The Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

The weather has been pretty damn delightful as of late. It’s evident day drinking weather is rounding the corner with March just beginning. Yes, St. Patrick’s Day will be a shitshow as always, marking the first unofficial day when binge drinking in broad daylight is no longer frowned upon. When temperatures reach 60 degrees or more, it’s about fucking time to break out the sunnies. Whether it’s to hide how tipsy we are on a weekday or just all-around enhance a RBF, they’re basically an essential before stepping out of the house. Before you stock up on new pairs to lose, here are the best sunglasses to wear based on your face shape so you can look like Kris Jenner a boss betch.

If You Have A Round Face, You’ll Need: Square Frames

It only makes sense to stay away from round or oval frames. Obviously. To prevent your face from looking rounder, opt for a square-framed style to angle and contour your face (without actually needing to contour).

Quay Australia x Kylie Jenner 20s Oversized Square Sunglasses In Black

If You Have A Square Face, You’ll Need: Round Frames

Fucking duh?!!? The bigger, the better applies to you, too. Round frames soften your cheekbones and round out your facial structure so it’s not as angular.

Wildfox ‘Malibu Deluxe’ 55mm Retro Sunglasses

If You Have A Heart-Shaped Face, You’ll Need: Cat Eye Frames

These retro styled frames are the best sunglasses to help balance out the top and bottom of your face, since they almost take on a similar shape. Feel free to even go for an oversize pair since they will make the upper half of your face look a tad smaller and more in line with your jawline.

Illesteva Martinique Cat-Eye Acetate Sunglasses

If You Have An Oval Face, You’ll Need: Rectangular Frames

You are basically perfect, so bye. Since your face is probs already perfectly proportional and we all hate you, all you’ll want is a pair that enhances your natural shape. Rectangular or aviator styles are mostly flat, and therefore, help tie in your whole look in the center. If you feel like being extra af (which is like, all of the time), go for bright colors and totally-out-there patterns.

Tortoise Shell Racer Sunglasses by Quay x Desi


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The Best Brow Style For Your Face Shape So You Don’t End Up Looking Like Sandy Cohen

I have seen a lot of disturbing shit go down in 2017, like Blac Chyna’s nipples posted on my morning newsfeed and people trying to make just sucked dick lips snogged lips happen. But nothing is more disturbing to me than what teenagers with an Instagram account are doing to their eyebrows. I mean, barbed wire eyebrows? Fucking BROW carving? Lord, Jesus, why must you test me with the extraness? It’s like people are just asking for me to report their Instagram selfies as offensive images to Instagram HQ. Sighs. Like, don’t these kids know that eyebrows are sacred and a part of me that I only share with my most trusted allies the person I pay way too much to craft my brows into a basic shape?? Fucking youths. And look, I too have come a long way in the eyebrow department since the current eyebrow trend. I can’t just vaguely gesture to my face when I talk to my brow girl anymore. No, I have to have some sort of a plan. Considering that, honestly, my skills stretch about as far as knowing the best wine for under $12 and how to alienate people with my dark sense of humor, figuring out the best brow look for me took some Googling extensive research.  If you, like me, have no fucking clue what your face shape is, much less what kind of eyebrow structure will go good with it, then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a guide on how to make your eyebrows look better than your Labor Day Weekend beach body based on your face shape:

Oval Shaped

Oval faces resemble an upside-down egg, and if you’re still unsure as to if that description fits your facial structure then I suggest holding up an egg to your face in a mirror for a side-by-side comparison. Then Snap me that entire journey of self-reflection. I could use a good laugh at another person’s expense win today, thx. Your best brow look is going to be a slightly arched brow. It’s a simple, yet classic look and it’ll match the perfect proportions of your face shape, you lucky bitch. Make sure the arch of your eyebrow begins two thirds of the way out. And DO NOT put the arch in the middle of your brow lest you end up with McDonald’s golden arches on your face. That said, I’m just going to leave this cautionary message here:

Square Shaped

If your face is equally long as it is wide then congratulations, you have a square-shaped face. The good news is your face has got angles for days and I wouldn’t be surprised if you think you’re a model on Instagram. The bad news is even though your bone structure is on point, you can’t get batshit with your brow game. You’ll want to go for a softer, rounded brow so as to soften the lines of your face. Let’s not forget the depressing tale of this “Obamacare victim” (lol) who was definitely actually a victim of some very bad brow advice: 

Heart Shaped

If you’re looking for a celeb comparison for this one, think Kourtney Kardashian. Heart-shaped faces tend to have a widow’s peak, their cheeks are wider than their hairline, and their chin is narrow AF. Again, even though bold brows are in, you’ll want to cool it with your extraness lest you scare children away with your eyebrows. A well-groomed brow is your go-to brow as it will balance out your petite jawline and emphasis the upper half of your face. The goal here is to create a shape that’s controlled, but you don’t want your brows to be thinner than my will to live or Sandy Cohen bushy. It’s a fine line you must walk so good fucking luck with it.

We’ll pray for you, Sethelah.

Round Shaped

You’re probs that friend who always gets carded at bars and isn’t allowed to try the free samples at Costco without a parent present thanks to the psychopaths who run the free samples booth who just assume you are a child. *takes slow, calming breath* Congratulations because you, my friend, have a baby face round-shaped face. Because you have no angles or definition to your face, a high arch is the perfect brow shape for you. It’ll make you look like you actually have a bone structure and maybe those tyrants at Costco will finally let you have a free sample. PRAISE.

^^Actual footage of me trying to get a free sample at Costco

Diamond Shaped

Diamond-shaped faces are unique AF.  The hairline is more narrow than the cheeks and the chin is slightly pointed, giving these blessed people all sorts of fun angles to work with in their selfies. If it sounds like you might have a diamond-shaped face then I recommend a curved or rounded brow shape. It’ll make the widest part of your face look less wide and create a sense of balance and symmetry. 

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