5 Trendy Fall Jackets You Need To Add To Your Closet

In case you don’t normally know about these kind of things and go by the PSL debut, Saturday marks the first official day of fall aka the day I can finally talk about my Halloween costume, eat pumpkin flavored foods, and sport my combat boots without being judged. F*cking finally. Whether you’re a devotee of summer or a diehard fall person, I feel like there’s no debate about which season has the best fashion. If you’re really going to fight me (in the comments) that summer is better, then you can go elsewhere, tbh. Fall fashion is like, a million times better than that of any other season. It’s chic, classy, badass, and more importantly, comfortable af. Black jeans, a crappy T-shirt, and an oversize jacket to take a load of Insta candids in? Hell yes. To help with your own fall inspo as temperatures start to dip into low 70s (on the East coast, at least), here are 5 trendy fall jackets you’ll fall in love with this season.

1. I. AM. GIA. + UO Pixie Coat in Tan

I am seriously loving this sherpa/”teddy” jacket trend. Yes, you may look like a giant bear half the time, but you’ll also be ridiculously comfortable, warm, and trendy, regardless of the outfit you’re wearing underneath. I guarantee people will be asking left and right where you got your jacket from.

2. Y.A.S. Tie Waist Duster Coat in Gray 

Duster coats really make a boss-ass b*tch statement. Whether you’re waiting for a drink at the bar or the elevator in your office, you’ll look like a C-list celeb that everyone will know not to mess with in one of these fall jackets.

3. Topshop Washed Wolf Zipper Moto Jacket

First of all, if you don’t already have a black leather jacket, WTF is wrong with you? I assume you live under a rock. Secondly, everyone needs at least one in their lives to go with all their clubbing and rooftop bar outings when summer is officially over. A black leather jacket is the staple of fall jackets, and this one won’t set you back too much money or get you in trouble with PETA because it’s faux leather.

4. Madewell The Jean Jacket in Pinter Wash

Again, another must-have by everyone and like, possibly their grandmother. Denim jackets are a wardrobe staple you won’t regret investing in because you’ll wear yours too many times to count. A denim jacket goes with everything in your closet and is versatile enough to go from a 9-to-5 to happy hour in.

5. Velvet by Graham and Spencer Ruby Jacket

As of recently, green military and camouflage jackets have been a straight-up #mood. They’re lightweight, v chic, and also make you look like a total badass. The hunter green is totally in this fall, so you’ll def be able to wear this with a ton of sweaters and trendy booties.

Photo: Daniel Garcia / Unsplash; Urban Outfitters; ASOS; Nordstrom; Madewell; Revolve
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6 Comfortable Fall Heels You’ll Want To Wear Everywhere

I can’t speak for the rest of the world since I’m basically isolated on an island in New York, but the weather this whole week has been like, complete and utter sh*t. Windy, cold, and well, very wet. I’m pretty sure Mother Nature was just giving us one last chance last week to wear all of our fave summer clothes and heels before she decided to drop temperatures down to 70s from here on out and like, bring in a hurricane. As usual, there is never any type of warning for this kind of insanity, so if you haven’t done so already, be prepared to spend your evenings re-organizing your closet for fall apparel. Dig up your cargo green jacket, comfy black leggings, and Frye boots. Side note: Who the actual eff wears Uggs anymore? When you’re sick of wearing riding boots, flats, and sneakers in the dreary fall weather, here are comfortable fall heels you can wear to the office and to the bars that won’t have you walking like Bambi after an hour.

1. Dolce Vita Kaire Leopard Pony Fur Mules

Hate them or love them, it doesn’t really matter because they’re very much a thing and the majority of the people in your office probably wear them. I’m talking, obviously, about mules. This shoe trend will carry into fall from this most recent summer, but with a classy, yet v comfy, heel. If you opt for a neutral shade or get a head start into one of fall’s biggest trends, animal print, then you’ll be wearing the most fashionable and comfortable fall heels on the market.

2. Pull&bear Block Heel Boot in Gray

I mean, duh. Can it get any more obvious? Booties are life, fall or not. You’ll want to cop a pair with a low heel (probs like, under three inches) in a sexy suede gray or taupe to go with any outfit you can possibly think of.

3. Kendall + Kylie Zoe Boot in Candy Red

The sock boot and kitten heel obsession isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. You’ll actually see more of it all over your Insta feed and in the window displays of all your favorite stores before you know it. Red totally has fall written all over it, so when you combine trendy style with a bold color, you have a head-turning outfit that’s bound to get you a million compliments and Insta likes if you document your spicy OOTD. You’re welcome.

4. Rebecca Minkoff Brooke Double-Strap Block Heel Pumps

I have been really into Mary Jane pumps lately. No, not the lame ones that your baby cousin wears to kindergarten or some sh*t. This is the mature, yet sexy schoolgirl style that features a walkable block heel and chic ankle straps. They’re v versatile, so you can throw them on with a casual pair of jeans or even a scandalous dress on a Saturday night. They’re really the perfect comfortable fall heels.

5. Frye Dani Shield Whipstitch in Beige

Pedicures and open toe heels do not only have to come out in the summer. Transition the summer style into fall with a toasty brown color, warm suede material, and thick, block-heeled ankle boot.

6. Vagabond Olivia Leather Boot in Black

These are about as basic as you can get, tbh. Like, so basic that these are pretty much the new Uggs. If you don’t have a pair yet, I’m thoroughly concerned. It’s an assumed rule to avoid social suicide that you just kind of have to get yourself an edgy, chic pair of pleather black ankle booties.

Photo: Jaclyn Moy / Unsplash; Lulus; Asos; Revolve; Saks Fifth Avenue Off Fifth; Frye; Urban Outfitters
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5 Must-Have Pieces That Will Transition Your Summer Wardrobe To Fall

Labor Day plans are underway for many and unfortunately for everyone, this means summer is truly coming to an end. While it will be hard saying goodbye to summer Fridays at work, flirty wrap dresses, and being able to go out without a jacket, it is admittedly nice to welcome a cool breeze, eagerly await the arrival of the v basic PSL, and ditch the dresses for comfy office attire that finally caters to both the temperature outside and tundra temperatures in the office. Despite it being mid-August, it has been rainy, chillier than the norm, and all around depressing. Lol, hi, fall. It’s right around that time when you should be considering how to transition from your summer aesthetic to head-to-toe black. Here are five fall you should definitely have by the time September rolls around, so you’re fashionably (and mentally) prepared for next season.

1. Dr. Martens Pascal Virginia 8-Eye Combat Boot

The gross humidity has been making it rain more than ever. This is a dilemma for not only my hair, but also my feet. Sandals in the pouring rain? How about not? Same goes for a chunky rain boot, which is absolutely not cute in the office. This only leaves combat boots. While it may still be pretty warm outside, these are the perfect go-to when you’re faced with crappy weather, yet torn about wearing a cute dress. Obviously getting a pair in black is a must.

2. Astr The Label La Cienega Dress

Fall is my favorite season for many reasons other than pumpkin everything. I love it because the heat is no longer suffocating, but the wind is light enough to feel cool and refreshing. This basically means I can still wear some of my summer dresses layered with tights, chic booties, and maybe an oversize sweater. As temps dip, go for a midi-length dress style with sleeves, so you’re hot enough to hit up happy hour, but covered enough if the night gets brisk.

3. Noisy May Leather Look Jacket

Soon enough, we’ll be needing a lightweight jacket to throw over our club outfits. However, it doesn’t need to be bulky and inconvenient to carry. Leave it to the OG of fall jackets, the black leather jacket. It makes you look somehow badass and equally as chic, regardless of the outfit underneath.

4. Free People Shadow Crew Blouson-Sleeve Sweater

I’m based in New York, so before you @ me in the comments about how LA is like, still thriving and living its best life in the summer heat, it doesn’t mean the city is insusceptible to chilly 70-something degree nights, ok? Eventually, we will be reaching into our drawers for our comfy oversize sweaters, and when that moment comes for you as it did for me this morning, all I’m saying is you can lighten a layered look by pairing a lightweight sweater with shorts, linen pants, or even a skater dress so you don’t freeze but also don’t get pit stains.

5. Zara ZW Premium Boot Cut Portobello Blue Jeans

I have not been a fan of boot-cut jeans since like, maybe the 6th grade? However, I’m doing this thing called adulting, and although my behavior often resembles that of a 19-year-old, my fashion attire has got to mature sooner than later. For fall, everything looks best when it’s darker in color. Swap out bleached, light-wash skinny jeans and Mom jeans for a vintage-looking boot cut or skinny pants with a raw hem. The style elongates your legs and makes them look that much better in a block heel or ankle bootie.

Photo: Brooke Cagle / Unsplash; Urban Outfitters (1); Nordstrom (1); Asos (1); Macy’s (1); Zara (1)
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The 5 Ugliest Fall Fashion Trends To Steer Clear Of
I have good news and bad news. The good news is today is pre-Friday, which I think deserves a toast (or like, several) just for making it through this gloomy af week. The bad news? Well, next week is the start of August, which means summer is basically over. Kill me now. I HAVE YET TO GO NEAR AN OCEAN, PEOPLE. Ugh. While I am eagerly looking forward to the arrival of vampy manicures and everything pumpkin related, I am dreading the moment I have to tuck away my summer dresses for a boring (and utterly predictable) wardrobe. Don’t get me wrong—I’m not complaining about the fact that I can get away with wearing an oversize sweater, leggings, and the same pair of combat boots to the office. However, I’m so not looking forward to the ugly trends retailers will thrust in my face. Last year’s faux fur trend was pushing it, tbh. Before you make the mistake of shopping these, here are five of the worst fall fashion trends that will assault your Instagram feed.

1. Animal Prints

This was kind of a thing last year, except for the fact that it wasn’t as obnoxious and tacky. Expect to see more of it, and on every clothing piece from a bougie looking coat to kitten heels. This won’t be limited to just cheetah print, either. You’ll probs see other animal patterns like tiger, snow leopard, and even giraffe.
ASOS DESIGN Oversize Wrap Top In Leopard Print

2. Ruched Details

Any texture that begins with an r is almost always fugly. Ruffles, ripples, ruching—how about let’s not and say we did. Not only do I think they are not flattering in the slightest, but they’re awkward, bulky, and honestly, it just looks like you’ve snagged a thread in your shirt. Let’s leave this trend in the early 2000s where it belongs.
Out From Under Dalis Ruched V-Neck Thermal Top

3. Western Vibes

A ton of big designers have incorporated western vibes into their collections, so naturally, every other brand will try to mimic this. Yes, I’m pointing to Zara, Forever21, and ASOS. Unless you pregame to Blake Shelton and actually enjoy wearing your cowboy boots to the bar, I’m just going to advise you give this a hard pass to prevent social suicide. I’m only looking out for you, girlfriend.
Band of Gypsies Bohemian Ruffle Skirt In Rust & Navy

4. ‘Little House On The Prairie’ Dresses

This is supposed to be a flirty “romantic” trend next season, but it only makes you look like Laura Ingalls Wilder—and not in a good way. These dresses are one thing on the Valentino runway, but in real life, it’s a no from me. As far as I’m concerned, this looks more like a Halloween costume than a dress that’s supposed to be taken seriously. Sorry not sorry.
Mikael Aghal pleated floral-print Georgette Gown

5. Knee-High Leather Boots

As much as we all love OTK boots, all good things must come to an end. Unfortunately, the ever-changing fashion industry is trying to make knee-high boots a thing. This style is probably the exact pair your high school history teacher used to wear so she wouldn’t cross the line between prude and slutty. End result? A boot that falls somewhere in the middle of the calf and looks awko taco AF. Stick with the ankle bootie or classic OTK—Never in between.

IRO Faxi Boots

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