put on bottoms with a fly in months. Fortunately, flowy pants are a chic boho alternative to shorts during the summer months, and they also transition perfectly for fall. Pair them now with a crop top or in the fall with either a cropped or oversized slouchy sweater.

8. Fitted Mini Dress

White Fox Play It Loud Drawstring Mini Dress Dusty Khaki, $49.99

A fitted mini dress is obviously a summer wardrobe must-have. It can be dressed up with a pair of heeled sandals or down with a cool pair of chunky sneakers. However, it can also be a fall wardrobe staple with some styled layering pieces. Wear your fitted mini dress into the fall by layering it with an oversized cardigan and boots for a versatile fall fit.

9. Loose Knit Cardigan

Free People Sweet Talker Cardi, $168

A good open knit cardigan is worth investing in. It’s obviously ideal during the transitional months of spring and fall as an easy layering piece for when the weather is, like Katy Perry, hot and cold. It’s ideal for an end-of-summer look to wear over a tank and shorts, or even as a stylish beach cover-up. Then, as we head into fall, it’s perfect for an extra layer of warmth that also adds an additional element of style.

10. Strapless Top

House of CB Juana White Shaped Top Boned Corset, $89

Strapless tops can easily be worn into the chillier months with a cool jacket or oversized cardigan. You can even get more creative with it by layering it over a fitted tee or turtleneck for a cool-girl layered look. Pick a structured corset one for a trendy and flattering season-to-season piece.

11. Sleeveless Jumpsuit

Etica Cami Jumpsuit Coffee, $165

This jumpsuit is an ideal example of something you can wear now with a sandal, and then into the fall over a mock neck long sleeve and ankle boots. The color has a hint of peach keeping it summery, while it’s also neutral enough to still be appropriate for fall. You can even just throw a jacket over your shoulders with it for the start of fall during those weeks when the weather is still so unpredictable. 

12. T-Shirt Dress

Superdown Ciara Tee Dress, $58

T-shirt dresses are another summery item I wear every month, because they can be styled so many different ways. You can wear it now while it’s hot out for a simple and comfortable outfit that looks cute with sneakers. Then, as we move into fall, you can easily pair it with boots and a jacket, or layered over leather leggings for an edgier look.

If you haven’t caught on to my point by now, it’s that a lot of your summer pieces can transition to fall through different layering and styling techniques. So instead of buying just either swimsuits or sweaters, spend your money on these more versatile pieces that you can actually wear throughout the year.

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Images: @byfoul/ Unsplash; Princess Polly; Thirty20; Local Heroes; Mistress Rocks; Urban Outfitters; Nookie; Montce; White Fox; Free People; House of CB; Etica; Revolve

Where To Get The Biggest Fall Fashion Trends For Under $100

In my opinion, there’s nothing cooler than a fashion blogger who can successfully mix expensive and inexpensive fashion pieces. Like, someone who can mix a head-to-toe Zara ensemble with a casual Chanel bag in such a stylish way that I just assume everything she’s wearing is designer. And, in the same vein, there’s also nothing more disappointing than a fashion blogger who does dress head-to-toe in everything designer, which is an unattainable reality for most of us peasants. Besides, it’s also not as cool because it’s not as impressive—like, if you have money, then I expect you to be able to dress great. Those of us who follow fashion trends on IG know the crushing disappointment of seeing your fave blogger wear something that you just “have to have,” only to discover said piece has a price tag that’s triple your paycheck. That being said, there are some obsession-worthy designer Instagram trends happening right now that you probably want to get in on, but don’t think you can afford to. Well, I’ve done you all the favor of finding pieces similar to the designer ones you love so that you can actually do the more fiscally responsible thing of not blowing your entire paycheck on a single trendy designer piece.

1. Square-Toe Heels

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can’t resist 🖤

A post shared by Kylie ✨ (@kyliejenner) on

I will bet my life savings that you have seen these shoes on Instagram by now. (Disclaimer: my life savings right now is like, $3.) Everyone out there who considers themselves a “fashionista” knows that Bottega Veneta is the current “it” brand. They have made square-toe heels THE only heel you need for fall. There are two different popular iterations of the heels that are currently trending: square-toe black mesh and square-toe cushion sandal.  Both are super cute, but at just about $1,000 a pair, they’re highly impractical. Instead, I found these incredible dupes for you all that are a reasonable $70. I can’t imagine they’ll be in stock for long, though, so be early to the trend and order yours ASAP.

Muse London Sandals. $70

2. Pouch “Cloud” Bag

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Detail orientated 🕊

A post shared by Rosie HW (@rosiehw) on

Sticking with the currently popular Bottega Veneta trend, the pouch or “cloud” bag is very clearly the only bag you need to be cool on Instagram this season. PSA, though, from one drunk mess to another: this is not the ideal bag for bringing to a boozy brunch because it seems way too easy to lose. So, don’t max out your credit card for this bag that you’ll 100% leave in your Uber home. Rather, get this amazing dupe from Amazon and save approximately $2,500 (along with the self-hatred that comes with inevitably losing your expensive bag).

Simple Dumplings Messenger Bag, $28.99

3. Chain Belt

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The comfiest bodysuit🖤

A post shared by CASS DIMICCO (@cassdimicco) on

Okay, so in general right now “chain” sh*t is very big on Instagram. Between chain necklaces, earrings, pumps, and belts, they are everywhere. In fact, you’ve probs seen your fave fashion bloggers casually rocking a Chanel chain belt. Uhm, happy for you and your financial success, but like, I can’t afford that. Even on The Real Real, the cheapest chain belt I can find is like $300, and it’s rusted and not cute. And considering I do still need to pay my monthly rent, even $300 on a trendy designer belt just isn’t going to work for me. Fortunately for all of us, there are plenty of chic and expensive looking chain belts that are actually affordable. I actually own this one from Princess Polly and I highly recommend it.

Princess Polly Artemis Belt, $28

4. Feather Crop Top

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Life of the party.

A post shared by Kourtney Kardashian (@kourtneykardash) on

Okay, so this trend is definitely extra, which is exactly why it’s such a hit on Instagram. Like, it’s highly unlikely you’re wearing this costume-esque top out in real life unless you’re Kourtney Kardashian, but you’re doing it for the ‘gram! The strapless feather crop top simply isn’t practical; however, it will definitely rake in the likes. That being said, there’s no need to go out and buy Kourtney Kardashian’s exact one from Attico, which clocks in at over $1,000. But, it would be totally worth purchasing this similar top from Dolls Kill that costs less than a bar tab.

Feather Tube Top Trim Black, $38

5. Underwire Bra Crop Tank

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Monday blues 🌙 @valeeraaaa

A post shared by O R S E U N D I R I S (@orseund_iris) on

So this brand Orseund Iris has been taking over my Instagram feed with their signature outer underwire bra tops, and basically, I’m obsessed. Unfortunately, their signature tube tank costs a whopping $195. And like, it’s really cute, but for another $100 I could get that rusty used Chanel chain belt from The Real Real, you know? At least the belt I would potentially rewear. This crop top, on the other hand, is the kind of piece you wear once for the ‘gram. So, simply put, it’s just not worth it. But what is worth it is this similar style bodysuit from Princess Polly, which is currently on sale for just $18. For under $20, you can sacrifice a vodka soda or two to make the purchase if you simply must achieve this lewk.

Makarska Bodysuit, $18

I’ve always had a love for the finer things in life. Unfortunately, my current financial situation doesn’t allow me to go around dressing in head-to-toe designer threads. So, instead, I prefer to buy timeless designer accessories and then buy trendy fast fashion clothes. If you’re like me, these similar dupes are great alternatives for the trendy designer ones. And, if you’re not like me and can actually afford all the original designer versions, then the least you could do is also buy me one of each while you’re buying your own.

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Images: @sonniehiles/Unsplash; @kyliejenner/@rosiehw/@cassdimico/@kourtneykardash/@orseund_iris/Instagram; Muse; Dolls Kill; Amazon; Princess Polly (2)

5 Fall Boots For Under $100

You could easily spend a small fortune just trying to keep up with all of this season’s trends. Especially if you’re trying to purchase trendy versions of pricier fall staples, such as a great pair of fall boots, it can add up quick. Trying to stay trendy will lead to some tricky financial decisions, especially for those of us with little self-control. Like, f*ck electricity and running water! Who needs a roof over their head when you’ve instead got the designer “it” boot of the season, right??? Wrong, very wrong. In general, you all already know that trends are not exactly worth investing your hard-earned dollars into, and new pairs of trendy fall boots are no exception. That being said, in order to help you avoid the nail-biting decision of  whether to buy groceries for the week or those snakeskin boots you keep seeing all over Instagram, here are affordable alternatives for each of the fall boot trends.

1. Glossy Crocodile

Simmi London Katarina Blush Croc Block Boots, $72

You may have read the name of this trend and been like, “uh, wtf is that?” But I guarantee that once you saw my suggested pick you understood EXACTLY the trend I’m talking about. This is because the “glossy croc” trend is currently seizing Insta feeds all across our great nation, with every blogger, influencer, and girl with a #ootd pic positing in some iteration of the trend. The glossy croc boot is primarily done in a dark color or a jewel-tone shade, but I’m loving this version of the fall boot trend I’ve selected for you in a muted blush. Plus, I doubt all the Jessicas from high school with basic fashion blogs already have this pale pink version.

2. Slouchy

Chinese Laundry ‘Rosa’ Slouch Boot, $99.95

Okay, so you can do this slouchy boot trend two different ways: a casual slouch or an exaggerated slouch. The boot I’ve selected for you is more of a casual, everyday slouch. However, for those of you out there who are extra, then the over-the-knee oversized exaggerated slouch is an extra cool take on the trend. I highly recommend getting yourself one of each version.

3. Animal Print

Coconuts by Matisse ‘Ramble’ Bootie, $95

We’ve already discussed at length how animal print is THE fall trend of fall trends for 2019. That being said, it should come as no surprise that this trend is also a go-to print right now for fall boots as well. Everything animal print is trending: from leopard to snake to tiger to zebra to cow, it’s all happening. I personally recommend opting for a leopard print or a snake print boot because they tend to be more timeless and neutral and, therefore, will go the most seamlessly with the rest of your fall wardrobe.

4. Western

Vivi Western Ankle Boot, $72.95

One of my favorite fall boots trends this season is the western boot. This is because, unlike last year’s big trend of sock boots, western style boots are wider around the leg and thus way more flattering because they create the illusion of thinner legs (which I’m always here for). I think the western boot is a flirty feminine trend to embrace this season—just make sure you keep the rest of your outfit chic and polished so you don’t cross into sorority-girl-at-her-first-country-concert territory. Basically, just leave the flannel and cowgirl hat at home and you’ll be fine.

5. Square Toe

RAID Kaiya Black Square Toe Boots, $52.99

A more recent Instagram phenomenon is the square toe trend. This trend has infiltrated all categories in the shoe arena, with fall boots being a major target. This trend is slated to continue well into spring, so if you do want to splurge, this is probably the trend in which to do so. But then again, there’s really no need because the boots I’ve selected for you are amaze. Unless you’re Anna Wintour herself, you probs don’t need the real life Bottega Veneta version all the celebs are wearing.

Whichever fall boot trend you do decide to go with, you really can’t go wrong. You can only go wrong if you spend $1,500 on a pair of aforementioned trendy designer boots. And hey, if you want to, just go ahead and buy all five pairs of the affordable versions and totally justify purchasing them all because the total cost is less than 1/3 of the designer ones, then go for it! Your secret’s safe with me.

Images: Jose Martinez / Unsplash; ASOS; Chinese Laundry; South Moon Under; JustFab; Lulu’s
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5 Ugly Fall Trends To Skip And What To Wear Instead

Fall is officially here and, even though it might not feel like it yet, according to all of the Instagram influencers clogging up my feed with their best unoriginal fall pics, last Monday was the first official day of fall. Which means that, if you still haven’t switched over your wardrobe yet, it’s officially time to get on that. It’s also time to go shopping for updated fall pieces, because who doesn’t want another excuse to shop? There are some amazing fall trends worth getting on board with right now like, ’70s silhouettes, dad jeans, and animal print. But of course, in keeping the world balanced, for every fall trend that I’m loving, there’s another that I cannot get behind. So here are the five fall trends you won’t see me in, and that I hopefully won’t see you in either, plus some alternative fall trends to try instead.

1. Capes

ModCloth Pardon My French Quarter Cape, $89

I feel like every couple of years this trend comes around and, in the least shocking thing ever, I hate it even more. It’s not only impractical, it’s also ridiculous looking. In my humble-yet-judgy opinion, fashion capes are on the same spectrum as fashion ponchos. And let me clarify something for you all: ponchos are for the rain, and capes are for superheroes. If you’re gonna be a hero, be the kind that doesn’t wear capes. Instead of the costume-y cape trend, opt for a more effortlessly cool and trendy extra-long duster.

Free People Inside Out Cardigan, $168

2. Shakespearian Ruffle Collars

Zara Ruffled Printed Blouse, $69.90

I’m sorry, but no one can pull of this trend. Even Shakespeare himself looked like a straight clown in his ruffled collar. Instead of the obnoxious ruffle collar, try a romantic-inspired balloon sleeve. It’s a way more flattering look and also one that won’t scare away small children. 

525 America Puff Sleeve Pullover, $88

3. Micro Purses

WANT Claim To Fame Mini Crossbody Bag, $24

Again, I can’t get behind an impractical trend. The tiny bag trend was already throwing me off, so now that we’ve gone micro, I’m out. I pray that since we’ve now gone so micro, fashion will switch over to the other extreme, back to oversized Olsen-level hobo bags from here on out. But anyway, these micro bags are bullsh*t. I can’t afford to lose any more credit cards, and this bag doesn’t even look like it could fit my keys and one other thing. So instead of an impractical micro purse, try just a small ’90s style shoulder bag. At the very minimum, you can at least fit your phone and like, a pack of gum.

ASOS DESIGN croc effect 90s shoulder bag, $29

4. Statement Hats

ASOS DESIGN Faux Fur Roll Back Bucket Hat, $23

The name of this trend alone gives me cringe sweats. Like, a statement hat… that doesn’t even make sense. A hat, in itself, is a statement. So now you’re trying to do a hat, that’s also going out of its way to make a statement? I can’t. The only people who can get away with wearing a fuzzy bucket hat are LL Cool J and Cam’ron. Get on their level and then we can talk. In the meantime, maybe try some cool hair accessories instead?

ASOS DESIGN hair clip with pearl glam slogan, $9.50

5. Colored Tights

ASOS DESIGN 50 Denier Tights, $9.50

Colored tights scare me. They are reserved for kindergarten teachers, and kindergarten teachers only. They feel very Ms. Frizzle and the Magic School Bus. Although, I just looked it up and she apparently didn’t actually wear colored tights. But seems like she would have, right? I don’t know, either way, they’re gonna be a no, from me dawg. Instead, try a subtle animal print tight. 

Commando Leopard-Pattern Sheer Tights, $36

So that’s my list of hard nos. Other than these, everything else I’m on board with or, at the very least, can tolerate. I’m sure you will all be commenting with misguided aggression to disagree with my selections as you like to do, so have at it.

Images: Ali Pazani / Unsplash; ModCloth; Free People; Zara; South Moon Under; Nasty Gal; ASOS (4); Neiman Marcus
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The 5 Types Of Shoes You Need For Fall

This season, instead of mindlessly buying another pair of $200 out-of-style riding boots, let’s try something new. I mean, you don’t slave over Excel at your miserable 9-5 just to spend your precious paycheck on some fugly fall boots, right? Look, I get it, shopping is hard (for some). And sure, you could easily just hit up Payless with Meemaw and get another pair of tacky-ass tall brown boots, but WHY?! You’re better than that, which is why I’m here writing this article. I’m here to help you. I’m here to be a friend to you, and to take the frustration out of all your fall shoe shopping woes. So I give you the only five shoes you need for fall and exactly where to get them. 

1. Staple Black Boot

Just like every girl needs a staple LBD, every girl needs a staple black boot. It’s a fall closet essential because it pairs well with legit everything. Plus, when you get home from day drinking, wasted from all those delish spiked ciders, attempting to get ready for the night to keep that weekend bender going, do you really want to use what few brain cells you have left for the day trying to figure out what shoe to wear with your dress? Didn’t think so. Just make it easier on your poor blacked-out self and get yourself staple black fall boots.

Sam Edelman Hilty Bootie

2. Statement Sneaker

Whether you’re into a chunky sneaker or not, statement sneakers are like, totally in this fall. They’re a stylish shoe option that is also super comfortable. So like, if you’re not on board, get on board. It’s not every day we get a trend that’s actually comfortable. You can get anything from a chunky white dad sneaker to this chic feminine version of Air Force Ones. Either way, you’ll be happy you have them in your closet this fall.

Nike Air Force 1 ’07 LX

Steve Madden Memory Sneaker

3. Animal Print Boots

Stop being afraid of animal print and think of it as a new neutral. Sounds counterintuitive, I know, but trust me it is. An animal print can pretty much go with any outfit. It instantly takes your basic look to a much cooler level. Snake print in particular usually comes in neutral colors. So wear this animal print to totally elevate your otherwise boring AF turtleneck and jeans this season.

Steve Madden Brave 

4. Thigh Highs

Hoes, rejoice! Thigh highs are yet again a fall essential, allowing you to wear your inappropriate leather skirt or way-too-short dress, even when it’s cold outside. They’re like, basically a godsend while waiting in line for those sh*tty bars you didn’t even want to go to in the first place. Trust me, embrace this trend.

Chinese Laundry King Over The Knee Boot

5. Slouchy Boots

Pair with a skirt and tights, and you’ll instantly look chic as hell. As the name would suggest, slouchy boots give that effortlessly stylish look we all crave. Warning, though: women 20 years your senior will feel the constant need to tell you about how they wore these boots “back in the day.” But I guess that’s a relatively small price to pay for looking sooo damn good.

Lydia Tall Boot 

So there you have it, no need to stress or make your fall shopping any harder than necessary. I’m going to give each and every one of you the benefit of the doubt, and assume that if you’re intelligent enough to be reading this article, then you’re smart enough to stop wasting your money on hideous things…like fugly boots. 

Images: Danny G / Unsplash; Net-A-Porter; Nike; Revolve; Steve Madden (2); Chinese Laundry; Free People
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The Fall Trends Celebrities Are Wearing & Where You Can Buy Them For Less

It’s almost time for fall fashion and, tbh, I’m more excited than Bethenney Frankel was when Bryn’s nutcracker arrived. Unlike summer, when you’re trying to wear as little clothes as possible, fall is all about layering and actually creating outfits. Of course, celebs have already been embracing the upcoming fall trends because they’re simply just better than us…and, are mysteriously never hot. Is there some magical spell that makes celebs cold in the dead of August heat??? Like, has anyone else noticed Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber casually strutting around LA in jackets and jeans? Or how about Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson wearing their Sweetener sweatshirts as if it’s a casual 60 degrees out??? Well, for us peasants with standard body temperature, the fact that the weather should finally be cooling down over the next few weeks means we too can soon embrace these fall trends. Here are the fall trends celebrities are wearing already, and the pieces you should def add to your closet ASAP.

Animal Print

Animal print is back (yet again) and, hate it or love it, this cyclical fashion trend is here to stay. Embrace the trend in a more subtle way, with an animal print piece in a neutral shade, like Kim Kardashian West. But like, maybe without the matching snakeskin pants if more “low-key” is what you’re actually going for. Or, try wearing the trend like the future Mrs. Bieber, and get a statement piece, like a jacket, shoes, or handbag, to mix in with the rest of fall wardrobe.

Love this glam! We used @kkwbeauty new Powder Contour singles here with the classic palette on the eyes and nude liner 2 with nude lip 3.

A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

for @voguejapan ???? @morellibrothers @anna_dello_russo

A post shared by Hailey Baldwin (@haileybaldwin) on


SUPERGA 2750 Snakeskin Low Top  Lace Up Sneaker

GRLFRND Sarai Jacket

by the way. Cassandra Snake Bandeau Top & by the way. Cassandra Snake Mini Skirt

RAVN Gin Pant in Leo

Free People Kate Leopard Coat


Summer fashion may have been all about the ‘90s, but fall fashion is all about the ‘80s. Which, of course, means you can expect to see even more neon than at a college campus Dayglow concert. Think hot pinks, lime greens and bright yellows, in the form of jackets, matching sets, shoes, and accessories.

Her shape ???????????? #kimkardashian @kimkardashian

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Puma Exclusive to ASOS Sweatshirt In Neon Yellow

Hanes x Karla x REVOLVE The Neon Crop Tee

NBD Take It All Maxi In Lime Yellow

Tibi Carabiner Nyl0n Belt

Sam Edelman Yaro Sandals


Victorian-esque boho prairie dresses are the only type of dresses you need for fall. Not only do they look seamlessly chic with fall boots and leather jackets, they’re also flowy and comfy af. You could also wear the prairie trend in the form of a top, and pair it with some new fall jeans for a more effortless look. PSA, this is one of those trends that def doesn’t look good on everyone. Like, if you’re 5’3″ or shorter, I’d probs avoid a prairie dress or you may end up looking like an American Girl doll (and not one of the cool new ones).

Will be living in prairie dresses indefinitely. ????

A post shared by instylemagazine (@instylemagazine) on

Emily out and about in Paris, France ????

A post shared by L U X U M E® ???????? (@luxu_me) on

Free People Capri Tie-Up Midi Dress

Reformation Peridot Dress

Free People Coco Loco Cute Top

Moon River Three Quarter Bell Sleeve Maxi Dress

Chrissy Teigen x REVOLVE White Sands Top

Sparkles, Sequins, & Metallics

Sooo we all know Kylie wore a sequin strapless bodycon shorts number (idk wtf to call it) to her 21st bday, and killed it. Understandably, that outfit is not something most of us will casually have in our closets for fall. However, we all should be adding some pieces with sparkles and sequins in order to keep our closets current with the trend. You can even wear a less flashy metallic piece for a more casual look, while still giving your outfit the perfect amount of trendy shine.


A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Energy doesn’t lie so trust those vibes you’re getting

A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

Motel Auste Strapless Sequin Bodycon Dress

Free People Seamless Sparkle Tube

Lovers + Friends Rhode Cami

Miss Selfridge Sequin Cami Top In Stripe

Privacy Please Reading Bodysuit 

Images: South Moon Under; Revolve (8); Asos (3); Reformation; Free People (4); Urban Outfitters; Shopbop (2)
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The Fashion Trends From NYFW That You Need To Pay Attention To

Well, that’s a wrap for yet another week of super thin models prancing around New York City in clothes that don’t fit them  New York Fashion Week. As usual, our favorite thinspiring models, such as the Hadid sisters and Kaia Gerber, slayed the runway and the celebs we stalk on Insta continued to give us a preview of what’s to come next fall. I know it sounds fucking crazy to start thinking about next fall when all we’re waiting for is the minute temperatures reach 70 degrees, but this is clearly a shopping opportunity we’re talking about. You don’t want to be caught wearing that disgusting vest again. You are like, so lucky you have me to guide you. Here are the biggest fashion trends for fall 2018, according to NYFW.

1. Bright Colors

Betches around the world love fall for many reasons, but the biggest is the fact that it welcomes our all black attire with no judgment. However, it looks as though this all changes next fall since we’re about to see hella bright colors everywhere. From leggings to oversize sweaters, be ready to add some color to your fall wardrobe.

Milly Cropped Sweater

2. Animal Print On Crack

By this, I mean I literally *just* started tolerating animal print this season. A basic cheetah print is fine because it’s like, neutral and whatever. But fashion designers like to be extra af and call it “avant-garde” or some shit, so clearly that’s not enough. Next fall, we’ll probs be seeing Forever 21 cheetah faux-fur coats in red or green, or something equally as crazy.

Missguided Blue Leopard Print Faux Fur Coat

3. Sexy Suiting

Turns out CEOs and Corporate Hoes is both a fraternity mixer in college and a clothing theme IRL. I guess this is a good thing because it’s about time business casual suits looked cute for once. Just don’t @ me if HR sends you a passive-aggressive email, though.

Express Pinstripe One Button Blazer

4. Bedazzled Everything

Thanks to the KiraKira craze, we’re seeing glitter on almost every fucking thing. The trend won’t be limited to a $1 app on your iPhone; it will also be shown next fall when dresses, skirts, and tops hit the shelves with glitter vomit. On the bright side, you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to figuring out WTF you’re wearing out to the club.

Endless Rose Beaded Dress

5. Chic Wild, Wild, West

It’s really happening, y’all. Wait, I can’t believe I just said, “y’all,” but moving on. Now’s the time to finally unbury those cowboy boots you haven’t worn since that one Luke Bryan tailgate you went to. A fuckton of western trends were on the runway this week, meaning they’ll soon be coming to a Zara near us.

ASOS Glamorous Printed Skater Dress



Images: Kris Atomic / Unsplash; Shopbop (1); Missguided (1); Express (1); Revolve (1); ASOS (1)

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5 Fall Instagram Trends That Are Officially Canceled This Year

Summer is almost over, and I know this because instead of feeling the need to go outside and actually do things with my life, my needs veer more towards re-watching old episodes of Veronica Mars and eating an entire sleeve of soft-baked cookies in one sitting. That’s a clear indication that it’s time for me to stop giving a shit about my summer body and layer the fuck up because it’s fall. And, honestly, thank God. IDK how much longer I could pretend to be excited about pounding vodka drinks in broad daylight and squeezing my bloated AF self into a bikini every other weekend. There’s only so much I’m willing to put up with for Instagram likes. So, yeah, I’m v glad about the fast-approaching fall season. And why shouldn’t I be? Fall is the one season that still involves heavy amounts of drinking (hello tailgates, cider season, Halloween, and forced family visits with your drunk cousin Steven Thanksgiving), and encourages you to drink in flowy, full-coverage clothing as God and my weekend bloat intended.

But where there’s a pumpkin patch there’s a basic fucking bitch just asking for me to kindly give her some life advice anonymously blast her on the Internet. It’s like once the leaves start to change, girls in riding boots and circle scarves start popping out of the fucking woodwork. Suddenly the streets of New York look like a Michael Kors flash mob is about to break out, except no one is dancing and everyone is posting selfies with the caption #OOTD. It’s v unsettling and these trends have to be stopped. So listen up, betches, because this is about to be a rude fucking awakening for some of you. Here are the 5 fall Instagram trends that are canceled forever. Brace yourselves.

1. Pumpkin Spice Anything

It’s like the only way I can tell if it’s fall anymore is when my Insta feed starts blowing up with PSL selfies and that shit has got to stop. I mean, pumpkin flavored beverages in the fall? Groundbreaking. And it’s always the same girl who juiced all summer and pretends like kale doesn’t taste like literal sadness that starts chugging PSLs like it’s her damn job come October 1st. I’m guessing she doesn’t know that her favorite fall beverage is 70 percent sugar, 30 percent pumpkin flavored fat that’s one hundred percent going to make her shit her leggings in 30 minutes or less? Tbh none of that shit is as offensive to me as when a girl orders her PSL as a skinny. I mean, have you no shame?? Skinny is Starbucks’ way of letting you know that your drink is fat and so are you and it’s the perfect amount of shame needed to start your morning. Now, do I myself also order PSL’s as a skinny? You bet your ass I do. But do I hate myself while I’m doing it? Only when I ask for a skinny latte with whipped cream. No, we’re all better than this. This shit is cancelled.


Pumpkin Spice Latte


2. Fall Themed Props

You know what I’m talking about here, the girls who pose with giant-ass pumpkins or throw piles of leaves in the air like assholes. Every single time fall rolls around it’s like they’ve never seen a goddamn leaf before in their life. I mean, you girls have college degrees, studied abroad in foreign countries, and you’re telling me the most interesting thing you’ve seen in your whole damn life is a leaf? GTFO of here. Whole trips are even planned around this Instagram shot, because before the days where you could get an easy 100 likes, you would never fucking consider spending an entire Saturday upstate in an abandoned field picking apples. It’s extra and so are you.

3. Thanksgiving Feast Pics

There’s nothing that gives me more of an urge to to set myself on fire like watching some size two thot post a photo of her Thanksgiving feast on Instagram. Like, you haven’t eaten a carb since 2009, don’t pretend like you’re going to gorge yourself on this most sacred day. At most you’ll “fill up” on salad and then spend the rest of the day saying insane shit like “I’m stuffed” or “I really couldn’t eat anymore.” You disgust me. Also, this person is 1,000 percent wearing some sort of skintight ensemble to her family’s Thanksgiving. Memaw did not slave away all day making sweet potato casserole from scratch just to watch you take selfies with the Thanksgiving turkey in a holiday club dress. No, Memaw doesn’t need that shit from you and neither do I, the person who came to the table dressed in my sister’s old maternity pants and ready to eat until she passes out party. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll cut that shit out before I have the chance to screenshot your offending self and forward it to my most savage group chat.

4. Inspirational Fall Selfies

Inspirational selfies are the reason I started my burn book. I don’t really have beef with selfies in general or, like, the girl that has her friend kneel in oncoming traffic so she can get the perfect shot of her brunch outfit. Whatever. Live your truth, ladies. What I hate is when one of those bitches pretends like she’s not a self-absorbed asshole and has to turn her selfie into a Lifetime movie message. And no season brings on that bullshit like the fall season. You know what I’m talking about here—she’ll take a selfie staring out into the distance or sitting on a patch of grass in the park and caption it with like, “the trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let the dead things go.” Which is a beautiful quote from a very smart woman but I’m pretty sure the girl who’s using it in her Instagram is thinking about the guy who ghosted her on Bumble and not, like, the state of our world. Just because the leaves are changing does not mean your basic ass is. Nope, BYE.

5. Slutty Halloween Costumes

Is it Halloween if your mother isn’t ashamed of the pictures you’re tagged in on Facebook? I think not. Slutty Halloween costumes have stood the test of time, and honestly who would we be if we weren’t mistaken for a prostitute at least once in our lives every October? But, y’all, it’s 2017 and we are way more evolved now so I think it might be time we retire our blatant display of daddy issues slutty Halloween costumes. LOL KIDDING. Slutty Halloween costumes will never go out of style and thank God for that. As a person who spends five days a week pushing the boundaries of “business casual,” it’s nice to know there’s still at least one day a year where I can just be a hoe me. Like, what, just because I’m 25, have a full-time job, and pay my own rent I’m supposed to be above dressing up in a bodysuit and cat ears? You’ve lost your damn mind.

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